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At The Leader Mindset, we work with women in the energy industry who want to to own their careers.

The Leader Mindset was created for women in the energy industry from a place of possibility. That it is possible for women to feel empowered and own their careers.

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Original and Real: Why It Pays to Be Yourself in 2017 01/04/2017

Original and Real: Why It Pays to Be Yourself in 2017

Love this!!

Original and Real: Why It Pays to Be Yourself in 2017 There was a time in my life when I cared way too much about what people thought of me. I’d make presentations (and was so proud of my slides).  I had things to say and people to convince.  I …

Timeline photos 12/16/2016

Great post from an awesome fellow coach.

This week it finally dawned on me that some of the long-term incentives I was counting on from my employer are “discretionary” – that is, they are subject to regular revision, either up or down or simply gone.

While this is a commonly accepted and sound business practice, it leaves our retirement financial planning up in the air.

When we examine closely the retirement benefits we are “counting on” we find that quite a few are beyond our control – they are “DISCRETIONARY” because policy makers in all countries have the “discretion” to mess around with our future. Some examples that come to mind in the US are: (1) the Social Security retirement age; (2) the health benefits covered by Medicare; and (3) the tax rate that will be effective when we are eligible to withdraw from our tax-deferred retirement funds.

So how do you react when you discover that you cannot count on retirement security? You could fall into “victim” mode – withdraw into a pessimistic view of the world and exclaim: “oh well, this is beyond my control.” You could also get really angry and build a destructive halo around you.

OR, you could use that negative energy to propel you to take positive action and begin to prepare a solid "Plan B" which will generate generous income after leaving the work force. You can either choose now, or be forced to choose when times are really tight.

Going into retirement is like planning for a long voyage. You don't want to leave the details to the discretion of others. First you need to decide your destination. Then you can select your itinerary and "set course". And don't leave the "packing" for the last minute...

Want to Really Impress With Your Resume? Make It Visual 12/09/2016

Want to Really Impress With Your Resume? Make It Visual

I do not know how this would be received by some employers, but I found this idea very interesting! As someone who has been through stacks of resumes (that all look the same) in order to hire 1 or 2 candidates, I am intrigued by this idea! Anyone else have an opinion?

Want to Really Impress With Your Resume? Make It Visual Career Advice: A visual resume can do more than a static, paper resume can. Here's how to create yours in five easy steps.

Timeline photos 12/06/2016

Timeline photos

Give more. Get more.

Ode to Joy | Jen Pavich Coaching | Home 11/29/2016

Ode to Joy | Jen Pavich Coaching | Home

Great article by an amazing coach who also happens to be my co-coach in the upcoming Year of You!

What can you do today that brings you joy?

Ode to Joy | Jen Pavich Coaching | Home Picture this: centuries from now, historians are studying our concept of joy.  I’m guessing they’ll decide that it’s a limited resource, often related to holida...

How To Own Your Money | The Leader Mindset | Leadership Coaching For Women In Oil & Gas 11/23/2016

How To Own Your Money | The Leader Mindset | Leadership Coaching For Women In Oil & Gas

Are you looking for a way to create more ownership around money in your life? My new blog talks about the first steps toward Money Ownership. I’ll be hosting a whole month on this topic in The Year of You. There will be lots of powerful discussion and exercises. You will get to create your own “Money Wheel” and also create a “Mindful Budget” to get your finances on track.

You can register for Year of You at for only $50/month!

How To Own Your Money | The Leader Mindset | Leadership Coaching For Women In Oil & Gas I have this really vivid memory from childhood in which I was probably about 13 or 14 years old and I was talking to my Dad about money.  In this memory, my Dad...


A quote from the book, Mistakes I Made At Work: 25 Influential Women Reflect On What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong, edited by Jessica Bacal


The Legend of J.K. Rowling

This! This is exactly what a gift of failure looks like!!

The Gifts of Failure | The Leader Mindset | Leadership Coaching For Women In Oil & Gas 10/20/2016

The Gifts of Failure | The Leader Mindset | Leadership Coaching For Women In Oil & Gas

How do you look at failure? My new blog offers a perspective on why we fear failure, and the many gifts it can bring us-- if we are able to receive them.

The Gifts of Failure | The Leader Mindset | Leadership Coaching For Women In Oil & Gas If you do a google search on failure quotes, you’ll find a variety of quotes that redefine failure as 10,000 ways that don’t work (Edison) or talk about failure...


Charlie Day - Do What Makes You Great

So good!


This has a strong meaning for me-- I've had ownership (i.e. a part) in companies, and yet I was willing to give that up in order to find something I truly felt a part of. One small word change, huge impact!

Lean In: Women in the Workplace Study | Pink Petro 09/27/2016

Lean In: Women in the Workplace Study | Pink Petro

No big surprise. We need to have more conversations about the many reasons why this happens. We don't talk enough about the mostly subconscious self-sabotage that women experience. Placing others' opinions above our own and self-doubt in key decisions just to name a couple.

Lean In: Women in the Workplace Study | Pink Petro Colleagues:   Today, LeanIn.Org and McKinsey released Women in the Workplace 2016 a comprehensive annual study of the state of women in

Timeline photos 09/14/2016

We choose how the story ends

Torri from NOTESONTHEWAY has the best/hardest timing with these notes!

How Are You 'Packaging' Your Life? | jen-pavich-coaching 09/01/2016

How Are You 'Packaging' Your Life? | jen-pavich-coaching

Such a great article by a fellow coach, Jen Pavich and my co-leader of the upcoming group event, Women Leading With Energy:

How Are You 'Packaging' Your Life? | jen-pavich-coaching Many of us, women in particular, feel the pressure to “have it all.” We want to be effective at work, at home and everywhere in between. Every advertisement, mo...

Everyday leadership - Drew Dudley 08/31/2016

Everyday leadership - Drew Dudley

This is a huge part of what The Leader Mindset is all about! I love that my 11 year old daughter came home so excited about this video and introduced it to me.

Everyday leadership - Drew Dudley We have all changed someone's life -- usually without even realizing it. In this funny talk, Drew Dudley calls on all of us to celebrate leadership as the ev...


Hello wonderful fellow leaders! Thank you for all the likes, shares, and general positive energy!

I am doing some research for additional services I am putting together and am looking for 5-10 people in the energy industry who would be open to a very short (20 minute) interview.

Please let me know at: [email protected] if you are up for participating or message here on facebook. I would be happy to send you a copy of my Leader Mindset Blueprint as a thank you.

Timeline photos 08/26/2016
The truth is that most of us are very good at what we were trained to do. It's usually all the "other stuff” or soft skills that we need help with. These are the intangible elements that dramatically affect our careers. It might be the job you never interview for, the position you don’t get because that other person “just stood out more”, or even the opinion you never share in a staff meeting (even though you were right).

I created The Leader Mindset to help professionals in the energy industry live and work to their full potential. I am a firm believer in developing customized action plans through vision-focused coaching. You can start with our initial Create Your Foundation program at

We can have all the technical training and knowledge available, but if we struggle with these less tangible, yet extremely critical elements, our happiness in our career-- and even our career success itself can be significantly affected.


If you don't love your job

More on the perspective, "If you don’t plan on doing your job forever, than why are you doing it now?" What needs to change in our culture so that this idea is not radical??

Timeline photos 08/12/2016

Timeline photos

What if you had the ability to choose everything about how you live your life? We all know women that seem to have it all; a successful career that they love balanced with a harmonious home life. They exude a sense of confidence and warmth and seem to see the opportunity in every challenge.What do those women have in common? They are taking a leadership role in their life. Find out how:

How to start a movement 08/10/2016

How to start a movement

Some good humor with an additional learning opportunity about leadership. Leadership is both about the leader and those who follow.

How to start a movement With help from some surprising footage, Derek Sivers explains how movements really get started. (Hint: it takes two.)

Timeline photos 08/08/2016

Timeline photos

So many (read: nearly all) of the women I talk to struggle with self-doubt every day. I've heard the so many stories from women about the exhausting need to do so much while maintaining a facade of having it all under control. Can breaking out of this begin with just letting ONE thing go? If so, what is your one thing?

Instagram photo by Simon Sinek Inspires • Jul 22, 2016 at 8:32pm UTC 07/27/2016

Instagram photo by Simon Sinek Inspires • Jul 22, 2016 at 8:32pm UTC

I love this quote from Simon Sinek. I noticed something interesting when I started reading the comments on his page about this quote. Most people were pushing back on this idea and understandably citing their life situations that require them to work where they aren’t happy. Rent to pay, college to fund, kids to take care of.

We all need to have money to live and take care of our families. I believe the shift that needs to happen in our culture is the difference between all of those needs being in control of our lives and accepting the situation as “the way it is’ vs. embracing personal leadership by being more at the cause of events in our lives. It’s about making a plan forward towards doing something that you love. It’s about fighting through that feeling of frustration and working hard to generate a path towards your dreams.

My dad worked his entire life, destroying his back at a job he absolutely hated. He felt trapped, as though he had no other choice. Making this change is what personal leadership is all about-- asking more of yourself to create something you love!

Instagram photo by Simon Sinek Inspires • Jul 22, 2016 at 8:32pm UTC See this Instagram photo by • 12 likes

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