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LIGHT WARRIOR Meditation 10/25/2022


This is a channeled meditation for light warriors.

LIGHT WARRIOR Meditation This guided meditation is for light warriors who have come to earth at this very special time to help heal humanity and Mother Earth. This meditation assist...


Did you know most life imbalances are caused by not living in accordance to your personal core values?

There have been many times in my life where I felt out of alignment and 9 times out of 10 my actions just didn't align to what I held deeply in my heart as a core value.

If you would like a FREE personal core value assessment to gauge where you are at in life with your core values, please email [email protected]. This quick assessment helps you identify your core values and how you are aligning to them with your daily actions. It is a powerful tool for personal growth.

BIG HUG. Krista

Powerful Positive Morning Affirmations 09/01/2022

Powerful Positive Morning Affirmations

I created this morning affirmation video to be listened to daily to harness more positive energy in life. Words have power so speak them and hold your hand on your heart. Small intentions lead to big changes overtime. It repeats 3 times which symbolizes completeness. Namaste loves. BIG HUG.

Powerful Positive Morning Affirmations


My website is having technical difficulties. If you would like to book a remote session, please email [email protected] starting after Sept 10th.

Also, I get asked this a lot - all my sessions are donation only :)

Namaste loves.


Hello Dears! I am still taking a time out with energy healings and intuitive coaching until mid-September. I know many of you have messaged about remote appointments and my calendar is up to date on my website if you want to book in advance.

ALSO - for my Lake Wylie folks, I have a dear friend who is also a healer if you want me to provide contact information for in person healings. Please message me and I'll send over her information.


I've been feeling a mix of emotions lately with some big personal changes and things I've pushed under the rug for years. I've come to the conclusion while we try to avoid the negative emotions in life sometimes we just have to face them, feel them, sometimes deeply in order to let them go and allow the good ones to emerge.

So if you are going through all of the emotions, don't suppress, push down or resist. ACCEPT and then release. Just like the air we breathe.

Life is always changing and evolving, emotions come and go which makes life a beautiful mess.

Love & Light,

Mobile uploads 07/10/2022

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Hello Dears! I wanted to let you all know I am not accepting any new bookings until September 2022. I am moving my family to Florida to be with family and need to settle in. Bless you all!

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It's a month away!

Make sure to sign-up early to make sure we get your personalized life balance assessment complete for the class.

This class is for anybody who wants to assess their current life balance and walk away with next steps for positive life changes.

From my experience, sometimes we just need a reset button and this quick workshop does just that by helping us assess to know what it is we need to let go of and what changes we need to implement to harness more positive energy.

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The True Self - The Healing Journey Inward - Chapter 1: The Entanglement 05/27/2022

The True Self - The Healing Journey Inward - Chapter 1: The Entanglement

I will share with you two critical lessons in my spiritual journey.

First, we are all meant to rediscover our light within us.

Second, once you discover your light, give it away freely.

For those of you that know me, I've been working on a book for going on 4 years centering around how to connect with your true self and heal. Now I humbly share the book starting with this first Chapter with you in hopes it will somehow assist you on your healing journey. More Chapters to come! Namaste.

The True Self - The Healing Journey Inward - Chapter 1: The Entanglement is Chapter 1 of 10 of The True Self - The Healing Journey Inward by Krista Ruffoni

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Timeline photos 05/21/2022

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Mobile uploads 05/11/2022

Oh yes, THIS. Junk in Junk out people! This is also why I don't listen to news or watch violent movies/TV shows. We empaths soak in all of that negativity and it can cause us a lot of inner turmoil.


If you ask yourself this question throughout the day and see how differently you treat yourself. This is powerful stuff folks!


Note to self on this one! This is a big one and sometimes we make mistakes and commit ourselves to things we do not love or bring us joy. The beauty of life is we can learn from our mistakes and move upward and onward!!



Learning to focus on my breath to center myself is one of the most healing habits I ever have come across for myself. This is part of my daily mindfulness routines.

A friend sent me some information on breathwork as a way to release trapped energy/trauma. This is definitely in my wheelhouse of interests because the effect is similar to what I see when I work with people in intuitive healings.

I tried this technique this morning and was amazed at it's power of releasing trapped energy. If you try it, let me know what you think!!!


Keep your heart open people!

The heart is the gateway to spirit and the strongest of all 7 chakras. If it is closed your life force energy and connection to spirit is shut off.


Remember you are the light and as soon as you stop putting yourself in a box, you can realize your worth and power.


If you listened to our pod on authenticity, you'll know this is a big one folks. The truth is that we're all special. We're all at the core the light. As soon as you let go of that need to be perfect and please others, you make way for you to shine your own unique light and let me tell you, the world needs your light!!!




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