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Operating as usual


What a morning. Tonka is at the vet as he's now not eating because of the ball in his mouth. Molly is on her way to Urgent Care with Scott. We're still waiting to hear about my AC repair guys and I'm finally heading out to get mom. I swear to God it's the most Monday-est of Mondays.

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I've been MIA again for awhile. The fact is the death of my only sister hit me hard as yesterday marked 6 weeks. Then a very dear friend. Then Covid in my whole family. I love cooking more than anything. Except my family, books, and Betty White. 😘

I quit cooking for the most part. Because Jacque and I both shared a very deep love for it and often did it together. Her meatloaf and my gravy with both our desserts.

I'm not truly to get too serious with the group and bring anyone down, but it's life. I haven't really cooked in the last week due to being sick and today was officially dx'd with Covid and Covid pneumonia.

But I did the best I could tonight. I made frozen tortellini and topped it with a homemade 3-cheese sauce with spinach and sauteéd ground beef. What I could taste was good but the rest of my family who never lost their taste, said it was great.

Sorry for the novel but once I'm a lot better I'm getting back in the kitchen. It's what my sister would want. To those who consistently post, thank you! It's really helped me and that might sound silly but it's true. I appreciate you all so much. And to our admin team, thank you for every single thing during this horrific time in my life.

I'm ready to be back!

My memorial tattoo for us, us at Thanksgiving, and tonight's meal. 💚🧡

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I just wanted to take a moment to apologize to my followers for not posting much the last 6 weeks. My baby sister passed away very unexpectedly 32 days ago and I've been a mess. I lost 12 people in December so it was pretty rough and then to find out last night one of my most dear friends passed from Covid.

Please bear with me at least through the weekend and I'll get back on track. I also started a new job so it's been busy!

I hope you all are staying warm and safe!

Here's a picture of my delicious DF ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery!

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One deep dish pan of 3 cheese and meat lasagna✔
One casserole dish of Runza Bake✔
Two pans of Cheesy and Ham and Hashbrown Casserole✔
8 quarts of White Chicken Chili✔
And one decadent pan of Dark Fudge Brownies✔

All are ready for delivery tomorrow morning at 8am and I'm wishing my friend Cory a speedy recovery later this week! Thank you for your business!

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Panko mayo pork chops, scalloped potatoes, and carrots tonight. So delish! Cooked the meat and potatoes in one dish and turned out excellent!

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Supper tonight was so good!

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Smashed potatoes with garlic butter and parm, my ultimate meatloaf, and Southwestern corn! I literally have no leftovers for tomorrow! 🧡

I also made a big batch of Pozole for a sick friend and some for us for this weekend! Up next is creamy chicken and wild rice!


What is on your menu for NYE/NYD? It'll just be me, the kids, and Scott like usual I'm sure. I'm planning on a bunch of finger foods to snack on in the evening and then did NYD a Runza casserole I think to go with everything else.

❄Garlic cheesebread bomb
❄Mini tacos
❄Pretzel Bites
🌬Cranberry Pinwheels
🌬Pickle Wraps
☃️Veggie tray
☃️Fruit tray
☃️Fruit Dip
☃️Sausage balls
🍰Mini cheesecakes

These are my most favorite! 👇😘


As most of you know, that know me personally, on December 12th I lost my little sister when God called her home. To say the last 2 weeks have been a hellish rollercoaster is an understatement.

I'm not entirely sure how we made it through Christmas but we did. I did make a brisket, cheesy scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, eggs, and stuffing on Christmas Day and we celebrated Christmas Eve at my in-law's with good food.

Since my little family is burned out on holiday foods I ordered pizzas from Casey's that my hubby is picking up on his way home from work.

Tomorrow night I will get back into my cooking. After the 1st I'll be starting my new healthcare job plus private chef work as well. I thank you all for bearing with me the last 15 days since my entire world was rocked.

I truly hope you all had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year! Please hug your loved ones extra tight and tell them how much you love them!


Chef Nichol

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Getting pictures from my personal page for album uploaded. I have over 2,000 so I won't be able to get them all up today obviously but I'm working on it. And I'll start including the recipe in the post or on the photo!


Supper tonight is loaded baked potato soup, salads with homemade ranch and Dorothy Lynch, and drop biscuits. As always, dairy free of course.

All my recipes are dairy free but can be made with regular cows milk, cream, cheese, sour, cream, and cream cheese, etc. If you ever have any questions, feel free to pm me!


What's on everyone's menu for Christmas?

We're going to do something a little different for Christmas Day. The kids would like a beef roast, brown gravy, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, rolls, deviled eggs, and cherry cheesecake.

Christmas Eve will be white chicken chili, cheese & crackers, fresh veggies, cookies, and hot cocoa. 😊

All dairy free of course!


So good! DF chocolate chip candy cane cookies!

Photos from Homestyle Eats with NiNa's post 12/12/2021

Yesterday I made DF chocolate chip candy cane cookies for Rudolph and Frosty last night and they were DELICIOUS! Supper was mayo panko pork chops, fresh steamed broccoli, and hashbrown casserole!

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I made Casey's(copycat) breakfast pizzas tonight. If you know, you know! It's a gas station/convenience store in Nebraska and Iowa. They serve THE best pizza and donuts! Next time I'll make a homemade crust rather than the Crescent rolls.

One had cheese sauce base, eggs, sausage, and cheese. The other had a sausage gravy base, eggs, and cheese. They were both SO good!

***This is the recipe I made up in trying to copy Casey's recipe. I'm a chef but I have two kids sick with Rhinovirus so I cheated with the Crescent roll crusts instead of making homemade.***

Cheese sauce base:

3 tbsp. butter(I use plant based due to my son's dairy allergy)
3 tbsp. flour
2.5 c. almond milk(can use regular as well)
6 oz. cubed Velveeta

Melt butter and whisk in flour to make a roux. Slowly stir in milk increasing or decreasing milk depending on how thick you'd like it. Mix in cheese and stir frequently until melted. Keep on low while you make the 2nd sauce.

Sausage gravy base:

3 tbsp. butter
3 tbsp. flour
2.5 c. milk
1/4-1/2 c. cooked sausage

Melt butter and whisk in flour to make another roux. Slowly whisk in milk. Season with salt and pepper to your likening and mix in sausage. Set aside.

Tonight I used crescent rolls as the crust and did the following:
2 cans crescent rolls
1lb sausage, cooked and drained
Cheese sauce base
Sausage gravy base
8 eggs, scrambled
Shredded cheese of your choice
Spray two pizza pans and spread your rolls on them, pinching the creases to bring it into one piece. On one crust, spread a good amount of cheese sauce and on the other, spread the sausage gravy.

On the cheese sauce sprinkle the remaining cooked sausage followed by half the scrambled eggs, and finally top with shredded cheese.

On the sausage gravy base, top with remaining scrambled eggs followed by shredded cheese.

Bake at 400°F for 10-15 minutes and enjoy!


I'm making IP creamy chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes tonight. It's one of my personal favorites so thought I'd make it to celebrate my new job!

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Garlic herb pork tenderloin, green bean casserole, extra cheesy au gratin potatoes, sweet Hawaiian rolls, and I also made a pumpkin fluff cheesecake for dessert but we were too full so that's for tomorrow night! This was Molly's celebratory meal for all her hard work on the play. ☺


Creamy Burrata pasta, salads, warm Italian bread with garlic butter, and Diet Cran-Grape for me and sparkling apple for the rest. It was DIVINE!! 🤤😘

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1 Dozen Cheese Runzas ✔
1 Dozen Reese's PB Cup Cupcakes with PB Frosting and Reese's cups on top✔
Delivered to a satisfied friend and customer✔
Thank you for your order Cory! Same time next month my friend...☺


Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and cream pepper gravy, and Southwestern corn! 🤤


Cool ranch Doritos taco salad tonight!


Hear that bubbling right out of the oven!? 🤤


Sausage alfredo pasta bake, spring mix, and garlic bread tonight!


First 3 are the stages of my caramelized onions and the last one is my final product; French Onion soup! I snuck some food lunch and it's SO good!

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Baked chicken thighs on top of herb potatoes and scallions with southern style green beans! So good!

Photos from Homestyle Eats with NiNa's post 11/03/2021

Ham and Swiss sliders are in the oven now and the broccoli cheese soup is simmering! My house smells amazing! 🤤

Photos from Homestyle Eats with NiNa's post 11/02/2021

I made mac and cheese soup. Yes, soup. Judge me if you want but it's delicious and I can eat it after the horrible dentist appt today. Also making curry acorn squash!


Mac and cheese turkey burgers with my homemade garlic parmesan fries. Everyone cleaned their plates and raved about supper tonight!


Peach pie crumble just went in the oven! I hope it tastes good as all I had were canned peaches. 🍑🥧🍑🥧🍑🥧



Photos from Homestyle Eats with NiNa's post 10/30/2021

Cupcakes are ready! 🖤🧁🧡


My homemade pepperoni cream cheese pizza!


Honey garlic chicken with lo mein!

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Swedish Meatballs(DF) over noodles and served with sweet peas!

Photos from Homestyle Eats with NiNa's post 10/27/2021

Oh Lawd, it was so delicious!
I added 1 very secret ingredient, subbed roasted garlic hummus in place of the cream cheese, subbed veggie pasta for regular, made my own sauce with ground pork, and used Violife shredded cheese!


This week's menu!

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Here it is! My 12.5 year old daughter wanted to do this today and she did great! Cheers to all my mates in the UK; this one's for you! You're a Rockstar in all you do Molls and we love you!

Photos from Homestyle Eats with NiNa's post 10/06/2021

Supper tonight was cheesy chicken, broccoli, and rice casserole in the instant pot and it was excellent. My 12.5 year old did a great job with the table tonight as well!


Smoked spiral ham, potatoes, and onions with kosher salt, pepper, and a bit of brown sugar is what going down! Plus a side of cooked carrots.


My homemade turkey chili and "souped up" cornbread. It was a hit!


Skillet cornbread is done and the chili is just simmering. It smells so good in my house!


About 8 cups popped popcorn, 1 cup thin pretzels, and that entire bag of pumpkin spice morsels. Combine all, shake well, and serve!

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Buffalo ranch chicken mac and cheese!

Photos from Homestyle Eats with NiNa's post 09/21/2021

Cast iron cheese stuffed turkey meatloaf, sauteéd green beans with garlic, and whipped potatoes! SOOO good!


Cast iron skillet cheese stuffed turkey meatloaf going in!

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My first uncrustable. SO much cheaper than paying $7.18 for only 10!


Grown up edition of spaghettios for Scott and I tonight. He said it's amazing!


DF & LS homemade spaghettios are made for lunches this week! Meat sauce is simmering for supper later. I won't stop cooking or taking them to school, but everyone is on their own for laundry from here on out! 🤪

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Chewy fudge & butterscotch brownies.
Round pizza is a cream cheese/BBQ sauce base, ground pork, sauteéd onions, and sharp cheddar.
Rectangular pizza is the same base with pepperoni and a 4-cheese pizza blend. It was fire! 🔥🍕

Photos from Homestyle Eats with NiNa's post 09/16/2021

The cauliflower surprise then the smothered pork chops and mashed potatoes! It was all a hit!

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So good! DF chocolate chip candy cane cookies!
Hear that bubbling right out of the oven!? 🤤
Autumn carrot and sweet potato soup. 😘






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