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Let’s not talk about our form? 😂 Join the May challenge to help raise awareness and help St Jude fight cancer! 25 push-u...

EMS U - What the books don’t tell you
Join Tom to ask questions and talk about what to do when the books don’t tell you what to do

FAQ’s with Megan, Jeremy & Tom
In this session, Jeremy, Megan and Tom will be available to answer all of your questions.

Test #2

Join us for our LIVE Q&A on Thursdayat 7pm so we can answer all your questions about EMT school and starting a career in...

Georgia Institute of EMS is created FOR people with busy schedules. We are here for those that want to further their car...

Join us for our upcoming EMT-R or EMT program starting in April! Don’t wait any longer to start your career in EMS

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EMS Undergound 12-02-20

EMSU: A Conversation With Terence Ramotar

EMS Underground: Catching Up 11-04-20

EMS Underground: Do Emt's deserve better or nothing?

EMSU: What Does Oversight Look Like?

EMSU: Is Grady Assimilating EMS?

EMS Underground: Do the Work

EMSU: The Differences between Fire and EMS