Shooting Strategies

Shooting Strategies


Hi i tried registering but never got an email for the verifying my account thanks
Hi just wondering if this is available? Just making sure before i order thanks!
I will defiantly recommend Shooting Strategies to my friends! You gentlemen were professional , knowledgeable and your gun range was beautiful . I really enjoyed myself training with you all.
Rob Cuddeback
Been shooting a long time BUT incorrectly!
I started about two months ago to scrap everything I knew and started as if I never had shot a gun before!
These instructional videos along with a book I purchased on learning to shoot have been a God sent on getting me on my way to becoming a GREAT shooter!
Thank you for all your time in doing the videos and all your clear explanations...
If you're in the Atlanta area, you should check this out...
Considering a handgun for my wife to use for home protection. Can you make some recommendations on a weapon and the best way to secure it? Fingerprint safe perhaps?
Training Update: After a few requests, I'm going to change the curriculum on 10/24/15 to accommodate more people. Instead of doing one USCCA: Home Defense course that day, I will do courses. The question is: WHICH TWO?

I have several people asking me for a Level 1, and several others asking for a Level 3. I have a feeling I will have several people interested in a Level 2... So which other class should I do? A Level 1 and 2, or a Level 2 and 3? Each class would be a half-day and I do them in order so people can take both classes if they'd like to.

Anyone interested in either? Know anyone interested in either? Please comment below so I can get it set up with the range ASAP.

Thanks, everyone!
Great day!! I went from being very apprehensive to handle my firearm to feeling very comfortable! Very informative class on gun safety and proper technics of gun handling. Richard did a great job and is very very knowledgeable in this field . I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn to handle and shoot a firearm. I am ready to move on to level 2!! Thanks again Richard!!
Amazing day of training!!! Cant't wait for next time!!
Still have some spots open for the half-day "Intro to Handgun" class on January 18. First come, first serve- must register on the form in the link below. This will be a FUN and SAFE introduction to handgun operation.

From NRA certified classes to private lessons, we teach people from all backgrounds and ages how to SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY handle a firearm.

Originally we focused on providing training to Law Enforcement agencies and departments throughout Georgia. However, with recent demand being more in the civilian realm, we have really re-focused our direction on the civilian training. We work with civilians on a regular basis on self-protection both with and without a weapon. Areas of our instruction to private civilians includes (but not limited

Operating as usual


I’ve been missing those “iF u nEeD 3hIRTY ROuNdZ tHeN yoU sUcK aT hUntInG” posts.

Biden’s Advice To Curb Police Killings: ‘Shoot ’Em In The Leg Instead Of The Heart’ 06/02/2020

Biden’s Advice To Curb Police Killings: ‘Shoot ’Em In The Leg Instead Of The Heart’

This is the level of stupid that one must work hard to attain. If you believe this to be a viable tactic, sell your guns and buy a dog.

The dog is already smarter than you.

Biden’s Advice To Curb Police Killings: ‘Shoot ’Em In The Leg Instead Of The Heart’ In his first in-person appearance in weeks, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden addressed the concept of “institutionalized racism,” and he included a few choice words of wisdom for police officers confronting a difficult situation that could involve the use of deadly f...

Union Helps Officer Fired Over Parkland Shooting Response Win His Job Back, Get Full Back Pay 05/17/2020

Union Helps Officer Fired Over Parkland Shooting Response Win His Job Back, Get Full Back Pay

Rules of Graham Combat’s Killhouse:

1) No one is coming to save you.
2) Everything is your responsibility.
3) Save who needs to be saved.
4) Kill who needs to be killed.
5) Always be working.

Union Helps Officer Fired Over Parkland Shooting Response Win His Job Back, Get Full Back Pay He arrived in time to hear several shots, but instead of rushing to the scene, he took his time to put on a bulletproof vest and hid.


“I’m gonna come train when I get the time.”

Okay... but it’s tough to prepare when the wolf’s at the door.

Now we’re all in a rush to figure out what we can possibly do to care for our loved ones.

I guess everyone will just learn it on the fly.

We Should Teach Our Children To Be Capable Of Violence 03/01/2020

We Should Teach Our Children To Be Capable Of Violence

“There is nothing virtuous about saying you’re peaceful if you’re not capable of violence. You’re not actually peaceful. You’re helpless. There’s a difference. You don’t actually have a choice. Being peaceful is a lie you tell yourself to excuse your weakness.”

We Should Teach Our Children To Be Capable Of Violence Peace through strength is as applicable to grade school as it was on the world stage. Make your children disciplined and capable of violence.

Video Shows Armed Fort Worth Church Security Take Down Hooded Shooter - The Truth About Guns 12/30/2019

Video Shows Armed Fort Worth Church Security Take Down Hooded Shooter - The Truth About Guns

Good guy with a gun stops bad guy with a gun.

Video Shows Armed Fort Worth Church Security Take Down Hooded Shooter - The Truth About Guns The West Freeway Church of Christ videos and streams its services. The camera caught the moment when a hooded man stood up, pulled a shotgun and opened fire this morning. Watch the man in black stand up at the top of the frame. CAUTION: Some might find this video disturbing: Don’t look now, but th...


On Live PD, and noticed that this officer happened to have his optic cover still on.

Which means he can’t aim this rifle that he’s pointing at people. Which is less than optimal.

Timeline photos 09/19/2019

Installed the by today. Turned out perfect.


Yeah, about that...

Timeline photos 08/25/2019

Day 1 of with Super Dave Harrington.

Timeline photos 08/09/2019

Man... I miss you, brother. I hear your laugh in the breeze in the trees and expect you to come pulling up with a beer and a rifle. Training won’t be the same without you.

Dropped a on your grave today from a class we hosted together and had plenty of laughs and memories. There were so many of these classes. So many...

Love you, brother. I’ll miss you until my final days.


If folks don’t see the double standard here, they’re either intentionally ignorant or too dumb to be helped.

“We demand gun control!!! Just not for illegal immigrants because we can’t win fair elections held among law-abiding Americans.”

Note: gun control isn’t about guns. It’s about control.

Timeline photos 07/10/2019

Rest easy, brother. I’ll truly miss you.

Virginia dad fires 39 shots at naked 'devil' who broke into family's home on first night living there: report 07/08/2019

Virginia dad fires 39 shots at naked 'devil' who broke into family's home on first night living there: report

Most people I talk to tell me they have a pump shotgun for home defense because “if anyone breaks in, they’ll just rack the slide and the intruder will run away.”

I always ask: “what if they don’t?”

Here we have a man who fired “39 warning shots” and the naked female intruder was undeterred. If three mags of warning shots didn’t deter her, something tells me that racking a slide of a shotgun wouldn’t either....

Virginia dad fires 39 shots at naked 'devil' who broke into family's home on first night living there: report A Virginia dad fired 39 warning shots and sparred with a naked woman who called herself "the devil" after she allegedly broke into the family's home on their first night living there, according to reports.

Timeline photos 06/11/2019

Rest easy

Timeline photos 05/13/2019

Rest easy, Officer Ansari. Your watch is over. Others will take it from here.


An exercise for recoil management during this weekend’s training.

Timeline photos 12/26/2018

Yes, I really carry multiple lights...
***k ***k19

Timeline photos 12/26/2018

***k19 -w current setup

Timeline photos 11/19/2018

Awesome time training with Super Dave this weekend. He always pushes your skills to the limits. Looking forward to the next one.

Timeline photos 10/30/2018

My stays in a pouch on my passenger seat for easy access in an emergency. Always carry 2 Med kits. 1 for treating and 1 for inflicting it.

Timeline photos 10/30/2018

Replenished medical kit with redundant everything. New seatbelt cutter, redundant and

Thanks and for kick ass and equipment.

Timeline photos 10/22/2018

Witnessed a pretty nasty single-car roll over accident today on the way home. I was first to get to the driver to help him out. Will post more details in the next day or two, but I feel blessed to have been able to help that young man. Blood belongs inside the body, and I was able to help him keep a whole lot more of it than he otherwise would have. Done with the help of a Dark Angel Medical Kit and some kick-ass training from folks like of , Hugh Coffee of Ditch Medicine, Chase Jenkins of , , , and Clark Sparrow of .

Several lessons learned and things I would have done differently in hindsight- but overall the tools and skills proved effective. I’ve done several of these type wrecks now, and each time it seems to get more manageable.

If you’re not getting medical training- you’re cheating yourself and others around you. Reach out to any of the folks mentioned for fantastic training. DM if you want an introduction to any of them and I’ll be happy to pass you along to them.

Timeline photos 09/17/2018

What’s your or that you carry?

Timeline photos 07/14/2018

Active Killer Resolution with had a very hot first day. Tomorrow is all in the so at least we’ll avoid the sun... heat stroke, party of 8....

Timeline photos 05/20/2018

Not what I usually post, but please don’t kill these. The Eastern King Snake is good to have in your yard. In our case, our dog wouldn’t leave it alone so I took him to the edge of the property.



So true... So incredibly true...

London murder rate beats New York for month as stabbings surge 04/02/2018

London murder rate beats New York for month as stabbings surge

If I didn't know better, I'd think that it would appear that criminals will find a way to be violent by whatever means necessary. I mean, it's almost like you can't legislate evil out of a population or something... Hmmm....

London murder rate beats New York for month as stabbings surge London became a bit more like New York City in February, but it's not a distinction to be proud of.


In order to buy an NFA item (silencer, short barrel rifle/shotgun, etc.) after the Executive Order changes from then President Obama, the process is now dramatically more difficult. Now, each person listed on the fi****ms trust must be fingerprinted, photographed, and submitted both with the BATFE application and then another copy sent to the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the jurisidiction in which you live. The alternative being as follows: if we did not form a fi****ms trust and my wife were in possession of the NFA items, she is technically illegally in possession of an NFA item and can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

Therefore, we both must be photographed and figerprinted and then wait for the approval from the government. This means that in addition to whatever NFA item you are purchasing, you must also pay:
- $200 tax per item covered by the NFA
- $28 passport photos for the application
- $40 fingerprinting fee

Then, after you get all of the paperwork together for submission, you have to wait for extended periods of time while a government employee decides whether or not you may own the items for which you have already paid. My last application took 14 months for approval to come back.

Fathom that hypocrisy... A government employee, whose salary is paid for by tax dollars and supplemented by a $200 tax stamp per application, will decide whether or not you may own the legal items for which you have already paid.

Someone explain to me how this isn't "infringing" on the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

"If it pleases the crown, might I please exercise my God-given right to possess the items for which I have already paid with my income that was already taxed in order to pay for the salaries of those whom I must petition to grant me back said God-given right?"


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AR-15 Brass ejection - Slow Motion




Level 1: Beginner Introduction to Handguns
Level 2: Personal Protection with a Handgun
Level 3: Armed Citizen
NRA Basic Pistol Course
Firearm Safety for Teens
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R**e Prevention
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