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Capstone Music Studio is a new music school in The Woodlands offering lessons in guitar/piano/drums/voice/songwriting with professional musicians!

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This is so cool! Music lessons physically strengthen your brain.

What happens to your brain when you learn a musical instrument? A lot. 11/28/2016

Is Music the Key to Success?

Ask some of the most successful people you know... What is it about serious music training that seems to correlate with outsize success in many diverse fields?

[11/14/16]   Black Friday is next week! Purchase some lessons from Capstone Music Studio to go along with your new instrument! Check out our page on Black Friday to snag a deal on lessons.

[11/07/16]   Our lessons don't stop at rudiments. Learn how to play the music YOU love to play, and play it the right way. Check out Capstone Music Studio for lessons today! 10/11/2016

6 Benefits of Music Lessons

The benefits of music lessons are life-changing. Here's just a few:
Increased academic skill
Introduction to other cultures
Boosts self-esteem
And more! Learning to play an instrument can help your child fine-tune her ear and enhance skills needed for education and social interaction.

[10/06/16]   Did you know Capstone has a referral rewards program? If a new student signs up for one month of lessons by your referral, you get one lesson free! Share the good news with your friends today! 09/30/2016

What’s the Right Age to Begin Music Lessons?

We get he question, "when should my child start music lessons" a lot. Here's a great article about when children can conceptualize beats and coordinate playing instruments. Here at Capstone, we welcome students of all ages! We've all heard the stories of famed musical prodigies, from Mozart writing his first symphony at the age of eight to Stevie Wonder signing with Motown at 11. Even if your child isn’t performing wi... 06/13/2016

Science Just Discovered Something Amazing About What Childhood Piano Lessons Did to You

THIS. Musical training is scientifically proven to be beneficial for mental development! Our summer lessons start on July 5th and spots are filling up fast! Practicing scales changed your life.

[06/07/16]   Summer lessons start on July 5th! Use your summer time to learn a new musical skill in piano, voice, guitar, or drums. Times are filling up fast so call us to schedule your lesson today! 05/29/2016

To Be Fit as a Fiddle, Play One

We are teaching more and more adults at Capstone and we love it! It's never too late to learn, brush up on your skills, or invest in a life-long benefit! A new study from Northwestern University shows that musicians suffer less from aging-related memory and hearing losses than non-musicians. It is believed to be the first study to provide biological evidence that lifelong musical experience has a good impact on the aging process. 04/28/2016

The Benefits of Music Education

Are music lessons really worth it? We think so! Check out this article on how learning to play music truly benefits our brains. Whether your child is the next Beyonce or more likely to sing her solos in the shower, she is bound to benefit from some form of music education. Research shows that learning the do-re-mis can help...


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Capstone is excited to announce our winter holiday sale! Buy your first 12 lessons of the year at 30% OFF! We're the perfect thing to accompany that dream guitar you got as a present. Call us today to reserve a space before they're all gone!


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Capstone Music Studio




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