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The Launchgood page for the proposed masjid in Reston (Reston Islamic Center) has been set up. For those of you who have already donated, your donation(s) are already included in the current total, may Allah(ﷻ) reward you all in both the Dunya and Akhirah. Ameen. Again, if you are unable to donate yourselves, please do share this link with friends/family/whoever else you believe will donate. jazakamullah Khairan.

So why not teach Christain Fundamentals in US schools? They used to. People should just say too bad! You don't like it go somewhere else. Or move!
For Spring Internships, apply in 10 days (Nov 15th cut date)!
If you're selected, the Internship Placement Program of The Arab-American Business & Professional Association Washington DC Washington DC will match you with top corporations and the Federal agencies.
Learn more and apply today at
If anybody would like, come out and join Secular Students Alliance tonight at 7:30 in Hub Room 2, where we will be watching a debate between Christopher Hitchens and Tariq Ramadan on Islam.
I have a group going to see this in theater tonight at 7, and I have one extra free ticket. Is anyone interested?
Register now, seating is limited!
SAVE THE DATE! I am pleased to announce that we have finalized the debate between Dr. David Wood and Dr. Shabir Ally. Please mark your calendars and feel free to share with others. This will be a highly sought-after event between two extremely intellectual apologists, discussing the resurrection of Jesus. More information to follow.

March 3, 2018
Johnson Center Cinema, George Mason University
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Present Islam in a way that is relevant and engaging to the George Mason campus community. As the name implies, we want to make Islam more accessible. P.S.

(Access Islam is a part of the George Mason University Muslim Student Alliance)

With so many misconceptions and misinformation being spread around the world today about Islam and Muslims, at Access Islam it is our priority to dispel those notions by educating the Mason community about the universal values of love, peace, and justice that our faith is truly about. Through educational classes, publ

Operating as usual

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Ibn Abbas narrated that The Prophet ﷺ sent Mu`adh to Yemen and said, "Be afraid, from the curse of the oppressed as there is no screen between his invocation and Allah."

Brothers and sister, we are at a time where Yemen is going through the worst case of oppression of our age, the UN and Amnesty international has declared the crisis in Yemen as the ‘worst humanitarian crisis in the world’ The conflict has spiraled from a human rights violation to a crisis in which 80% of the population is at risk of dying from starvation and illnesses like Cholera and CoVID. We are proud to partner with and to run our campaign for compassion for Yemen, Let it be our intentions to send as much aid and support to the oppressed in Yemen, blessed by the prophet ﷺ.

Swipe right to learn how you can help.

- Access Islam

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Access islam and is proud to announce the launch of our Shama’il seminar instructed by our dear Ustad Meraj. On October 6th we will begin our 12 week journey studying and reflecting on the perfections that Allah has bestowed upon our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The Shama’il Muhammaddiya gives us a detailed glimpse at the life and manners of the beloved prophet ﷺ that we, as his Ummah can follow and imitate to the best of our ability. Registration for the class will open today and continue until October 6th. Access islam will also be selling Hard copies of the Shama’il for $40 off the Imam Ghazali institute website for those interested in purchasing the text. The link to registration and the Imam Ghazali store can be found in our Bio.

We pray that this class will be a source of benefit and tranquility for you in your strive for ilm and closeness to the most high and his Beloved Muhammad ﷺ.

- Access Islam


Peace be upon Hussein, who’s name never shall fade

Peace be upon Abbas, by our banners, he’ll always remain

Peace be upon Muslim ibn Aqeel, in face of injustice, he remained ever so brave

Peace be upon Fatima, the Prophets ﷺ Noor ul Ain

Peace be upon Zainab, who kept her head high surrounded by anguish, by pain

Peace be upon Ali Asghar, the child of our Ummah, who was unjustly slain

Peace be upon the loyal 72, this ummah, by Allah they will never betray

Peace be upon the sands of Karbala

Where the noblest blood has left a stain

- Access Islam

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For the next ten nights of Dhul Hijjah, Access islam will walk with you through these noble nights and reflect on the complexities of our souls and the path we can take in purifying them for the sake of Allah SWT. Make efforts to fast these days. Forgive those who have wronged you. Pray for what you desire. Fulfil your obligations. Allah's doors are open. Don't let these moment leave you except that you have transformed into a better person. These days are like the days of Ramadan so seize the opportunity. If you spent your life in sin and disobedience; don't despair or be worried. Remember Bishr al-Hafi became a saint within a single night whilst he was in a state of drunkenness for simply picking up a piece of paper with the name of Allah on it - You have 9 nights, to pick up your heart and soul - Purify it, cleanse it, embellish it and decorate it with His love, so that you may also be forgiven.


Assalaamu Alaikum all!

Today, we will be having the second Al-Ghazali class (attendance of first class is not mandatory). Ustadh Omar Popal will be discussing mindfulness in Islam, particularly the purpose of remembering God.
Time: 4-5:30 PM
Location: JC Room C!

Come and learn more about the book written by the scholar Imam Ghazali as we reconnect and revive the sciences of our faith!

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Join us on September 18th for an important and beneficial class on Imam Ghazali’s Ihya with Sh. Omar Popal. We are excited to kick off the semester with a spiritual boost to start off right. Food will be served! :) see you there!


Salaam All,
This is a reminder that there will be NO living right class today. We have finished the course for the semester.

Thank you to all who came out ✨


Salaam all! Although we will not be having our living right class. The book club 📚 is still on!

TODAY April 11th, at 3-4 pm at HUB room 4.

See you there ✨


Thanks to Kristian Petersen's leadership, Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies at George Mason University / The Maydan presents | Islam in China: New Studies and Perspectives | April 4, 2019 at GMU | Featuring Elise Anderson David Atwill Michael Gibbs Hill Guangtian Ha Kelly Hammond, Marie Paula Hille, Eric Schluessel and Dror Weil. Join us!


Assalaamu Alaikum GMU Community,

In light of the horrifying attack on our Muslim brothers and sisters in New Zealand, we wanted to send our condolences to our fellow Muslims as well as New Zealanders.

We also want to condemn media outlets that helped fuel the fire to this disastrous incident. Words have consequences and Media outlets, along with political & religious leaders contribute to all our reality. Enough hate, enough violence. Time to love our neighbor, ourselves, and all our fellow human beings.

We want to invite all our Muslim and non-Muslim brethren to voice their concerns, worries, and questions to our chaplains, Ustadh Mobeen Vaid, Ustadh Hasnain Chowdhury, or contact the Access Islam board. They are more than happy to help cope with any emotional or spiritual distress over the incident. Their emails will be available below.

May God spread peace and love amongst the Ummah and humanity alike.
- ---
Access Islam email: [email protected]

Chaplain Mobeen Vaid: [email protected]

Chaplain Hasnain Chowdhury: [email protected]

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Join us and Chaplain Mobeen Vaid as we learn from the words of our creator. This Wednesday InshaAllah ✨


The Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies has launched a digital archive intended to honor and preserve the legacy of African American Islam.

This Wednesday, they will be launching a panel discussion and reception. You don’t want to miss this!
And don’t forget to check out the website: AFTERMALCOLM.COM

After Malcolm Digital Archive Launch Panel and Reception | February 27 4pm-7pm with | Aisha Al-Adawiya ; Youssef Carter; Kamila Barbour , Ibrahim Hanif and Abbas Barzegar | | Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies at George Mason University The Maydan | GMU Fairfax Campus

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“Everything that exists needs something or someone to bring it into existence”

Thanks to all who came out for our class with ustadh Omar Popal ✨ We look forward to seeing you next week!


Join us and Ustad Omar Popal tomorrow inshallah as we continue to discuss imam al-gazali’s revival of religious sciences.

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✨Special Thank you to all those who came out to our event with ustadh Omar Popal. ✨
We look forward to seeing you all next week- same time, same place

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Join us and Ustadh Omar Popal Tomorrow as we continue to discuss Imam Al Ghazali’s revival of the religious sciences.


TOMORROW!!! ✨ Thursday, February 7th @3:30 PM- JC George’s. See you all there InshaAllah.😊


TOMORROW!!! ✨ Thursday, February 7th @3:30 PM- JC George’s. See you all there InshaAllah.😊

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Those who attend our upcoming event with Ustadh Dawud Walid will be able to purchase SiGNED copies of his BOOKs 📚

Mark your calendars 📆
Thurs, feb 7 in JC GEORGES 3:30-6pm


Join us tomorrow! Refreshments will be served


Applications are due in a week!! **APPLY HERE:

Assalamualaikum Brothers and Sisters,

If you are interested in shadowing the current Access Islam board members, you can apply using the following link:

The available positions are:
•Event Coordinator
•PR and Social Media

We are accepting applications up until December 15th InshaAllah.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!
Access Islam

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JOIN US for another ENGAGING conversation...
As usual, all are welcome


Asalamu Alaykum all,

Unfortunately, due to inclement weather the Celebrate Mercy event has been postponed.

George Mason is closed for the day and all events have been cancelled accordingly.

We thank all of those who intended to come out and apologize for the inconvenience caused.

For those interested in meeting the sheikh and enjoying his Suhba, he will be at Shirley gates mosque today from 7:30pm till 9pm and will also be leading the khutba at Adams Tomororw inshallah.

Check back for updates and stay warm.

Barakallahu feekum,

Access Islam Team.


Mark your calendars for this Thursday, November 15🗓
Join us and Shaykh Jihad Brown as we immerse ourselves into the life and character of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. ✨
Food and refreshments will be served.

Timeline photos 11/12/2018

Our second bookclub meeting is under way!

We will be discussing the first chapter of the autobiography of Malcolm x. All are welcome✨

Timeline photos 11/10/2018

Access Islam is proud to present our biggest event of the semester: Celebrate Mercy.
Join us, Thursday, November 15, with the distinguished Shaykh Jihad Brown as we immerse ourselves into the life and character of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Food and refreshments will be served.

Timeline photos 11/08/2018

Asalamu alaykum all! Our fourth lesson in the nabowat series is happening tomorrow! Please join us and don’t forget to bring a friend✨

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Access Islam is pleased to present: Active Minds Book club.
A student run initiative devoted to inspiring conversation, reflection, and introspection through the vehicle of literature.

For our first meeting we will be discussing the Autobiography of Malcolm X. Refreshments will be served✨

Timeline photos 10/25/2018

JOIN US for the third session of our Nabowat class with Ustadh Omar Popal.
Our previous lesson covered belief and attributes. This week we will continue to go into depth on the topic of Prophecy and revelation. See you there!

Timeline photos 10/17/2018

This educational conference will teach you how to create your own legacy. We hope to see you all there InshaAllah!! DM US FOR 50% OFF!!

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Many thanks to all the sisters who attended today’s event with Ieasha Prime 🌸 See you soon InshaAllah!! @ George Mason University - Johnson Center

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When a group of people assemble for the remembrance of Allah, the angels surround them (with their wings), (Allah’s) mercy envelops them, Sakinah, or tranquillity descends upon them and Allah makes a mention of them before those who are near Him.”
Let us share tea and a safe space as sister Iesha prime leads us on the theme of the prophetic light.
All sisters are welcome ✨✨

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Omar Popal has a Message for you!
Access Islam Introductory Video




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