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Sweet Foster had his first, gentle adjustment at 3.5 weeks old 😍 We had the honor of caring for his amazing and strong mama throughout her pregnancy with weekly wellness adjustments. Foster went breech early in 3rd trimester, but with Webster Technique, Spinning Babies Techniques, and at home work from mama 💪🏼 he went head down after 2 adjustments 🙌🏼

Mama had a beautiful, safe, and redeeming birth in the comfort of her home with her sweet kids and family surrounding her! Together with her supportive birth team With Women Midwifery and Mama's Friend Birth Services, we were all able to guide her throughout her pregnancy, labor, and now into her postpartum journey! Foster loved his adjustment and looks forward to more for overall wellness and to help with tightness, latch issues, and some tummy issues 🥰 Welcome to our chiropractic family, Foster! 💙💙

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Sweet Mary Florence received her first, gentle adjustment at 8 days young and, as you can tell, she thoroughly enjoyed it!! 🥰 We had the honor of caring for her amazing mama throughout pregnancy and mama said it paid off significantly in her labor compared to her 3 previous kids! Mary went breech mid 3rd trimester, but with the help of Webster Technique, Spinning Babies Techniques, and the advice of her birth team, she went head down again after 2 specific adjustments! 🙌🏼 This precious Valentine’s baby was born safely in the comfort of her home with the support of her midwife With Women Midwifery and doulas Mama's Friend Birth Services Mama said she had her DREAM TEAM throughout pregnancy and birth with all of us on her side ☺️ Welcome to our chiropractic family, Mary 💕

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Sweet Caroline had her first, gentle adjustment at 1 month old! 😍 We had the honor of caring for her amazing mama throughout her pregnancy, including just hours before Caroline was born!

Her mama was experiencing prodromal labor with strong, but inconsistent contractions for over 24 hours. She remembered Dr. Jessica and her wonderful doulas Mama's Friend Birth Services recommending an emergency adjustment if labor wasn’t progressing, so she paid us a visit! Baby’s positioning was off due to mama’s pelvis and sacrum shifting out of alignment. After a specific Webster’s adjustment with round ligament releases (pausing through contractions 😅) and some spinning babies techniques, we sent her on her way to her doulas’ office for more support. Within 15 mins by the time she got to their office, Caroline had rotated to mama’s left side and engaged in mama’s pelvis! 😱🙌🏼 Shortly after, mama had a beautiful, natural and intervention free birth of this precious girl!!

Welcome to our chiropractic family, Caroline!! 💜💜

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The Dalton Fam ❤️ This is a lengthy one, so stick with me!

Angela played such a special and important role during my pregnancy, labor, and Bo's delivery. She is a doula and is very passionate about educating moms on everything related to a healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery. She also educates moms on all of their options as far as choosing their birth experience. Drew and I hired her to come alongside us throughout our journey in becoming parents and it was by far the best thing we did during my pregnancy. We attended childbirth classes and learned so much about pregnancy and the kind of things we wanted during my labor and delivery. I ended up developing preeclampsia towards the end of my pregnancy and had to be induced a little after my due date because of high blood pressure. The hospital had just limited the number of guests to one person again, so she was not able to be there with us. However, she hopped on zoom with us from the minute I called her with my high BP to the time Bo made his arrival. I'm talking 40+ hours of a zoom call.
She walked me through every single induction intervention, 10+ hours of pitocin contractions, and discussing my options as far as delivery would go after 36 hours of labor and some minor complications with Bo. I was at peace with my decision on having a c-section. She and my wonderful OB gave me all the facts and never told me what they felt I should do, but rather let me make the decisions. My OB allowed her to stay on zoom with me throughout my entire time in the OR. She talked me through the entire operation, telling me exactly what was going to happen, and keeping me calm.
As a small business owner myself I know the importance of client experience. Angela makes you feel like her friend, something I also strive to do with each of my clients. She put her entire life on hold for 40+ hours for me and my baby. She talked me through my tears and my fears. She is so incredible at what she does and who she serves. I am so thankful for her heart, her talent, and her friendship! She has the most beautiful family as well!
Expectant mamas, check out Mama's Friend Birth Services Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Take it from my husband who said, "We won't have a baby without her!".
Hey Mamas! Per Angela's instructions I'm posting the recipe for my shortbread cookies that I brought to the party.
It's an easy recipe, what's called a 3.2.1 ratio. So it's easy to half or double.
2 c flour, 1 c butter, 1/2 c sugar
I added cinnamon to this batch, but can add jam, raisins, other spices, chocolate chips, the sky's the limit. (If you add a wet ingredient, you will need to add more flour)
This is the first time I made them early and left the dough in the fridge for almost a week. Personally not sure if this made them better.
You then cut them into whatever shape and thickness you want. Make sure they are cold and firm when you stick them in the oven, helps them to hold their shape.

Bake at 350. These were about 1/2 in thick and 1/2 in wide and I wanted them to be chewy, not hard like usual shortbread. So I baked them for about 10 min. Or just keep an eye on them, they should be ready when they start getting a little color on the edges or right before they start to color. You can always bake them longer so they are hard cookies, they are similar to biscotti.

Obviously if you have any questions just shoot me a message. Happy baking! 😊
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Any local Mamas interested in cloth diapering?
I have 16 pocket floral and gender neutral diapers, about 24 inserts (microfiber and bamboo) and a big roll of diaper liners (make it easier to clean the poo and help prevent staining).
I'm asking $75 (OBO) for all of it.
I tried it for a few months and liked it but then life started to get crazy and I just got lazy. Lol. All diapers are in excellent condition.

Education is SO important, especially if you’re considering birthing your baby at home!

My husband and I went through Mama's Friend Birth Services childbirth classes during our last pregnancy, and even this midwife learned SO much!

These EVIDENCE BASED classes empowered us, taught us, and encouraged us throughout our pregnancy. I’m so passionate about education and feel like it leads to tremendously better outcomes!

With that being said....I’m pleased to say that all SEVEN of these classes are now included in your birth package (a $400 value)!! Such an amazing resource for mamas🖤
Can you please take a minute to sign our petition ! All moms to be should have a right to their birth experience!

Please share this as well for all your friends!
I had such a great time helping Mama's Friend Birth Services creating some pieces and helping to decorate. I highly recommend Mama’s Friend if you are in need birth services. A great group of ladies who go above and beyond for each of their families. And Charlotte King Photography - Dothan, Al Photographer for capturing these great pics!
In case anyone is considering home birth - This woman is amazing, she was at my home and pre-natal care visits for both of my babies and I just can't say enough good things about her.

As always had the best time working with Mama's Friend Birth Services on their new office space. So inviting and relaxing! Their logo sign is a mixture of wood to give the 3D look and the frame wall will hold hundreds of pics of all the sweet little blessings. Let Mamas Friend help you welcome your bundle of joy! #kshandmade #dothanalabama #supportlocal #shoplocal #officedecor #interiordesign #woodsigns #picturewall #doula
So excited for Mama's Friend Birth Services and that I get to play a part! Great group of ladies doing great things!

The more you learn about birth and babies, then the more empowered you can be to choose the choices that are best for your family! We support you!

You are the expert on your own child! We are here to provide you with information on birth and babies because we know you are capable of making up your own mind. We can help you achieve your goals for your upcoming birth experience--no matter what type of birth you want! No way of having a baby is "right" or "wrong"; they are all just different with different benefits and risks of each. Every woma

Operating as usual


🤍 Is a doula beneficial if you are planning an epidural birth?….the answer is Yes! 🤍

~One of the things we hear a lot is “Oh I don’t need a doula, I’m having an epidural” and gosh, that just makes no sense to me. First off, I want to ask…. “How do you know? How do you know you *want* an epidural? How do you know you *don’t want* an epidural? You have no idea what labor will be for you, this time, for this birth…..will you walk in at 8 cm perfectly fine or will you be in labor 2-3 days? How do you know? The point is the epidural is *always* an option, for anyone, anytime. It is always available. Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to pre-choose if you want an epidural or not beforehand. It’s not about natural birth……or an epidural birth or even a c-section birth. It’s about getting the best birth experience for YOU and we have no idea what that will be… have no idea what that will be. Of course you can create your birth “preferences” plan (which we do encourage!) ….. which the main goal with that is to become a part of your own birth experience, to be a decision maker regarding options and choices……but always know that things can change. Go with the flow and know your options is what we say on repeat. So what are the benefits to having a doula if you do plan to have an epidural or if you decide to get one mid way thru labor?

Benefit #1: For best case scenario it is best to wait til 6cm before getting an epidural to ensure your body is in active labor and for some that can take hours and days of contractions. Doulas help with relaxation techniques, breathing techniques (controlled breathing), position changes, facilitating optimal fetal positioning as well as hands on comfort measures such as hip squeezes, counterpressure, effleurage, massage etc to ease you thru early labor contractions more comfortably.

Benefit #2: Once you get the epidural, doulas can help facilitate position changes….yes you can change positions with an epidural including on hands and knees (as seen below). There is dozens of options depending on baby’s position and station etc. Ideally rotating positions every 30+ minutes or so is best for progress.

Benefit #3: Once an epidural goes in and you can no longer physically feel what your body is going thru, it becomes an emotional mind game. So many times once the epidural is in the emotional support drops off and mamas feel so alone. We find that mama’s want to *talk* thru what they are feeling as a way to still connect emotionally to their labor and their baby. Essentially talk thru their labor as a way to still feel a part of it. Proper support and encouragement has been proven to show better birth outcomes.

Benefit #4: Sometimes…..epidurals don’t work. As much as we don’t want to think about that, it happens. It helps if you have someone who is solely there to provide comfort measures and relaxation techniques to ease the contractions.

Moral of the story: Doulas are beneficial in ALL types of births 🤍🤍


Welcome sweet Holden 🖤 His amazing mama ROCKED the VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) birth of her gorgeous little guy! This incredibly determined mama knew she wanted a different experience than she had with her first birth so she proactively went about this pregnancy differently. She started by changing to a more supportive provider midway thru pregnancy, got her pregnancy nutrition up to par, worked on optimal fetal positioning and took Mama’s Friend 7 week Childbirth Education class series. As she battled thru several pregnancy complications, she remained steady….taking it one day at a time, getting her facts and working thru her options, all while keeping an open mind. Well, it worked! An incredible vaginal birth after cesarean 🙌 birth experience in which she felt completely listened to, respected and supported throughout. Congratulations Nicole and Bobby, we are so happy for you! Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Holden’s incredible birth-day 🖤🖤




🖤🤍 Updated Availability! 🤍🖤
**2022 is becoming BOOKED UP!**

~ Space is limited for birth doula services as well as our Childbirth Education Classes (we can fit 12 couples each 7 week session) If you wish to get on our fall schedule or in our summer classes contact us ASAP to secure your dates ~

🖤🤍Remember…..we offer a free no obligation consultation where we meet with you to review your options, talk about the services we provide and what we offer as well as give you a chance to see if we are a good fit for you! 🤍🖤


Introducing Ms. Charleigh 🌷 Her amazing mama ROCKED the all-natural, intervention-free, epidural-free birth of her sweetheart baby GIRL….a surprise until her grand arrival! After a quick start into labor, this incredibly strong + determined ROCKSTAR mama worked thru contractions for 8+ hours @ 9-10 cm before Ms. Charleigh finally decided to grace us with her presence, wowza!! Congratulations Sara & Zach, we are so so happy for you 🤍 Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Charleigh’s beautiful birth-day🌷🤍


Welcome to the Mama’s Friend family sweet Lydia Rae ☀️ Her amazing mama….our very own Dr. Jessica @ Family First Chiropractic, ROCKED the family centered cesarean birth of her tiny little peanut 🥜, weighing just 5 lbs 5 oz. After a tumultuous pregnancy, riddled with multiple unexpected complications that kept everyone on their toes, the decision was made to bring sweet Lydia earth side a whole 5 weeks early. With less than 3 hours in the NICU, her tiny but mighty self busted out of that NICU and surprised everyone by immediately latching, gaining & thriving! Wowza!! Mama’s peaceful strength throughout her rocky pregnancy and birth was incredible to see. Congratulations Jessica & Bryan, we are so incredibly happy for you. Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Lydia’s precious birth-day as well as big brother Brady’s 6 years ago and big sister Myla’s 3 years ago! 🤍🤍

Photos from Mama's Friend Birth Services's post 03/22/2022

🌟 Mama’s Friend has been BUSY! 🌟
Meet the 12 precious faces we have had the pleasure to welcome into the world over just 4 short weeks! Wow! 12 perfect babies (4 boys and 8 girls) from 12 AMAZING mamas!
🤍 We are so incredibly thankful and blessed! 🤍

Special Thanks to Cyndi Jones @ Cjs Custom Designs for the “My Doula ❤️’s Me” onesies!


Meet sweet Willow Love 🌾 Her amazing mama ROCKED the VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) birth of her precious baby girl 🤍 After experiencing 2 previously traumatic birth experiences, this incredibly strong mama was determined to do things a different way. She sought out a supportive provider, hired Mama’s Friend doulas, worked hard to remain healthy thru her pregnancy and got educated on all of her options. She wanted the complete say-so this time around, to be the decision maker when it came to the course her labor/delivery was going to take. Ultimate goal…..a peaceful, healing VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) birth experience! Goal achieved! Her unwavering peaceful strength throughout was amazing to see 🤍Congratulations Josephine and Cameron, we are so happy for you. Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Willow’s beautiful birth-day 🤍🌾


Introducing sweet Rowan 🌼 Her amazing mama ROCKED the all-natural, intervention-free, drug-free birth of her precious baby GIRL….a surprise until her grand arrival! This sweet girl was super comfy in her mama’s belly and decided to stay in until the last minute at 41.4 weeks but once she decided to come, she sure made it exciting! With less than 2.5 hours of active labor that included an expedient drive with flashers from Enterprise to Dothan, Ms. Rowan made her debut just 30 min after arriving to the hospital! Wowza! Mama’s peaceful strength and determination throughout was incredible to see. Congratulations Kait and Sean, we are so happy for you! Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Rowan’s beautiful birth-day 🤍🌼


Welcome to the world sweet Lynlee Kate 🤍 Her amazing mama ROCKED the all-natural, epidural-free birth of her teeny tiny baby girl…..weighing just 5 lbs 9 oz! After some unforeseen circumstances warranted a medical induction @ just 37 weeks, this incredibly strong mama calmly labored all natural (after just a slight nudge, her body kicked in all on its own) …with the unwaivering support of her husband (and doula on Zoom 😉) for 14 hours. Her peaceful strength, determination and the pure love shown through the labor/birth was awe inspiring to see 🤍
~Ms. Lynlee spent a week in the NICU, for a bit of support, but is home and thriving now 🤍
Congratulations Katie & Zach, we are so happy for you! Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Lynlee’s sweet birth-day 🤍💗
🗣 Shout-out to Jessica Bullock Scarratt @ Family First Chiropractic for providing weekly care to this sweet mama through her entire pregnancy! She said she could not have survived (as happily and pain free😉) without it!

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Mia Isabella's Birth-Day





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General information

I am so glad you found us! We are chidlbirth educators and birth doulas serving the Ft. Rucker and Dothan areas of Alabama. We are called the "Mama's Friend" because we want to support, educate, and nurture mothers during their pregnancies, births, and motherhood. We provide women options to stay healthy and low-risk throughout their pregnancy and birth, and we teach techniques and practices so they can ENJOY their pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum experiences.

Mama's Friend wants to be your friend! We believe birth is one of the most memorable experiences of your life; let us help you prepare and achieve YOUR idea of a wonderful and beautiful birth!

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