HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)

HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)


Double celebration today for us with and . HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) is hosting events Nov. 8-15 that include an Identity Workshop, professional development seminar and faculty/staff community building event.

Along with other leading institutions, HMC holds the First-gen Forward Designation, a national honor that recognizes institutions of higher education that have demonstrated a commitment to improving experiences and advancing outcomes of first-generation college students.

This is how we define first-gen:
> Neither parent/guardian graduated from a four-year college. This means that you are part of the first generation in your family to attend a four-year college/university to attain a bachelor’s degree.
> Neither parent/guardian completed a four-year college degree in the United States.
> Only one parent/guardian completed a four-year college degree in the United States.

In this HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) talk, “The Current Landscape of STEM Education and the Resulting Impact on Communities of Color,” Seton Hall Professor Edmund Adjapong describes what it means to be an antiracist STEM educator/advocate in support of students of color advancing in STEM fields. He directs Science Genius initiatives that mentor and prepare students for STEM careers.

Creativity & imagination. Critical thinking. Exploratory learning. Passion for innovation. Problem solving. "As educators supporting students in STEM," says Adjapong, "we need to provide quality STEM education to support folks in gaining these skills whether they want to embark in STEM or not."
Join us Sept. 22 at 6:15 p.m. (on Zoom) for “The Pedagogy of Technoscience: Using Social Justice and Culturally Responsive Frameworks to Promote Liberatory Practices in STEM Learning Environments,” part of HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)'s Anti-Racist Series.

Yvonne Thevenot EDM, PhD will share highlights about a trend taking place within STEM—using technoscience pedagogies to utilize interdisciplinary methodologies that serve to challenge racism and carceral forms of technology and science systems. Rather than continuing to address the deficits and marginalization created from existing algorithms, apps, AI and scientific products and systems, Thevenot invites you to consider utilizing various modes of text, narratives and STEM interdisciplinary teaching and development strategies to liberate STEM learning spaces and enable all students to thrive in a world where they can innovate freely and, with hope, create a world that is truly equitable.
HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)'s Anti-Racist Series continues Wednesday, so be sure to sign up. Scripps College Assistant Dean and Director of Scripps Community of Resources and Empowerment (SCORE) Marissiko M. Wheaton speaks March 24 at 6:30 p.m. Register at to get the Zoom info. Her talk includes an exploration of Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) critical race resistance and the legacy of anti-Blackness.
HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)

A message to our community...
In our last APIDA highlight series feature for this school year, we are highlighting Alfred Flores, a professor of Asian American Studies at Harvey Mudd College. He is also housed under the Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies at the Claremont Colleges and will soon be finishing his first year with us at the Claremont Colleges! Here’s more about Prof. Flores in his own words:


I’m Alfred P. Flores, Ph.D. in History from UCLA in 2015. I also have an M.A. degree in Public History and B.A. degree in History from UC Riverside. Furthermore, I was a transfer student from College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA. In my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball, watching movies, listening to music, and playing video games.

- Where are you from and how has that shaped your experiences?
My ancestral homelands are the island of Guahan (Guam) and Korea. While I was born in Seoul, South Korea, I grew up and lived most of my life in Indio, CA. Being one of the few Asian American and Pacific Islander people in Indio, I quickly learned about racial identity, racism, and class based issues. In many ways, these experiences helped make me become a more conscientious person about societal inequalities.

-Which spaces/orgs on campus are you involved in? If applicable and you're open to it, when and where can you be found if people would like to meet you (e.g. office/work hours in a space)?
As a first year faculty member at the Claremont Colleges, my goal has been to try and support a variety of campus organizations such as the AARC (Asian American Resource Center) (PO), Center for Asian Pacific American Students (CAPAS) (PZ), HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) (HMC). I have two offices, one at HMC and the other at Pomona College. The best way to meet with me is to set up an appointment via email at [email protected].

-Is there anything that you are working on that would like to share with our community?
My most recent publication is a research essay on U.S. colonial education policy and curriculum in Guam from 1899 to 1950 that was published by Oxford University Press (March 2019). I am currently working on two other projects. The first is my book manuscript on the militarization of Guam from World War II to 1962. The second project is an essay that examines college pathways, pedagogies, and Pacific Islander Studies.

I will also be co-organizing next year's IDAAS signature event series with Dr. Mike Manalo-Pedro (Asian American Resource Center) on the topic of militarization and decolonization in Asia, the Pacific, and the continental United States. This event is going to bring three major scholars in the fields of Asian American Studies, Native American Studies, and Pacific Islander Studies to the Claremont Colleges to give presentations on their research. Moreover, students will be given the opportunity to participate in an AlternaBreak, which will take place in San Diego, where they will meet with other student/community organizations and learn about the militarization of Native lands near the Mexico/U.S. border.

- What brings you joy?
I cherish spending time with my family and friends. Life is finite, so spend as much of it with the people you care and love.
What a fun event! Our 1st Annual Professional Fashion Show was a hit thanks to our wonderful students, HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID), HMC Wellness, Hixon Center for Sustainable Environmental Design, and our fantastic partners and donors, ALotofGood! We learned that professional clothes can be affordable, stylish, and environmentally friendly.
HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID), HMC Wellness and OCS are teaming up for our 1st Annual Mudd Fashion Show on Thursday evening. We took a few of our models to ALotofGood to shop and get some styling advice. We are excited!!!
Happening in 30 minutes!
This is happening today at noon in the Aviation Room! Join us for an awesome presentation on plastics and ocean pollution from Staci Goddard - co-hosted by the Hixon Center and the HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)!
We are co-hosting an exciting talk this Wednesday with the HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID), given by Staci Goddard! We hope to see you there!
HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)'s Jonathan Chan brought breakdancing to Platt Living Room today as part of a street dancing workshop. Supported by the Social Justice League, Chan and other dancers demonstrated their skills and discussed the origins and evolution of street dance.

Awareness. Allyship. Action. The Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) serves as a social justice education hub for the entire Harvey Mudd campus community.

OID is guided by three primary goals: to increase Awareness, Allyship and Action through our work. Awareness

OID strives to foster the campus’ engagement with and understanding of critical issues, including bias, power, and privilege. We actively counter racism, sexism, classism, heteronormativity, ableism, and other forms of institutionalized oppression. Allyship

We aim to offer students, facul

Operating as usual


Come to the OID living room at 6pm tonight for our Toxic Gaming Culture Talk! Box your food. We have snacks :)


Come by for our election night viewing party tomorrow night in Platt from 7 - 9pm! Snacks will be provided! We will also be holding space for community members on Wednesday, November 7th from noon to 1pm in OID for debriefing and discussions.


Today marks the first International Pronouns Day! | Learn more at


Save the Date! Hope to see you there!


Come box out and hang out with the OID team today in our office!


Our new campaign is challenging students to "Level Up" and attend as many of our programming events to develop skills to tackle all aspects of life with a social justice lens. Attendees will receive a point per participation throughout the semester and are eligible to win a variety of prizes including our first place prize of a new copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch! The more events you attend, the better your chances to win!


Join us today for our roundtable discussion.


As we await our elected leaders' actions and votes on the current Supreme Court nominee, it's vital to think about the messages being conveyed to boys, girls, men, women and gender non-conforming people about masculinity, misogyny, and sexual and gendered violence. These messages have repressions for our society and country. We invite everyone in our community, students, staff, and faculty, who would like to talk about how this situation is affecting them. Come to talk, to listen, or to just sit with others who are also trying to process what is happening and what this might mean. Everyone is welcome to share in this empathetic and healing space.


FREE SNACKS! Come unwind and play some video games with us! Today at 5pm in OID!


Come by OID Tomorrow for our WOKESHOP on identity, diverse backgrounds and privilege! Let learn together on how to create a more accepting and inclusive community :)


🍕 and amazing folks are coming to OID this Friday!


A big thank you to the Black Intersections Conference Planning Committee and communities of African descent at the Claremont Colleges for this beautiful plaque! We were more than happy to support a great event such as the Black Intersections Conference 😊

Photos from HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)'s post 06/11/2018

Hello Mudders! If you are in the area over summer and need something to do, we have two libraries: books and movies. Feel free to drop by and borrow one or the other through our check out system 😊 hope you all are doing well!


Yesterday OID said good bye to some of the Graduate Assistants/Interns that were part of the team this year! Thank you Gerardo, Diana, and Luis for all the work you did; not only for our office but for the campus community! We will miss you 😥❤️


Ramadan Mubarak! For those that are in observance, may you have a fulfilling and wholesome first day 😊


Congrats Mudders on finishing the year❤️! To the ones who have graduated, we will miss you. Please feel free to drop by and still visit us when you are in the area 😊

For those who are here during summer for classes, research, etc, our doors are still open! Roll through to relax, play some games or just talk. We also may have something in store for the next month or so, so please keep an eye on our social media!


OHW/OID field day happening now :) please join us!!!


Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Today there will be a special advanced screening and panel discussion on May 2, 6–8 p.m., to celebrate the premiere of NOVA Wonders, a new PBS series hosted by Harvey Mudd Professor Talithia Williams.

Wednesday, May 2, 6–8 p.m.
Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning, Auditorium
Free and open to the public


Exercise some wellness with us through games and activities on Friday around lunch time! The weather looks good, so please enjoy the sunshine with us 👍

Why We Need More Students Of Color In Math Enrichment Programs 05/01/2018

Why We Need More Students Of Color In Math Enrichment Programs

Prof. Omar and HMC in Forbes talking about real issues facing American Higher Education. A well deserved spotlight for a valued member of the campus community 😊

Link below:

Why We Need More Students Of Color In Math Enrichment Programs The expanding world of high school math enrichment programs lacks students of color. Here's what we can do about it.


A OHW and OID collaboration during dead week. Roll through and make a care package/note of care for yourself and others :)

Timeline photos 05/01/2018

Congrats to all the Mudders and The Claremont College students, staff, and faculty who participated in this years’ Lavender Graduation. Also shout out to Manny and Pharalyn in the QRC for organizing such an awesome graduation!


We love our student interns for all that they do! In this case, Lotenna is modeling an outfit for the Career Closet program by OID and looking super sharp 👌👍


Please mark your calendars for this and support our fellow 7C events!

Photos from HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)'s post 04/24/2018

Dr. José Calderón shared how his lived experiences and academic work inform his efforts in promoting community-based teaching, learning, researching, and organizing. Dr. Calderón is a Professor of Sociology and Chicano/a-Latino/a Studies at Pitzer College. He has spent his career advocating for immigrant rights, community-based coalition building, and higher education.

Special thanks to Gabriela Gamiz, HMC's Director of Community Engagement, for her help in organizing the event!


Congrats to one of OID's Student Interns, Callie Glanton, for receiving the Outstanding Emerging Leader award at HMC's Leadership Awards! We are proud of you 😀


Today!!! Please join us in our office :)


Tomorrow from 3-5pm at the EmPOWER CENTER. Roll through and support 😀

Photos from HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)'s post 04/17/2018

Thank you Bhavana for giving an awesome Social Justice League workshop on the intergenerational gap of progressive ideals within Asian American families. We appreciate all who attended 😊

Photos from HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)'s post 04/17/2018

Our Outdoors S.I. gathering was awesome!!! Decompressing with one another before the semester ends was much needed. Thank you all for coming!


This Wednesday Rara Nares will be working with Career Services to give a great program on the social consciousness behind STEM careers! Join them for this Social Justice League event!


Today!!! Come out and support SJL-er Bhavana Bheem at their workshop. Your voice is valued :D

Photos from HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)'s post 04/12/2018

Pain, Power, and Promise: Poetry in a Trumpian Era

"Poetry can be a method of change and activism"

"Issues in society and race deep and present. Spoken word is powerful."

In conversation yesterday with Matt Sedillo, a two-time national slam poet award winner, about the broken promises of the American Dream. Sedillo uses history, political theory, and humor to reveal the complexities of capitalism, racism, sexism, and classism. Through poetry Sedillo investigates the pain of poverty and his own homelessness in Los Angeles, and envisions a more compassionate and equitable world.


Social Justice League's Eleanor Rackoff created space for a great critical discussion on ethnocentrism and ethnorelativism; as well as talking to OID with how we move forward from this model. Thanks to all that participated!

Photos from HMC Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)'s post 04/10/2018

Aziza Hassan, Executive Director of New Ground: Muslim Jewish Partnership for Change, spoke to students, faculty, and staff about effective communication skills and how to have conversations across difference.

Here are what some participants took away from the event:

"how to converse in a productive way"

"be more mindful of how I approach conflict in my own life"

"engage with people who have different opinions than I do"

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