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"Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly." ―M.F.K. Fisher Fisher

It takes time, thoughtfulness and detail to create a meal that is more of an experience shared with friends than something we rush through on the couch, catching up on the DVR.

This art, for many, has gone by the wayside and I want to bring it back. I love to cook. I love to cook for people. I aim to create an atmosphere where people feel taken care of. I feel my food is another way to communicate. And I've decided to share it with you. The Kitchenista's goal is 3 fold. To bring people together over meals you don't have to stress over, to share tips and tricks to give yo


These chicken wings are legit, yall.


Chicken fajitas and peppers and onions. Dinner is almost served. Need something spicy and hot when its cold out!! #keto #weightwatchers


BBQ ribs and kale salad. Perfect football food. #keto #weightwatchers


Asian lettuce wraps. Ground turkey, cabbage, water chesnuts....garlic, ginger, soy, teriyaki. #Keto and delllissshhhh. Oh yeah...and sriracha! Sauteed mushroom side.


Still staying low carb, check out this variation on italian wedding/meatball veggie soup!


Finished product..chicken diablo. Yum!


Chicken diablo tonight. Keepin' it Tex Mex. Chicken breast, mozzarella, jalapeno and bacon.


Salmon Pattie....asparagus. Yes.


Black eyed peas for good luck.


Trying to stay pretty low carb at the Kitchenista. Roasted asparagus? Yes please.


My own remoulade. The trick? It has a little dill pickle relish. 08/17/2016

Food Drive Info - MC Food Bank

RESTAURANTEURS: September is Hunger Action Month. 75,000 people in Montgomery County need your help. If you run or own a restaurant or know people who do, and they would like a unique opportunity to give back during this very important month, please host a food or fund drive...or a "third party event" as we call them internally, to benefit Montgomery County Food Bank. Its next to no effort for either party and we both benefit! $1 on each entree? A special cocktail menu? 10% of proceeds for a happy hour or evening? You tell US what you want to do and we will help you make it happen. Get all the info you need, our guidelines and form here >


Shrimp lo mein. Carrots, local zucchini, onion, bell pepper, garlic, ginger and shrimp.


Cook 👏 your 👏 radishes 👏👏👏. Super simple pasta with radish, or, garlic and lemon.


Lemon bacon broccoli and parm pasta. Insane. So good.


Tacos Recipes -

Hi I'm Ashleigh and I'm a TACOHOLIC. Here's a jillion ideas for tonight and every night. Looking for a recipe? See all tacos Recipes - - Talk with your mouth full 05/26/2016

Ww 0 Point Weight Watchers Cabbage Soup Recipe -

My lunch, a lot of days. Great for Weight Watchers or anyone watching their poundage...but tasty too! Make and share this Ww 0 Point Weight Watchers Cabbage Soup recipe from



Great tips on storing produce! So important!

Are you storing your produce completely wrong?


Potato, chorizo, onion and pepper tacos with roasted jalapeños. Doing Cinco right.


Fresh squeezed pomegranate, lime and jalapeño marg. That's how you do it friends. #HappyCincoDeMayo


Roasted local vegetables with a Mexican stuffed bell pepper. Perfect low carb dinner!


Me. Happy Sunday all!

Dang it.



The work week can wear you out. Check these easy dinners out!

We picked your dinner plans so you didn't have to...


Sunday decadence to get back 9n the healthy wagon tomorrow. New York Strip, baked tater and amazing sauteed onions.


Into food and beer? We need a few good men (and women!) to help out this Saturday! #HouEats #Volunteers

Love your share of #burgers and #brews? Well, MCFB needs volunteers to sign up for various positions & shifts for Throwdown Texas Burger & Beer Fest coming up on April 23! Positions include: Kid zone, beer service (must be 21 or over), front entry & check in, bottled water station and ground maintenance & trash pickup. Volunteers will receive free entry into the event, t-shirt and a free beverage. For more info, visit!


Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! Sharp Cheddar, pepperjack, bacon and apple on fat 9 grain bread. And homemade minestrone with orrichiete. 04/04/2016

Why Julia Child Still Matters To Cutting-Edge Chefs | People |

Why I love Julia a home chef. The Smithsonian Food History Gala celebrates Julia Child -- and other celebrity chefs.

[03/28/16]   Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? Anything special for Easter? We did FAJITAS. Why not? I'm in Texas now!


Friday idea.....when you're at the store this weekend, can we each do a little better at keeping this in mind? We'll feel better ALL week long.

[03/24/16]   Easter is this weekend.....does your family cook anything special?


Another good strategy. Have you thought about these ideas when you are shopping for the week? I really like the idea of using what is left; buying things that have more than one use are huge, whether its something you can eat raw or cooked (think spinach for a salad or sauteed as a side or in pasta) or even something like beets - where you can eat the actual vegetable AND the greens on top. Be strategic and creative so you don't waste!


Keep this in mind when you swing by the grocery this week! #plants #behealthy #foodlove


Welcome back, Monday! Grab yourself a fresh cup and let's do this!


Sounds much more adventurous, doesn't it?


Here’s How To Pack A Perfect Mason Jar Salad | Skinny Mom

Been wanting to give mason jar salads a go, but needed some handy tips to make sure the elements stayed fresh and didn't get gross and soggy? Here ya go! Mason jar salads are a practical — and adorable — way to prep your lunch for busy weeks. They're eco-friendly, reusable and can store your entire meal, dressing included, without worry. But don’t try this at home without reading our how-to guide for packing the perfect mason jar salad. >> Read more:…





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