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All my love to you, Elizabeth, and the family. What a wonderful email and page. Thank you
Hi, Nofach Kabbalah Center is looking to train potential teachers which they will serve our community and will open new locations. For more information please send us a massage.
For two years in my early twenties, I completely stopped menstruating.

My body was sending me a powerful prayer.

If you want to know what it was, and if you want to answer the question, "What is the prayer of your body?" then join us THIS SUNDAY for a beautiful online worship where women from around the world will gather in our collective Soul Power.

Together we will:

1. engage the ways our physical exercise is a way to express our masculine, feminine and inner-child energy;
2. consider the many ways we already move our body--the many ways our Body already moves us, and we will give thanks;
3. anoint our bodies with love and compassion (bring essential oils and other complementing oils like coconut/jojoba/almond)
4. and commit to welcoming and integrating all of our body parts into our whole being

It's happening THIS SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 7TH AT 5:30PM PST / 8:30PM EST. Click here to register: http://buff.ly/Wi2Ou6

The exchange of services costs $19 for a single event or $29 for a subscription (which includes a free one-time 30-minute spiritual alignment session with me AND two "worship for the Soul" events every month). Click here to register today (choose the second or third option): http://buff.ly/Wi2Ou6
BOSTON REPRESENT! Great to connect yesterday! YES! YES! YES! We ladies must stick together. You are amaze. Yours truly, Laura (FB page: LivingwellwithLaura)
It's all happening!
"Remember, we are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we're so deeply interconnected with one another. Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment, and being love is the supreme creative act." ~Ram Dass
I've missed your posts! And miss you Elizabeth Keller
just thought you might enjoy this: I had my laptop open on the couch, I went to do dishes. My little s***z tsu walked across the keyboad. I came back and your website was up! So I sat down and explored because I figured there is a reason that happened :)
10,000 petals of gratitude to you for the inspiring online dream analysis...your presence and questions were amazing.
Hey Shanelle Disinger! You might like this ;)

Tonight at the Domestic Violence Shelter, a client provoked an argument with another client. Tension cut through the air. Cops were called. The client was visibly anxious, angry and anguished. She was struggling to carry and care for her two-year old daughter, so I asked if I could hold her to help. The client welcomed the hand.

As I held this two-year old wonder, with a curly head of hair and drop-dead gorgeous smile, she kept kicking and kicking. And soon she busted through my arms, like a force that says, I do not want to be bound. She roamed and ran, curious about everything in sight, looking at objects with awe and amazement. She cuddled up against the other clients, tucking her head into their laps. What kept coming to my mind was free, free—f r e e. She just wants to be to play and walk, to be free to be.

And then I saw Her. I saw Spirit. Spirit was here in this place. She was calling out to the anguished, angry client and mother saying, “Look, look at me, I am Spirit. I AM your daughter.” Through her daughter, Spirit was speaking and saying to the client, “Beloved, you ache to bust through that which binds you. More than anything, you just want to roam and run, play and seek, to see the world with new eyes. You just want to be free . . . “

I am Spirit. I am your daughter, reflecting back to you what your soul longs for.

And so tonight, will you join me in holding this client and her daughter, no longer safe in the shelter, in the wings of Mother eagle who soars through the air, rising above it all, so light, so free to be . . .
GRATITUDE to Karen Roberts for first introducing the word YONIC (during her Master of Arts presentation at Bethany Seminary of all places!) to me when I was 35 years old -- opened my world in whole new ways, as I hope it does YOURS!!!

Spiritual Coach, Teacher & Student | I accompany you into self-awareness, healing + your sacred sove


LOCAL FRIENDS! EXCITING NEWS! I am offering an Astrology Workshop Series at Claremont Yoga studio! This 3-part introductory course will expand your understanding of your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. Come discover what they mean and why they matter. Bring your friends and family, too!

Mark your calendars for March 26, April 30, and June 4. Sundays from 1-3pm.

We are born from both dirt and stardust. Our stories are written in our bones, breath and blood, and in the sun, moon and planets above.

There is an ancient understanding that the sky mirrors to us what’s happening in our collective and individual lives — as above, so below, they say. The cosmos shows us how we are interconnected: influencing and inspiring each other. Join us! Learn how you are much, much more than your Sun sign. You are the entire universe.


✨Learn how to access your birth chart, and interpret its meaning.
✨Tap into your embodied wisdom with a seasonal grounding practice.
✨Digest the content with personal reflection and group sharing.
✨Be among other astrology-curious companions!
✨Homework! Deepen your understanding between workshops.


✨$45 for a single workshop
✨$120 for the entire workshop series (3 courses over 3 months!)
✨Included in registration (single and series) is a copy of astrologer Chani Nicholas' book YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS

Our birth charts are snapshots of the sky when we took our first breath. They are maps of where all the celestial bodies were located when you were born. Many say it’s our soul map. How beautiful is that?

Our Sun, Moon and Rising signs are the three fundamental areas of our charts that explain our life's purpose. If you are an astrology newbie, this is the place to start. Register at https://www.claremontyoga.com/events/2023/3/26/astrology-workshop-series-sun-moon-rising-signs-with-elizabeth-keller

Astrology has been a source of self-empowerment, healing and spiritual growth. I hope it is for you too.

As above, so below.


YOU'RE INVITED! Join me for the longest night of the year, an online winter solstice circle. RSVP at https://elizabethjkeller.com/events

Beautiful art by (follow on Instagram).

* * *
I am captivated by the winter solstice. Every year when we arrive at this time, my heart melts at its ancient wisdom. It feels like wonderment. It's the longest night of the year. Yet, just on the other side, emerges more and more light.

The invitation, of course, is not to move toward the outer light, but toward our inner light. It's a call to sync up with the season: to slow down, do less, and rest more.

When we do, we give ourselves the spaciousness and softness to reflect on the past year. Our sacred gleanings within can shine bright, and we witness how our everyday mundane moments are part of a grand vision illuminating our way home.

Solstice is a hallowed portal where healing and hope are especially pronounced. It's why I would love to be in your presence.

Will you join me for this special online solstice gathering?

Anticipate an intimate, informal and interactive gathering with other spiritual companions on the road to wholeness. Here's what I have planned for us:

✨ Astrological Insight: We will meet under auspicious astrological energy. Discover how planet Jupiter, our internal Sage and Great Benefic, is ushering each of us into a new 12-year holy quest!

✨ Grounding Meditation: Relax your mind, and tap into your imaginal realm. Learn how to use this as a tool to ground you in your most activating moments.

✨ 2022 Reflections: Unearth your sacred stories and honor your body's wisdom. Practice a coaching technique I call the "holy trinity" — an embodied reflection process that reveals your soul's message for this season.


DATE: Tuesday, December 20th
TIME: 7-8:30pm ET | 4-5:30pm PT
COST: Suggested donation of $15-$25
RSVP: https://elizabethjkeller.com/events


My mother named me after a Queen. I received the message early on that self-agency was my birthright. Learning how to channel it has been central to my life’s purpose. (I'm also an Aries Sun conjunct Jupiter in my 1st house!)

Can you imagine a world where we all get to live from our sacred sovereignty?

This is my vision and mission.

It starts with each and everyone of us claiming our inherent worth, wisdom and beauty.

That requires that we courageously face the limiting beliefs, outdated wounds, and cultural conditioning that tell us we are not enough. You are more than enough. You are sovereign.

What sovereignty means in coaching is that first and foremost, I see you as the supreme source of your wisdom, creativity, and resilience. You are the ruler of your life. You know best, even when you think you don’t know anything at all. You do.

Spiritual coaching is leading you back to that place inside you that is downright majestic. Gift yourself a free coaching session with me and let's grow up together to know we are sovereign. DM me now!

* * *
I am Spiritual Coach, Teacher and Student. I accompany clients into self-awareness, healing + their sacred sovereignty (with a little help from astrology).

I've made a conscious choice to mostly step away from social media. I'd still like to keep in touch with you! The best way to do that is to subscribe to my enewsletters (I know so old school) at https://elizabethjkeller.com/. While you're there, check out:

👑 What my ideal client looks like
👑 My new service offerings
👑 My latest inspiration
👑 More about my vision

IMAGE: Old photo of 4-year old Keller wearing a gold, sparkly crown and pink dress. Next to her is a light pink quotation bubble that says, "I want everyone to grow up to know they are sovereign." Deep red background with white and gold bubbles in the left-top corner.


Hello spiritual companions, this month my intention is to get out of my head and into my body more. To let her move and feel and play and lead more. To acknowledge her knowing. Will you join me?

The body doesn’t think, it senses. As we pay more attention to our body’s sensations, we’re able to shift from the idea of being alive, to the experience of being alive. This grounds us in the present moment and tunes us into the rhythm and cycles of our environment, the earth, and our own embodied wisdom.

“Embodiment is a revolutionary act,” astrologer Divine Harmony recently wrote in her cosmic insight blogpost. She described how so much is happening in the heavens right now (astrologically-speaking) urging us “to love this body now, love this earth now, love what is now.” Not so we can be complacent, but so we can reclaim our body’s wisdom, which for too long has been cast aside. In large part by Christian supremacy.

The Christian story was strongly influenced by the Hellenistic period, which unlike ancient Israel, separated the body and soul. As a result, the mind and soul were elevated—and represented purity, while the body and physical matter (including the earth) were rebuked—and represented impurity.

This dualism between body and soul led to the denigration and oppression of women because we were seen as more bodily—women become pregnant, we lactate, menstruate, and otherwise are more attune to our embodied nature. It became so oppressive to women that early Church fathers debated whether or not women even had souls. Later they decided we have souls, but not clear whether or not we could be saved. [Dance of the Dissident Daughter, Sue Monk Kidd]

Christian or not, this history saturates our society. Our bodies (and the earth) pay the price: abused, exploited, judged, shamed, ignored, hurting, discarded.

It’s why so many of us stay in our heads—It’s not often safe nor comfortable to be in our bodies.

It’s why embodiment is a revolutionary act.
A healing invitation.
A divine encounter.

Because we know the truth: Our body is sacred. We are the holy incarnate. The Word made flesh. Spirit lives in us as us. Read more at https://elizabethjkeller.com/inspiration/reclaiming-our-bodys-wisdom.


A once-in-a-lifetime occurrence is manifesting this week, according to beloved astrologer Chani Nicholas. The planets Venus (the Lover), and Jupiter (the Sage), and Neptune (the Dreamer), are all meeting up in Pisces, the sign of the spiritual realm, the invisible world, all things mystical, the place where all living things are connected. WOWZA.

All of these planets are exalted in the sign of Pisces, meaning they shine bright and big and bold and with ease and joy and abundance. Their energy is TENFOLD right now. It all culminates on Tuesday, April 12th.

If ever there was a time to send our prayers and dreams and visions into the world, that time is NOW.

Last night our Moon Circle gathered under a crescent moon to practice meditation. With all the challenges we are facing in the world, and in our own lives, we committed to offering the following mediation (written by Jack Kornfield) every day this week leading up to Tuesday, April 12th. Will you join us? Here's how it works:

Say the following prayer out loud or inwardly to yourself.

🌜Imagine offering this blessing to yourself. Repeat 4 times.

May my spirit be strong.
May I be safe and protected.
May I be filled with deep healing.
May I be held by love.

🌜Imagine offering this blessing to someone you love. Repeat 4 times.

May your spirit be strong.
May you be safe and protected.
May you be filled with deep healing.
May you be held by love.

🌜Imagine offering this blessing to someone who is hurting. Repeat 4 times.

May your spirit be strong.
May you be safe and protected.
May you be filled with deep healing.
May you be held by love.

🌜Imagine offering this blessing to a group of people in the world who need our prayer (For example, Ukraine people, unhoused people, children at the border, people harmed by hate, etc.). Repeat 4 times.

May your spirit be strong.
May you be safe and protected.
May you be filled with deep healing.
May you be held by love.

🌜Imagine offering this blessing to all humanity. Repeat 4 times.

May all our spirits be strong.
May we all be safe and protected.
May we all be filled with deep healing.
May we all be held by love.


Anxiety is so common for so many of us. Yet how well do we know our anxiety? Here's a recent session with a client and how she started to better understand hers. Use the reflection prompts to better understand yours. For my full letter on the collective anxiety in the air, go here: https://elizabethjkeller.com/inspiration/anxiety-in-the-air

✨Working with a client recently, she described this collective anxiety in the air as a heavy cloud sitting on her head. When you are feeling anxious or worried, what images or colors come to mind?

✨My client said her mind would often spin out about what she should do, place impossible expectations on top of her, and give her unending reasons to feel unsafe. What stories do you tell yourself when you are feeling anxious or worried? Are they true? Can you know for certain if they are true?

✨The client then described feelings of powerlessness and anger inside her. What additional feelings emerge when you are feeling anxious or worried?

✨She also realized that by being stuck in her head so much of the time, she was missing all the life and opportunities for healing and connection happening right in front of her. What opportunities are you missing in your present life when you are feeling anxious or worried?

✨Understanding how anxiety shows up inside you equips you to more easily call attention to it the next time it appears. When it does, you can both witness it and return to the present moment with a practice. My client chose to place a hand on her heart and say to herself, “I am safe, and my feet are on the ground.” What mindfulness practice do you want to start to relax your anxiety and be in the now?

✨It's possible when we engage our practice, some important insight will break through. My client discovered that anxiety cut her off from her body and its wisdom. She committed to more bodywork in her life. When you engage your mindfulness practice, what insights break through for you?

* * *
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Yesterday gentle yoga. Today gentle hike (Had to make room for my shadow in the shot). My intention for April is to get out of my head and into my body more, gently. What's yours?


The theme of anxiety appears a lot in my coaching sessions. Are you feeling it? Read full post at https://elizabethjkeller.com/inspiration/anxiety-in-the-air

The anxiety in the air can trick us into feeling like we're perpetually unsafe. Our nervous systems are likely in fight, flight or freeze mode more times than not. The anxiety in the air can also get us stuck in our heads, somewhere in the past or future or some distant place across the globe — leaving us too often untethered from our embodied reality. There is refuge and agency in returning to the here and now. "The present moment is the safest place to be," a spiritual teacher-friend once wrote.

Let that idea sink in: The present moment is the safest place to be.

One way to return to the present moment is to return to our physical senses. Try it. Take a moment: Really open your eyes, what do you see? Now close your eyes, what sounds do you hear? What smells captivate you? What taste lingers in your mouth? Place your hand on your heart, and feel your body. Now ask yourself: “In this moment, am I safe?”

When we come to our senses, we come to Spirit in the here and now, and we remember we are okay. We remember things are not getting worse; they are getting uncovered. We are a nation, a world, in the depths of collective healing. On the other side of this is more beauty, freedom and belonging for everyone. Deep breath.

Here's when our agency arrives.

While the present moment is the safest place to be, it’s also the wisest and most compassionate. It equips us to better understand our role in this moment. When we invite our anxiety and fears to relax by tuning into the present moment, we now have access to everything: not just our mind (which is now more clear), but also our body, heart, and soul, to surrounding nature and the infinite cosmos, to that energy that connects us to all living things, to everything that ever was and ever will be, to eternity. From this sacred place inside each of us, the most loving, efficient, fearless, and generous response can emerge.

May it be so, companions. And may today, you touch and taste and hear and see the world right before you. Let this be a gift you offer toward our collective healing.

* * *
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Hello spiritual companions, are you familiar with Adrienne Maree Brown's work? She’s a post-nationalist writer, doula, activist, Black feminist, and among the visionaries engaging in “radical futuring.” She’s also the wise soul who said,

“Things are not getting worse,
they are getting uncovered…

What feels new is the unveiling;
the heaviness is the increasing weight of the truth
becoming undeniable as more people believe it.”

Whether you’re an activist, an engaged citizen, or trying to get through the day, there is a collective anxiety in the air. A fear for our safety and children’s future. A panic from the constant change and uncertainty. A desperate desire to do something to be part of the solution. An overwhelm resulting in paralysis and numbness at the magnitude of the repair and reimagining required.

All of these thoughts and feelings are normal. We are a nation, a world, in the depths of collective healing: the first step is facing what’s been hiding in the shadows (I speak more to this in my post "Entering a new era: a solstice sermon").

I know it can feel extremely unsettling. Part of me actually finds it reassuring to know that as painful as this process is, on the other side of it, awaits more beauty, freedom and belonging for everyone.

How then do we handle the weight of these wounds? Read my newsletter at https://elizabethjkeller.com/inspiration/anxiety-in-the-air

* * *
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