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Venture Highway is an entrepreneurship education company. We provide curriculum, tools, and resources to teach the art and science of entrepreneurship.

Venture Highway is an entrepreneurship education company that provides online products and services such as the first ever Integrated Learning System for Entrepreneurship, on site training, and consultation in entrepreneurship programs.

As an entrepreneur you’re always telling stories about your business. So, we give our students part of the story of Fatima Blush. Then, they craft a story of where she is now and what business she started. We get lots of great businesses as you can see!

Then, the students pick one and we build a Business Model Canvas on it. Today we chose the Bellisimo Culinary Academy.
Students love it and are really energized by these exercises!

DAH, StrateSphere team up for entrepreneurship event

Very nice press release about our recent 10 day #entrepreneurship course at Dar Al Hekma University! Dar Al-Hekma University and StrateSphere LLC, a company based in Columbus Ohio (USA) and specializing in creating private-public partnerships in the education sector, teamed up recently to run White Space Event, a business pitch competition at Dar Al-Hekma campus.

Day 9 of 10 of our compressed #entrepreneurship course at Dar Al Hekma focuses on Pitch Prep. Tomorrow's the big day and our 15 teams of new business ideas will present their business in a fast paced 2 hour event.

This is not a shark tank like event where each team pitches once for 8 minutes then sits down and goes to sleep. NO, this is more like a booth at a trade show with a couple hundred guests where the whole team will be pitching and talking for two hours trying to get the investment dollars we give to the attendees. It's a heck of a lot harder this way, but our women entrepreneurs are ready!

Today we had coaches come in and work with the teams one on one to sharpen their business models.

We also played some very fun role playing exercises to show them how things go at an event like this.

The reflection board is done and there are a lot of great thoughts captured on there.

Looking forward to the big day tomorrow!

Day 8 of our #entrepreneurship course at Dar Al Hekma focused on new business finances. It's a tough day, we know, but it is really important, so we plugged ahead and the students did well.

We used our old friend Fatima and her food truck to get the students to think through startup costs, operational costs, and cost of goods sold. They figured it out for her, then worked on their own new business.

We had a guest speaker from Jeddah International College, Ryan Arab. Good guy that spent a lot of time in the USA.

The students also reflected on the things they learned from the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile that we give them at the beginning. They also had some interesting reflections on the finance day, too!

We get a break tomorrow. No class. Then we have two final days. I cannot wait to see what they come up with to tell the story of their new business ideas.

Day 7 of 10 of our compressed #entrepreneurship course at Dar Al Hekma focused on Sales and Marketing.

First we talked about all the different ways to market your business. It helps students see these options in terms of cost, free to expensive. They listed a lot of great ideas.

Then, they had to design a new candy bar, slogan, logo, and commercial for the traditional Hershey bar. Seems it has lost a lot of market share here so we tried to help them. Some really creative ideas here and we even had a couple teams make a real commercial!

Finally, they worked most of the rest of the day on the marketing mix for their own new business. They presented what they had done so far and will finish it all up in the next couple days before the really big show on Sunday.

Day 6 of our #entrepreneurship course at Dar Al Hekma focuses on creating the MVP. We have 15 companies going now and each one spent time thinking about how they might represent the product or service they are trying to sell. Some were hand made and some were electronic, but all were a good start and this is after only TWO Days together as a team!
We also helped Victor Salama create his MVP of a Middle Eastern themed take out restaurant for New York. See the menu they helped build in one of the pictures.
We also had each team use design thinking to solve a perceived obesity problem in Saudi Arabia. It is always very cool to see the various solutions that the teams come up with. You'll see that in one of the photos, too.
Another really cool day!

Day 5 of our #entrepreneurship course at Dar Al Hekma University focused on knowing your market and competitors.

First though, we asked the students to name countries they have visited and we got quite a long list. Probably a lot more than if we took this poll in the USA.

We did a fun exercise where students get a magazine or newspaper and they work in teams to describe the target market for it. We have some really interesting papers for them to think about.

Then, they came up with the customer description for their new business and presented it to the class for feedback.

We talked about competition, too. Each team received a card with a well known company. They worked in their team to describe direct and indirect competitors for this company. Then, they spent time doing the same for their own new company.

Again, we had some nice stickers on our reflection wall. Good day and things are starting to come together!
Victor Salama and I are enjoying this group a lot.

The focus of Day 4 of our #entrepreneurship course at Dar Al Hekma is on pitching and forming a new company.

We talked about forming and leading a new team. We discussed leadership styles and the women chose a style.

Damon Caiazza was our guest speaker on leadership in a new startup adventure.

Then, every student pitched a new business idea! They were really good at pitching and the ideas were very diverse. We used chickpeas to vote, too. Each student was given 3 peas and they would drop them in the colored cup with the number of the ideas they liked.

After picking the top 15 ideas, we held a job fair. New entrepreneurs "hired" 3 others from the rest of the class into their teams.

Finally, each team created a team contract for their new team. You can see them on the long wall in the one picture.

Another great day!

Day 3 of our #entrepreneurship class is focused on Customer Discovery and getting the women ready to pitch their own idea.
First they work on creating a one minute pitch on a company that they already know.

We also went over story telling and they all created a business story about Fatima Blush and what she is doing now. You can see their various ideas on one of the pictures. They were great!

We used one of the Fatima stories to create a Business Model Canvas, too.

We also have two students that already have a small business started. They call it OvalBean and they make iced coffee. It was delicious as they brought some in to sell.

Finally, some good notes were posted to the reflection wall. Another great day!

Day 2 of our compressed entrepreneurship course focuses on Idea Generation and Innovation.
We get students thinking about how to come up with new business ideas: Internally through passions, strengths and values; and externally in the world around them.

Teams of students create a return capsule for their "eggstronaut" to land safely from space.

Then we took them all on a walk about to look for business ideas in an area by the sea. We did get some strange looks as Victor Salama and I escorted 60 young Saudi women around the shopping and beach area!

Our reflection wall was loaded up again today with some great comments.

Thank you to one of our favorite entrepreneurs in Jeddah, Mansour Gadi from Section-B سِكشن-بي! He's telling our students about his story.

Happy to be a part of the Boy and Girls club business plan presentations. Thanks for the invite!

Launch Labs' Journey to Portfolio Entrepreneurship - The Metropreneur Columbus

Congratulations to some of our former students at Ohio State! These guys were awesome in class, awesome after the class and are still kicking butt as real entrepreneurs. Very proud of you guys! StorytellingBusiness ProfilesLaunch Labs’ Journey to Portfolio Entrepreneurship By Susan Post - July 31, 2017 73 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter tweet Launch Labs has seen many ups, downs and projects come into their orbit, but the story of the “maker meets startup studio” begins with 12-year-old...

Promises and pitfalls of online education | Brookings Institution

Brookings article on online education's impact. Much promise but still challenges to overcome. Worth a read! Executive Summary Online courses have expanded rapidly and have the potential to extend further the educational opportunities of many students,...

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Looking for summer teacher PD on #entrepreneurship? We have workshops coming up in OH and NJ in partnership with The PAST Foundation.

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Another positive change in Cuba?

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Where will you be July 24-26? Join us for Venture Highway NJ #entrepreneurship #teacher #training #pastfoundation.

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Calling Columbus OH area teachers! Join our #entrepreneurship teacher training June 26-28 at The PAST Foundation

Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. offer $100 million to World Bank’s Women Entrepreneurs Fund proposed by Ivanka Trump

$100MM pledged to World Bank's proposed women's entrepreneurship fund, easing access to finance, markets & networks. The World Bank said Sunday at an event with Ivanka Trump, the U.S. president’s daughter and senior White House adviser, that Saudi Arabia and...

How a High School Passion Project Turned Into a $30 Million Electric...

A great Inc. story about a high school student's need and how that turned into a successful eco-friendly business Mike Radenbaugh built an electric bike when he was 15 years old to trek the 34-mile round trip to high school everyday. Ten years later, he now...

Where will your degree take you? Career paths after college | Brookings...

Here's The Hamilton Project cool interactive tool showing different career paths after college and their earnings potential With graduation season underway, college seniors across the nation are preparing to embark on their careers. For some students, their career path...

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Are you a HS student in Essex County NJ? Attend our #entrepreneurship camp at Seton Hall University July 10-14

Royal Decree Allows Saudi Women Access to Public Services without...

Saudi Arabia's #Vision2030 is bringing about significant change.. Here's an annoucement about women guardianship: Jeddah- Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz on Thursday issued a directive relieving women from the prerequisite of obtaining the consent …

Attention Dar Al-Hekma students! We are offering #entrepreneurship courses in Madrid in July-August for credit. Reach out to sign up.

[05/05/17]   Thank you The PAST Foundation for today's meeting and tour. What a great space! #innovation #entrepreneurship

[05/04/17]   Excited to partner with @pastfoundation to run an #entrepreneurship teacher training June 26-28 in Columbus OH.

[05/04/17]   Thanks @ShorelightEdu for a great meeting yesterday. Very impressed with what you are doing in the #education space! #innovation

[05/03/17]   Always a pleasure to visit Babson College College to discuss #entrepreneurship projects. We are proud to be partners with such an academic leader!

Our students going to pitch their ideas and compete, so Join Us! and make your voice count @dahuniversity on Sunday April 9, 2017 .. See you there ✨

Venture Highway's cover photo

Dar Al-Hekma girls excel in entrepreneurship workshop - Saudi Gazette

Nice article in the Saudi Gazette about our recent work in the Kingdom! JEDDAH — As part of its to graduate accomplished women, leaders, and entrepreneurs, Dar Al-Hekma University ensures that its students participate in several courses and extra-curricular activities. Recently, 36 Dar Al-Hekma students participated and received 3 credits in a 70-hour, 10-day entreprene...

What I Learned at USASBE

Were you at USASBE? I'd love to hear what you learned. I was working our booth most of the time, so I didn't get to many of the sessions, but many looked great. I spent the last four days at the annual conference for the US Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) conference. This is my 4th

Our team visited a food entrepreneur street fair in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia this week as we prepare to teach a class to 35 women entrepreneurs at Dar Al-Hekma. This was a great opportunity for these startups to get their food out into the market for revenue, and for feedback.

Are you really still using a textbook to teach entrepreneurship?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my thoughts, Kevin... Entrepreneurship courses are everywhere! Universities have majors and minors in the subject, community colleges teach it, more and more high schools

Teaching Entrepreneurial Thinking in Secondary Schools

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my thoughts! Entrepreneurship courses are becoming more and more common in high schools, and are even offered in some junior high/middle schools.  In the U.S., some states are requiring that entrepreneurship

donraven clothing

Just met the student #entrepreneur from Don Raven and bought a very cool sweatshirt. #NACCE2016 Lifestyle Clothing based on the American Southeast. Teen designed, founded, and run.

Booth looks great at #NACCE2016! We present today on building an #entrepreneurship pathway from high school to #communitycollege

Booth looks great at #NACCE2016! We present today on building an #entrepreneurship pathway from high school to #communitycollege

#UES2016 Urban Jobs Challenge - UEI

Urban Jobs Challenge applications due soon! #startups #entrepreneurship #UES2016 ENTER NOW! #UES2016 Urban Jobs Challenge Competition Trenton makes, the world takes. That motto, erected with huge letters on the side of the Lower...

No, Banning Laptops Is Not the Answer

We agree - smart policies, not bans, on tech in the classroom are best! And it’s just as pointless to condemn any ban on electronic devices in the classroom.

Alcohol gets in on the Delivery App Market with Alcohol Deliveries - The...

Congrats to Bunker Labs Columbus on your first client! Alcohol Deliveries We're #veteran owned, too. Salute! Kevin Gadd StorytellingBusiness ProfilesAlcohol gets in on the Delivery App Market with Alcohol Deliveries By Susan Post - September 7, 2016 41 Share on...

This Midwestern city is a rising star for entrepreneurs

Wow, big day for #Columbus #entrepreneur news! Proud to be a part of the #startup ecosystem here for many years. Columbus, Ohio is developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem to help start-ups in a host of industries — from retail to high tech.

A New VC Fund Revs Up in Columbus, Ohio

Congrats Rev1 Ventures on the new VC fund in #columbus! and will help midwest #entrepreneurs! Rev1 Ventures backs startups beginning at proof-of-concept.

Why NAWBO is bringing 1,000 U.S. women entrepreneurs to Columbus -...

Glad to see #NAWBO annual convention coming to #Columbus later this month! #women #entrepreneurs The National Association of Women Business Owners is bringing its annual convention to Columbus, home to its largest chapter – and more...

Women-owned businesses are growing. And that's not the only piece of...

Nice to see data about #women #entrepreneurs increasing! An most focusing on being local. The Business Journals conducted interviews with 1,366 business owners, C-level executives and key decision makers — 441 women and 925 men. Their...

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