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Healing Crystals Showroom & Gift Shop was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing affordable and quality crystals worldwide. Our Mission is to "Promote Education and the Use of Crystals to Support Healing".

HealingCrystals.com supports the Foundation for Balance and Harmony, a 501c3 non-profit corporation dedicated to "Healing the Planet, One Person at a Time".

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and if you or a friend are looking for crystals to support you on your journey, here's some of our favorites for breast health!

Remember to do your regular checks!!

๐ŸŽ—๏ธ Amazonite
๐ŸŽ—๏ธ Moonstone (also great for breast feeding mums)
๐ŸŽ—๏ธ Mangano Calcite
๐ŸŽ—๏ธ Peridot
๐ŸŽ—๏ธ Rainbow Moonstone
๐ŸŽ—๏ธ Snow Quartz (another great one for breast feeding mums)

Do you have a favorite crystal for breast health or for support while healing from breast cancer? Share it with us!

Disclaimer: crystals can complement all forms of therapy but are not a replacement for medical advice or treatment.

Photos from Healing Crystals's post 10/04/2022

Here are some more pics from the Denver Gem Show. Hope you enjoy these beautiful pieces. For more about me and Crystal Surgery, please visit me CrystalHealingTechniques.com


To learn about astrology and the basics of natal chart reading in a fun and supportive environment, join my group here and download your freebie on the meanings of the planets in astrology: https://www.facebook.com/groups/301991271511877


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They're not crystals at all

While we call them crystals, these have been changed in some ways...

Sometimes crystals are heat treated, like Heat Treated Citrine which once started out as natural Amethyst and then its color changes due to the heat treating process. Prasiolite is another example of good ol' natural Banded Amethyst being heated to change its color to green. Amethyst is such a trooper!

Some crystals are man enhanced such as the Aura Quartz. The natural Quartz is placed in a vacuum sealed chamber where it is sprayed with certain metals. The metals molecularly bond with the stone so it can't be scratched off and this unique process results in some iridescence and color changes to the natural stone. These days a lot of aura quartz is created with teflon or a process of anodizing because it's simply cheaper to do so ๐Ÿ’”

Other times, it's entirely man created such as Goldstone (Green Goldstone is featured in the video) or various colored Clusters created in a lab with Chromium, Ferrum, or Manganese to achieve the different colors. Opalite is another created one which we didn't feature in the video.

As always, it's okay to love and appreciate these if you're drawn to them. No hate here for what anyone loves and there's space for everyone.


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"Hello, I have ponies and horses and am looking to start using crystals for my senior horses. I understand crystals are not to be used instead of primary care of vet. All of mine are under the care of a vet, however would like to add crystals to healing and pain, peace etc. I keep seeing people say they can wear them, hang in stall, some say put in water. But I wanted to ask what crystals should I use for my senior horses? Not only for pain and healing as a lot of it I know is age related as they are older, but also want them to add to calm peach energy as well as help with pain and any healing from injuries? Also when hanging in the barn where? How long? Water? How long? Horse wonโ€™t eat them? And wearing them how? Where? Etc. Thank you so much. I know this is a lot and could use all the info and help I can get."

Our Answer:
Animals can benefit greatly from the use of crystals. And your reasons for wanting to use them are the most common.

Crystals for health and healing would be wonderful green ones. Here are a few ideas: Green Aventurine, Green Calcite, Jade, Moss Agate

For pain management: Malachite and Amethyst

And for calm and peace: Howlite and Rose Quartz

You could place the crystals in the stalls out of reach of the horse, so long as they are in their energy field they will be helpful. Time wise they can remain there but you will want to occasionally cleanse them. Here is an article on how to do that. You could possibly make a pouch that the horse can wear or slip it into an opening of the harness and seal it up.

I would not suggest just placing them in their water as they could swallow them. Another alternative to this would be taping them to the backside of their water buckets or make up a gallon of the crystal charged water and put a bit in each day. I would not recommend using the Malachite or Green Calcite in water.

You could get a palm size Rose Quartz or Howlite and massage the horse daily just like you would brush them. Palm stones are the best for massages. Remember to cleanse the crystal between horses and after you finish using it.

Recommendation: www.healingcrystals.com/a_r9m.php
Featured Rose Quartz Massage Wand https://www.healingcrystals.com/Wand_-_Rose_Quartz_6-Sided_Massage_Wand__Brazil_.html


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Here are my crystals of the week Root Chakra crystals
ROOT CHAKRA - the 1st Chakra - Protection, Grounding, Stability

Aspects of the Root Chakra:

Protection and Physical safety
Security and Survival
Grounding and Connection to the Earth
Tribal and family issues
Location: Base of Spine
Color Associations: Red and Black
Other stones good for the Root Chakra:

Red Jasper: connection to the Earth's energy flow; very protective; stability; grounding.
Smokey Quartz: Blends the 1st and 7th Chakras.
Pyrite: protection; health and emotional well-being.
Black Onyx: strength; vigor and stamina.
Snowflake Obsidian: protective; blocks negativity.
Black Obsidian: grounding; protection; dispels negative energy.
Tourmalated Quartz: protective stone; brings balance and inner strength; deflects and grounds negativity.

Photos from Crystal Lovers Tribe's post 10/03/2022

We love all the unique ideas, but some of them are too much. Would you rock this?


Our Free Gift of the Month is pumpkin spice and all things nice, Orange Selenite (Satin Spar var)! To add this gift to your order, head to http://bit.ly/hc-free-gift and add it to your cart before checking out.

๐Ÿ”ฎ Keywords: Insight, Security, Self-Identity

Orange Selenite helps one to feel safe and secure. It works well to connect us to the Earth and Moon energies. When you need a boost of self-esteem, a greater sense of well-being, or a dose of creativity, reach for Orange Selenite. Itโ€™s a great crystal to keep morale up in the workplace or at home.

Free when added to an order. $2.25 for Postage and Handling (US Domestic Orders Only)


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Here are the crystal favorite for the week Root Chakra crystals
oot Chakra crystals that represent protection, grounding and stability. We have put these together especially for people who use crystals for their personal growth, in their meditations or in healing sessions and wanted to use crystals specifically for Chakra work. This assortment contains the following:

1x Tumbled Black Tourmaline: absorbs negative energy; good for protection and grounding.
1x Tumbled Red Tiger Eye: enhances physical security and patience; very grounding and increases s*x drive.
1x Tumbled Petrified Wood: enhances connection to earth and nature; brings healing energies to both physical and emotional issues.
1x Tumbled Bloodstone: a powerful physical healer; enhances our feelings of power, strength and courage.
A Red organza pouch and a Root Chakra reference card.


Happy Monday! Do you feel the light energy emitting from these Clear Quartz Towers? ๐Ÿ˜

Great for meditations, to enhance the energy of your home or office, and if you liked to build bigger crystal grids then they'd be perfect too! A tower is designed to stand up with the point directed towards the sky to send that intention straight up into the universe!

Our Specimen Towers from Brazil are 20% off through October 2022 and you can shop online at https://bit.ly/HCCTCQBS

Weekly Akashic & Oracle Card Forecast for October 2-8, 2022 10/03/2022

Weekly Akashic & Oracle Card Forecast for October 2-8, 2022

Stephanie Tingle Hardman is back with another weekly energy forecast for our first week in October! This week's Akashic Keywords are:
๐Ÿ”˜ Stretch
๐Ÿ”˜ Adaptation
๐Ÿ”˜ Growth

and this week we are using Louise Hay's Heart Thoughts deck for our Sunday guidance (yesterday), Denise Linn's Gateway Oracle deck for our weekly guidance, and Our Healing Crystals Crystal Info Deck 5 for our crystal energy.


Weekly Akashic & Oracle Card Forecast for October 2-8, 2022 ๐Ÿ‘‹Hi everyone! This week's reading brings you an energetic forecast for the week of October 2-8, 2022. Thi...


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Did you know that Antigorite helps you to start making positive changes?

Antigorite can enhance our ability to tell a fraud when we see it and gives the final push to move past the lies and begin to make positive changes in our lives โ€“ a new start, so to speak.


๐Œ๐ž๐ซ๐œ๐ฎ๐ซ๐ฒ ๐ญ๐ฎ๐ซ๐ง๐ฌ ๐ƒ๐ข๐ซ๐ž๐œ๐ญ
๐’๐ฎ๐ง, ๐Ÿ๐ง๐ ๐Ž๐œ๐ญ ๐Ÿ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ

Yippee, Mercury finally turns direct again today! However he does so whilst in a close-knit, partile opposition with Neptune, who is still in retrograde. There is also a square from Mars in Gemini to these two so we're not completely off the hook yet as far as Mercury-fuelled areas of life are concerned. Whilst we may see some general improvements in communications and with our technologial devices, don't be too alarmed if your laptop is still freezing or decides to set itself to a different language whilst you're giving a presentation. Mercury will move into Libra on the 10th of October and by this time will be relatively safe and clear from any hard aspects to Neptune or Mars.

To learn about astrology and the basics of natal chart reading in a fun and supportive environment, join my group here and download your freebie on the meanings of the planets in astrology: https://www.facebook.com/groups/301991271511877


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White Crystals

Do you know about all of these white crystals? Which is YOUR fav?

In order of appearance:
๐Ÿค Tree Agate with green dendrites
๐Ÿค Howlite (natural and tumbled)
๐Ÿค Selenite (satin spar var.)
๐Ÿค White Agate
๐Ÿค Scolecite
๐Ÿค Rainbow Moonstone
๐Ÿค Chalcedony with Quartz
๐Ÿค Magnesite
๐Ÿค Milky/Snow Quartz (opaque Clear Quartz)

Kris! Thank you for requesting that we do this color, I think it's my favorite of the bunch!


Golden Sheen Obsidian is a black, opaque crystal from volcanic glass with a golden colored sheen throughout. The golden tone gives this crystal a high gloss shine when tumbled and polished.

It energetic balances and the release of what no longer serves, aids with manifestation and successful creations, assists with finding oneโ€™s personal power. Use it for removing blocks that hinder progression, use it to explore the root cause of problems, or meditate with it to heal old wounds and reclaim personal power.

Shop our Gold Sheen Obsidian on the website here https://www.healingcrystals.com/Tumbled_Black_Obsidian__Mexico__-_Tumbled_Stones.html


Happy 1st of October with Selenite (Satin Spar var.) and Sunstone!

Use Selenite to help you clear your energy and to let go of any stagnant energies from September, or this year!

Sunstone opens our hearts and minds to new, fresh and creative ideas, lifting the spirit and reminding us to have fun with life. It also represents the energy of good luck and abundance; welcome that!

Comment with yes to welcome these energies into your October month!

Our Story

Healing Crystals is dedicated to โ€œPromoting Education and the Use of Crystals to Support Healing.โ€

Healing Crystals was founded in 2004 and supports Foundation for Balance and Harmony, a 501c(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to "Healing the Planet, One Person at a Time".

We offer high vibration crystals for sale and distribution across the planet and we ask that each package be Blessed with this Prayer:

"For the Highest Good of All,
We Pray and Intend that these crystals and minerals activate
and fill themselves with the Infinite Love and Light of Spirit.
Bless the person receiving these items
and may these crystals and minerals actively support their
Spiritual Growth and Healing efforts."

Satisfaction Guarantee - We are committed to building long term relationships with our customers and want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase!

Sorting: We sort and price our crystals very carefully. Please see the item descriptions for specific information about the size and grade of the crystal that you will receive.

Pricing: We offer both retail and wholesale prices. You don't need a fancy license to take advantage of our wholesale pricing! You'll receive wholesale pricing automatically when you purchase larger quantities.

Suppliers: We are blessed with the support of many good people and companies that help supply our inventory. We import most of our crystals directly from suppliers overseas, and we have a wonderful network of suppliers around the globe.

Disclaimer: The suggested uses and metaphysical descriptions for our crystals are our personal opinions and are not to be considered medical advice.

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