Attract The Man You Desire

Attract The Man You Desire

Which qualities describe the man you want to attract?


What kind of man do YOU desire?

Be VERY specific.


New book review: “Empowering!!!”


Are you a strong, independent, financially driven woman who's sick and tired of traditional dating advice that isn't working?

Are you attracting enough quality men who meet your standards?

Are men stepping up and pursuing you the way you want them to?

Do most of your first dates lead to second dates?

Have you had your fair share of serious relationships, but most have ended in heartbreak?

Does online dating make you want to pull your hair out?

The New Dating Playbook for Badass Women is based on the latest gender and behavioral psychology, brain science, and three universal laws of human nature.

Apply these little-known dating and relationship strategies and you will have a huge advantage over other women--a proven shortcut from "I quit" to "He put on a ring on it!"

Key Topics Covered:

Sexual Attraction
Mate Selection
Online Dating Mastery
Texting, Talking, and Flirting
Epic First and Second Dates
Creative Seduction
Keeping Your Relationship Healthy and Strong
Romancing His Pants Off
Nailing Special Occasions
Wowing His Friends and Family
Getting Him to Propose, If That's Your Goal


- Quizzes, exercises, and challenges that will personalize your experience and help you get the best results possible. Get your girlfriends to buy a copy, read it together, and compare your answers!

- Inspirational stories of badass women throughout history, and how to apply their societal breakthroughs to your dating life today.

- All about the different types of men (and women), including the names of 50+ famous people (athletes, celebrities, politicians, royalty) who fit each type.

- Honest answers to tough questions, like, Why do so many guys expect me to sleep with them so quickly? (5 reasons, and what to do differently if you want them to stop)

- Everything you need to know to attract, date, and keep the man you desire faster and easier.


"I've read all the self-help books from the "dating gurus" with PhDs and other letters after their names, and they were all the same and not one of them applicable to me... I had several "Aha Moments" that I never had with any of the others... We're crazy about each other and wedding bells will be ringing loud and clear in the very near future. Thank you, Scott!" --Anonymous


Dating is competitive. Other women want the man that you may want. The women who read this first will have a huge advantage. Buy a copy right now for just $14.99 and attract, date, and keep the man you desire faster and easier.


I just created a brand new YouTube channel called Dating Mindset Mastery which will add value to men and women, because we all need each other to be successful in dating and relationships. I shot my first video too. If you’d like to check it out, link is in first comment below.


Just bought this badass book! Yes, I know it’s “for women” and I’m not that. But how do you think I learn so much about all kinds of different people and subjects? What are you reading? Or what might you consider reading that’s “not for you” so you can learn more about others too?


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Personally, I LOVE how Colton fought for Cassie. Whether you think the show is BS or not, it's an excellent example of a man deciding he truly loves a woman, clearing all others aside, respectfully, and putting it all on the line — respectfully — to give her a chance to come to her own conclusion.

I also respect his decision to, essentially, tell Chris "the perve" Harrison to F*ck off every time he asked about his virginity.

See how giddy they look? How there're both totally in love, yet previously scared as s**t? True love is scary. But it's worth it!

You DIDN’T Have Him At “Hello” – Scott McDougal 14/03/2019

You DIDN’T Have Him At “Hello” – Scott McDougal Dating Advice You DIDN’T Have Him At “Hello”October 23, 20170 by Scott McDougal We’ve all heard the saying, “You only get one chance to make a great first impression.” It is absolutely true, especially with online dating. Hundreds, if not thousands of quality single women in your area ar...

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