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Operating as usual

[07/22/12]   Level 4 instructor course done. In the bag, now start training level 5

[02/20/12]   CJ and Chuck just finished level one training. Congrats guys. Can't wait to see the new stuff coming out of LA.

[05/04/11]   Just got the word form KMWW, I have completed and passed phase C instructor course. What's next, Expert I.

[04/05/11]   Don't forget, the level 1 and 2 classes will both meet at 6:30 this week. Be safe.

[03/27/11]   Just got back from seminar with John Whitman with several of our students. Look foward to adding some new drills.

[03/11/11]   Now is not the time to get complacent. Time to get back in the gym and work.

[02/27/11]   Hey Krav students, If you haven't signed up for the gun and knife seminar with John Whitman on March 26, do it soon. Go to and register now.

[02/03/11]   What is a difference between violence and the threat of violence. The difference is time. If the violence is happening you must act and act now. On the other hand, with the threat of violence you have time. Time to think, time to run and time to attack. Learn more about what to do if you are attacked at Krav Maga Augusta.

[01/31/11]   Just got back from knife and gun defense in confined spaces with John Whitman with several of my advanced students. John Whitman is a great instructor and gave an awsome seminar.

[01/11/11]   No Krav tonight 1-11-11. Plan on class Thurs. regular times. Pass the word.

[08/26/10]   Good 2 attacker on 1 defender sparing. Need some work, but not bad. I can't wait to show you some moves when I get better.





[04/04/10]   Wrist grap, arm and wrist pull defense this week in Krav. Be there.

[03/17/10]   Open house 1:30 Sat. food drinks. Just hanging out with all the peeps at Ground Zero and Crossfit Augusta.

[02/25/10]   AVOID BEING A VICTIM. Know as much as much as possible ahead of time about the area you will be visiting. Avoid potential hot spots. This applies to locations locally or out of town. Keep alert to spot potential danger. Pay attention to your surroundings.

[02/12/10]   Our objective at Krav Maga Ground Zero is to teach people how to protect themselves, build confidence, and help get them is the best shape of their lives; not how to fight. We have found that if we teach them correctly they won't have to fight, however, if push comes to shove, our student will be able to take care of themselves. That's right, you better look out. KRAVVVVVVV!

[02/08/10]   The first phase on an attack is often called the "targeting" stage the attacker is searching for a victim. If you look strong, alert and healthy, you have a much better chance of being left alone. Walk with confidence. Keep your head up, look ahead and keep your hands out of your pocket.

[02/06/10]   DON'T BE A VICTIM. Americans have a greater chance of being a violent crime victim than of being injured in a motor vehicle accident. Self-defense is not just about learning to kick and punch an attacker. It begins with not thinking of yourself as a victim. Stay in shape, use good judgement, be alert and know how to defend yourself if you have to.

[02/06/10]   Krav Maga in English translates to Contact Combat. It is based on instinctive movemants. Making it easy for anyone to learn regardless of age or gender.

[02/04/10]   Krav Maga choke defense simenar Sat. Feb. 6 at Ground Zero Fighting.

[01/30/10]   Going out of town to train level 3 kicks and stick defense tomorrow. Don't forget about the choke defense seminar Feb 6. 1-3. We will cover choke from the front, choke from the back, side choke as well as choke with a push(front and back) and head lock.

[01/28/10]   Today we will be learning some ground fighting and working on kicking and punching combos.

[01/27/10]   Be safe. Always be aware of your surroundings. Park near lighted areas.

[01/23/10]   What would you do if someone tried to choke you from the front? What if the were choking you from the back or the side? Find out at Ground Zero 766 Industrial Park Dr. in Evans. 1pm to 3 pm. Feb 6. I'm holding a choke defense seminar for my students. But it will be open for anyone to come see what Krav Maga is all about. Call 706 922-3226. 01/18/2010

Krav Maga Association Of America Inc., Israeli Self Defense - HOME

another good link to learn more about Krav. Krav Maga is the official self defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces, and has been taught to hundreds of law enforcement agencies and thousands of civilians in the United States. Krav Maga Association Of America, Inc. ...

Check out this video to get a good feel for Krav Maga 01/16/2010 Ground Zero Fighting

[01/12/10]   Krav Maga is designed to be effective no matter the size, gender, strength, age, or previous training of the student. Techniques are based upon instinctive reactions and simple movements.






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