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Good morning, World!πŸ’‹
With permission from Sister Nadia my blog:

Hey Lovelies, Nadia here! I absolutely love empowering people especially my sistahs. Personal Deve

Operating as usual


Focus and Intentionality, gets the job done...not broken focus!
You are totally a superpower and Bada$$ in your own right, instead of overwhelming yourself how about focusing all of that genius and powerful energy to one thing at a time today.


Today is Sunday, while it's a wonderful day to get your worship on, fill your spirit, get some rest and prepare for the week ahead. Here is a reminder to also set your intentions for the week. It doesn't have to be a long drawn out list of To-do's or an overwhelming brain dump of everything that you can think of that needs to be done. Nope keep it simple, write out what you are looking forward to accomplishing, acheivinging, what does your personal growth look like, spiritual growth, financial growth, etc. You get the idea. Now go have an amazing week!πŸ˜‰


Happy Wednesday Lovelies! Mind & Body
health is needed! It's important to work on interior andexterior constantly! When we do
physical activities/exercise it fights off stress and builds our mental & bodies. I know that it has been times that the
physical has tested us but when we fight through it, the defeat loses & the champion is us SOARS! Nadia πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
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Hi Lovelies, Happy March 🌞! Welcome to a new month and a continued New you. Continue to grow in strength internally & externally and watch your work blossom in the time to come. Nadia 😘


Hi Lovelies! It's a new day of a new week with endless possibilities. Nadia 😘


Hi Lovelies! This is such a true statement! When snow covers the trees, it such a breathtaking scene! But an Act of Kindness really warms the heart. Nadia 😘
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Happy "Worthwhile" Wednesday! Nothing that is worthwhile is Ever EASY! Our Black LIVES have NOT been easy but it has been "WORTHWHILE"!
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Happy 2/2/22 Tuesday! A lot of times we have to step out on "Faith" and others might not see our vision but that is completely fine. They will get it when they see the end results πŸ’ͺ
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Happy Monday Midday! Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart πŸ’“! Nadia
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Hi Lovelies! Happy Friday! Enjoy yourself, family & friends as you wind down from the week. Nadia 😘


Hi Lovelies! Happy Trailblazing Thursday! Never give up on yourself or dreams. "Let your Faith be bigger than your Fear"! Nadia 😘


Hi Lovelies! Happy Wisdom Wednesday! Nadia 😘
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Hi Lovelies, Happy Valentine's Day! Have a Wonderful Day! Make sure you love on yourself today! We may not always have another to share this day, but remember when we were born our first heart is "Ours/Mine/Yours" πŸ’“ 😘Nadia


Hi Lovelies! Happiness is an inside job and it should be guarded as best as possible. Sometimes it gets lost but it can always be found again! Nadia 😘


Hi Lovelies! We should believe in all of our days as "Sunday"! Have a great start to the week! Nadia


Happy Sunday Lovelies! Sunday is a day to refuel your soul and Thank God for your blessings! Nadia


Happy Friday Lovelies! Make it a great one! Nadia


Hi Lovelies! Have you ever noticed that when you do "Acts of Kindness or Paying it Forward", it makes you feel good as well! I am a firm believer of "What we put out, comes back to us"!!! Nadia πŸ₯°


Hi Lovelies! Happy Black History Month! Nadia


Hi Lovelies! Happy "Love" Month. I pray that everyone "Loves" themselves as much as I do! I try to have "Love" displayed in my contact with people and especially "Food"! Who is with me on that! If the food isn't made with Love, it just isn't as tasty πŸ˜„ Nadia 😘


Hi Lovelies, Happy Monday! What does this mean for you personally? It has so many meanings! It's not just for the successful business entrepreneurs, It's the path you've chosen for yourself! Our paths are different and have different levels of success and they should all be celebrated! Nadia πŸ’ͺ


HI Lovelies!!! It's Saturday! Make the best out of this precious gift! Nadia


Hi lovelies! Happy Friday! We made to the end of another week together πŸ™Œ! Self Love is like no other! Its accepting your strengths, your weaknesses and everything in between. However, self evaluation periodically are important because none of us are perfect and we can always stand a little tweaking to get us to the best selves that God has created us to be! Nadia


Hi lovelies! Happy Hump Day! We can move mountains with Small Steps, Persistence and GOD! Things in this life is not always going to be easy but we must NEVER forget that they are possible!!! Nadia 😘


Hi Lovelies! Tell yourself and others on a regular basis, because these 3 words are so powerful! Nadia


Hi Lovelies! This reminds me of the saying "What goes around, comes around" or "Start small and End big! Nadia


Happy Sunday Lovelies! Have a Soul-Filled Day! Nadia


Hi Lovelies, Make it a great one! Nadia


Happy Friday Lovelies! Everyday that we wake up is to be celebrated but its something about those FRIDAYS! Make it a great one! 😘 Nadia


Hi Lovelies, Even behind a bad decision, it’s always a lesson behind it! Learn & Blossom! Nadia


Hi Lovelies, positive affirmations are very helpful in our daily lives. Do you have any affirmations that you should like to share? We would love to hear. Nadia


Happy Tuesday Lovelies! You must always protect your peace, because no person or situation is worth stealing it! Our Inner Peace is the "Center of our Strength"! Nadia


Happy MLK Day Lovelies! Because of His Dream and Vision, he helped create a path for a brighter future for all MANKIND!! β€œLET FREEDOM RING”!!!! Nadia


Happy Sunday Lovelies! Always remember that Self Love is the Greatest Gift of All! Nadia


Hi Lovelies, it's No time like the present! Make every day count like it's your last because with GOD all things are possible πŸ™. Crush the self doubt!!! Nadia!


Happy Friday lovelies, Power is in everything that we think, say and do! Don't give yours away!!! Make it a great one! Nadia


Hey Lovelies, Choose wisely! Nadia 😘

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Go easy on yourself. No one is perfect. Accept that everyone makes mistakes and is human. β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
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Do you just ever stop everything you are doing and think... β€œWow. Life is good.” β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
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