Sunflower Yoga and Mindfulness

Sunflower Yoga and Mindfulness


Stacey, thank you for the very special private yoga sessions for my wife and me. We truly appreciated the deeper dive into inversions and mindfulness. Our practice improved thanks to you. #grateful.

Sunflower Yoga and Mindfulness offers private yoga therapy sessions as well as small group yoga and mindfulness instruction in western Massachusetts.

Operating as usual 09/09/2020

Omitting None: The Deep Practice of Community

"Acknowledging my Buddhist vows to stick around as long as I can and help to decrease suffering, I need to go through the inner landscape of all my emotions, all my hopes, all my inconceivable fears and vows and faith and doubt. I need to do this “omitting none,” as it says in one translation of the Karaniya Metta Sutta, the Buddha’s teaching on loving-kindness. I’m of use to my communities only if I’m able to show up in imperfect wholeness, in intimate and more healed communion, with as much of reality as I can embody." -MUSHIM PATRICIA IKEDA The practice of community, says Mushim Patricia Ikeda, is more than including beyond all people, even all beings. It mean including all thoughts, all emotions, all realities—the bad as well as the good.


A reflection question from the discussion guide for our See No Stranger book group that felt appropriate to share here for all of us to consider:

Resist the practice of “spiritual bypassing” – the belief that we are changing the world by investing in our own spiritual wellness, even as we continue to participate in the same systems that cause harm to others. Ask yourself: in what ways does my wellness come at the expense of others? How can I support and fight for vulnerable groups so that we can all breathe, rest, and thrive?


Michelle C. Johnson, Skill in Action: Yoga + Social Justice

Y’all, check it! This is going to be amazing! Join Erin Trent Johnson and Resmaa Menakem for Coming Home! 06/13/2020

50 Black Owned Studios and Yogis you can Support Right Now (& Forever) — Anthony Iglesias A carefully curated list of 50 Black owned studios and yogis across almost all 50 states - Alaska and Hawaii included! During the COVID-19 pandemic, independent yoga studios and instructors need the support to survive. Commit to supporting a local or out-of-state studio now! 06/05/2020

Expressive Writing Prompts to Overcome White Fragility & Spiritual Bypass

Powerful prompts for your creative journaling practice. Have you been accused of white fragility, spiritual bypass, or white privilege after engaging a person of colour? These expressive writing prompts can help.


Cultivating Health is heading into it's second week and collectively, we raised $2,200 for Dance to Be Free and The Solidarity Project through this benefit class. I will be sending out our donations this weekend! 06/04/2020

A Conversation for White People


Lion's Roar

For our practice to have meaning in today’s world, says Greg Snyder, it must include a thorough understanding of our racial identities and their impact. This is particularly urgent for white practitioners.


Home Bound Yoga Practice 40: Throat Chakra

I have not been posting them here recently, but the home bound yoga practices continue as a free offering for you to practice from home. We are currently in the middle of a chakra series. Find your voice by opening the throat chakra. You can find the whole Home Bound Yoga series here:

Our practice today focuses on the throat chakra, our center of communication and creative expression. Join me for some stretches of the neck and shoulders and finding… 05/23/2020

Wellness Beyond Whiteness - CTZN Podcast — CTZNWELL

A very important conversation. Give a listen. Wellness Beyond Whiteness is one of our favorite conversations we've ever had at CTZNWELL - exploring how we perpetuate a culture of exclusion in wellness spaces, how to move beyond , and what’s the cost of whiteness on our wellness.





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