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Eat this. No wait, eat this. No, don’t eat that. Eat this….. feel right at home, don’t you? The battle for our loyalty over food has never been more than just that: a battle. There is no lack of information out there when it comes to nutrition. Here is the problem – you are all misinformed. We all are, and we have have been for the last 40+ years. We’ve been told, BY THE GOVERNMENT, what we were supposed to (and did) believe to be healthy. The purpose of THE PRACTICAL PALATE is to de-bunk a lot of common myths. This page is not a “Here’s a great diet!” site, so if that is what you are looking for then keep looking. The purpose of this site is to help you at whatever stage of fitness you are at – or want to go. My promise to you is to always tell you the truth as I know it. You may not always like it, you may not always want to listen to it. Regardless, you’re going to get it. Because sometimes, what you need to hear isnt always what you want. Now that’s truth, and you’re welcome. Cheers, K

Mission: To provide the truth as I know it about food, fitness, supplementation, served as a healthy dose of common sense.

practical palate

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Katzenmoyer Performance

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[10/07/12]   Quit using food as a reward, you are not a dog.

[09/05/12]   Been getting a lot of comments on how people are feeling tired and/or sluggish when switching to a strict Paleo diet.

You have to realize that your body is literally going through a detox. While I don't assume you were eating sugar by the tablespoon (although you may have been), you were consuming HUGE quantities compared to what you are doing now. Like any detox, stick it through the first few days.
Up your fat intake.
Up your water.
Increase activity.
Up your fat intake again.
And then add some more fat.

Don't give in, you can and WILL get through the initial feeling of being tired. You have to re-train your body to function and it's 28 days against your previous eating experiences.

practical palate

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CrossFit - Makes People Better Commercial

Fight me all you want: I'm still going to coach you on LIVING

Alzheimer's is really just 'type-3' diabetes, new research shows

Keith Simon would probably make an outlandish remark about this that would be taken as negative - but those who eat too much crap wouldn't remember Alzheimer's is really just 'type-3' diabetes, new research shows

TRUE Strength

This chick knows what's up TRUE Strength of body, mind, heart, spirit, and faith

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t.r.u.t.h. the not-so politically correct food fight

[07/24/12]   Food Inc is not the best thing to watch after breakfast, just being serious

The Fear Of “Bulkiness” and CrossFit

some t.r.u.t.h. This will be my one and only post about CrossFit making you bulky. I get just a little tired of breaking it down again and again for people. From now on i will just direct … Contin...

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[07/21/12]   2 Samuel 23

Six Secrets to Success Speech

Love him, or him. Arnold hits the nail right on the head.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's inspirational speech about his 6 secrets to success, made by me :)

[07/20/12]   "You will be completely 100% healthy in 6 weeks!" didn't get fat overnight

[07/20/12]   you can't outwork a crappy diet.

Sorry about your luck, Bobby Beachmuscles.

[07/20/12]   The USDA recommends 9 servings of fruits & vegetables a day.

Good luck.

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Recipe for Healthy Gluten-Free Diet: 5 Easy Solutions For Summer Dinners

This is helpful Think you don't have time to make dinner? Think again! Try these quick and simple summer dinner recipes.

practical palate

If you're easily offended by the truth, this will be fun the not-so politically correct food fight

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Columbus, OH
Other Education in Columbus (show all)
Chinese Martial Arts Center (CMAC) Chinese Martial Arts Center (CMAC)
4264 N High St.
Columbus, 43214

Founded in 1976 by Dr. Shie-Ming Hwang; CMAC is currently teaching the complete Yang Michuan Taijiquan System (Tai Chi) as a traditional martial art.

Catholic Schoolhouse Columbus Catholic Schoolhouse Columbus

Catholic Schoolhouse Columbus: pursuing the model of classical home education and enrichment, through the structure of the Catholic Schoolhouse Program.

Makeshift Studios Makeshift Studios
PO Box 414
Columbus, 43109

Studio time: $25 per hour Mixing: $50-100 per song Mastering: $25 per song

Young Women's Summer Institute Young Women's Summer Institute
1224 Kinnear Rd
Columbus, 43212

YWSI is a week-long program in Columbus, OH sponsored by Ohio Supercomputer Center designed to encourage girls’ interest in STEM.

ODU Phonathon ODU Phonathon
Columbus, 43219

The Ohio Dominican University Phonathon is a bi-yearly campaign to raise money for The Ohio Dominican Fund, the University Annual Fund.

Claire's Care Babysitting Service Claire's Care Babysitting Service
Columbus, 43232

I am creating this site to give parents more information about my new business. I am a preschool teacher. I have worked in licensed childcare facilities for 8 years now. I am certified in first aid, CPR, child abuse prevention, and many more trainings.

Gahanna-Jefferson Education Association Gahanna-Jefferson Education Association
140 S Hamilton Rd
Columbus, 43230

Gahanna-Jefferson Education Association

Mid-East Honors Association Mid-East Honors Association
2000 W University Ave
Columbus, 47306

The Mid-East Honors Association fosters the collective growth of honors programs at universities and colleges located in the Mid-East region of the US.

Kenwick Studio Kenwick Studio
687 Kenwick Rd
Columbus, 43209

At Kenwick Studio, Lee Kelly and Christina Providence specialize in focused, intelligent movement training. We work mainly in the Pilates Method, integrating principles from many other movement forms. Work with us at your own level. You'll love it!

Kerwin Genealogical Services Kerwin Genealogical Services
Columbus, 43202

Have you ever been curious about finding your family history but found the task too time consuming or complicated? That's what Kerwin Genealogical Services is for! $12 an hour for regular research & $20/hr for research at a library.

Ohio State FABE Ohio State FABE
590 Woody Hayes Dr
Columbus, 43210

The Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering. Home to the majors of Construction Systems Management; Agricultural Systems Management; and Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering.

Conway Center for Family Business Conway Center for Family Business
1216 Sunbury Rd
Columbus, 43219

The Conway Center for Family Business provides educational programs and resources to support the growth and success of local family businesses.