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Photos from Austin Carter - Coach/Trainer's post 02/03/2023

Kevin has been making some awesome progress the last 12 weeks!
Down 10lbs and building a much more athletic physique since we started back in November.

Here’s some of what Kevin told us when he applied to join our team:
“My short term goals are to hit the gym consistently again, and figure out what the heck to eat to hit my goals.
Long term, I really want to get stronger and healthier overall.
I’ll be working on very challenging projects with my job in software development, and I want my body and mind to be in good shape to produce the best results that I can.
I am open to accepting and implementing that feedback to get to the best physical shape I can be.”

Reading this, I knew that Kevin had a great mindset and great potential from the start. He’s not only lived up to, but exceeded our expectations.
Massive improvements to form and training technique in the gym, a great handle on hitting his macros, and being ok with the weeks that it’s not “perfect”.
As well as the obvious reduction in waist size and increases in upper body size.
Building a nice V taper already!

And now we are well on our way to progressing toward those long term goals, with the short term goals already crushed 💪🏻


Awesome pre-prep phase progress for Brent here 🔥

Brent joined our team last year with plans to do his first physique competition.
We went into a pre-prep fat loss/clean up phase and pulled an impressive amount of fat off in 2 months.

Really proud of this one, and hope to see him crush the stage in 2023!

Apply to join the team, link in bio.
Let’s work!


Ready for the next show already.

Photos from Austin Carter - Coach/Trainer's post 12/05/2022

Don’t compare your relaxed to someone else’s flex.

These photos are literally only seconds apart.

Instead, focus on how you can better yourself each week.

Then you can flex 💪🏻


Don’t compare your relaxed to someone else’s flex.

These photos are literally only seconds apart.

Instead, focus on how you can better yourself each week.

Then you can flex 💪🏻



Taking it back to 2018, Team FITTED FHYSIQUES’ first year of prepping and helping people to the stage.

Our very own was the first one to hit the stage, making our team debut at the the NPC Midway USA Championships and SWEEPING her very first show.
Novice and Open Class Wins and both Overall Wins.

I started prepping my gym buddy Eric at this time, and in the NWA NANBF show he won his Men’s Physique IPE pro card his first time on stage.

Then it was time for Lynsie to get back on stage for the second time and BOOM, won her second consecutive Open Overall Trophy at the NPC All-South Muscle . (She also went on to win a 3rd straight open overall the next spring!)

My first posing client Dwight (he did his own diet and training and came in on point) also did the All-South Muscle that year, winning both his Novice and Open Mens Physique classes and becoming Nationally Qualified. Narrowly missed both Overall wins to a guy with an insane waist/v-taper.

We also started prepping Rachel, who trained along side us at the gym we were running, and she went on to get 2nd out of 9 girls in her Open Class at the NPC Nebraska State Championships and became Nationally Qualified her very first show.

Year 1 - 2018
5 shows.
4 Athletes.
3 Overall Wins.
5 Class Wins.
Nothing less than a 2nd place finish.

Our M.O. has ALWAYS been:
Quality over Quantity, and .

Link in Bio or DM to apply for coaching ⛏

Photos from Austin Carter - Coach/Trainer's post 11/29/2022

Excited to come back better this year ⛏


Don’t like it.
Don’t share it.
Just put your dang phone down.
Stop the scroll right now, and enjoy your loved ones and your holiday.

Love ya.


Excellent Reverse Dieting phase with

Up a healthy 10lbs at a little over 8 weeks post show. Dani has been nailing her post show diet and training plans, and has also been able to go and relax on a family vacation during that time.
She’s been cranking out several PRs in the gym week to week and really gaining some momentum into the improvement season.

Going to bring something super impressive to the stage in 2023 and plan to make her National Level debut!


I do not want you to worry about tracking food or being physique-focused on Thanksgiving or the day that you celebrate it.
I don't want you to be miserable eating out of Tupperware on Thanksgiving Day or to not enjoy your anniversary because you're scared to go to dinner or that you’re gonna lose all your progress.

I want you to be able to unplug, relax, be happy, and give your attention and time to your loved ones. Then get back to work tomorrow without feeling bad or guilty about it. Remember how hard you’ve worked, how much wood you’ve chopped, and allow yourself to go home and sharpen your axe. That way you can come back as sharp as ever, ready to attack the work and pursue more progress.

Eat your turkey first, have a piece of pie not a whole pie, one plate of food is plenty, don’t eat like an a-hole, yada yada…the point is that if your putting in consistent days of hard-effort toward your goals, one free meal a week or a couple off track days a month are not going to ruin your gains or rob you of your progress.

5 meals a day, 7 days a week = 35 meals
2 off plan meals in a week? Still over 94% accuracy.

365 days in a year. Have 2 off track days a month every month?
Still over 93% accuracy.

Perfection doesn’t exist. Focus on consistency instead. Put in a lot of days of work (say 341 days of the year), and allow yourself some holidays/off days.

Lastly, I just want to point out that the mindset of,
“Well, the holidays are coming and I know I won’t be perfect so I just need to quit or not start working on my goals til January” is like Shaq saying “well I’m just not gotta play in the game today because I know I won’t be able to score every single shot I shoot”. Silly, right?
Doesn’t mean you can’t make progress or put some points on the board , especially if it’s a priority to you.


Another awesome posing client performance! My guy brought home some nice hardware in his very first bodybuilding show, including a nice Class Win in 40+ Masters! 🥇

Charles had an incredible weight loss journey before stepping on stage, and just from our few posing sessions and how much progress in his posing he made in a relatively short time, I can tell he has an INCREDIBLE level of determination.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you next! Proud to be a part of your journey ⛏

Photos from Austin Carter - Coach/Trainer's post 11/18/2022

Men’ Physique Posing Client took home the Novice Overall trophy at the Grand Prix!

It was a pleasure to be a part of Noah’s camp and celebrate an awesome win with him. Big props to his coach Chad Martin for bringing Noah into the show dialed in, and thank you for trusting me with your Men’s Physique posing needs!

Noah, you did incredible work up there man! You went out and executed on all of the things we went over. Nailed the Front and Back poses, displayed all the swagger and confidence of a winner, angled in toward the judges the few times your were on the outside of the line up. Checked off all your boxes. Most importantly, everyone could tell how much damn fun you were having!
Congrats on your wins! 🏆 🥇

I can’t wait to see you and Chad run it back!


Heart is full ❤️
Trophy Cases getting fuller 🏅🏅🏅

Awesome show weekend with some of the awesome athletes or our growing team. Can’t wait to do it again!




Yes, we coach lifestyle and weight transformation clients as well as top-level physique competitors.

No, you don’t have to have any intentions of getting on a bodybuilding stage to WIN WITH US ⛏

Michelle has made some amazing progress this year and deserves huge praise and recognition! 🎉

Over 9 weeks of us working together Michelle is down over 15lbs, has seen her mood, energy, and confidence sky-rocketing, and as of the last week or so has been able to COMPLETELY come off of all blood pressure medications.

That’s a win with real impact 🙌🏻🥳

So if you’re ready to make serious life changes, and work hard for real, lasting results..
DM us to apply to join the team
and start TRAINING TO WIN ⛏

Photos from Austin Carter - Coach/Trainer's post 08/14/2022

New Homeowner, who dis?!

What an amazing feeling.
Lynsie and I now own our home, we no longer rent. We own a home that’s nicer that either one of us grew up in. My parents actually never owned their own homes.

Now, weeks before my 32nd birthday, l’ve reached that milestone.
Self-employed, no boss, and people still out there telling me I need to “get a real job”. 😅
Lynsie and I’s own business, .fhysiques, and our own hard work and commitment to excellent service and results, was all we needed to get here.
Yes, I am extremely proud of myself.

I remember 7 short years ago, sitting in prison with nothing to my name, wondering if I would ever have s**t. If I was ever gonna be s**t.
I turned 25 in that place, and decided that a quarter of a century was ENOUGH LIFE WASTED.

Now, it’s still hard to believe how often my dreams can really come true.
I had 3 jobs within 5 months of being out on parole.
Locked down the most beautiful girl in the world, the woman of my dreams, 4 days shy of a year out.
I started my LLC less than a year and a half after my release.
3 years in and we were able to walk away from our last “job” and start working from home, independently, full time.
We’ve survived plenty of adversity, but the hate and the shade don’t compare to the light of the blessings from our own hard work and determination.

Now, we own a beautiful home with a good amount of equity, our business is thriving, our love is stronger than ever, and we have so much more in store, so don’t sleep on us 😎

Work your ass off and chase your dreams until you experience them in reality. The only reason your life hasn’t changed yet is because you haven’t forced it to.



I drop this image into client’s chats and people’s DMs at least once a week, so I figured it may be useful to some more of you.

Here you can easily see the angle of the arms that you want to work your lateral raises in. Roughly 30-40 degrees in front of the body.
This is better for your shoulder health by reducing shoulder impingement, and better for the side delt gains by allowing the delts to produce the most force.

Ever do lateral raises straight out to the the side of your body and “man, I’m only feeling this in my traps!”?
Fun fact: that’s because your traps have to contract quite a bit just to pull your humerus’ out to the side of your body into frontal plane. So yes, that’s working traps, and not doing much for the delts.
You might even be feeling pain in the joint and mistake it for your muscles burning.

Not only lateral raises, but you should also work in the scapular plane on your overhead presses and lat Pulldowns, and other overhead exercises that you’re doing.

Let me know if this helps you, and if anyone is telling you to get those elbows out to the side your body, run away 🏃🏻‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️
Save the shoulders 🙏🏻

Photos from Austin Carter - Coach/Trainer's post 07/20/2022

Too excited for the next .fhysiques Team meet-up.

The Pump and Pose was an absolute blast.
Extremely blessed and grateful to have every one of these awesome teammates.

Way more to come. Ready to bring more to to the table ⛏

Photos from Austin Carter - Coach/Trainer's post 07/07/2022

Another excellent teammate dialing in for the upcoming show.

First time prep for Dylan and I’m confident it’s going to lead him to some good rewards.
He’s got a really good structure and can almost just stand there and look good when it comes to posing. Very little manipulation is needed for him.

Swipe to see his prep progress so far 👉🏻

Really excited for these competitive first-time competitors making their NPC Debut in about 4 weeks.
Team FITTED FHYSIQUES is bringing heat! 🔥


Send us a message when you’re ready ready to prepare for your competition 🔜


Ran into this beast at the Muscle Planet today 🌎

Team athlete is looking awesome at around 5 weeks out from his

We’ve been grinding together since December, and I cant wait to see him hit the stage for the first time this summer 🔥


👉🏻 Your show day is NOT the end of your prep.

It is the climax of the story line. 🏔
The peak of excitement, hopefully the best peak of your physique, and also the peak of stress, fatigue, and depletion.

You do not need to go and bail off of the mountain. You climb back down.

You’ve put your body into a position that you need to come out of properly.
You still need to do cardio. You still need to diet. You still need to check-in with your coach. You still have work to do.

Coming out of your show properly can lead you into the best offseason and most growth you’ve ever had.
That’s the happy ending.



Yes, I still workout.



starting to dial it in.

Hasan is blessed with an excellent structure, going to be very fun watching that small waist disappear 🔪

Excited to see him on stage in 2022, and honored to work with such a hard working athlete with such an incredible back story.


In October of 2015, I was released from prison after being arrest on ma*****na charges. It was my second time being incarcerated for over a year straight, and I think the 19th time I’d been arrested.

Just four days shy of a year later, I locked down the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, the love of my life, and and I officially began our relationship.

Just a few months later, on St. Patrick’s Day 2017, we sat in the lawyers office and our LLC was born. And we already lived together.

October 10th, 2021 we celebrated our 5 year anniversary ❤️

Now last week, March 17th, 2022 we were blessed to be able to celebrate our business turning 5 years old 🎂 🎉

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, and feel like I’m not where I want to be yet. To be discouraged by challenges that are still to be faced.
But when I take a step back, it’s just amazing how far I’ve come and just how much my life has changed. I have already made it so much further than I ever though possible, I remember many years of thinking my life would never possibly be as good as it already is today.

I have been so abundantly blessed, not only to have the woman of my dreams for over 5 years already, but also to have all of you amazing people who have believed in me and supported my on my rise, you guys that are still here reading this long as caption.

You’ve all helped me recreate my self and rewrite my story. Wether your encouraged me, doubted me, or wished to see me fall, you’ve helped build me into the better, stronger, and wiser man I am today.

Thank you for pushing me.


Getting super excited for this one!
Less than 12 weeks out, and we’ve got a mean team pulling up 😈

Let’s get this 2022 season going!



Will we see you there?


Going down 3/12 in Conway, AR!
Thanks to

To our Central Arkansas peoples and people in the surrounding area, here’s you chance to meet up with and myself in person and see Lynsie Love in action as her and other IFBB pros demonstrate posing and other competition tips.

Don’t miss out on this! Arkansas hasn’t had many opportunities like this for aspiring and upcoming NPC athletes!
Let me know in the comments if you’re going to be in attendance. Lynsie and I will have a few extra shirts on hand to give to people that pull up on us 😜


Show Up for YOURSELF.

Do that thing that scares you. That speaks to you. That’s been in the back of your mind.
Take the chance. Take the risk.
Book the flight. Take the trip. Go far enough away that you CAN’T be stuck in your comfort zone anymore.
Spend the money. Make the investment in yourself. Chase your dreams.

We did. We do. And we won’t stop. We will continue to push the pedal toward our goals and desires. So many of our dreams have already come true and we’re just getting started. We may have taken what looked like some L’s at the time, but you’re not really losing if your pushed forward into a bigger and brighter future. You just gotta get back up and keep showing up.

Don’t sit still.
Don’t wait for some magic moment.
Don’t you dare say “wouldn’t that be nice”, go find out what it’s like instead.


Last check-in with .four.five before prejudging at the Masters USAs!

An incredibly disciplined prep has led up to this moment, and I can’t wait to see this amazing athlete do what she’s trained for so long.

I’m on the edge of my seat with anticipation, LETS GO 246!

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