Lasata Farm and Lasata Non-Profit Organization

Lasata Farm and Lasata Non-Profit Organization


I had such an amazing time meeting all of the wonderful staff at Lasata and the tour and beautiful animals I got to see and touch. Therapeutic for me for sure!! Thanks, great work you are doing!!!
Luke and Adam had their first session last night. Adam did awesome and remembered everything he was ever taught about riding a horse. And of course was in his glory riding again. And Luke enjoyed connecting with Max in the stable. He has a true connection with horses in his own way.
Feeling so blessed and grateful on this Good Friday. First and foremost, in remembering how my Lord and Savior suffered and died so that I may be set free. Secondly, that I have the opportunity to go to "work" every day and come home more refreshed than when I left. Being able to walk along students, both young and older, and see smiles of joy and accomplishment, watch teenagers volunteer their time to help out on the farm and build relationships with horses and each other, and be able to work alongside such caring and loving people in this beautiful space.
Logan Haas
Logan Haas
Dan the Man !!!
Such a nice open house you hosted today! Everyone so pleasant, nice vendors and great raffle items.
See Chapel Hill Forge this weekend at the Lasata Farm Community Family Fun Day, Open House and Vendor Show! We'll have horseshoe nail cross and heart necklaces, horseshoe nail earrings, hand carved signs, bullet jewelry and more!

Where Horses and Nature Guide the Healing and Learning

A "Place of Peace" is indeed what we strive to provide here at Lasata Farm. We have been in operation since 2010, providing quality horsemanship services and education. We specialize in therapeutic horsemanship, balanced seat riding instruction, and horse assisted psychotherapy and learning environments. We are located in the heart of Lancaster County Pennsylvania, yet close to Chester and Berks Counties.

Mission: Where Horses and Nature Guide the Healing and Learning

I’ve got your back.

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Happy Earth Day 🌍

Confinement During Coronavirus Pandemic a Challenge for Families Affected by Autism Data has indicated that parents of children with special needs, specifically autism, have stress levels similar to soldiers in battle.

[04/10/20]   If you're stuck in quarantine with a toxic or abusive partner, text or message me about your favorite dessert recipe and I will know to continually check in on you.

If you ask me about the one with sweet potatoes, I will know to contact the police.

If you're willing, put something similar on your wall because I know there is power in numbers. And this is a hidden and painful symptom of the pandemic.

Difference Makers

Meet our amazing partners!
Tell us your favorite photo or clip in the comments😊

A happy new spot on the farm all thanks to Peaceful Valley Amish Furniture and the graciousness of the Glick families🤩

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The Natural Lifemanship Institute


We miss you!! Reach out, we want to hear from you!

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If THIS horse moves THIS fast there is only one reason why...............
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Fly high Jim
You will be missed🤍

Today’s gift 🐮

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Saturday morning vibes

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Share your silly sock pics with us to show your support for individuals with Down Syndrome! 🧦


If all else fails, don’t worry - we’ve got you! 🤣🤣

All the colours of the rainbow too to match your bathroom decor!

Eilean Donan Castle

Fun Free Educational Horse Learning Games for Kids

Hey folks!! 👀 here!! Fun educational horse games online for kids. Have fun learning and activities about horses. Website for beginners who want to learn about horsemanship.

Fun Learning Activities for Kids

What a great resource! A list of apps that are for teachers and parents of kids with learning disabilities!


Thank you 🥳@tipperary_equestrian👏🏻Because of the generosity and kindness of your company and a farm family we have 1️⃣2️⃣fantastic new helmets to protect our student’s noggins🧠

We are so very grateful🤩

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Horse Hippie

Morning Mantra: "You can't feel fear or anger and gratitude at the same time." Quick -- look around you and think of three things for which you can be sincerely thankful. That was easy, wasn’t it? And in an instant, it has made you stop the flow of negative energy and replace it with positive. Think of how many of your most difficult burdens are largely of your own making. A situation is what it is. We react with fear and anger, which really only punishes us. Use gratitude to change your thoughts and mood. #BeGratefulInstead #BeHappy #BeHorsey #BeHippie #HorseHippie #MorningMantra #InspirationalQuotes


Morning Mantra: "Hope is seeing the light despite being surrounded by darkness." Yes, there is a dark cloud hanging over us these days. A big, scary, dark cloud. But, where there is hope, there is hope. That is to say that hope does not just occur, it is created by the hopeful. A hopeless situation changes, as soon as someone cares. As soon as someone believes they can make things better, there is hope. So do things that give you and others hope; call the elderly you know and offer to grocery shop for them, donate to local food banks for the kids out of school that need a meal, buy gift certificates to your favorite small restaurant so they have income during these difficult times. Whatever gives you hope, do that. #BeTheHopeTheWorldNeedsNow #BeHappy #BeHorsey #BeHippie #HorseHippie #MorningMantra #InspirationalQuotes


Difficult times. We will get through.x

Amidst the chaos of this world, Lasata remains.
Magical treasured moments aplenty as we intentionally chose to slow down and honor the rhythms present in our now.
Peace, contentment, and gratitude were choices we chose to embrace.
Today we welcomed the beautiful, the imperfect, the simple and the profound.
Today we vowed to

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@ Lasata Farm and Lasata Non-Profit Organization

Take EVERY behavior!

Love journeying with you🌱
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Dear Parents: Please Invite Every Child

THIS♥️ As the parent of a special needs child who isn't always included, I implore other parents to set an example and invite every child to parties.

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WARHorses - Women of Age Riding Horses

The power they possess to heal is unfathomable. Truly. We simply facilitate the space to allow them to do what comes completely natural to them. ♥️

Meeting people exactly where they are.

“When there’s nothing else, at least I can think, ‘Levon has his favorites and I’m one of them,’ “ Abigail said. “That gives me something that I didn’t have before.”

Another great story about the benefits horses offer people through therapy. This 13-year-old was suffering from severe depression and anxiety, then she met Levon. In her own words, "I don't think I'd be here today without him." I've read this three times and cry every time. This story is extremely touching and can serve as a reminder that help is out there, sometimes in unexpected places - like a barn.

National Autism Association

Respect the strength.

Horse Whorls | Horse Tricks 101

Lots of truth to this😊 HORSE WHORLS GUIDE Looking at whorls is a time honored method of judging a horses temperament. Long held as superstition, there is science to back it up. Hair and brain are formed from the same fetal

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Ann Montgomery

A number of years ago I had an interesting lesson with a student. The rider was struggling with getting a constant contact with her horse. After watch both of them move around the arena for a while and seeing the mare, chomp, and fiddle with her tongue and bit I asked the rider “where is your tongue sitting in your mouth? To this the rider stopped the horse and said ” how the hell did you know that” so it turns out that this rider has a gap in-between one of her upper molars and she has a habit of twisting her tongue to place the tongue in the gap.

When I asked her to place her tongue softly onto the top of her mouth the horse became quite in its contact and as the lesson went on the horse began to move freer in the shoulders, the rider’s tonal quality of her arms into her hand and fingers became a soft tone.

So why is this so, I asked myself, and did some research.

Why would the riders tongue affect the horses tongue so much?

Well from what I have researched the hyoid bone is part of the tongue movement apparatuses as the omohyoid muscle origin site at the superior border of the scapula and can vary in location and in size, and at times the muscle also originates from the superior transverse scapular ligament. The attachment of the central tendon can be only to the clavicle or to the clavicle and the first rib.

Wow I thought so when her tongue curls up a whole tension goes from her tongue down to her shoulder which must create a tension down her whole arm to her hand. This in turn puts a tension onto the rein and bit which travels onto the horse’s tongue, so guess what this also affects the horses hyoid bone and his omohyoid muscle into the shoulder causing the tight steps and fussy mouth. It’s a circle of tension.

Along with this is the TMJ joint of both parties again the hyoid bone, which is located in the throat latch area in the horse and upper throat of the human comes into play, as the hyoid connects to the larynx, pharynx and tongue and articulates with the temporal bone.

With the horse it’s more complex as the TMJ also has the ear movement involved so mouthy horses, head shakers or sensitivity in this area could be a having tension in this area, if the rider is tight in the hyoid or TMJ it should be checked out. If a rider is constantly clamping the jaw I often get them to chew gum to help prevent this.

I was so fascinated by this I asked Sharon May Davies to show me the hyoid of the horse on my last course with her. I was amazed how big it was and yet frail it was.

And so when the rider asked me “how did I know that”, it was a simple answer “the horse told me” but I did tell them the next day exactly why it was affecting her mare after doing some research. It’s all part of looking outside the box, to find a solution which works for the horse and can carefully guide the rider into a better place.

Sometimes the rider makes the coach look deeper as to the why something worked. Your gut feel can’t always be enough information for the rider. Also by having hard facts it takes away the mystical element of the lesson.

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Senate Passes Bill Expanding Access To Respite Care Lawmakers are pressing ahead with a plan to increase federal funding to support respite care for families of those with disabilities and other special needs.

Timeline Photos

Knowledge talks,
wisdom listens.
-J. Hendrix
He’s 13.
And he’s a whiz.
Today he taught me about light emitting frequencies and sounds and their he explored riding a new to him steed.
I learned gobs. As I do every time I am with him.
Here at Lasata we strive to exist outside the norm of typical. Because we have witnessed it is precisely where sound relationships are grown, where life change truly happens, and it is where lessons are learned that go far deeper than traditional teaching.
Be wise in knowing everyone is communicating all of the time. Some times through their words, but more often through their actions. Take the time to listen as oppose to simply hearing. You will be impacted significantly for good, as will those around you.
“Where Horses and Nature Guide the Healing and Learning”
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Listen to hope.

Valentine for Beau
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Jersey Haven Equestrian

Kindling's Valentine's Day Video 2020
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Lasata's DAY CAMP- A Day Filled of Horses and Nature (one day only)

NEW THIS YEAR! In addition to our week long camps we are offering a ONE DAY CAMP EXPERIENCE! Come get your feet wet exploring relationships with horses and making new friends!

Summer Horsemanship Camp and Farm Experience

We are so excited for this year's camp season. It is FAST approaching!
Hope to see you here!
FEEL FREE TO SHARE! SUMMER HORSEMANSHIP CAMP at Lasata Farm This camp is for individuals who are 6-11 years of age. There are 3 weeks offered in this advertisement. For further information visit us at or call our office at 610-886-4888. Safe, fun and educational opportuities for young individuals to lear...

Today, along with family and friends we celebrated you. A glorious day full of tears, hugs and laughter. A true honor it was to share time and equines with you. We all have been changed for good because we knew you. You are and will be dearly missed. Until we meet again Ogie. #beauoflasata

There are countless places she could go and she chooses this🦄

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Study: Horseback Riding Helps Kids With Autism, ADHD – The Horse

🎯❣️ First-of-its kind research shows how brain-building exercises and therapeutic horseback riding improve the motor skills of young people with neurodevelopmental disorders.

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