If we learn to help the environment be healthy we take great strides toward improving the health of humanity and our own health quotient.

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Power went out! Snowstorm + candles ⭐️

ehn.org 08/22/2020

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals weaken us in our COVID-19 battle: Linda S. Birnbaum, Jerrold J. Heindel

ehn.org We are an unhealthy nation—and many of our elevated disease rates are linked to environmental chemicals. COVID-19 is bringing into sharp focus the need to prevent this widespread exposure.

pbs.org 05/05/2020

With a sting that can kill, 'Murder Hornets' land in U.S.

pbs.org The world's largest hornet, with an appetite for honey bees, has been found in Washington state, where entomologists were making plans to wipe it out.


'Bill Gates is continuing the work of Monsanto', Vandana Shiva tells FRANCE 24


Subscribe to France 24 now: http://f24.my/youtubeEN FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 http://f24.my/YTliveEN Our guest is Vandana Shiva, a...

commondreams.org 04/27/2020

Trump Advances Climate Doom With Massive Fracking Expansion on Federal Lands in Colorado

Let's rally behind Colorado and put a stop to this!

commondreams.org The blueprint from the Bureau of Land Management threatens to derail the state's goal for slashing carbon emissions while furthering endangering wildlife and ecosystems.


Rare footage shows scientists doing research in Wuhan virus lab

"A lead virologist and her team at a Wuhan lab warned of the possibility of SARS-like coronavirus outbreaks in China 11 months before the novel coronavirus epidemic ravaged the city." Maybe not so impossible afterall Dr. Yuan. The lab in question is guilty on at least two counts: disrespecting wildlife in order to gather such viruses in the first place, and more than likely, bioengineering viruses. Perhaps they were also conducting controversial animal experiments. Will we ever know the truth. We must find the Bat Woman!

Startling theories claim that the coronavirus was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which has China's only lab with the highest biosafety level of P4. China has denied the allegation.


The Green Handbook

This page is being diverted to the Green Handbook page: https://www.facebook.com/thegreenhandbook/

Your essential guidebook needed to navigate through the times we're experiencing. Get the green facts and solutions your family needs now! This is just the tip of the iceberg. Start connecting the dots and protect yourselves.


Wecologist's cover photo


Wecology Lab


Pollinators Edition comes out tomorrow!

amazon.com 06/13/2019

The Green Handbook: Earth + Health (Green Handbook Series)

At long last my first book is here.
Water Pollution, Food, Climate, Plastic, Pollinators, Nitrates, Palm Oil, Toxic Algae, Forest Fires, Red Tide--Are you confused with all the environmental issues today? It’s hard to keep up! What issue should you focus on first? Which one is impacting you the most, are any of these affecting your children? What can you do, where do you begin? If you feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone!

Consider this your personal field guide to help you navigate through these times. Be informed, arm yourself with knowledge, facts, and solutions. Start connecting the dots and see how deeply these issues intersect with your life, your family, your home.

This book begins with the food supply—what’s in our food, what's in the water? How do farming methods impact us? What does this have to do with your health, your family, and the planet? You'll find out just how much your life is affected as well as what to do to change things in order to protect all those you love.


amazon.com Food, water pollution, climate crisis, plastic, pollinators--Are you confused with all the environmental issues? It’s hard to keep up! Which one impacts you the most? How are these affecting your children? What role do they play in your health? Where do you begin? If you feel overwhelmed, you’re...


Book premier this weekend! Join us at the Printer's Row Lit Fest Sat & Sun and get your copy of The Green Handbook earth + health. Booth is right in front of the Kid's stage:))

theguardian.com 03/19/2019

Dead whale washed up in Philippines had 40kg of plastic bags in its stomach

Plastics must be banned ASAP.

theguardian.com Marine biologists horrified to find 16 rice sacks and multiple shopping bags inside Cuvier’s beaked whale

dailymail.co.uk 02/27/2019

American toilet paper use is wiping out Canada's forests per new study

Conserve your use people, get creative and use something else...

dailymail.co.uk Americans use more toilet paper than anyone else in the world, with major manufacturers sourcing materials from the boreal forest in Canada, and thus contributing to climate change, a report showed.

cbsnews.com 12/13/2018

Trump administration plans to allow sales of gas with higher ethanol blend

This is crazy. We don't need more smog or ethanol thanks.

cbsnews.com He's expected to announce the lifting of the federal ban during trip to Iowa Tuesday

audubon.org 12/11/2018

The Same Pesticides Linked to Bee Declines Might Also Threaten Birds

audubon.org Neonicotinoids are washing off of their host seeds and into water bodies—threatening not just aquatic insects but the birds that rely on them.


Ryan Zinke faces probe amid claim he was offered brewery in land deal

Why is this clown in charge of our public lands and resources? Reboot the Interior U.S. Department of the Interior

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is facing a Justice Department investigation amid allegations the oil company Halliburton offered him a brewery as part of a commercial development deal.

soilassociation.org 10/03/2018

Startling health news for grass based and organic milk backs Government vision for high quality future for farming

soilassociation.org Read the press release titled: Startling health news for grass based and organic milk backs Government vision for high quality future for farming

sciencedaily.com 09/18/2018

Nanoparticles in our environment may have more harmful effects than we think

sciencedaily.com Researchers warn that a combination of nanoparticles and contaminants may form a cocktail that is harmful to our cells. In their study, 72 pct. of cells died after exposure to a cocktail of nano-silver and cadmium ions.

wtsp.com 08/28/2018

What does Big Sugar have to do with Florida's red tide?

wtsp.com Some environmentalists want Big Sugar to give the land back to the state of Florida so that the water can flow the way it's supposed to, and get naturally filtered through the Everglades.

dw.com 08/23/2018

Living Planet: Don't underestimate the danger of pesticides | DW | 23.08.2018

dw.com In an interview with DW, Franziska Achterberg from Greenpeace EU says many farmers rely too heavily on pesticides, allowing pesticide residues to enter our environment, food and bodies. But how dangerous is it really?

ecowatch.com 08/10/2018

Trump Admin Reverses Ban on 'Bee-Killing' Pesticides in National Wildlife Refuges

WTH EPA, DOI, FWS, POTUS, ZINKE? The planet will not tolerate such discourteous to our wild lands.

ecowatch.com Crops and pesticides linked to bee decline in certain national wildlife refuges where farming is allowed, Reuters reported Saturday.

phys.org 06/21/2018

High concentrations of fluorinated chemical GenX found in watershed

phys.org While searching for sources of bromide in the Cape Fear River watershed nearly five years ago, NC State environmental engineer Detlef Knappe and his team of researchers found more than they were looking for: high concentrations of a number of unexpected industrial chemicals in drinking water, includ...

phoenixnewtimes.com 06/19/2018

Billboards Call Out Interior Secretary on Grand Canyon Uranium Mining

phoenixnewtimes.com Arizona Wildlife Federation, Trout Unlimited skeptical that Trump's Interior Department really has no plans to restart uranium mining near Grand Canyon.

slate.com 05/30/2018

Thousands of Tons of Paper and Plastics Americans Put Into Recycling Are Getting Dumped in Landfills

slate.com China, once the top importer of our recycled material, is saying no thanks to much of it now.


Animalkind Stories

You could call her a crazy dog lady, (she does have over a thousand stray dogs), but this devoted animal lover has given them the best possible life.


democracynow.org 05/17/2018

Meet Tarek Loubani, the Canadian Doctor Shot by Israeli Forces Monday While Treating Gaza’s Wounded

democracynow.org As Palestinians vow to continue protesting against the Israeli occupation of Gaza, we speak to a Canadian doctor who was shot by Israeli forces in both legs Monday while he was helping injured Palestinians. Israeli forces shot dead at least 61 unarmed Palestinian protesters taking part in the Great....


Wecology Lab's cover photo

organna.com 04/07/2018

What you need to Know about Pesticides

organna.com Hello! I haven’t added a new post in a while, my apologies. Since spring and Earth Day are coming, it’s a good time to review the reasons for the sake of our health and the planet why w…


Wecology Lab


S***m whale found dead on Spanish coast was killed by plastic waste

The body of the young male s***m whale, which was around 10 metres (33 feet) long and weighed more than six tonnes, was discovered washed ashore at Cabo de Palos in late February.

theguardian.com 03/30/2018

Alarmed conservationists call for urgent action to fix 'America's wildlife crisis'

theguardian.com One-third of species are vulnerable to extinction, a crisis ravaging swaths of creatures, conservationists say in call to fund recovery plans

independentsciencenews.org 01/27/2018

How "Extreme Levels" of Roundup in Became the Industry Norm

independentsciencenews.org In research recently published by our laboratory,we collected soybeans grown under three typical agricultural conditions: organic, GM, and conventional

onegreenplanet.org 01/06/2018

Pub Chain Will Keep Over 500,000 Plastic Straws Out of the Oceans Every Year Thanks to New Policy

onegreenplanet.org Plastic straws are becoming a thing of the past in yet another pub chain from the U.K.! Wickwar Wessex Pub Company, a pub firm based in the English village of Wickwar, made the decision to join the…

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