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Hi my name is Mistie Townsend. I'm a Farm and Equine Insurance Specialist living and working for the last 25 years in "The Horse Capital of the World", Ocala, FL. I write Farm, Auto, Excess, and Equine Mortality policies all across the Southeast United States. Call or email today for a competitive quote for all your insurance needs. Licensed in many States!
I'm am super excited to announce a local artisan colab giveaway!!

My fellow artisans are:

Mountain Witch Herbals
Mountain Witch Herbals

Developing Negatives Designs

Falconwood Farms
Falconwood Farms

Akasha's Journey

What you'll win!

From Mama MoonLocks my ever popular knit ear warmer.

From Mountain Witch Herbals, an 8oz bottle of organic Elderberry Syrup, to help keep you healthy during the cold and flu season.. an organic lip balm, cause you definitely don’t want crusty lips, do ya? and a very intoxicating aroma therapy room spray.! Keep that baby on you for when you need a little pick me up.!

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Next, from Falconwood Farms, you will be getting a jar of their extremely luscious, decadent, spreadable, red cap honey.! Raw, extremely coarsely filtered, and so good, it’ll make you slap... your mother-in-law.. 😉

From the fantastic Witch over at Akasha’s Journey, she is offering you a $25 gift certificate to her online, or if you’re local, brick and mortar store..
She offers incredible healing stones, jewelry, bath and body products, and so much more.. in store they offer yoga, massage, and different classes..

Now.. how do you enter.? I’ll tell ya.. it’s simple. You ready.?

1. You must “Like” Mama MoonLocks, Mountain Witch Herbals, Developing Negatives Designs, Falconwood Farms, and Akasha’s Journey pages. You must be a member of all 5 pages!

2. Like and Share the contest posts from all 5 pages! (They will be pinned to the top of each page.!)

3. Leave a comment under the post, on Mountain Witch Herbals. You must leave a comment on her post.! You will receive a number under your comment.. that is your “raffle number” to get into the drawing..

So, that’s it.! Simple right!?

Good luck witches.! I’m so excited for you all..
Falconwood Farms Georgia Open Horseback Archery Tournament Leigh Koger Bishop
Prawns of Chaos: Horse Archers members Marti Preston and Julie Webster are representing Florida's Space Coast and have traveled with their battle standard to Falconwood Farms to compete in the 2018 Georgia Horseback Archery Tournament this weekend.

This is Julie's first horse archery competition but we know she is going to be a fierce competitor based on her serious and focused demeaner we saw at the Mihai Cozmei clinic that was hosted by Archer's Point Stables in October.

Marti is returning to compete in Georgia for a third time. It is never a dull moment with Marti in the mix and she is always inspiring.

Good luck ladies! Go spread some chaos!
Have a 21yr old Paso Fino gelding for rescue,can't take care of him anymore. Do you rescue? We are in Walnut Grove. He is rideable,light,very smart,make a good theraphy horse. ph#770-655-0201 Thanks
So many great pictures from the Gayler family session tonight, sweet Ellie never disappoints! I can't wait to share them all, but this one will have to do for tonight! Clients, feel free to tag and share. If you like what you see, please take a moment to "Like" my page. Falconwood Farms
Oh sweet Ellie, I just had to share this one! The camera has always loved this doll! Falconwood Farms
It was a good day for Falconwood ponies! Tom and Eclipse both brought home the blue today in their divisions at the Poplar Place three phase!
I took my little Claire Bear out today to test out a fall set up! Falconwood Farms.
Is anyone missing a horse? This is from a FB post and I am trying to share it everywhere that I can think of.
Holly Breaux

My friends found a gray mare with a leather halter running down East Forest way, off Mt. Zion, near the GA Horse Park. She has shoes on all four. If anyone knows her, please contact Pam Kimble as she has her contained at her farm.
No folks, this isn't Hermione channeling a half hearted Godiva. It's Hilary in true Florida Native style riding in shorts and half chaps on her Nutty Show Horse, Cody! This was their last go around during a final "No Reins, No Lanes" practice before heading to Georgia to participate in the Horse Archery USA U.S. Horseback Field Archery Spring Competition & Championship Tournament hosted by Georgia Horse Archers, Inc. being held at Falconwood Farms. They too had a perfect round before this one was videoed but with the footing getting a little loose there were areas where the horses wanted to break. This course had 2 extra targets added to it that afforded a short Forward shot and a short Backwards shot.
Herds of horses, beautiful surroundings, lifelong friendships, unforgettable adventures, and endless memories
Valley View Ranch is a horse crazy girl's dream come true!

Overnight camp (sessions are 1-2 weeks each). Airport pickup available

Please like and share the page with all your horse loving friends

Falconwood Farms, owned and operated by the Faulkner Family since 1989, has served equestrians from Falconwood Farms is a family owned equine facility situated on 80 rolling acres of pasture in Covington, GA; conveniently located 30 minutes from Atlanta and 15 minutes from the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers.

Operating as usual

Photos from Falconwood Vaulters's post 11/02/2022

Photos from Falconwood Vaulters's post


☆Throwback Thursday; We would love to see old photos from Falconwood Farms if you visited as a child or have a memory! ☆


My mom would love this so much!

We are so excited to announce the creation of Miss Priss Schooling Shows.

Miss Priss Schooling Show is named in honor of the late Priscilla Faulkner. Falconwood Farms wouldn't be a place of many memories for children over the years if it wasn't for her.

You can follow the page for Miss Priss Schooling Shows for upcoming events. We will kick off with a small Jumper show next month!


We are so excited to announce the creation of Miss Priss Schooling Shows.

Miss Priss Schooling Show is named in honor of the late Priscilla Faulkner. Falconwood Farms wouldn't be a place of many memories for children over the years if it wasn't for her.

You can follow the page for Miss Priss Schooling Shows for upcoming events. We will kick off with a small Jumper show next month!




Every time!!



7 years ago today my mom and I met with 2 sisters who needed a place to keep their herd of minis for a couple of months and now none of us can imagine life at Falconwood without Vanessa Jones, Karen Jones, and the mini mob! Thanks for putting up with us all these years!


Heading down the Hill


Happy girls!


Button waiting for her roommate to return.


and the last addition to the jump arena for awhile ... 12 new poles.
Thanks Huck's Jumps !

ExitInYourHead on TikTok 09/08/2022

ExitInYourHead on TikTok

ExitInYourHead on TikTok

A lesson in August at Falconwood Farms 09/01/2022

A lesson in August at Falconwood Farms


Priscilla Faulkner
Sawtooth Ranch at Falconwood Farms
Jennifer Vickers Kelly

A lesson in August at Falconwood Farms Just a random lesson here on the farm.

ExitInYourHead on TikTok 08/31/2022

ExitInYourHead on TikTok

ExitInYourHead on TikTok

Falconwood in the evening Aug 29, 2022 08/30/2022

Falconwood in the evening Aug 29, 2022


Falconwood in the evening Aug 29, 2022


We enjoy seeing the deer every year and this mama and her twins spend a lot of time hanging out in the driveway. She let me get very close today before ushering them away.


We have our new pavillion up so parents can have a shady place to watch lessons. Thank you so Shayne Senator and Senator Contracting!

Falconwood Vaulters 05/25/2022

Falconwood Vaulters

Falconwood Vaulters JOIN US SATURDAY, MARCH 23rd FOR OUR SIXTH ANNUAL 5K TRAIL TROT: As a team we travel several times a year to out-of-state competitions. As you can imagine, we have a high overhead for a non-profit...


Nothing like breakfast in bed on a sleepy Sunday morning....


Personal space.... a concept we are still trying to master.


Moonshine and Ollie are now playing their favorite old horse game "Dead or Sleeping- you will have to come all the way up to me to tell"


Our (sun) bathing beauties- Moonshine, Ollie, and Merlin.


So true...





Thankful for these 2 superstars who apparently thought that my slowing in the driveway was to throw Thanksgiving treats




At least once a week....

Photos from Falconwood Farms's post 05/28/2021

It's Pony Body Positivity Friday, yall! Taffy said she didn't move from Texas to Georgia to spend all her time dieting. She's going to embrace the body she has and that good green grass. Ginger says that mom only wants to help us stay healthy and we should be good listeners.


May your day be as good as that of a three year old on a wagon being pursued by a herd of minis on a sunny afternoon.


Truer words were never spoken...

media1.tenor.co 03/18/2021


Walked down to get the truck this morning from the field where I park in preparation for bad weather with downed trees and it looks like we just had a regular spring rain. Ponies and other critters are all good.


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Heading down the Hill
Button waiting for her roommate to return.
Juneau for Johnston 2020
Olympic Horse Park Bid Video 1995





10385 Highway 278 E
Covington, GA

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