Center for Rural Family Development

HISTORY The Center for Rural Family Development (CFRD) came about due to the efforts of its founder, Mrs. Amanda S. Burton. She desired to create an environment that fits the spiritual, educational, health and welfare needs of her immediate community

After School Tutorial
Health and Wellness
Capacity Building and collaborations and networking with other community and faith based organizations
Development activities

Operating as usual 11/29/2020

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836 County Road 131
Eutaw, AL

General information

SERVICES The median income of the community served is $24,604, and 44.10% of children under age 18 live below poverty line. Therefore our priority is: Community Development Workforce skills activities which include Universal access to the online sites such as Alabama Career Center Systems, web-based curricula, and access to national youth development information centers including 4-H, Pep Net, and the National Youth Development Information web. Outsourcing activities in which youth and adults are hired by an organization or business to undertake a task it usually performs itself; for example, temporary services. Participants are groomed to perform tasks for local businesses, certain government agencies, community-based organizations and schools for a fee. Online Entrepreneurship, E-commerce, Telework Basics & Online Learning: Community members will learn about online entrepreneurship, e-commerce and telework opportunities and will learn to post products for sale on a Web page for for sale. · Housing opportunities for residents of the Town of Union and surrounding communities including Pickens, Hale, Marengo, Fayette, Tuscaloosa, Sumter, and Choctaw Counties (See Development Activities). · Work experience and volunteer hours , thereby employing participants to do the work and earn revenue. Self-employment is an activity for which a participants uses the Centers facilities to perform work for a fee, such as designing fax sheets, producing brochures, providing technical assistance to establish a computer system, and/or creating homepages on the Internet. Individuals who use the center in this way should expect to recompense the center from their earnings. Provide capacity building activities for CFRD and other faith and community based organization which will include staff development, board development, workshop facilitation, organization networking. · Serve as an Information and Referral center for participants seeking jobs, social services, legal services, health services career or educational enhancement related information. · Facilitate workshops, job fairs, seminars and related activities

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 10am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 10am - 5:30pm
Thursday 10am - 5:30pm
Other Schools in Eutaw (show all)
Eutaw High School Class of '87 Eutaw High School Class of '87
623 Mesopotamia St
Eutaw, 35462