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Through 1:1 coaching, small groups and intimate retreats, I help create breathing room in your life. My 35+ years as a physician with advanced training in Mind-Body medicine, my passion is to help you learn vital skills for creating harmony in life.

Combining expertise in Internal medicine, Integrative medicine and professional coaching, Rhonda Simpson MD has more than 35 years of working with those seeking a more fulfilling and accomplished life. Using the Seven Levels of Energy Leadership model as well as her advanced training in Mind-Body medicine, she assists professionals in creating lives in alignment with their deepest desires and values.


When You Can’t Change It, Change the Way You See It

One type of stress none of us can avoid is Environmental Stress. Environmental stress is the stress that you can do absolutely nothing about. This includes things like the weather, traffic, and getting stuck in the slowest line at the post office.

Since we can do nothing about environmental stressors, an effective way to deal with them is to let go of the hold they have on us and reframe the experience.

One way to do that is to reframe a stressful situation and see it with a perspective of gratitude. For example, instead of being overwhelmed by piles of laundry, you can say to yourself, “I’m so fortunate to have all these clothes to wear.” Or when you are stuck in the slowest line at the grocery store, you can look at your cart full of food and remember to be grateful that you can buy what you need.

Other people choose to do practical things to reduce their stress. For example, try keeping audiobooks in your car to make your slow commute more tolerable. As you drive you can listen to entertaining or educational materials that you wouldn’t make time for otherwise.

Or you can carry a magazine or book to read when you are encountered with unexpected delays.

By letting go and reframing the experience, you will find that you can take environmental stress in stride.

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Stress: Choosing What to Tackle and What to Release

When facing a stressful time, it can be very helpful to categorize and prioritize the things that are causing your stress. There are two critical questions to ask yourself when doing this:

In this situation, is it a high priority or a low priority?

Is it easy to change or difficult to change?

When you ask yourself the two questions (high priority or low priority, able to change or difficult to change?) you can determine where it’s best to put your time and energy.

Not every issue or situation is worth the attention we give it; sometimes we stress over things that really don’t matter, or things we can’t change. Use these questions to help you decide which problems deserve your attention and which ones don’t, and spend your energy accordingly.

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Identifying Your Stressors: Be Specific

Would you be surprised to discover that stress has been named as an underlying factor in up to 90% of illnesses? Would you be surprised to find that most of the people around you feel stressed much of the time?

One of the best ways to manage stress in your life is to first become aware of exactly what it is that causes you stress, because if you can name the stressor, then you can take the necessary steps to minimize or eliminate it.
One technique for dealing with stress is called, “Name It, Tame It”.
When identifying what stresses you, be as specific as possible. In other words, instead of writing down the word, “work”, and write down what it was about work that causes you stress:
• Miscommunication with coworkers
• Feeling unequipped to tackle a new project
• Balancing work and the needs of your family

When we specifically name what stresses us we can see that there are other aspects of the broad category that we enjoy, like seeing our favorite co-worker or making a valuable contribution.

When you are specific in naming your stress, you have taken an important first step to taming the stress. Being specific helps you make clearer decisions about what you can do to reduce your stress.

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I know it’s been a couple of days, but I can’t stop reliving the experience of the Great American Solar Eclipse. I admit I approached the eclipse with a “scientific” curiosity, but found myself thinking a lot about light and shadow. As we approached totality, I was struck by how little light it takes to illuminate the whole world.

My other observation was on the nature of filters. As a certified life coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. I frequently talk about how our filters—our perceptions--influence how we show up in the world. Putting on my eclipse glasses—wow! Talk about a living metaphor! The filter totally changed how I saw the world.
The Energy Leadership Index (TM) is a powerful assessment tool that measures your particular filters on all dimensions—spiritual, mental, emotional and physical--in everyday life as well as under stress. If you are interested in this opportunity, please PM me or go to my website:

http://www.rhondasimpsonmd.coachesconsole.com. Click on Programs for more information.

Rhonda Simpson MD, CPC, ELI-MP


[08/09/17]   I've been asked to create a course on mindfulness and weight loss I need to present the first module as part of the interview process on Friday. what do YOU think is the most challenging part of losing weight? What is most importantly? What information would you like to learn?

[07/31/17]   So today at the NMA convention I learned: the most important determinents of life span are genetics and exercise. No points for getting your parents to exercise-- you have to do it yourself LOL!😂


Heartsong Enterprises, LLC


I have been thinking a lot lately about leadership. What does it mean to lead your own life--to seize your own destiny? How would you feel if you stopped living the "should stop" and held your ground?

In need of some activist inspiration this Monday morning?

“Stand for something or you will fall for anything. Today’s mighty oak is yesterday’s nut that held its ground.”


Prince Ea Spoken Word - life motivations

So the question is: Are you living a "kinda" life? Or are you ready to grow your wings?

United Victoria Cricket Academy United Victoria Cricket Club

prweb.com 03/23/2017

Techniques to Relieve and Prevent Physician Burnout Taught at American Meditation Institute’s 9th Annual Conference on Yoga Science as Holistic Mind/Body Medicine

Working with physicians experiencing burnout is one of my passions in my coaching practice. This program promises to give us tools as well as the science behind the practice.

prweb.com AVERILL PARK, NY (PRWEB) March 21, 2017 -- A distinguished faculty of http://www.americanmeditation.org [The American Meditation Institution] (AMI) will present a 30 credit CME training in Yoga Science as holistic mind/body medicine to relieve and prevent physician burnout at AMI’s 9th Annual CME Co...


Professional's Radio Network

Tomorrow I will be on Professionals Radio Network from 11:30 am-noon. I am enjoying these spots—what a pleasure to be able to share my journey and my love of coaching. Tomorrow, I would like to spend some time talking about burnout, stress and emotional resilience.
We tend to think of burnout as it relates to work. 1/3 of American workers complain of at least one symptom of burnout. Among physicians the number is over 40%. But burnout can be the result of imbalance in other aspects of our lives. For instance, the recent long, acrimonious presidential campaign has left many of us emotionally drained and exhausted! Building emotional resilience is key in both prevention of and recovery from burnout. If you want to hear more, please listen live at: http://tun.in/sfppA.


I hope you can make it!!

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For all my physician friends: I am gathering information abut your priorities, concerns and challenges to more effectively structure my coaching programs.. Would you please help me by completing this short survey? Thank you so much!

docs.google.com As physicians, we face a unique set of challenges in our lives. Working long hours, the demands of constantly updating our knowledge base, making life and death decisions on a daily basis can leave us feeling overwhelmed. Add to this the leadership roles we take on in our communities and meeting the...


Sometimes, our world feels crazy. That's when we reach out to our sisters for love and support. Come join the Claim Your Magic retreat in Ashland August 26-28 with other heart centered women to learn about your own energy leadership, inner wisdom and heart intelligence. Let's ease on down the road to healing to healing during a production of The Wiz! Musical. Let's build community as we find our way home.


Claim Your Magic Transformative Journey Through Oz Registration

AUGUST 26-28 2016 - ASHLAND, OR
Experience led by: Rhonda Simpson, MD, CPC, ELI-MP
2 ½ day workshop including tickets to the Wiz! $995.00
At the end of the day do you feel like you've been caught up in a tornado?
Feeling like a house is been dropped on YOU?
Wondering what, if anything is really at the end of that yellow brick road?
The real question is: WHOSE LIFE ARE YOU LIVING??
Our Stressful, Hectic Lives
Sometimes, you can’t control thoughts that are as chaotic and destructive as a tornado.
Sometimes, you’re so worn down that you feel like you’ve had a house dropped on you.
Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine that something good is at the end of your personal Yellow Brick Road.
From an early age, we receive societal messages about how we should live our lives. We as a culture are encouraged to achieve
by remaining endlessly productive and occupied — it’s always just one more email, one last call, or one more unproductive
meeting. As our lives move faster, we feel more and more unbalanced. Like Dorothy in Oz, we are living lives we never
planned and trapped in realities we may not even enjoy! As a result of these stressors, many of us develop destructive
behaviors to distract and numb us from the pain and lack of control in our lives.
The challenge is… we rarely work through these difficult emotions because we are afraid of waking up to the uncomfortable
truths of our lives. Instead, we remain in denial, pushing harder and faster until we compromise our mental and spiritual
health. As women, even our physical health is impacted by this overwhelmingly fast-paced lifestyle; we suffer from high blood
pressure, depression, anxiety, strokes and heart attacks at alarming rates.
Fact: More than 80% of visits to healthcare providers are due to stress-related disorders.
This turmoil does not need to be your reality. What if you could find a way to live the life of your dreams, step into your
power, and claim your magic?
This two and a half day retreat designed specifically for successful and powerful women will explore issues that profoundly
impact our ability to lead purposeful lives. We will start with fundamental themes and questions:
Levels of energy awareness: what are they, and how do show up in your life?
Mindfulness: Why is it important, and how does it help you access your genius?
Emotional resiliency: how do we bounce back from trauma in our lives?
Finding the courage within: how do you gauge risk and harness the courage to step out and be seen?
What does home mean to you, and how can you find your way back?
With these questions in mind, Dr. Simpson will introduce you to a variety of skills, including:
Meditative techniques to help calm your mind, improve focus and productivity.
Emotional resiliency building techniques, including the groundbreaking biofeedback concept.
Techniques to help access your inner wisdom and courage.
An alumna of Harvard University and University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, Dr. Simpson’s mind-body
techniques are backed by decades of classical education, training, and practice as a specialist in internal medicine. Dr.
Simpson’s own stressful lifestyle has had a major impact on her heath, prompting her to explore a whole new field; integrative
medicine -- a holistic healing method which aims to care for the mind, body, lifestyle, and spirit of a patient. She added a
board certification in integrative medicine to a long list of professional credentials and accomplishments in 2011 and
transformed her traditional practice and coaching business.
The Retreat Experience
August 26-28, this small, intimate women’s group will focus on self-improvement and empowerment will come
together in beautiful Ashland, Oregon; home of the internationally renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival. This
year, the festival is presenting The Wiz! Musical. Included in the registration is admission to the production. This
adaptation of The Wizard of Oz featuring a black cast and energetic, soulful musical numbers will be the entry point
into our personal journey of self-discovery. We will follow Dorothy through Oz as she learns powerful lessons
about wisdom, courage, heart, and home, and work to apply those themes in the discussions and activities lead by
Dr. Simpson.
The quintessential feel-good musical - Dorothy, the Scarecrow, a witch named Evillene
and that charismatic huckster the Wiz will light up the stage in this uproarious, song-filled
adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, told through the lens of the African-American
experience. With its arch social commentary, journey of self-discovery and infectious
songs like “Ease On Down the Road,” The Wiz won seven Tony Awards and had a
triumphant four-year run on Broadway. OSF is thrilled to bring this cultural touchstone
of the 1970s to our outdoor Allen Elizabethan Theatre.
The Venue
Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites is nestled in a quiet, private part of Ashland just 3 miles from downtown and the
Shakespeare Festival. It is located on 14 acres of beautiful, green Oregon land with spectacular mountain vistas.
Negotiated rates – Regular King or 2 Queen Rooms $139.00/night, 1 bedroom suites $149.00. Mention the
conference for rates. Toll Free Reservations 855.482.8310 ~ 2525 Ashland Street • Ashland, Oregon 97520
Extra Features and Offers
Individual sessions after the retreat will be offered for an additional fee. Those wishing to learn more about their
own energetic profiles and energetic stress reactions would benefit from this individual attention and training. Dr.
Simpson’s life coaching provides a transformative experience for those who feel stuck, unbalanced, or are
experiencing emotional wounds manifesting physically. In these individual sessions, you will also have the
opportunity to find out how having an ongoing coach beside you to partner with can help you stay on track.
Registration fee for 2 ½ day conference $995.00. Registrants from the Metamorphosis conference please contact
Dr. Simpson for discount Registration includes admission to The Wiz!
Name: Address:
City/zip: Phone:
Email address: Please contact me to schedule individual sessions
Interested in carpool? Yes No Room Share? Yes No
Do you have dietary restrictions, sensitivities or allergies? List:
You may register on my website:
Please mail this section & registration fee to:
Rhonda N. Simpson, MD
7545 NW McDonald Circle - Corvallis, OR 97330
[email protected]

rhondasimpsonmd.coachesconsole.com This two and a half day retreat designed specifically for successful and powerful women will explore issues that profoundly impact our ability to lead purposeful lives. We will start with fundamental themes and questions:

[07/04/16]   Our Journey Home: The Role of Forgiveness

Someone asked me a while ago a question that stopped me in my tracks. She asked "how would it feel to be totally free?" Seems like an appropriate question today.

Freedom: the power or right to act, speak, or think has one wants without hindrance or restraint.

When was the last time you felt that way? As a child? From an early age, we receive societal messages about how we should live our lives. We are encouraged to achieve by remaining endlessly productive and occupied— it’s always just one more email, one last call, or one more unproductive meeting. As our lives move faster, we feel more and more unbalanced. Like Dorothy in Oz, we are living lives we never planned and trapped in realities we may not even enjoy! We collect emotional wounds as we go. As a result of these stressors, many of us develop destructive behaviors to distract and numb us from the pain and lack of control in our lives.

When we get hurt we often react with resentment, anger, rage or even hatred. While some of these feelings may be appropriate at the time, holding onto them causes emotional pain and stress. Nurturing old wounds and resentments is like tending weeds in the garden. The more care you give them the more they take over until there's no room for the feelings that can nourish you. In his book, Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water: Reflections on Stress and Human Spirituality, Brian Luke Seaward says. "if unresolved anger is a toxin to the spirit, forgiveness is the antidote."

Forgiveness can set us free.

This doesn't mean condoning inappropriate behavior or excusing personal violations. It doesn't mean giving up or hiding or denying what was done. To forgive someone doesn't necessarily mean turning the other cheek so that you can be hurt again. It doesn't mean that you forget you are harmed. What it does mean is letting go of the feelings of anger or resentment so that you can get on with your life. Forgiveness is a journey --sometimes a slow one-- that heals wounds and returns our power to us. As long as we hold onto the old feelings we give control of our lives over to those with hurt us.

How do we forgive? It's not as though we can simply wave a magic wand and poof! all is forgiven. Although the journey can be slow, you don't have to take it alone. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Acknowledge the feelings. You may recognize the anger and resentment that you're feeling. Underneath those feelings however they be feelings of hurt, betrayal, loss, and grief. Uncovering these feelings may be painful but are a necessary part of the path that we must walk to get home.

Stop blaming. As long as you hold someone else responsible for your feelings or circumstances, you don't own your own life! Stop blaming by accepting total responsibility for your life.

Release the desire for revenge. The wish to inflict suffering or pain on the person who hurt you keeps you in a place of suffering and pain. We cannot experience the freedom of forgiveness until we are willing to move away from the need to punish.

Learn to accept. It's virtually impossible to stop judging, however the fewer negative judgments we make, the easier it is to accept. And according to Wayne Dyer “acceptance is forgiveness in action". Think of how useless negative judgments are: does it affect the weather because we say it's awful? Imagine complaining to God about the quality of a sunset!Judgments say very little about the judged but communicate lots about one who is doing the judging.

Decide to confront or not. Talking with the person who has harmed you may or may not be the best action to take. Professional coaching can help you in making this decision.

Let go. Only through releasing all feelings of anger and resentment can forgiveness be unconditional. Brian Luke Seaward says "when feelings of anger are released the spirit once held captive by the encumbrance of anger is free to journey again"

Self forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. When we forgive ourselves, we acknowledge our human limitations, release ourselves from our own judgments, and practice self acceptance. These actions are essential for life of freedom and joy. When we say "I'll never forgive myself" we sentence ourselves to a life of guilt and shame.

Practice self forgiveness through:

Accepting yourself rather than judging yourself

Honoring yourself rather than blaming yourself

Nurturing yourself rather than criticizing yourself

Releasing the past rather than holding onto it.

Forgiveness cannot be forced. And it may not come easily. Like many of the skills we must learn, self forgiveness takes practice. During my upcoming retreat Claim Your Magic: A Transformative Journey Through Oz, we will explore the concept of home as a place of love and forgiveness and power. Come join using Ashland, OR August 26-28!





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