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Conroe Music And Art Academy

We are the fastest growing music and art academy In Conroe Tx and Surroundings

Operating as usual


Interested in learning music? Then this is the place for you. Our registrations are ✨open!✨

Here’s some basic info:
One time Individual registration fee ($35)
One time Family registration fee ($50)

Private lessons ($127 per month)
Group lessons ($105 per month)(only applicable for piano)

Sign up using the link below 👇👇

Or call this number 👇👇


Hoy está de cumpleaños Ms Kensy! ✨💕
En este día queremos reconocer tu papel como maestra excepcional.

Happy Birthday Ms Kensy.🎉🥳🎂


This colorful Canvases, Endless Possibilities: Art lessons for all ages!

Photos from Conroe Music And Art Academy's post 11/25/2023

Join us this Saturday 25 at the Kids fest at 10087 League Line Rd Conroe.


Look the beautiful picture that this artirt painted at Join us this Saturday at downtown Conroe. Activity for the whole family 🎨💞


Our little ✨artists✨ let their creativity shine very time they have a chance!!


Celebrate the season of gratitude with strokes of joy! Join us every Saturday for our Painting Event and let your creativity flow. 🍁🎨


Today's Instrument. . . ✨The Saxophone✨

Fun Fact: Saxophones have an extensive system of keys and pads that control the flow of air through the instrument to produce different notes. The complexity of the keywork varies among different saxophones.


Today's song is . . . ✨"Cannon in D"- Johann Pachelbel✨

"Canon in D" is structured as a canon, a type of composition in which a melody is imitated by voices that enter one after the other. In this piece, the melody is repeated and overlapped with itself, creating a mesmerizing and harmonious effect.

Interested in our music lessons? Sign up using the link below 👇👇


🎻 Strings, keys, and voices, oh my! A warm welcome to our budding musicians and artists who are ready to make beautiful and art music at Conroe Music and Art Academy! 🎤🎸

Interested in signing up? Use the link below!👇


Today's instrument. . . 🎶THE TROMBONE!!!🎶

Fun fact: Trombones have a wide range and are known for their versatility. They can play both high and low notes and are used in various musical genres, from classical to jazz, and even rock.

Interested in our music lessons? Sign up using the link below 👇


Unlocking the power of our voices. One lesson at a time 🎶

Interested in our music/Art lessons? Sign up using the link below ⬇️


Today's instrument. . . 🎸THE ELECTRIC GUITAR!!! 🎸

Fun fact 💡: The first commercially successful electric guitar was the Rickenbacker "Frying Pan" introduced in 1931. It marked the beginning of the modern electric guitar era. Also, the pickup is a crucial component of an electric guitar. It consists of magnets and wire coils that capture the vibrations of the guitar strings and convert them into an electrical signal. This signal is then amplified to create sound.

Interested in our music lessons? Use the link below to sign up 👇


Today's instrument. . . ✨The Marimba!!✨

Fun Fact: The marimba is considered the national instrument of Guatemala and holds a special place in Guatemalan culture and music. Also, The marimba is not limited to traditional or folk music. It has also been featured in various contemporary music genres, including jazz, classical, and popular music.

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Today's instrument. . . 🎶Piano Concerto No. 2 by Rachmaninoff 🎶

Fun Fact 💡: The concerto is extremely challenging for the pianist, requiring virtuosic technique, particularly in the first movement, which features rapid passages and thundering octaves.

Interested in our music and art programs? sign up today using the link below 👇👇


Today's instrument, ✨THE CELLO✨🎻

💡Fun fact💡. The cello is known for its ability to convey a wide range of emotions, making it a favorite instrument for composers looking to evoke deep feelings in their music.🎶

Interested in our music/art programs? Sign up today using the link below 👇👇


Today's song is Claude Debussy's 🎼"Clair de Lune" (from Suite Bergamasque) 🎹

Fun Fact: The composition was inspired by the poetry of Paul Verlaine, a symbolist poet. Debussy was influenced by the symbolist movement, which sought to convey emotions and ideas through suggestive and evocative imagery rather than explicit descriptions.

Interested in our music lessons? Sign up today using the link below 👇



Navigating the seas of music on this Columbus Day! 🌊🎶

Interested in out music programs? sign up today suing the link below 👇👇


May your day be as bright and beautiful as your smile, Ms. Jennifer! Happy Birthday! 🌟🎈


🎨 Join us for a brush with creativity at our upcoming painting event! 🖌️ Unleash your inner artist and be part of an unforgettable canvas of colors. We have one every Saturday so don't miss out‼

Sign up today using the link below 👇👇



Today's Instrument. . . 🎹The Piano! 🎹

✨Fun Fact✨: Pianos are incredibly complex instruments. Each key is connected to a series of levers and hammers that strike the strings to produce sound. In a grand piano, there are around 12,000 parts!

Interested in enrolling in out Music/Art programs? Use the link Below to sign up! 👇


🎹 Are you ready to learn, connect and have fun? Look no further!
Our GROUP-PIANO lessons offer the perfect opportunity🎹👍

✅️Ages 7 to 17 years old
✅️45 minutes once a week
✅️Material included
✅️All skill levels
✅️Bilingual and experienced teachers
✅️Interacting learning
✅️Two recitals per year
✅️Affordable prices

📆Upcoming Sessions:

Tuesday at 6:15pm - 7:00pm (1 space)

Wednesday at 6:45pm - 7:30pm (3 spaces)

Thursday at 5:30pm - 6:15pm (3 spaces)

Friday at 5:30pm - 6:15pm (2 spaces)
Friday at 7:15pm - 8:00pm (2 spaces)

Saturday at 9:00am - 9:45am (1 space)

$35 registration fee
$105 monthly payments

Register here:


🎶🎨 Celebrating another year of creativity, passion, and artistry! 🎂 Happy Birthday to our talented bunch! 🌟🎉

Interested in enrolling to our music and art programs? Use the link below 👇


🎶🎨 Welcome to a World of Creativity and Harmony! 🎉 Our music and art school is buzzing with fresh talent and boundless potential. 🌟 Let the artistic journey begin! 🎹🎨

Interested in enrolling in our Music/Art school? Use the link below to sign up! 👇👇


Celebrando el mes de la herencia hispana, Mia y su maestra de ukulele muy orgullosas vistiendo una camiseta que representa su lindo pais Honduras🇭🇳


Today's song is Frédéric Chopin's 🎶 Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2 🎶, a true ✨classic✨

Fun Fact: Frédéric Chopin composed this Nocturne in 1830 when he was just 20 years old! It is part of a set of three Nocturnes, Op. 9.


Today's instrument is the Violin 🎻

Where did it originate from? 🤔

The modern violin evolved from stringed instruments in Europe during the 16th century. Its design was refined in Italy, particularly by makers like Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri.


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We are so proud of our drummer Gadiel. He is doing an amazing job! 😊🥁🥁🥁🥁




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