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Tulip Festival 2022
📸 Erwin Buske Photography
Photo credit Erwin Buske Erwin Buske Photography
Pacific Northwest Lighthouse Moods

From my recent trip to the Oregon Coast, the Heceta Head Lighthouse casts a guiding light into a moody Pacific Northwest morning. Erwin Buske Photography
Sunset at the Harbor

At sunset a few boats set anchor in a small harbor underneath the long shadow of Mount Baker. Erwin Buske Photography
What a breathtaking capture by Erwin Buske Photography Thank you for sharing the Skagit Valley beauty with us Erwin!

Have you seen the Snow Geese this season? It's a great time to visit:

Jay matadi
Saying Goodbye to Autumn

With fresh snow on the mountain peaks, I can still see splashes of Autumn color here and there at river's bend, soon to fall and scatter into a Winter landscape. Clouds and fog move across the peaks as I welcome the change of seasons. Erwin Buske Photography
We think the Columbia River Gorge is rather a magical place at sunset....

Sharing a stunning photo by Erwin Buske Photography . You can choose to cruise the full length of the gorge, or choose just half. Either way, you'll be treated to quite a view! Explore your cruise choices here: and let us help you find your Pacific Northwest vacation!
Who else is OBSESSED with this sunset snapped by Erwin Buske Photography? We hope that you have dedicated some time for rest and relaxation this weekend! 💜

As a photographer I am both a witness and interpreter of nature. My goal is to capture the essence of the landscape through the lens of my inner vision.

For insight in to my photographic approach follow my blog at Erwin's photography began with a desire to share his outdoor experiences in the Pacific Northwest, and while he has grown passionate about the art and craft of photography, he stays true to his roots of wandering through the hills, mountains, and the coast. As a photographer, Erwin is both a witness and int

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Bathed in Golden Light

Morning arrives, the fields are filled with golden light, a lone tree and some flowers lean into the sun and the river below. I can hear the song of a few birds melodically chirping, and our hearts beat with the mystical rhythms of nature.


New Leaves

The new leaves of the deciduous trees along the white river are just now coming out in delicate shades from yellow to green. Click on image to see full size.


The Air that you Breathe

In late April I felt as though I was inhaling green along with the fresh spring spray and mist from beautiful Horsetail Falls along the Columbia Gorge.


Sunrise through the Lupines

What a wonderful feeling it was to experience this sunrise looking through the Lupines and out to the Balsam Root at Rowena Crest. It's a wonderful world!


Columbia Gorge Light of the Angels

Standing at the edge of this flower field as the sun burst through a couple of layers of clouds I felt as though I was in the midst of the light of the angels. Golden rays transformed the landscape and revealed for a moment a glimpse into some extraordinary wonders and mysteries of nature.


Bleeding Hearts of the Forest

This image is from my hike a few years ago up to Echo Mountain in the Lake Desire Spring Lake Regional Park. I make this small journey almost daily but on this day this scene jumped out at me, and I went all the way home to fetch my camera and back a couple of miles to take this image of the forest Bleeding Heart Flowers.


Sol Duc Falls Here Comes the Sun

Here is some gorgeous mid-morning light, streaming through the forest, with beams and rays of heavenly light illuminating iconic Sol Duc Falls.


Bridge into an Enchanted Forest


A Happy Life in a Tulip Field


Purple Velvet Tulips on a Golden Morning

Mornings like this make me want to stand up, swing my arms in the air, and shout Hallelujah-Purple Velvet Tulips on a Golden Morning.


Happy Earth Day!

As photographers I think sometimes we forget how powerful our role is in instilling in others a love for nature. Images have the power to do this. People see the beauty of nature and want to experience it themselves which can lead to a desire to protect nature. But it can also lead to more of a desire to just consume nature without showing proper respect. That is why it is so important for us to model behaviors that help preserve, protect, and conserve nature so future generations will continue to experience the wonders, beauty and mystery of nature.


Fern Frond in the Forest Light

The light filtering through the forest helped light up this fern frond that looked to me very much like a Christmas Tree!


Trilliums Underneath Big Cedar Tree

I pass this big cedar several times a week in my frequent walks into the forest next to my home. This morning these trillium flower caught my eye along of course with the tree that I never get tired of!


Bridges of Whatcom County

I just love this old bridge down-stream from beautiful Whatcom Falls. It has such character with the old, weathered stones, patches of white and moss softening even more the wonderful lines and curves of its architecture. They just do not make bridges like this anymore! It just seems to blend right into this lush, mossy, forested environment as if it was always there.


Pink, Red, and Mauve Colors for an Evening at the Tulip Fields

Happy Easter!


Rainy Lake Mossy Stream

Somewhere far away above this stream is Rainy Lake. I have never been to it but I can imagine it is a very lush green and also very wet place! Someday soon I will venture up there to look into the mystery. This is from a Mountaineers photography oriented hike that I led today at the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River.


Fawn Lilies at the Bay

Fawn Lilies settle into a beautiful evening at the bay looking out to the Deception Pass Bridge. The seals were keeping me entertained, while I waited for this light to spread across the sky. They would flap in and out of the water and I could see the fish swimming in the water that they were chasing. One notices a lot of things while spending quality time in an area.


Elisie May, the Elephant Seal, Hanging Out in the Daisies

Meet Elisie May, the Elephant Seal, hanging out in the Daisies. She is part of a protected species and recently gave birth to a Pup, so the rangers had this area roped off to give them protection but allowed me to photograph from a distance. The pup is the first born and park officials say it is believed Elsie will now give birth to a pup every 1or 2 years. The pup has started exploring the water and was not around at the time I took this image


Forest Bleeding Heart Leaves and Flowers

I always look forward to seeing the lace like foliage of bleeding hearts rise from the forest floor in Spring. When the flowers later rise to form a bouquet, I know Spring is well on its way.

Photos from Erwin Buske Photography's post 04/12/2022

New Blog Post!

I just published a new blog post--The Stories We Tell with our Images, With or Without Words. Here is the link to the blog post along with a few images included in the post. Thanks for looking!

The Stories We Tell Through Our Images–With or Without Words 04/11/2022

The Stories We Tell Through Our Images–With or Without Words

Images have the power to immediately impact our mood and bring to our awareness an emotional reaction much more so than words can. Testimony to this are several common phrases in our language the we frequently hear. "A picture is worth a thousand words" "Images speak louder than words" "No Words" (phrase uttered after seeing an inspiring image" "No Words Necessary"...

The Stories We Tell Through Our Images–With or Without Words Images have the power to immediately impact our mood and bring to our awareness an emotional reaction much more so than words can. Testimony to this are several common phrases in our language the w…


Middle Fork Bridge to the Spirit of the Shire

This has to be my favorite hiking suspension bridge and I return here often to visit this beautiful, lush forest and the wild Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River, both which remind me of Tolkien's world and the spirit of the Shire.


Orange Rays and Tulips in Spring


Red Tulips at Sun Set


Loving Embrace

Photos from Erwin Buske Photography's post 04/05/2022

Columbia Gorge Wildflowers Private Workshops

I will be heading out to the Columbia Gorge on both the Washington and Oregon sides later in April. Reach out to me through a message are interested in a one-on-one two-day photography workshop to shoot in areas like this and grow your photography skillset and vision. These workshops are conducted in state parks for which I have a Washington Commercial Use Permit and am a Licensed Oregon Guide. Thanks for looking!


Oregon Coast Spring Mist


Springtime Mushroom Bouquet

In the Pacific Northwest I am accustomed to seeing mushrooms in Autumn. But on my recent hike at Cougar Mountain, I was surprised to see a group of mushrooms rising from last year's fern fronds alongside some spring yellow violets. Yellow violets, like mushrooms, do well in the shady environment underneath the forest canopy.


Japanese Garden Star Magnolia Reflections


Sleepy Time


A Mirror to the Soul of Nature

How lucky for those who live in the Bellingham area to have Whatcom Falls almost in their back yard, an oasis of nature at her finest in the midst of a growing urban area.


Seal Rock Sea Anemone Colony

On my recent Oregon Coast Trip some favorable tides made it possible for me to include the sea anemone colony as part of the larger seascape.


UW Cheerful Cherry Blossom Morning

From this morning, I am back again at my old school at a cheerful cherry blossom morning.

Our Story

I started his photographic journey at an early age with the simple goal of sharing the landscapes I witnessed on my many backpacking and hiking trips. I wanted others to appreciate the sense of awe and wonder I felt on my many journeys through the backcountry. Although my initial attempts fell short of this goal, I never stopped trying and photography became linked to my path of self discovery, with the mingling of the internal and external landscapes finding expression in my images. I adhere to the Sierra Club's goal — to leave no trace, respecting the landscape he photographs and keeping it pristine for future generations. Photographing nature has brought great joy to my life and I want to share this joy through inspirational images and writing. My work has been recognized by the Smithsonian, National Geographic, Outdoor Photography and Landscape Photography Magazines. I am also a writer/blogger ( on a multitude of subjects including "Multiday Backpacking and Photography" and "Finding Your Photographic Vision" and I am also available as a speaker/presenter. At least once a year I lead groups of people into wilderness areas helping others realize their photographic vision. I also offer one on one photographic instruction. Currently I am also the primary curator for the page Destination Pacific Northwest. Our family including my wife Julia and daughter Caroline and I live in Fairwood, Wash., where the foothills of the cascades are literally right out our front door. Prints available on my website (

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