Historic Ephrata Cloister

Historic Ephrata Cloister


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Historic Ephrata Cloister
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Cornwall Iron Furnace
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The State Museum of Pennsylvania
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Apply to work as a PHMC Keystone Summer Intern. Internships include: archival studies, #archaeology, #architecture, collections care and management curation, geographic information systems, graphic arts, historic preservation & museum education. Interns will have opportunities to reflect on their own experiences within the broader context of the challenges & possibilities of public history. 👉 https://phmc.info/2022Internships

Cornwall Iron Furnace
Historic Ephrata Cloister
Landis Valley Museum
Erie Maritime Museum
Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum
Pennsylvania Lumber Museum
Pennsbury Manor
Old Economy Village
The State Museum of Pennsylvania
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Looking for more local businesses to support? Visit our Local Business Directory: mainspringofephrata.org/resident/directory
#NewEpisode This week on the Gabfest:
♪ Boston Lyric Opera's “Butterfly Process”
♪ Music from the Historic Ephrata Cloister
♪ Douglas Shadle on a re-premiered symphony by William Henry Fry

Plus our guest host Gabe goes head-to-head with “Terrible Tiffany” in a round of Limbo.


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Go on a #digtial journey with Susan McLellan Plaisted as she interprets Native American Foodways. This is Historic Ephrata Cloister food history at its best. 👇
A trip to Ephrata, Pa to view one of America’s earliest religious communities, the Historic Ephrata Cloister. Conrad Beissel, Ephrata’s founder, came to the site in 1732 desiring to live his life as a hermit & following his own religious beliefs. He believed earthly life should be spent preparing to achieve a spiritual union with God at the Second Coming he felt would soon occur.

In the early 1750s, approximately 80 celibate Brothers and Sisters were housed in unique European style buildings made of log & stone. Nearly 200 family members known as Householders occupied nearby farms and homes. In the 1740s and 1750s, about 300 members worked & worshiped at the Cloister. Labors included farming, papermaking, carpentry, milling and textile production. Celibate members followed a life of work balanced with hours of private prayer.

Wearing white robes, they adopted strict diets, & little sleep, all in an effort to provide discipline as they prepared for the anticipated heavenly existence.

Today, the National Landmark is open for tours & special programs.

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Congratulations are in order for the Historic Ephrata Cloister! 🎉

Last month, the American Association for State and Local History presented the local landmark with an award of excellence for their Virtual Holiday programming in 2020! Click on the link below to read the full article about this national recognition.

If you're looking for a unique experience this summer, check out the virtual offerings on the Cloister's website or schedule a trip to visit in person!
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Planning a #roadtrip to Historic Ephrata Cloister? This popular stop along the PA Trails of History is open 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Friday & Saturday and from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday. Take this #digtial tour before you go! #beforeyougo PCN 👇
Historic Ephrata Cloister will reopen Friday, April 30! Here's what you need to know about tours & operating hours. #WelcomeBack 👇

Historic Ephrata Cloister, founded in 1732, was a protestant monastic community. Members, mostly Ger

Operating as usual


Historic Ephrata Cloister’s free admission day traditionally offered in mid-March has been POSTPONED this year. Known as Charter Day, the day commemorates the founding of Pennsylvania in March 1681. A rescheduled date has not been set
Historic Ephrata Cloister is open Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 4:00. Admission is $10 for adults, $9 for seniors, $6 for youth ages 3-11. The historic site also participates in the Lancaster County Library Museum Pass program and the Museums For All program providing reduced admission to EBT card holders


One-page receipt on handmade paper. Text of receipt: "Received Ephrata April the 1 1822 of Abrm Konigmacher Overseer of the poor of the Society of Ephrata Fourty-two Dollars in full of my Support”, [signed] Susanna Gorgas. After the incorporation of the German Religious Society of Seventh Day Baptists of Ephrata in 1814, ownership of the grounds and buildings formerly lived in by the celibate members of the Community passed to the Church. Members of the Church in need could live in the buildings and were provided for by the Church. Members living on the grounds were referred to as "Indoor" members. Church members living elsewhere were referred to as "Outdoor" members. Susanna Gorgas (1750-1835) was never married. According to Church records Susanna received support from the Church between 1815 and 1835. Abraham Konigmacher (1769-1825) was the Overseer of the Poor for the newly incorporated Church. He was elected as a trustee in 1823 but died before completing his term. Kerry Mohn

Photos from Historic Ephrata Cloister's post 02/23/2022

If you have admired the faux grain mirrors, bowls, and candlestick boxes we have showcased in previous posts, we think you will really enjoy this piece by Rebecca Erb. This is a set of 9 faux grained nesting boxes, each with a different color pattern, ranging in size from 3 ½” wide to 13 ½”wide. This beautiful set is available in the Museum Store for $ 150, substantially less than comparable juried craft show pricing.

Photos from Historic Ephrata Cloister's post 02/21/2022

As we enter the final week of our Winter Book Sale, we want to highlight The Classics of Western Spirituality, a well-known religious series published by Paulist Press. The Museum Store carries several works in the series that touch upon writings that influenced the community here at Ephrata as well as other contemporary denominations. Some of our offerings are Jacob Boehme The Way to Christ; Pietists: Selected Writings; Early Anabaptist Spirituality: Selected Writings; and, The Shakers: Two Centuries of Spiritual Reflection.
These and other titles are all 20% off through this coming weekend. We will be open this Friday and Saturday 10:00 Am – 4:30 PM, Sunday Noon – 4:00 PM, and by appointment this Wednesday and Thursday.


The Student Historians of the Ephrata Cloister are a group of high school volunteers who share their time with the Historic Ephrata Cloister and its visitors. The 28 acre historic site located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, preserves and interprets an 18th century Germanic religious community known for its art, music, and significant surviving architecture. The Student Historians meet weekly to explore the history of the site and the region through crafts, tours, and discussions. The biggest project for the group is the annual Lantern Tours held four nights between Christmas and New Year. In the Tours, the students become actors, taking on the roles of people from the Ephrata Community’s past to tell a story from history. The historic buildings become the stage for these dramatic programs. Each year the students tell a new story. Annual attendance at the program is about 500 people over the course of the four nights. The theme for 2021 was tax evasion, presenting a time when some early Ephrata members refused to pay taxes. Pictured are the students in the 2021 Lantern Tours (standing, L to R): Margaret “Meg” Coughlan, Amanda Shirk, Madelyn Marks, Violet Gills, Ivy Lockard, Lina Foran, (seated, L to R) Lucas Pough, Wesley Lockard.
Photo Credit: Craig Benner, a former Student Historian.


Recently repaired gravestone in God's Acre for Barbara Keiper (12/20/1771-3/16/1852). Barbara was from the Reamstown area and arrived at the Cloister when she was 16 years old. She died at the Cloister some 65 years later. Dr. William Fahnestock wrote a long eulogy for Barbara that was published in the Lancaster Examiner and Herald, April 28, 1852. Dr. Fahnestock wrote that Barbara "belonged in two eras". Barbara's time at the Cloister certainly spanned the last remaining years of the Celibate members and well beyond the founding of the Ephrata German Seventh Day Baptist Church. She would have known Brothers Peter Miller and Ludwig Hocker and heard about recently passed Sister Maria Eicher and even Conrad Beissel. Not long before their deaths, the last two surviving celibate Sisters, Barbara Bremin (Sister Melonia) and Catharina Fultz (Sister Lucia) wrote their last will and testament September 10, 1813. In their will Sisters Melonia and Lucia pay tribute "to their beloved Sister Barbara Keiper who has lived in Communion with the Sisterhood at Ephrata upwards of twenty-five years during which time she attended & nursed many of our departed Sisters and has rendered every assistance to us in her power". The Sisters' bequeathed to Barbara the use of their stone residence, stove, household furniture and other personal property. They directed that Barbara shall have use of their kitchen furniture "that she chooses", use of their garden and the pastureland on the property and be provided annually with enough meal for bread and cut firewood. Sisters Melania and Lucia gave Barbara and Catharine Simony their cow and stipulated that Barbara was to receive an annual payment of 5 English pounds from the money left over from the sale of "mountain land" that had been bequeathed to the Celibate members some years before. Barbara would remain the beneficiary of Melonia and Lucia’s will as long as she continued to live at the Cloister. The will also provided for Catharine Simony (ca.1754-1824) who was mentally challenged in some way; she is described in the will as "a lunatic". Barbara Keiper was Catharine's care giver. In the surviving Church records, there are many entries for support paid by the Church Trustees to Barbara for Catharine Simony. It appears that the Trustees made good on Melania and Lucia's will supporting Barbara and Catherine for the rest of their lives.


Here is another “What is it?” artifact challenge for followers of the Ephrata Cloister page. This window was made during the early years of restoration work at the Cloister. The window is no longer used. Can you identify where this window was used and why it is no longer used? Answer in a few days or sooner if location is identified. Kerry Mohn

Photos from Historic Ephrata Cloister's post 02/17/2022

If the winter months have you baking more, the Museum Store has a variety of rolling pins to help you in the kitchen.
Many of you have seen the Draal-huls, the traditional (18th century) Pennsylvania German rolling pin, we sell in the store. Another variation is the Thomas pin, which has a single handle attached to the top handle of the Draal-huls design.
We also have both inlaid and traditional double handled designs from the late Jere Retallack. Prices range from to $49 to $ 65.

Photos from Historic Ephrata Cloister's post 02/14/2022

Today isn’t only Valentine’s Day, it is International Book Giving Day. This celebration is especially focused on encouraging children to read. The Museum Store has two dozen children’s books in stock perfect for young minds.

Classic tales of children in colonial Pennsylvania by Marguerite de Angeli include Skippack School; Yonie Wondernose; and Thee,Hannah. Other highlights include contemporary books like Simply In Season Children’s Cookbook: Fun with Food from Garden to Table and
Sketchbook A to Z: An Alphabetical Beginner’s Guide to Pennsylvania Wildlife.
All titles in the Museum Store, adult as well as children’s, are 20% off during our Winter Book Sale this month.

Photos from Historic Ephrata Cloister's post 02/14/2022

Valentines received by Leona Mohler between about 1900 and 1910. Leona attended public school at the “Academy School” on the grounds of the Ephrata Cloister. The Ephrata Academy started out as a private school and was later used as a public school until 1926. The valentines are both homemade and store bought and were received from classmates, friends, and family. The valentines were part of a large gift of paper items given to the Ephrata Cloister by a nephew in 1966.


This month's Ephrata Virtual Academy featured staff answering questions from the participants. Don't worry if you missed the live session, the recording is now available on Youtube: https://youtu.be/s1b5mpju6VA


If the cold days of winter have you in the mood for reading, the Museum Store is offering a special book sale this February. Starting Friday 02/11 and continuing the rest of the month, you can get 20% off all new and used adult and children’s titles, cookbooks, periodicals, and genealogy charts.
We have roughly 400 books, journals, and magazines available for this sale with recent additions related to colonial life, the Revolutionary War, Shaker furniture, and more. The Museum Store is open Fridays and Saturdays 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Sunday Noon – 4:00 PM and by appointment. Winter History Class attendees also have the opportunity to shop on Thursday mornings.


It's not too late to sign up for Ephrata Cloister's Virtual Academy to be held February 10th at 7 pm!
Join our staff as we answer your questions about the Cloister. This program is free but requires advance registration. After registering you will recieve an email that will contain the link to join the program. Register at: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcpceGppj8pE9DA8shDn4guZsBoX7_KGAgr

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