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EMS Instructor opportunity
Jarrad JT Turner
Corbett Davis they had this device at the Expo spraying there area. Pretty cool.
Thanks for training our Cub Scout and Boy Scout leaders in CPR and First Aid! 6 different Packs and Troops now have trained leaders and volunteers. We even had youth participants!

Education, Training and Consulting
On-line EMS Education We provide education and training in CPR, First Aid, Babysitting, EMR, EMT and AEMT.

In the future, we will offer the Paramedic program. We also offer education, training and consulting services in leadership, supervision and management.

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ETC Solutions will be offering the 30 hour NCCP course beginning February 13. You can register on GA OEMS TRAIN site. If you have questions, you can email us at [email protected].


NASEMSO Annual Meeting to Feature Author and Central Figure of American Sirens, the Story of Freedom House Ambulance

The NASEMSO Annual Meeting 2023, June 11-15, in Reno, Nevada, will feature paramedic and author, Kevin Hazzard, who will share his gripping account of Freedom House Ambulance as told in his latest book, American Sirens. What’s more, Freedom House paramedic John Moon, who is believed to have performed the first endotracheal intubation in the field, will be a guest of honor. He will join Hazzard to share the remarkable story of a largely forgotten group of Black men in Pittsburgh who became America’s first paramedics. Due to the vision of Dr. Pater Safar, the courage of medical director Dr. Nancy Caroline, and the determination of a group of unlikely individuals who in 1967 had been recruited off the inner-city streets in Pittsburgh, Freedom House Ambulance broke ground in EMS when they demonstrated how paramedics could perform advanced medical skills with the right training and support. Recently featured on Good Morning America, Hazzard and Moon share snippets of the birth of modern EMS.
A clip from Good Morning America: How 24 Black Men Became the Country's First Paramedics:

For more information about the NASEMSO Annual Meeting 2023, click:


Live Remedial Classes Are Underway! Each online session includes a case study, practice questions, and important concepts for each topic. You'll learn through conversation, critical thinking activities, detailed drawings and more.

You should join this program if:
-You've failed the NREMT.
-You waited too long to take the NREMT and want a refresher.
-You're in EMT class and need extra help to succeed in class and pass the NREMT.

Join Now:

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EMT Trauma Day

Photos from ETC Solutions, Inc.'s post 10/29/2022

Photos from ETC Solutions, Inc.'s post

Out with the SABC. In with the TCCC. 10/29/2022

Out with the SABC. In with the TCCC.

Bob Surrusco

Out with the SABC. In with the TCCC. GOWEN FIELD, Id. – As the Air Force seeks to capitalize on the whole Airman concept, Airmen across the world are pivoting their approach to fundamental medical care away from Self Aid Buddy Care methods towards the more combat-intensive tactical combat casualty care.

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Appling County EMT course


ETC Solutions is taking applications for our January 2023 EMT program. A $500 deposit is required to hold your place. For registration, email [email protected].

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: With the EMR recertification deadline quickly approaching on September 30, 2022, make sure to check your email for recertification reminders, application status changes, and important announcements!


We are now taking applications for our August EMT class. You may email us at [email protected] to receive the application packet.


We have spent the week at Skills USA national competition in Atlanta. We had 43 students from several states compete. We had a great time.

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Takeaways from Accreditcon

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COAEMSP Workshop Day 2. Dr. George Hatch starting the morning session.


Congratulations to our newest EMR graduates for completing the course and passing the psychomotor exam. We are proud of you!


Congratulations to our newest EMR graduates for completing the course and passing the psychomotor exam. We are proud of you!


We are needing NREMT Evaluators and helpers for EMR testing in Augusta this Friday, May 13. Pay $150. Please email [email protected] for specifics.


Check your email from GA OEMS concerning Paramedic required training/education on Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. If you didn’t receive this email, contact your training department or OEMS.

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Photos from ETC Solutions, Inc.'s post 04/17/2022

Photos from ETC Solutions, Inc.'s post

Photos from ETC Solutions, Inc.'s post 04/17/2022

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Congratulations to Becky Tyler! Becky has been selected as the National Chair for high schools CPR/first aid Skills USA competition. The competition is held every June at the World Congress Center in Atlanta.




Congratulations to our latest EMR student who passed his EMR cognitive exam Kyle Kalscheur!

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The National Association of EMS Physicians just released a position statement and resource document for prehospital drug assisted airway management (DAAM).

Previously known as drug- assisted intubation (DAI), drug-assisted airway management (DAAM) is the technique of using medications to overcome the body’s protective airway reflexes to facilitate airway insertion, typically through the individual or combined use of sedatives and paralytics.

Current variations of DAAM practiced in EMS include:
• RSI - the rapid sequential administration of both a sedative and a paralytic to accomplish endotracheal intubation.
• SAI - the use of a sedative alone to facilitate intubation
• DSI - initial administration of a sedative, with delayed administration of a paralytic to facilitate intubation
• RSA – use of a sedative and paralytic to facilitate rapid supraglottic airway insertion

This document provides guidance on the creation of protocols, training, credentialing, best practices, CQI recommendations, and more. Whether you have this technique in your current protocol or not, it is a must read for EMS professionals who manage patient airways. Great job by Dr. Jeffrey Jarvis et al. for creating this document that will undoubtedly improve patient outcomes!

Read the position statement and resource document here:

If you really want to nerd out on the DAAM Ketamine vs. Etomidate debate, here are 2 opinion pieces that you could dig into:
- The Case for Ketamine:
- The Case for Etomidate:

Also, Read this post to understand why this topic is so important: (Do It For Drew Foundation)



By .prehospitalist
In hemorrhagic shock, we know there are only two things that save lives: blood products + rapid surgical intervention. Stop external bleeding, limit IV fluids, utilize permissive hypotension in the absence of TBI. Move fast

But what happens when the bleeding trauma patient is circling the drain despite all efforts? Or needs rapid resuscitation prior to RSI?

A 2019 study (Sims et al.) of 100 adult trauma patients who received at least 6 units of blood product within the first 12 hours were given either vasopressin (bolus + drip) or placebo. Among the vasopressin group, the total volume of blood products given within 48 hours was significantly lower than in the placebo group. Mortality was similar in both.

Why is such a small trial so significant?

Epi and norepi are the go-to vasopressors in emergency medicine, but are typically contraindicated in hemorrhagic shock (aside from pre-RSI resuscitation) due to increased mortality. Vasopressin has not been largely studied in this setting.

Vaso is a naturally-occurring hormone known as anti-diuretic hormone (may be remembered from cardiac arrest algorithm). It causes vasoconstriction via V1 receptor agonism, and indirectly by enhancing the sensitivity of vasculature to circulating catecholamines. It’s an essential hormone during hemorrhagic shock, but up to 20% of our natural stores may be released immediately during the initial phase. Low levels are associated with catecholamine resistance, vasoplegia & increased venous capacitance.

For these reasons, vasopressin may be the pressor of choice in hemorrhage (if there ever was one). What we know for certain is that more research is warranted, and that applicability to prehospital medicine should be explored.

Vasopressors are still but a bandaid in hemorrhage. But in the instance of pre-RSI resuscitation or concurrent TBI when pressors may be necessary as a last resort, vaso may be the way of the future (ideally, + blood). While some flight programs are already implementing this into their practice, we will need to continue to weigh cost & availability concerns.

Does your program carry vasopressin? Is it recommended for trauma?


Midazolam (Versed). It is a ubiquitous drug; we give it for anything from seizures to procedural sedation. Its mechanism of action is not unlike that of Etomidate but carries more of a hypotension risk that we will get to. Interestingly, how it causes hypotension may not be how you suspect and how it is metabolized can lead to excessively prolonged sedation in certain patients!

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