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Wellness Wednesday- Tips on curbing cravings and start losing your weight TODAY!
Are you following any of these popular dieting myths?

1. You need to eat every 3 hours to keep your metabolism going
2. Eating weight loss bars and shakes will work to help you lose weight
3. Counting calories in and calories is the key to success

Did you know that advice like this might be the reason your metabolism is slowed and you can't lose weight?

If you say YES to any of these 3 questions you may find your answer to why you still are carrying extra weight around. ITS OKAY!

Follow our site for more wellness tips! Get notifies whe. We go LIVE and hear how we Discover Wellness and YOU can too!
Are you carrying around more than just extra weight? Any negative thoughts you’re carrying may be the cause of your weight gain!

Some people call the ANTS. Automatic negative thoughts

Capture all negative thoughts and turn them into your greatest blessings!

If you’re feeling tightening and tension in your shoulders, this is a signal you are holding back receiving all your blessings.

Start with simple deep breathing. This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Oppermann and she gave insight to why people flock to her classes to get a breath translation.

Keep watch for the video replay this week.

Once you learn this and other simple techniques I teach in our programs you’ll be feeling lighter and loosing more weight with ease!

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Are you drinking enough water?? If not, you are placing yourself at risk. If you are getting an average of 8 - eight ounce glasses of water daily, you may be surprised to find you are DEHYDRATED! Read to the end to see how much you should ideally be consuming each day.

Our body is made of 65-75 percent water. Water is required for most biological functions as well as biochemical reactions.
Hydration in water helps regulate:

· Metabolism
* Blood circulation
* Regulation of your body temperature
* Removing waste from your body via your kidneys
* Help aid in detoxification

OXYGEN in water helps repair our cells, including our brain, and calms our nerves. This is one of the many benefits to DEEP BREATHING.

Once your body has lost between one to two percent of its total water content, it will send you signals as a reminder to drink up. You may feel thirsty, or see cracks appearing on your lips for instance. However, if you wait for these body signals to remind you, you’re already in the early stages of dehydration.


Hunger—sugar cravings in particular—can also be a sign that your body is crying for water. When you feel a craving coming on, quite often you are simply dehydrated. DRINK WATER before you CRAVE AND CAVE! This one tip is really a great way to re-wire your brain. You probably aren’t really hungry for the sugar and carbs. Drink first, and wait 15 minutes. Then see if you are still craving the snack.

Your body speaks to you, are you listening? Severe dehydration can be life threatening, but even mild dehydration can cause problems ranging from headaches and irritability to impaired mental clarity. Recent CNN reports show sports performance and even DRIVING is impaired when you are dehydrated.

If you are experiencing any of these, think to drink first:

* Fatigue and/or dizziness
* Foggy thinking and poor concentration
* Muscle cramps
* Dull, dry skin and/or pronounced wrinkles
* dark colored urine
* Bad breath
* Mood swings
* Chills
* Back ache or joint pain
* Constipation
* Headaches
* Sugar cravings

More body signals to pay attention to:

Kidney Function: Keep hydrated to keep your kidneys flushing toxins and water out of your body. The average human urinates 7 times in a 24 hour day.
Digestive/Gut Issues: It can be helpful to drink pink salt with your water as alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium, can lead to a number of digestive disorders, including ulcers, gastritis and acid reflux.
Headaches and Migraines: If you are experiencing this it could be a sign of dehydration. I suggest a great chiropractor to help align your body as well.

Water means LIFE to the body. Dehydration weakens your immunity which we should always be focused on, and NOW MORE THAN EVER! Even in the future, as dis-ease and other viruses are out there. This will be another topic for another day!

Ideally, drink half your body weight in clean, filtered water daily. Other studies, like from The Institute of Medicine recommends a lower average water intake, suggesting women drink an average of 3 liters or 90-100 oz per day, and men around 4 liters, or one gallon which is 128 ounces.


Coach Traci
EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! One key TIP FROM TRACI is after the Discover Wellness Program to maintain your weight loss is to continue to eat low carb. This means eating lots of vegetables still!! Vegetables are your carbohydrates and your fiber! To get a good variety of vitamins and minerals also, eat the colors of the rainbow daily!!
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All these 10 year challenge photos, I wanted to show you my unhappy meals 10 year challenge! That's right I purchased this unhappy meal May 9, 2009!!!! Here it sits today 🤢
Hello Coach Traci. What's the best way to stay hydrated. I'm drinking plenty of water but I still at 39% How can I retain my H20.

Discover Wellness Houston Lose weight for good with our unique technology based program that is customized to you and is guaranteed to help you lose 20 pounds in as little as 40 days!

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Congratulations!! 🎊 Fantastic results after joining our program in March, John learned our formula for incredible healthy and healing results!! Under 200 lb, and better cholesterol, and look at his lab results!

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Congratulations!! 🎊 Fantastic results after joining our program in March, John learned our formula for incredible healthy and healing results!! Under 200 lb, and better cholesterol, and look at his lab results!

Are you ready to make a change to claim better health, fir into clothes you love, and KNOW you’re lowering inflammation and regulating blood sugar and lipid control? Witness your own body releasing weight, and increasing all good health markers, with a lasting, and sustainable way of living well?

Call us at Discover Wellness Cypress for your consultation!! 281-345-4450!


Our Program IS YOUR ANSWER! Coach Traci shares more on how simple the Discover Wellness Program is!

Weight Loss You CAN Do and STOP Cravings in Their Path. 06/23/2021

Weight Loss You CAN Do and STOP Cravings in Their Path.

Weight Loss You CAN Do and STOP Cravings in Their Path. Successful and sustainable weight loss program - Tune in and get the basics of our Discover Wellness Program! The all-inclusive program has helped hundreds i...



HOW TO LOWER INFLAMMATION FAST Inflammation is the "Silent Killer" because it increases dis-eases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer's, and even some cancers. Our Discover ...


Day 3 Check In

Hi guys!!!!

So today is day three of my program and I wanted to give you an update. 3 and a half pounds down already PLUS I feel so energized throughout my whole day and it’s great!

Please let me know if you are interested in joining me and completing your own program. Just comment below!


Meal prep Monday!! 💪🏼

Hi everyone!!!

Today I started phase two of my 40 day program so I decided to meal prep!!! I made 10 meals in just over an hour and now I am so ready to take on the week!

There is still time for you to join in and do your program along side me. Just comment below if you would like more info. ☺️


Let’s do this together!!! I am about to begin our 40 day Discover Wellness weight loss program and I would love for you to join me. Comment below to learn how we can do this together and you can get 10% off your plan.


YES, You can lose weight and be healthy! You need a coach!

These are uncertain times, Covid risk factors INCREASE with your WAISTLINE.

Lower your risk and increase your HEALTH~ Our program has the BEST FOODS and recipes around Houston!

YES, You can lose weight and be healthy! You need a coach!

These are uncertain times, Covid risk factors INCREASE with your WAISTLINE.

Lower your risk and increase your HEALTH~ Our program has the BEST FOODS and recipes around Houston!


Turn off late night snacking... the kitchen is CLOSED!


SAY YES! To your NEW YOU and begin your healthy journey to lifelong health with Discover Wellness TODAY!!

SAY YES! To your NEW YOU and begin your healthy journey to lifelong health with Discover Wellness TODAY!!

[02/01/21]   Hormones play a major role in all bodily functions; they control appetite, your mood and can affect weight and how you gain or lose it.

As you age, your hormone balance begins to change and your ability to lose weight can become impaired drastically.

Changing your lifestyle will help you maintain a better balance of hormones in your body which will translate into you being able to lose weight and keep it off.

Try these 3 top tips for hormone support

Control your stress.

When you have a lot of stress in your life it causes cortisol levels to spike. When cortisol in your body increases so does your appetite and also shifts the body's metabolism to store fat instead of burning it. Leading to long term complications like obesity.

Always get 7 hours of sleep a night

Sleep influences the hormones that regulate your appetite ghrelin and leptin. When you aren't getting an adequate amount of sleep, these hormones are unable to do their job correctly and you have those unwanted cravings. Which as we all know, giving into these cravings makes you quickly gain weight.

Always include protein and fats in your meals.

Eating protein and fats increases the production of the hormones that control your appetite and make you feel full. Which will translate to not only numbers on the scale, but also will help your general well being. No one likes feeling hungry all the time.

As helpful as weight loss tips can be, if you are someone that needs the accountability of a weight loss coach, check out our new online weight loss program. At Discover Wellness we designed a plan that is not only going to help you lose weight, but SUSTAIN that weight loss.

If you want more help on how to lose weight and start making your health a priority...

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Lose your weight and keep it off while you look sand feel 10 years younger!

[01/20/21]   Are you having difficulty finding a balance between your daily activity and staying focused on your health? If so, below are five tips for incorporating self-care into your routine that will be beneficial on your health and fitness journey:

• TIP #1: Meal prep, meal prep, meal prep!
Planning all of your meals for the week ahead will provide more incentive to eat the healthy and budget-friendly choices that you have already prepared, rather than spending unnecessary money on “fast food” options. It can also help with weight loss due to determining which ingredients and portion sizes to use in the meals, along with contributing to an overall more nutritionally balanced diet. More control over your choices and ingredients!

• TIP #2: Staying hydrated.
The average adult body is made up of 60% water—it only makes sense that drinking fluids are vitally important in maintaining proper functions in the varying bodily systems. The usage of fluids to transport nutrients throughout the body and “flush out” any existing bacteria is essential in the health conditions of your heart, brain, and muscles. Water consumption can also regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, prevent infections, improve quality of sleep, regenerate skin cells for a better complexion, and increase energy levels.

• TIP #3: “Warm up” before exercising and “cool down” afterwards.
Although often neglected, warming up the body by using minimal exercises and stretches before a workout will allow more flexibility, increase athletic performance, and help reduce the chance of injury. Prior to a dynamic workout, try to keep it easy-going while “breaking a sweat” – think a light jog, fast walk, or casual bike ride.
Cooling down the body after a vigorous workout will allow for a gradual recovery of both heart rate and blood pressure. Remember to stretch the muscle groups that were targeted while exercising in order to maintain proper mobility and strength.

• TIP #4: Know when it’s time to recharge and stay in tune with your body
“Self-care” is practiced by remaining conscious and listening to the internal signals of your body. Ignoring this during exercising and establishing healthier eating habits can result in both physical and mental exhaustion.

In our Cypress office, we include FREE BREATH CLASSES to help you feel relaxed, recharged, mental clarity, and even weight loss.

Meditation is mindfully practicing setting aside negative thoughts and dedicating time for self-improvement. The process will differ for everyone, but it’s important to always remind yourself to have gratitude and find the way that works best for you.

• TIP #5: Rest
Life is all about balance: Having an active lifestyle will help improve many aspects of your health, but it’s also imperative to get an adequate amount of rest in order to maintain your overall well-being. Sleep is crucial for optimum brain functions and the recovery of muscle groups, especially after an intense workout. The development of heart disease, increased illness duration due to lack of immune system, excessive weight gain/obesity, increased inflammation, and chronic depression have all been associated with poor sleep routines and lack of rest. The recommended average amount of sleep for adults ranges between 7 to 9 hours per night.

Most clients we see are only getting 5-6 hours a night. Where do you find yourself in this range?

Do you need help in creating a “self-care” lifestyle that kick starts your health, weight loss, and fitness journey?

Contact our trained staff and set up a consultation. This will tell you your body fat, hydration, visceral fat, metabolic age, and more. Having a coach is the difference between forcing and efforting to lose weight and staying healthy with ease!


You can lose 4-10 pounds in just 10 Days - naturally drop weight and feel great! Our Discover Wellness program is designed to help men and women lose 20 to 40 pounds in simply two months. Learn how to eat proper foods to feel your best an...


Have you been labeled as Pre-diabetic?

Our Discover Wellness Weight Loss Program helped Lori avoid being on an undesirable medication with lots of side effects.

Our side effects include:
Incredible energy
Curbing cravings
Knowing what to eat to lose weight as well as keep it off!

What’s holding your back from you starting your journey TODAY?

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In a society which places trust in medical doctors answers for “high cholesterol” ...did you know the medical association has lowered the “healthy limit” in labs for a healthy cholesterol from 220, to 200, down to 180.

Naturally cholesterol should be higher. Cholesterol is an innate function and is needed in our body.

In our programs we teach you to BALANCE your food. There are healthy fats, and there are inflammatory fats. We educate about the difference between and encourage lots of vegetables.

Discover Well was weight loss is all natural and health producing!!

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[12/17/20]   How often do we put off major goals and wants we have, year after year?

We say we’ll do it one day.

We’ll take that vacation.

We’ll take that risk and start our own business.

We’ll lose that weight…

One day.

But what if "one day" never happens?

One day is today -- because today is all we have.

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From our family to yours, we wish you the warmest Thanksgiving.

We’re thankful to have the opportunity to serve our clients in transforming their health, and we’re thankful we get to communicate with people like you!

Despite the ups and downs of this year, there is always something to be thankful for.

We hope you find the little and big moments today to be grateful for.

10/23/2020 10/22/2020

Discover Wellness Cypress

How has your health held you back?

Do you feel you are missing out on life experiences, not liking what you see in the mirror, giving up on eating well because you don't see a difference so why try, and being tired and feeling sluggish day in and day out...

Not having optimal health holds you back from a lot in life.

Don’t wait any longer to get back on track!!

Schedule a FREE virtual consultation with one of my expert health coaches to find out if we’re a right fit for you, and if you’re a right fit for us! Schedule your appointment online Discover Wellness Cypress


Start Losing Weight -- The Best Kept Health Secret

Schedule now and lose 20, 30, even up to 40 lbs in LESS THAN 2 MONTHS! description


Give yourself PERMISSION.
Are you holding back in a certain area of your life?

Trying to control your relationship with food, money, your parent, your kids, sex... whatever it is can be exhausting and limiting!

Once you surrender CONTROL... say to your SELF I give
Myself PER
MISSION! ( Per My Mission!)

To go ahead and feed yourself well! Feed your mind (sit and read a book for even 20 minutes!) or your body (I’ll eat better when get time off to cook more)... is a form of sabotage.

An essential step to living well is to nourish your whole body.

Our Discover Wellness program will have you both feeling good and looking amazing in less than 2 months!

Cal now! A special offer is going on for a limited time. 281-345-4450.

09/23/2020 09/16/2020

Discover Wellness Cypress

How do you FEEL when you say you are going to TRY another DIET?

I encourage you to really say it slowly and allow those words land in your body. Does it feel good, exciting even?

If you said yes, you are lying to yourself my dear. Or, you have a healthy relationship to food and only have 3-8 pounds to lose so, congrats!

Or - maybe you have recently experienced surgery and this is a healthy response to a temporary situation. I have been there!

However, if you read those words and felt a bit of cringe, or your stomach did a little flip - it's okay. You are in the right place and I totally get it!

For over the past decade I have run a successful weight loss business. Discover Wellness was developed to LOWER INFLAMMATION and heal your body.

That's one reason our program is not a WEIGHT LOSS program, it is a WELLNESS program and LIFESTYLE.

I LOVE helping people see transformation is possible!

You can literally shift your whole life with one thought. I really love seeing the person I am coaching morphe into someone much more confident, more energetic, more vibrant health imaging, and living a life full of their highest choices!!

So dieting is OKAY, and there is zero judgment from us when you walk in. ALL of my staff has done our Discover Wellness program too!

We also understand there can often be an emotional component to your weight as well as your body image.With my own history of personal trauma, a poor body image, and feeling unworthy, I WOKE UP to a whole new way of looking at weight loss and more so my body. My mission is YOU will too after going through this journey!

Are you READY to commit to a new you??

Coach Traci’s Scheduling link Schedule your appointment online Discover Wellness Cypress


Have you wasted time on the wrong diets?

Have you spent money on weight loss fads that proved to be unsuccessful and disappointing?
If so, you’re not alone!

It’s hard to make the right choice when there’s so many choices.

At Discover Wellness, we know that weight loss isn’t one-size-fits-all.

We’ve helped thousands (yes, THOUSANDS!) of people just like you lose the weight and keep it off.

People who felt stuck and fed up and desperately wanted a change. Are you ready to schedule a consultation? Let's do a Body Composition Analysis and see what's really going on, and find the CAUSE of your weight issues.

Our Story

The Discover Wellness Program helps you lose 20-40 pounds in 40 days, eating a well rounded food program you learn to remove sugar from your diet, lower inflammation, and start to naturally heal at a cellular level. Lose weight for good with all-natural, wellness based program were we help you eat healthy, burn fat, rev up your metabolism again AND lose your weight for good!

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Day 3 Check In
Meal prep Monday!! 💪🏼
Your “Seasonal” go to is HERE!! Vitamins C, D, Zinc woth Resveratrol...





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