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New titles for kids just landed in Driggs. Find more recent selections on the front page of our catalog here: https://valleyteton.ent.sirsi.net/client/en_US/default/?

How Online Book Read-Alouds Can Help Students' Literacy and Connection During Social Distancing | KQED 02/02/2021

How Online Book Read-Alouds Can Help Students' Literacy and Connection During Social Distancing | KQED

How Online Book Read-Alouds Can Help Students' Literacy and Connection During Social Distancing | KQED During this time of distance learning, teachers are reading books online to their students, including middle-schoolers, to help foster connection, literacy and levity.


Our Take It & Make It Nori Roll kits just landed in Victor and Driggs. Supplies are limited. These kits will go fast!

13 Children’s and YA Books to Help Remember the Holocaust | Brightly 01/27/2021

13 Children’s and YA Books to Help Remember the Holocaust | Brightly

“Every year, Jews around the world observe Holocaust Remembrance Day, known as Yom Hashoah in Hebrew, to ensure that the six million Jews murdered by the N***s are never forgotten. The unimaginable horror of the Holocaust is hard for adults to fathom, so how do we talk to our children about it? These picture books, middle grade reads, and YA titles are good places to start.” #mayweneverforget

13 Children’s and YA Books to Help Remember the Holocaust | Brightly How do we even begin to talk to our children about the Holocaust? These picture books, middle grade reads, and YA titles are good places to start.


“We are once again asking you” to come take advantage of our curbside services.


Today, we remember and celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

#MLKDay #MartinLutherKingDay #MLKDay2021

Today, we remember and celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

#MLKDay #MartinLutherKingDay #MLKDay2021

artsandculture.google.com 12/16/2020

Blob Opera - Google Arts & Culture

Well... that was fun!

artsandculture.google.com Create your own opera inspired song with Blob Opera - no music skills required ! A machine learning experiment by David Li in collaboration with Google Art...

amightygirl.com 12/11/2020

The Festival of Lights: 18 Mighty Girl Hanukkah Books

#HappyHanukkah to all who are celebrating and lighting candles. May these lights serve as a reminder of hope, resilience, and joy.

amightygirl.com A Mighty Girl's favorite Hanukkah stories starring Mighty Girls!

kqed.org 12/08/2020

Rethinking How Students With Dyslexia Are Taught To Read | KQED

Research shows that kids with dyslexia learn to read better when they are explicitly taught the ways that sounds and letters correspond. In fact, the research shows that teaching reading this way is good for all kids.

kqed.org Dyslexia is the most common learning disability in this country. But it is widely misunderstood, and schools often do a poor job of helping students learn to read.


We love this! The Advent of Kindness. A great reminder as we head into the holidays. #bekind


Orton Gillingham


TMS Latinos in Action is collecting items to put in stockings for Subs for Santa. These students have donated 70 stockings and are hoping to find items to put in them. There will be a box located outside in the front of the middle school.

tetonvalleynews.net 11/17/2020

Education Foundation holds virtual auction in place of Ride and Dine

tetonvalleynews.net Shop for Schools fundraiser to go on as usual

barnesandnoble.com 11/11/2020

8 Picture Books for Veterans Day

With respect, honor and gratitude. Thank you Veterans. 🇺🇸 ❤️💙
A few book ideas to help children learn about Veterans Day.

barnesandnoble.com For nearly a century, our country has been honoring United States veterans on November 11. As this annual day of observance rolls around this time of year, some children may wonder why they have no school, or why mom or dad has the day off from work. These picture books are a great opportunity to sh


A Mighty Girl

Today's A Mighty Girl Community Pick: "Sally Sore Loser" by Frank Sileo. Sally loves to win, whether she's racing to be first out the door for recess or hogging the ball in every game in an effort to win. But when Sally DOESN'T win, her temper explodes, and it's not long before her classmates have nicknamed her 'Sally Sore Loser.' Fortunately, her teacher and her mother are there to help teach her the rules for being a good winner and a good loser. She learns about what it means to be a good teammate, the difference between trying her best and showing off, and how to keep her mind on the most important part of a game: having fun! With cartoon-like watercolor illustrations and a note for parents and educators about the importance of adults modeling appropriate behavior, this entertaining and educational picture book is perfect for teaching kids about the importance of good sportsmanship and how to win and lose gracefully. Highly recommended for ages 4 to 8.

"Sally Sore Loser" is available at https://www.amightygirl.com/sally-sore-loser

For another fun picture book about the importance of good sportsmanship, we recommend "Lucia Lacorte, Poor Sport", for ages 4 to 8 at https://www.amightygirl.com/lucia-lacorte-poor-sport

Soccer star Mia Hamm wrote about her experiences learning to lose gracefully and focus on the fun of the game in her picture book, "Winners Never Quit" for ages 4 to 7 at https://www.amightygirl.com/winners-never-quit

For older kids who struggle with anger in response to losing or other challenges, we highly recommend the exceptional guide "What to Do When Your Temper Flares" for ages 6 to 12 at https://www.amightygirl.com/when-your-temper-flares

There is also an excellent book to help kids understand that failure is a normal part of success: "Sometimes You Win — Sometimes You Learn for Kids" for ages 4 to 8 (https://www.amightygirl.com/sometimes-you-learn-kids) -- and the version for teens, ages 13 and up, "Sometimes You Win — Sometimes You Learn for Teens" (https://www.amightygirl.com/sometimes-you-learn-teens)

strongfamilies.idaho.gov 10/27/2020

Strong Families Strong Students

Idaho Families Can Receive Up to $3500!
Strong Families, Strong Students is a program funded by Idaho’s Coronavirus Relief Funds, which provides Idaho students access to grant dollars that can be used to purchase educational goods and services that their families decide their students need.

Who can apply?
If you are a parent or guardian of an Idaho public, private, parochial, student(s) in grades K- 12— impacted by a COVID-19-related full or partial Idaho school closure or the parent or guardian of a home schooled student who experienced a COVID-19-related employment disruption— you can apply for these funds.

Eligible Families can:
● Receive a credit for $1,500 per child or up to $3,500 per family.
● Purchase computers and technology, pay for internet access, instructional materials,fees for courses, tutoring services and educational services and therapies throughapproved vendors available through the on-line marketplace.
● Seek reimbursement for eligible education expenses paid for between March 1, 2020and December 30, 2020.
● Once the account is created, monies are deposited into a digital wallet and available tobe spent through the current school year.
● When you apply please have evidence of your child’s, or children’s, public or privateschool enrollment and a copy of your 2019 tax return.
● If you home school, please have a proof of residence available when you apply.

Enrollment will be open from October 21, 2020 to December 15, 2020. Awards will be issued first on economic need and then on a first come first serve basis. All dollars must be allocated to families no later than December 31, 2020. However, families have until June 30 to spend their money once it is in their digital wallet. Learn More and Apply at strongfamilies.idaho.gov

Hay fondos disponibles para soportar las necesidades de aprendizaje de tu niño/a

Las familias de Idaho están encontrando muchos retos como son forzados a adaptarse rápidamente a las circunstancias cambiantes en la educación de sus niños a causa de COVID- 19. Fondos ahora son disponible para ayudar a los niños de Idaho cuya educación ha sido impactado por COVID-19. A través del programa Strong Families, Strong Students las familias de Idaho están provistos acceso a fondos de subvención para ayudar con la educación de sus estudiantes.

Strong Families, Strong Students (Fuerte familias, fuerte estudiantes)

Es un programa financiado por fondos de ayuda para el coronavirus de Idaho que proporciona a los estudiantes de Idaho acceso a dinero de subvención que se pueden usar para bienes y servicios que sus familias deciden que sus estudiantes necesitan.

¿Quién puede aplicar?

Si usted es un padre o guardián de un estudiante (o estudiantes) en grados K-12 enrolado en una escuela pública, privada, parroquial en Idaho - que fue impactado por una cerrada completamente o parcial de la escuela relacionado a COVID-19 o si el padre o guardián de un estudiante de educación en casa que ha experimentado una disrupción de empleado relacionado a COVID-19 – usted puede aplicar para estos fondos.

Familias elegibles pueden:

• Recibir un crédito por $1,500 por niño/a hasta $3,500 por familia.

• Comprar computadoras o tecnología, pagar por acceso al internet, materialesinstructiva, matriculas para cursos, servicios de tutoría y servicios educativos y terapiasa través de vendedores aprobados en el mercado en línea.

• Buscar rembolso para gastos educativos elegibles pagados entre el 1 de marzo 2020 y30 de diciembre 2020.

• Una vez que la cuenta se ha creado, el dinero será depositado en una billetera digital yserá disponible ser gastado entre el año escolar corriente.

• Cuando aplicas, por favor tenga evidencia de inscripción de su niño/a o niños en laescuela pública o privada y una copia de tu declaración de impuestos del año 2019.

• Si educas en casa, por favor tenga prueba de residencia disponible cuando aplicas.¡Actúa rápidamente!
La inscripción estará abierta desde el 21 de octubre 2020 hasta el 15 de diciembre 2020. Premios serán emitidos primero por necesidad económica y luego por orden de llegada de su aplicación. Todos los fundos necesitan ser asignados a las familias no más tarde que el 31 de diciembre 2020. Sin embargo, familias tienen hasta el 30 de junio 2021 para gastar su dinero una vez que sea depositado en su billetera digital.Aprende más y aplica en: strongfamilies.idaho.gov

strongfamilies.idaho.gov Strong Families Strong Students is a grant program that provides Idaho students access to grant dollars that can be used to purchase educational goods and services. Funded by Idaho’s Coronavirus Relief Funds




Parks California

This is an amazing program that brings state parks to life for students unable to take field trips. The state parks even have curriculum to go with their programs! Such a wonderful resource!

Teachers, you’re engaging students through a screen.

Parents, you’ve become homeschool teachers, on top of your own jobs.

That’s more than either of you expected without warning or preparation 🥺

You are probably settling into new routines and wondering how to keep things engaging and fun 👩🏽‍🏫

Luckily, California State Parks is here to help enrich your curriculum with live, interactive video programs featuring an expert park educator located in a beautiful California State Park 🌲

With well over a decade of experience, PORTS is a proven leader in K-12 distance learning. PORTS has provided digital access to California State Parks for thousands of schools and teachers. In response to COVID-19, PORTS created a Home Learning Program that engaged families in over 150,000 households with high quality live educational programs last spring alone.

We know there will be many online choices for your learners this fall. So why not check out PORTS, a tried and true resource that will inspire you 🤲🏼 with the wonders of California State Parks.

The Best Parts!

✅ 100% Live Virtual Programs
✅ Tried and True Resources
✅ Access to Expert Park Professionals

PORTS helps students learn about California’s diverse cultural history, unique natural features, and provide real-world examples to improve learning. Visit one of our California State Parks from the comfort of your home, classroom, or virtual learning environment this year👨🏼‍💻

👇🏽 Learn more about the PORTS Program👇🏽https://parkscalifornia.org/ports

brainspring.com 09/12/2020

Advocating With Clarity and Kindness - Orton-Gillingham Weekly

"When a child has Dyslexia or any other learning difficulty, he or she has every capability to be brilliant and achieve greatness." Advocating is not easy. Clarity and kindness helps.

#lovetolearn #untileveryonecanread

brainspring.com I have been a teacher for 29 years, but a parent for 30! My son was both Gifted and Dyslexic. Throughout his school years, this presented a number of challenges, trying times, and major headaches! What I discovered as a parent is something I carried into my classroom and always encouraged parents t...


Idaho State Department of Education

This is the final month to take the 2020 Census - it only happens once every 10 years and data collected informs how funds are distributed to many programs in our communities - so every person counts! Take the census today, online at my2020census.gov or by phone at 844-330-2020 (English) or 1-844-468-2020 (Spanish). Don't delay - only 29 days left.


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Offering individualized instruction that is tailored to each student's unique learning needs. For more information, please visit www.tetonliteracyworks.org


Teton Literacy Works's cover photo

tetonliteracyworks.org 08/26/2020

Home | www.tetonliteracyworks.org

👉🏽👉🏼👉🏻Want to help your student be successful with online / distance learning? Some fantastic recommendations to make this school year a success!

🥙🥪🥗👕👚Make sure everyone is on a school routine; bedtime, wake time, breakfast, EXERCISE, etc. Yes they should eat breakfast, brush their teeth, and get dressed for online learning.

🎤MUTE microphones until asked to unmute. Imagine all the background clutter coming from multiple devices!
Stop talking on the phone or shouting at the dogs, kids, stove, etc in the background.

🧘🏻‍♀️Give your student a quiet space to work without distractions. It is difficult enough staying focused.

📌Have your student ‘pin’ their teacher during the meeting. They don’t need to see all participants. Brady Bunch had 9 squares of bobbing heads. Imagine 25 bobbling heads!

🎢Your student should be sitting up, facing the screen. No wiggling around. Keep the camera/laptop/computer/device still. Nobody misses Space Mountain enough to go on a virtual roller coaster nauseating ride of their head, shoulders and bedroom. 😁

🚹🚺💦🍎🤸🏻‍♀️Use breaks wisely; use the bathroom, keep your water filled, grab a healthy snack. Get their heart pumping. Do jumping jacks, burpees, etc and breath with them! We can all use more movement and exercise. 💪🏼💪🏽

Breath. Remind them to take deep breathes; in through the nose out through the mouth. Smell the flowers blow out the candles. Make sure oxygen is in the blood, but remember stay on mute.

🔍🔎Keep your student Off the chat room. Students can type in the chat; IDK, LMAO, so and so sucks!, what’s your username (for Roblox), etc. Use the chat to communicate with the teacher like asking them to repeat something or telling them the video has no audio. Student should use the chat to communicate with teacher like asking them to repeat something or telling them the video has no audio.

👀Make sure your child is actually online in the Meet, Zoom, etc. If students are not actually in a meeting... where was she/he in the virtual world?

Turn on the blue light or night shift filter on the device or use an external blue light filter. At the end of the day students will get headaches and eyes will hurt.

🛎Check in on your student. Are they okay? Are they focused on what they are supposed to be doing? What are their needs? Give them positive affirmations.

Provide as much comfort as possible. Set up a sitting desk and an area to stand for some parts of the day as well. Go to a high table or prop up the device so kids can stand and work. Get them a bigger screen/ monitor if possible. Make them a wrist pad. Use a tube sock and fill it with rice to support the typing hands.

🖥 Limit screen time for anything other than school work. Yes, summer is over! Now with kids online for school keep them outside for activities.

✌🏼✌🏾🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️Stay positive. Reach out for help! Reach out to the district’s tech department for support questions. Read the emails and directions on how to log in way before Monday classes begin. There are plenty of YouTubes for help on how to log in to Google Classroom, Meet, and or zoom as well.

#distancelearning #school2020 #virtuallearning #tutoringservices www.tetonliteracyworks.org

tetonliteracyworks.org Teton Literacy works provides gold standard interventions, executive functioning skills groups, home school support


Fall Tutoring Spots Available! For more information, please visit www.tetonliteracyworks.org


Valley of the Tetons Library

Don't panic, folks! Quarantined materials will be checked in eventually and Valley of the Tetons Library remains fine free.




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