Piano Lessons by Dawn

I've been a piano teacher since 1974, teaching children to love learning and music! I have been teaching beginner piano students for over 40 years.

I love children, and I love teaching them something as wonderful as music. It's been determined that children who take music lessons do better in math! I charge $100 a month for a weekly half-hour lesson. I also provide all piano books, music and work books. I believe in positive reinforcement and accountability. I love to encourage my students to be the best they can be!

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‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ reworked in the style of Beethoven is a stroke of genius

It sure how to copy this. Hope the link works. The video is great!!!


classicfm.com If the world’s most famous nursery rhyme had been written by the father of Romanticism...


LIVE Concert CORONAVIRUS ETUDE For Piano and Disinfecting Wipe (Jeff DePaoli)


#liveconcert #coronavirus #etude #piano #wipe #stayhome #and #listen #music Many thanks to this beatiful interpretation. 👌for composer and 👌 for pianist


Coming to you live from Channel 2!!!


Skyping and FaceTiming piano lessons during this virus lockdown. It’s working really well, and the kids are a just little bit delighted!!

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OPINION | The truth about piano lessons: Opinion | CBC News


cbc.ca The "results" of beginner piano lessons may not always be obvious, but your child is getting so much more from their piano lessons than you can see (or hear!).


Thanks, Kathleen!!

inc.com 09/15/2019

Small Business Ideas and Resources for Entrepreneurs

What 15 Years of Classical Piano Taught Me About Discipline (and Judging Your Own Potential)
I started playing piano when I was 5.

By Nicolas ColeContributor, [email protected]

I started playing piano when I was 5 years old.

My piano teacher was a quiet man at the local church. On Sundays, he would accompany the choir, and throughout the week he would see student after student, each of us waiting patiently on the green leather couch by the entrance. When one student would walk down the long aisle, you could hear their shoes clap-clap-clapping as they made their way. As they rounded the corner, their face would often reveal how things went.

Usually somber. Tears were common.

I would take my seat at the piano and my teacher, a middle-aged man with a strong build and his white dress shirt tucked tightly into his jeans, belt fastened around his waist, would begin to pace along the front pew. I was on stage. And almost as soon as my fingers would press down on the keys and the first chord rang throughout the hall, he would shout, "Slower, slower."

My nickname was The Madman.

On the days my pieces were not polished and prepared, he would grab a pencil from his leather briefcase and write little reminders on my sheet music: Legato here. #A, #G, E flat.

On the days my pieces were a mess, he would take that same pencil and really dig into the music. Every note was bolded, underlined, and circled aggressively.

And on the days my pieces had clearly remained untouched, my fingers not yet acquainted with the keys, he would reach for that same leather briefcase, pull out a red colored pencil, and retrace all of his notes again in blood.

My old stacks of sheet music look like maniacal plots for melodic destruction.

They're practically unreadable.

What I Learned Practicing The Piano For 15 Years
I studied classical piano up until I was 18 years old. By the time I graduated from high school, I had a repertoire of music that I could audition with to become a music major, or even land a music scholarship. For a short stint, I continued on to study piano performance for a semester in college, as well as another tangential career paths like music production, but none of them fully resonated. I loved music, but I had always had an affair with words.

I decided to study creative writing instead.

In many ways, I think of my years playing the piano as foundational not just for my writing, but everything I have done since. Practicing a musical instrument is an extremely intimate act. You hear musicians talk about their violins, for example, as if they are their child. I can say with confidence that whenever I go back to my parents' house and my fingers touch the naked keys of our grand piano, I feel as though I am stripping myself bare. Once you've learned how to play, and play well, a single note is as revealing and vulnerable as your deepest, darkest secret.

The sound you make is you.

However, it wasn't always this way.

Just like everyone else, I struggled in the beginning. When I was young, my fingers would hurt from trying to reach for chords too big for my hands. I despised my scales, and would avoid them by any means necessary. I hated learning new pieces, relying more on my ear than my eyes and the notes on the page in front of me. Chopin was hard. Bach was hard. Mozart was the standard and anything less was inferior.

Learning classical piano was a journey. But it also taught me one of the most valuable lessons of my entire life:

You can't judge success by the day, the week, the month, or even the year.
You have to judge success by the decade.

They say it takes about 10,000 hours to master your craft. With consistent and diligent practice, that comes out to roughly 10 years of practice.

With music, and with most respected art forms that have been around for centuries, ten years barely scratches the surface. I played classical piano for a long time. I started at a very young age. I grew up in an extremely musical family. When I wasn't practicing the piano, my sister would be practicing the violin, or my other brother would be practicing the piano, or my other brother would be practicing the violin. There was always classical music playing somewhere. I had an incredibly talented teacher. I grew up practicing on a very expensive instrument. I had every resource under the sun to succeed, and even after a full decade I was nowhere near the point of mastery.

I was better than every other kid in my high school, sure. Probably most of the high schools in the state. Who knows, maybe the country.

But I was not good enough to go to a recognized music school. I was not good enough to call myself a "pianist on the road to success."

There was something very humbling about that experience, because it showed me the level of dedication it truly takes to master something. And also, the amount of patience you have to have for the journey.

When I hear people talk about how they're frustrated with how slow things seem to be happening for them, I don't know how to respond. They start something, stick with it for a few months, and then give up. "It's not working," they'll say.

In that moment, I can't help but think about how many times I wanted to quit playing the piano because whatever piece I was working on was "too hard."

Or worse, I am also muted when people say things like, "I don't know what my passion is. I'm not good at anything." Meanwhile, they haven't stuck with anything for longer than a year. Maybe two.

Let me tell you something: 2 years is when you start to realize all the things you still don't know.

What playing classical piano taught me about being great is that greatness doesn't happen like you think it does. It's not a year-long in-and-out process, guaranteed. It's not even a two or three year investment. Greatness is a long haul, and the whole reason you're on board is because you love it.

I didn't always love practicing the piano.

But I loved music. So I was game.

If you want to be great, yourself, then you can't judge success tomorrow, or next week, or even next year. Sure, make little notes of where you are on the journey. See how you've improved and what else you can do to continue moving forward. But don't judge your entire trajectory off something that short lived.

Great things take time.

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“Yes, it’s true. The dog ate my homework.”

[02/19/19]   So much fun!! A great big THANK YOU to Parson’s House for welcoming some of my kiddoes who put on a music program for the residents. We had 20 children play some of the songs they’ve been working on. It was very motivational for the young pianists, and really enjoyable for the residents.

I was always so scared to play for others. I’m awed at the confidence in these children. Harper wanted to go first. I asked Chloe which song she wanted to play and she said, “All of them”. When I’d ask who wanted to go next little hands flew up all over the room. I love these kids. Every single one of them.


Here’s the unedited recording of the 2018 Christmas recital!


Here’s our 2018 Christmas recital (unedited!).


Josh is a composer! Here’s a sample of his latest work.


Everyone and everyTHING loves a good song!


Crazy kids! Ali and J.T. playing a “duet”. They’re playing their Christmas recital songs at the same time!


Last night was our 2018 Christmas recital. We had 36 students performing Christmas carols, plus one little tiny sister who played Peppa Pig’s theme song. We all agreed it was a Christmas Peppa Pig. We had seating for 131 people, plus the stairs. I think we ended up with a head count of 138.

In the middle of the recital the damper pedal broke!! But I had seen our piano tuner fix it years ago and had an idea of what to do. My husband and a friend jumped in, figured it out and put everything right. We just had to take the piano apart to do it but, hey, the show must go on.

It was a singalong recital with everyone belting out songs - unless a little one requested quiet. EVERYONE did a great job, audience included.

My friends had come over the day before and decorated. It was beautiful, all twinkly lights, lamps and candles. We turn off the overhead lights so it’s soft and cozy, the perfect atmosphere for a scared little one. But when they finish, and look at me, it’s nothing but joy on their faces. I love every single one of them.

[12/17/17]   Last night we had our Christmas recital. Our theme was Christmas Around the World. 26 kids played songs from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Norway, Peru, Mexico and the good ol’ USA! Our Poland song player was in New York City, so we missed him. It was a great time and everyone did a wonderful job. I’m so very proud of all of them. They’re the best!


Even Superheroes play the piano!


Timeline Photos





What a lovely story.


A 93-year-old jazz pianist suffering from dementia and depression was given a new lease of life when his care home discovered his talent.


One awesome little cookie!


Ha!! Someone around here is a musician.


Well, sometimes!


Audrey has been taking lessons from me for almost ten years (in April)! She played Clair de Lune at solo and ensemble contest for the Cy-Fair district and got a first!! Here is the judge's comment sheet. I'm so proud of her.


I love it when they practice!


Never too late to start learning how to play the piano!

www.lifehack.org 01/15/2017

Science Says Piano Players’ Brains Are Very Different From Everybody Else’s



www.lifehack.org Find out how the brain of a piano player is significantly different from other people, by virtue of the multi-tasking required to play the instrument.


Nanny and Belle at the Disney piano recital.




A look at the neurological wonders behind playing a musical instrument: http://ow.ly/SDkts


We had our recital on December 15. Disney songs and Christmas songs followed by a feast. All the kids did such a good job. I'm so, so proud of them!


Travis, one of my VERY talented students, used a different creative outlet! Check out his Lego piano:

[03/25/16]   We're getting ready for our Spring Concert. The kids are already excited and nervous! This year it will again be held at Anthony and Gina Bahr's home. It will be on the Saturday of Memorial Weekend, so in addition to their recital pieces we will also have some patriotic and Americana songs. I can't wait! The recital will be followed by a hamburger cookout and pool party. Fun!!


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Here is the YouTube link to our Christmas recital:


Miss Dawn's Piano Recital



Here is Bethany playing Jingle Bells accompanied by her sisters!


Hannah Paugh Bethany's first piano recital! ❤️

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Coming to you live from Channel 2!!!
Here’s our 2018 Christmas recital (unedited!).
Here’s the unedited recording of the 2018 Christmas recital!
Josh is a composer!  Here’s a sample of his latest work.
Everyone and everyTHING loves a good song!
Crazy kids!  Ali and J.T. playing a “duet”.  They’re playing their Christmas recital songs at the same time!
Even Superheroes play the piano!
One awesome little cookie!
I love it when they practice!




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