PCAL Christian School Hunger Games

Players compete, two per district until there is one lone victor remaining or two originating from the same district.

Players compete, two per district until there is one lone victor remaining. RULES: 2players per district compete on school grounds, outside. Players defeat opponents by pushing/tackling them to the ground or by pegging them waste up with a ball, arms DON'T count! or tagging them waist up. Players may NOT go inside or leave school grounds once game starts, also the drive way and front entrance where the cars come in are also now OUT OF BOUNDS! Once the game starts, it must be completed. If pegged with a ball but catch it before it hits the ground than you are NOT out. NO ALLIENCES other than your designated district. Once killed you must sit in the spot were you were killed. The idea was made up by friends at PCAL christian school to be played after school or between classes. The special game occurs every 25games which is the Quarter Quell straight from the Hunger Games original story. The 1st Quarter Quell will be previous winners all competing to be the ultimate champion. The winners of the 2012 PCAL Hunger Games are listed below. HG1: Austin Kays ( District 4) HG2: Logan Joy & JJ Joy ( District 1) HG3: Logan Joy & JJ Joy ( District 1) HG4: Austin Kays ( District 4) HG5: Logan Joy & Luke Scagliotta ( District 1&2) HG6: Logan Joy & Luke Scagliotta ( District 1&2) HG7: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG8: Lucas Shanks ( District 4) HG9: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG10: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG11: Logan Joy & JJ Joy ( District 1) HG12: Logan Joy & JJ Joy ( District 1) HG13: Logan Joy, JJ Joy & Darien Montgomery ( District 1&2) HG14: Logan Joy, Luke Scagliotta & Austin Kays ( District 1,2&4) HG15: Logan Joy & Luke Scagliotta ( District 1&2) HG16: Logan Joy, Luke Scagliotta & Austin Kays ( District 1,2&4) HG17: Logan Joy & Austin Kays ( District 1&4) HG18: Logan Joy & JJ Joy ( District 1) HG19: JJ Joy, Logan Joy & Darien Montgomery ( District 1&2) HG20: William Mattison & Randall ( District 3) HG21: Austin Kays & Randall ( District 2&3) HG22: Logan Joy & Andrea Gonzalez ( District 1&6) HG23: Luke Scagliotta & Austin Kays ( District 2&4) HG24: Logan Joy ( District 1) PCAL Hunger Games 25th Annual/1st Quarter Quell Champions: District 1: JJ Joy( 7time Champion) & Logan Joy( 18time Champion) District 2: Darien Montgomery( 2time Champion) & Luke Scaggliata ( 6time Champion) District 3: Randall( 2time Champion, William( 1time Champion) & Andrea Gonzalez ( 1time Champion) District 4: Lucas( 1time Champion) & Austin Kays( 7time Champion) HG25/1ST QUARTER QUELL CHAMPIONS: Logan Joy & JJ Joy ( District1) HG26: William Mattison & Randall ( District 3) HG27: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG28: JJ Joy ( District 1) HG29: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG30: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG31: JJ Joy ( District 1) HG32: Darien Montgomery ( District 2) HG33: JJ Joy ( District 1) HG34: JJ Joy ( District 1) HG35: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG36: JJ Joy ( District 1) HG37: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG38: JJ Joy ( District 1) HG39: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG40: Austin Kays ( District 4) HG41: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG42: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG43: William Mattison ( District 3) HG44: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG45: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG46: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG47: JJ Joy ( District 1) HG48: Luke Scagliotta ( District 2) HG49: Darien Montgomery ( District 2) PCAL Hunger Games 50th Annual/ 2nd Quarter Quell Ultimate Champion Competitors: Name, Rank and something new the GameMakers "Logan Joy" "JJ Joy" and "Luke Scagliotta" have done is rate each player on a scale of 1-12 in terms of overall skill, the only rule being that you cant rate yourself: Congratulations to our final 5 Competitors for the 50th Annual( 2nd Quarter Quell) Tour of Champions: Logan Joy, Luke Scagliotta, JJ Joy & Darien Montgomery, William Mattison and Austin Kays. HG50(2nd Quarter Quell) Ultimate Champions: JJ Joy & Darien Montgomery HG51: William Mattison ( District 3) HG52: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG53: Austin Kays ( District 4) HG54: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG55: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG56: JJ Joy ( District 1) HG57: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG58: Darien Montgomery ( District 2) HG59: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG60: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG61: JJ Joy ( District 1) HG62: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG63: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG64: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG65: JJ Joy ( District 1) HG66: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG67: JJ Joy ( District 1) HG68: Logan Joy ( District 1) HG69: Darien Montgomery ( District 2) HG70: JJ Joy HG71: Logan Joy HG72: Darien Montgomery HG73: Logan Joy HG74: Logan Joy, Darien Montgomery & JJ Joy PCAL Hunger Games ( 75th Annual) ( 3rd Quarter Quell) (*All-Stars*) Best of the Best Victor: Logan Joy *ALL-STARS*: Logan Joy/Luke Scagliotta, JJ Joy/Darien Montgomery, William Mattison/Randall and Austin Kays/Andrea Gonzalez HG76: Luke Scagliotta HG77: Logan Joy HG78: Luke Scagliotta HG79: Logan Joy HG80: Logan Joy HG81: Logan Joy HG82: Logan Joy HG83: JJ Joy HG84: Logan Joy HG85: Logan Joy HG86: JJ Joy & Darien Montgomery HG87: Logan Joy HG88: Logan Joy HG89: JJ Joy HG90: JJ Joy & Darien Montgomery HG91: Logan Joy HG92: William Mattison & Randall Asfour HG93: Logan Joy HG94: Logan Joy HG95: Logan Joy HG96: Austin Kays HG97: Logan Joy HG98: Logan Joy HG99: JJ Joy & Darien Montgomery PCAL Hunger Games ( 100th Annual) ( 4th Quarter Quell) GREATEST GAMES CHAMPION: Logan Joy sponsored by: Luke Scagliotta Participents/PCAL HUNGER GAMES HALL OF FAMERS: *Logan Joy*(56Time Champion) (2Time Quarter Quell Champ)(District 1) *JJ Joy*( 25Time Champion) (2Time Quarter Quell Champ) (District 2) *Luke Scagliotta*(11Time Champion) (District 1) *Darien Montgomery*(9Time Champion) (District 2) *Austin Kays*(6Time Champion) (District 3) *William Mattison*(5Time Champion) (District 2) HG101: Logan Joy HG102: Darien Montgomery HG103: Logan Joy HG104: JJ Joy & Darien Montgomery HG105: Aaron Orrick HG106: Logan Joy & Luke Scagliotta HG107: Logan Joy HG108: Logan Joy & Luke Scagliotta HG109: Luke Scagliotta & Logan Joy HG110: Logan Joy HG111: JJ Joy 2013 PCAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Hunger Games LAST MAN STANDING GAMES RANKINGS/STANDINGS are below: 1. Logan Joy: 2-0 2. Austin Kays: 1-1 3. JJ J./Darien M.: 0-2 4. Luke Scagliotta: 5. William Mattison: 6. Randall A./Mario:

Who remembers the PCAL Hunger Games? 😂


Last Man Standing Short film trailer

Last Man Standing Short Film Trailer
'A tale of the 1st ever Hunger Games'
Co-Directed by: Jayden William Joy & Logan Joy

i.givit.com A tale of the 1st ever hunger games.

Flyweight: 80lbs.- 114lbs.
Bantamweight: 115lbs.- 130lbs.
Featherweight: 131lbs.- 145lbs.
Lightweight: 146lbs.- 160lbs.
Middleweight: 161lbs.- 184lbs.
Light Heavyweight: 185- 205lbs.
Heavyweight: 206lbs.- 265lbs.
SUPER Heavyweight: 266lbs. +

Logan Joy's fight card

Austin Kays Fight card

Luke Scagliotta's fight card

Darien Montgomery's fight card

Jayden Joy's fight card

PCAL Christian School Hunger Games's cover photo

PCAL Christian School Hunger Games's cover photo

PCAL Christian School Hunger Games's cover photo

[12/12/12]   Happy PCAL Hunger Games week! Have a wonderful Christmas Break! Congrats to today's victors: HG108: Logan Joy & Luke Scagliotta, HG109: Luke Scagliotta & Logan Joy, HG110: Logan Joy & HG111: JJ Joy! Also congrats to: Austin Kays ovecourse. Also William Mattison, Darien Montgomery & Randall Asfour played great. But a special thanks to the suprisingly good players today: David Terry, Joel Gonzalez & Jak Parish! #HappyPCALHungerGames

PCAL Christian School Hunger Games's cover photo

[11/21/12]   Heres to all the PCAL Hunger Games CHAMPIONS!
Logan Austin Joy (63time Champion)
Luke Scagliotta (9time Champion)
Jayden "JJ" Joy (27time Champion)
Darien Montgomery (14time Champion)
Austin Kays (9time Champion)
William Mattison
Randall Asfour
Lucas Shanks
Aaron Orrick
Andrea Gonzalez
We cant bathe you in riches but we can make you cool pages for the holidays!

[11/19/12]   We the presidents here by name Aaron Orrick Vice Mayor of the PCAL Christian School Hunger Games! Congratulations Aaron! :)

PCAL Christian School Hunger Games's cover photo

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#pcalhgamesrank BOY on FIRE
#1. Logan Joy
11.25exact eval

#pcalhgamesrank FINAL 2
#2. Luke Scagliotta
10.00exact eval

#pcalhgamesrank TOP 3
#3. Darien Montgomery
9.75exact eval

#pcalhgamesrank TOP 5
#4. Jayden "JJ" Joy
9.50exact eval

#pcalhgamesrank TOP 5
#5. Austin Kays
9.17exact eval

[11/19/12]   #pcalhgamesrank
#6. William Mattison
9.00exact eval

[11/19/12]   #pcalhgamesrank
#7. Randall Asfour
8.00exact eval

[11/19/12]   #pcalhgamesrank
#8. John Craig
7.17exact eval

[11/19/12]   #pcalhgamesrank
#9. Lucas Shanks
6.83exact eval

[11/19/12]   #pcalhgamesrank
#10. Christina Cooper
5.67exact eval

[11/19/12]   #pcalhgamesrank
#11. Andrea Gonzalez
5.50exact eval

[11/19/12]   #pcalhgamesrank
#12. Joel Gonzalez
5.00exact eval

[11/19/12]   #pcalhgamesrank
#13. Aaron Orrick
4.67exact eval

[11/19/12]   #pcalhgamesrank
#14. Jak Parish
4.00exact eval

[11/19/12]   #pcalhgamesrank
#15. Allyson Parish
2.33exact eval

[11/19/12]   #pcalhgamesrank
#16. Gina Chaplin
1.67exact eval

[11/19/12]   #pcalhgamesrank
#17. Morgan Guthrie
1.67exact eval

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General Manager

*Logan Austin Joy( KING)* *Luke Scagliotta( PRINCE)( GamesMaker)* *Jayden William Joy*( PRINCE)* *Darien Montgomery( CO-

Culinary Team

Thanks to all the players who have participated in the PCAL Hunger Games, those who have participated are listed below. *Rankings now listed below based on evaluation scores:
#1. Logan Joy ( Champion) D.1 "BOY ON FIRE" {11Rating} [63Time Victor]
#4. JJ Joy (Champion) D.1 {10Rating} [27Time Victor]
#2. Luke Scagliotta ( Champion) D.2 {10Rating} [9Time Victor]
#3. Darien Montgomery ( Champion) D.2 {10Rating} [14Time Victor]
#6. William Mattison D.3 ( Champion) {9Rating} [5Time Victor]
#7. Randall Asfour D.3 ( Champion) {8Rating} [4Time Victor]
#5. Austin Kays ( Champion) D.3 {9Rating} [9Time Victor]
#9. Lucas Shanks ( Champion) D.4 {7Rating} [1Time Victor]
#8. John Craig D.4 {7Rating}
#12. Joel Gonzalez D.5 {5Rating}
#11. Andrea Gonzalez D.5 ( Champion) {6Rating} [2Time Victor]
#21. Haley Scagliotta D.2 {1Rating}
#19. Kaylyn Kays D.3 {1Rating}
#24. Bethany Parish D.7 {1Rating}
#16. Gina Chaplin D.6 {2Rating}
#22. Carys Parish D.6 {1Rating}
#14. Jak Parish D.7 {4Rating}
#13. Aaron Orrick ( Champion) D.6 {5Rating} [1Time Victor]
#20. Emily D.8 {1Rating}
#15. Allyson Parish D.8 {2Rating}
#17. Morgan Guthrie D.8 {1Rating}
#23. Kayla Orrick D.6 {1Rating}
#25. Brandon Judd D.7 {1Rating}
#10. Christina Cooper D.6 {6Rating)
#18. BriAnna Joy D.1 {1Rating}
#26. Ryan Fernandez {1Rating}
NEW. David Terry {6Rating}
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