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Individualized exercise prescription free of gyms or machines. Centered around innovative exercise &

Mission: Asking questions, looking to aid individuals seeking healthy habits. As a teacher I'm able to continue to grow in light of an accelerated information age by applying my experience in creating the most innovative brands and athletes of a generation.


We make changes in our lives when it's easy, especially with exercise or staying healthy. Calisthenics & running/walking are free & its important you feel good. People care about that & get stoked.


Once you understand the fundamentals of nutrition & exercise, the rest is like jazz hands... a very quantum flare that only you can put on life. What are the fundamentals? Eat whole foods for energy. Move it or loose it (especially heart & lungs). Wanna get good at something? Do it over & over again, but don't forget to rest & do other things to avoid burn-out, which will in-turn make you stronger & help you grow.


This is the aging athlete paradigm to improve quality of performance & life when combined with aerobic (endurance) training. Notable athletes such as Andre Agassi, Cal Ripken Jr., & Andrew Reynolds have shown proven results, while extending their careers in professional sports by observing similar approaches.


The biggest obstacle to weight management & why diets/health interventions fail, is calorie restriction made worse when you add a new workout plan. Solution: replace diet with whole foods made at home, increase calorie intake, & have abundant energy for exercise & most importantly your life.


Embracing negative emotions and communicating them is the impetus for positive change. Suppressing them or self-flagellation is self destructive. The world is in flux always, everything is never fine & that makes life worth living.


A beautiful reaction to the information age is the total destruction of sports, fashion, & entertainment. A short term loss for economy, while brands will be forced to do things that matter to consumers with a new found self esteem.


Islam propelled science in the 9th-12th centuries through the consolidation of texts of the world's knowledge into Arabic, motivated by a statement in the Quran, stated roughly as, God created all the world's illnesses, but also provided their cures. The Information Age may prove to do something similar, but for value systems.


Skills vs exercise intensity, can often be misinterpreted by the ego. Especially if you browse YouTube for ideas. Of course, in competition for views, reality becomes askew. Excellent health can be achieved without ever doing a push-up or pull up. In fact, the extra muscle it takes to achieve these skills is costly, both financially and in the body's total energy expenditure, often creating more stress. The highest goal for any exercise event is to stress your heart & lungs, so while challenge is good, being a circus performer isn't necessary.

Rethinking The Internet: How We Lost Control And How To Take It Back 06/18/2018

Rethinking The Internet: How We Lost Control And How To Take It Back

I hold myself responsible for exploiting vulnerable thrill-seeking minds during my career & I acknowledge the role social media played. However, as the 2016 election proved, things are only getting worse. This is a great talk to help provide perspective for the future fight of information in an era dominated by a few players where clicks are still king.

Rethinking The Internet: How We Lost Control And How To Take It Back “Move fast and break things,” went the Silicon Valley rallying cry, and for a long time we cheered along. Born in dorm rooms and garages, implemented by icon...


Disc degeneration & disc bulges are a natural part of aging. What is unnatural the idea that opiod use, injections, ceasing activity, chiropractor, massage, or needles can take the place of sleep, whole food diet, & natural movements which will naturally reduce pain sensitivity, increase mobility, & recovery. Healthy habits are greater than magic bullet hype that target symptoms & not the source.


As we age, the stories we tell ourselves about movement are often irrational, made up by the bodies continual desire to protect itself. It is often the mistake to avoid movement that leads to increase in pain sensitivity and negative views of environment. Practicing movement daily is essential.


When you're tired, fatigue, & rundown; chronic issues can rise & health decline. Intent & purpose surrounding work can play a huge role. For example, my career started with the joy of skateboarding as a counter-culture movement expressing displeasure in a materialistic/urban society & ended with total burnout as skateboarding became an accessory to fast fashion & popular culture. Suppressing your true feelings for a paycheck will kill you.


Everyone should be in total control of their own fitness & nutrition, making it a habit just like brushing. No gyms, cults, or boring others about any of it. Show up to life feeling great


Engaging in exercise, sunlight, sleep, rest, & consuming whole foods is nature's pathway towards improved performance, quality of life, & growth.


The idea of a weakest link is an insane xenophobic creation of group dynamics. Performing your best in the most challenging situations, regardless of others actions, will save energy by avoiding the in group or out group, while keeping the focus on present time tasks.


Growth Equation: Healthy Stress + Rest + Repetition = Growth both mind & body (They are inseparable). What was once difficult, now is easy. KEEP GOING


Apps are designed according to slot machine science. Instead of potential jackpot, they use actions to elicit a dopamine hit e.g. social equity or relevance and our innate desire to gather info & knowledge needed for survival as currency to gain attention.


The properties of fiber are very much misunderstood & advertisers take advantage of this. For example, while delicious & used in culinary arts to please our palette's, spices bind with water & along with all the advertised benefits of "micro-nutrients" they possess, are excreted upon defecation. Curcumin, I'm looking at you.


The act of Non Self Preservation has become a part of ritual & shared experiences because these acts come with very real rewards, however fleeting & ultimately destructive. Self preservation starts with changing your rituals & shared experiences in relation to food.

What's really behind ‘gluten sensitivity’? 05/24/2018

What's really behind ‘gluten sensitivity’?

Diets high in FODMAP have been associated with insulin resistance (high blood sugar), hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), mineral malabsorption, small intestinal bacteria overgrowth (SIBO), liver dysfunction, & irritable bowel syndrome. Processed foods have them in spades, specifically to up-cycle less desirable food bi-products by turning them into fillers which can then help lower caloric value on the label, by classifying these as "functional fiber", in addition to improving shelf life. Low FODMAP diet, SIBO diet, & the Specific Carbohydrate Diet are great ways to determine if you suffer.

What's really behind ‘gluten sensitivity’? sensitivity says there's still a lot to learn about gluten, wheat, and FODMAPs Learn more: producer/editor/script/animator/narrator Ng...


Maladaptive plasticity, meaning our bodies adjust to unnatural situations e.g. sitting for hours, sport, improper technique during exercise, etc, can lead to inflammation effecting a multitude systems in the body/brain negatively. Exercises like a reverse lunge knee lift are a great tool to fight against this when executed with proper form during regular weekly workouts, helping work the feet for improved balance & cognitive function.


A majority of weight loss interventions fail because the reward centers take a hell of a journey & a longer time to be reprogrammed in relation to say insulin or blood pressure. The journey starts by reorganizing food as energy, not as entertainment & letting your actions reflect this. The good news it can be done.


Investing daily in time & energy into things that yield a solid return is time & energy well spent. A lovely pie visual by cyclist & trainer Curtis Cramblett calling this his "Wellness Pie".


A great economical exercise that saves time, helps prevent fall injuries, & helps to focus on quality movement where regular push-ups can offer too much intensity.


Thanks to Sports & Entertainment Lifestyle, exercise & physical activity are often associated w/ displeasure, discomfort, guilt, embarrassment, & pain. It's become a natural reaction to avoid these activities. Overcoming these obstacles lies in the knowledge & adherence towards training for health, not the assimilation of a marketplace which simply looks to command attention.


It's the nature of the marketplace to promote ideals of non self preservation everyday. And while this is a reassuring sign of a healthy democracy, you aren't required to parrot these ideals. America, home of the free.


Essential to a whole foods diet is 35-45 mins of direct/indirect sunlight daily. Creating ritual & shared experiences can be initiated w/ prepacked meals that can create greater sense of well-being & ownership. Health is wealth.


While consistently eating a whole foods diet & training without drinking water will help you desire less water throughout your day, fruit & herb infused water can help buck bad habits & satisfy your palate. Prepare, then let sit for 4 - 12 hours before enjoying.


Key to naturally balancing hormones & neurotransmitters is regularly engaging in an artful/variety of exercise beyond your everyday energy expenditure. Using natural movements will help reduce injury & reduce inflammatory response that occurs w unnatural movements such as sports i.e. ball, cleats, board, or extreme intensity seen in competition.


Movements that involve multiple joints are a great way to save time, while providing the intensity needed to stress heart, lungs, & balancing systems which can improve performance & life quality. Using a "HIIT" or "Tabata" app timer will keep you moving, while a simple search of "Multi-Jointed Exercise" will yield endless possibilities of movements.

Dynamic Warm Ups 04/30/2018

Dynamic Warm Ups

Dynamic warm up, rather than stretching is a preferred method to avoid injury during workouts/performance. It serves to drive blood flow & raises neural connection to working muscles & connective tissue, helping avoid losing potential energy stored in the elastic & contractile function of the connective tissue, where static stretching removes this feature. I recommend static stretching between workouts, during mindfulness meditation type sessions, while stretching under-load during intense workouts progressively to gain flexibility and mobility.

Dynamic Warm Ups Barber Track and Field is proud to present Dynamic Warm Ups. In this 4 minute video explore over 27 different dynamic warm up exercises.


Don't wait for gene editing... simply making behavioral changes in nutrition & exercise alters gene inhibition or expression naturally (epigenetics). This simple fact often left out of "knowledge bait" editorials or 23andMe DNA testing services placing individuals at the total affect of their inherited genes.


No amount of movement will make up for poor quality nourishment. Likewise, no amount of quality nutrients will make up for lack of movement. The pursuit of health is a balance of these two universal principles, with natural movements being key to the equation.


My #1 choice for packaged bread. An important component of well prepared bread is that the yeast (fungi) to ferment (or digestively broken down) a grain's bran, germ and endosperm (called whole grain) without the use of products labeled "Enriched", "Fortified" which is often used in manufacturing to lower costs, while presenting something with less potential for nutrient absorption & tricking the gut-brain into feeling full. All filler, no killer.


The core of my business is teaching individuals to train their heart & lungs. This is the primary determinate of improved performance & quality of life. No fancy gear, equipment, or place required. Health is wealth.

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