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To improve the lives of each person we connect with! To meet people where they are, without judgement, and help each person Live their BEST Life !!

Small Business Mentoring and Personal Development Coach. We help you live out your passion!!

Living happy is best achieved when you are healthy, content, balanced and living your purpose. Whether you are a mom or a CEO, you feel successful when you are part of something more than yourself. You MUST find the thing(s) that make you come ALIVE!! Finding your gifts and using them in business is the key to success!

Mission: To improve the lives of each person we connect with! To meet people where they are, without judgement, and help each person Live their BEST Life!!

Just a friendly reminder... don’t be afraid to ask someone if they are ready to buy. Assuming you have provided value, explained the benefits, provided a solution... think of it this way-is it not a disservice to explain how you can help??? 😷If I have a need & you provide a solution, please tell me what you have, how it makes my life better & how much. The worst that can happen is you don’t get the sale right away. However, you might get the sale next week or next month or they might refer you to someone else!! Go for it & let me know how it went!! #goforthesale

Inspiration for your New Year!! @ Cornelius, North Carolina

Where can you afford to be more BRAVE??

Reminding myself........
What are you pushing harder at?? Are you challenging yourself on a regular basis? Are you bored.. or tired? If you’re tired, it means you’re trying!!

Don’t you just love the cooler temps that fall brings. I love summer but after 2 months of 95+ temps, I’m ready for 75-80 & beautiful, colorful days! I’m already excited for Thanksgiving dinner, putting out fall decorations, and yes... pumpkin spice!!! Enjoy this season!!

Don’t play small! I know at some point, someone told you to settle down, chill out, be the same, be different, talk less or talk more but guess what... you were not made to make them feel comfortable! Always be improving yes, but do it at the level & with the things that make you shine.. that spark your heart! You’ll never be authentic if you aren’t being you! The people that need you will respect you as you are! Be kind. Be humble. But always be YOU!!

The key.. the magic pill.. the sign you’ve been looking for is this................................................S T A R T!! You’ll figure everything else out along the way!! Need a kick in the butt?? That’s what we’re here for!!

It doesn’t have to be done the way it always has been done. You don’t have to look, act, speak, dress like everyone else. Rules can be challenged. Ideas are merely concepts. Who says? Who are “they”? You get my point? Don’t be nervous because you think differently, be proud that you see things with a unique perspective.. that’s how we create change. Never doubt your intuition - start a new conversation - be neon in a neutral world! 😎🧘‍♂️🧞‍♂️👑 Without hurting others, be unapologetically YOU!!

You don’t know how many days you have, or if you’ll get the job, or the girl(guy).... but I can 100% guarantee you, you will learn something valuable if you try!! Your life is not a mistake, it’s a journey of a million lessons. The mistake would be regret or never learning from the experience. Embrace the road trip!! Start to love every second of your life, even the hard stuff, because it is making a way for what is next. 😀❤️🌿

Today is the day you let it go—the story in your head about why they left or why it didn’t work out. The reason you’re where you are or lost that job. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time to reflect and understand your part -but if you are still playing the same movie over & over & it’s keeping you stuck—you gotta let it go. How? Decide. Why? Because it’s not helping you. It took me a long time to understand that I may never know the “why” to everything.. especially when other people are involved. Sometimes you have to move forward even when you don’t have the answers. If U think about it, we don’t know the answers to a lot of things, but we still drive, fly, purchase new things, eat new foods, trust new people. You have to give life without the answers a try! Free yourself from the obsession of the unknown. It’s freeing. It’s a release. It’s more peaceful. I promise! I’m here for u if u need a kick in the butt... I mean, u know... a nice friendly-totally appropriate nudge!! 😀❤️

Can you do it? Can you just flippin go for it???!!! Will you trust your gut? What is it for you? Your bad ass dream? Do you live somewhere new? What do you do for work? Are you with the love of your life? I hope this is the day you go for it!! It starts with a decision!

Why can’t you get a different job? What did you say about not making more money? What is the reason you can’t get away from that person? Did you say you don’t know how to make a change? Who’s fault is it? Mmhmm.. that’s what I thought. It’s her fault... your kids fault... your parents did it to you.. your ex screwed you over... I know... those things have happened to me too. But guess what boo... no one else can make it better but you!! 👀No matter what is going on in your life that you are unhappy about... you can change your reaction to it -right now!! If you want more money... go make some! If you need a different job- go find one. If you want out of that negative relationship-get out!! Stop staying stuck & blaming external circumstances as your reason to stay. You’re staying cuz it’s easier than changing! You’re comfortable. Admit it. It’s easier to stay than it is to go into something unfamiliar. At least you know what your current he’ll looks like. It’s reliable. Shows up everyday. Hate to break it ya boo... the only one who can change it is YOU!! 🌸 The good news is... no one can change it but you!! It’s your life. Your reality. Your time. Your heart. It matters. You fricken matter. Your dreams matter. Your happiness matters. So I ask you again, who’s stopping you? The faster you admit it, the faster you can change it. If you need help jumping off the ledge, let me know!! Happy to provide a safe landing!! #yougotthis

It is the only way to get better!! You have to start calling “BS” on the stories you keep telling yourself. “It’s not my fault” “My boss won’t let me” “ My spouse isn’t supportive” “ I don’t have time, money, enough followers.....” FIGURE IT OUT!!! This is million dollar advice here!! Stop living in the comfort zone of excuses. It’s too easy!! You want to be a Badass... then stop using negative blocks to make yourself feel better! 🥴Start turning I can’t into.. I’ll figure it out!! Do yourself a favor....try this... every time you say I can’t... change it to I won’t! (Courtesy of Marie Forleo) EX:I won’t go to the gym today. I won’t start my blog today. Can’t makes it sound out of your control. Won’t makes you realize YOU ARE CHOOSING NOT TO. Now you know the truth. Now YOU can do something about it!! Now you can say, “ I will go to the gym.” Change your thoughts, change your actions. 👀No more excuses!!! You’re welcome!! With love always!! ❤️❤️

Raise your hand if you’re sitting on the fence of a big idea. 🙋‍♀️ Do you get super excited every time you think of the thing... your BIG thing.. that you’re going to do someday? Do you know that if you weren’t qualified to do it, you wouldn’t be dreaming about it?! 😎 The answers.. the know how.. are already inside of you. What you lack, is clarity and/or confidence. Lack of clarity causes confusion & fear. Lack of confidence is a very familiar & a cozy excuse. One day, you will be so miserable in your comfort zone, you will have no choice but to move. Make the move that scares you. The move that seems way too big for you. The move that makes you giggle when you think about it!! That comes from the you inside that is so elated to be discovered; used for its purpose. That is you becoming alive!! Fight for this - & do whatever it takes to make your dreams reality!! #yougotthis

It doesn’t matter where you started, you can finish however you want to. It starts with your dreams. Then your beliefs. Sometimes a few trials.. but eventually you will have to step into the YOU that wants to live a great life. The YOU that goes where she wants with people she loves. The YOU that moves forward even though she’s unsure of the next steps. The YOU that you’ve been preparing for all along. The YOU that forgives herself for the past & others that may have tried to keep you down. The YOU that isn’t jealous or offended anymore becuz you’re walking your own path! Even in bad soil, plants can grow but they thrive when they’re cared for & watered & placed in the right spot!! Let go of mistakes. Let go of worry about the future. Blossom right where you are, with what you have today!!

You know how hard we work for you...4 new resources hard... that’s how!! We know you want more freedom with your time, more money in your pocket, & more happiness in your life! That’s all you had to say! I got you!! Check out the link and grab whatever FREE resource will help you the most today!! The more people that can live free & happy, the better the world will be!! #findyourhappy #liveyourbestlife

So how is what you’re doing working out for ya? 🤪Are you stressed? Mad every day? Tired of being broke? You do know there’s an app for that right?! Lol!! I mean their really is but thats not what Im talking about. But, getting out of situations that are not working for you are 100% totally in your control!! Now before you swipe away or start telling yourself that your situation is different... just hear me out!! You made choices that got you where you are and you can make choices to move in a new direction. The only reason you aren’t is because you’re telling yourself you can’t! You have a very legit reason, I know. But if you don’t, at least consider, there could be another way, you’ll stay exactly where you are!! I mean its worth a shot to try it right?? Start by taking the biggest struggle you are facing and visualize your life without it. What does it look like? Do you live somewhere else? Have a different career? Do you do life with different people? Go ahead, dream the dream!!!😍 What would it take to get there? Make a list, it can be a list of 1000 things... or it could be 5... or it could seem IMPOSSIBLE... but just do it. I betcha you will start seeing opportunities, ideas, actions start showing up because you actually started to design the outcome you really want!! Let me know what comes up for you!! Im excited to hear about it!!! Check the link in bio for a few things that can help you along the way!!

You have this future vision of what life will be like... when. When I am this age I will live here. When my kids are gone, I will do this. When I have this much money, I will pursue that. So, imagine 10 years from now, you are that person & you have that life. What is it like? Who are you? What did you go through to get there? Now that you made it, what will it require you to start doing in your life today, to ensure you get there? What changes much be made? This is where you start my dear!! For those of you that are undecided about who, what, where & when... tap into the answers you already possess & listen!

This sounds simple, but if you really sit & get real with yourself.... do you treat you like you love you? Do you make sure you hang out with people that love you in the way you deserve to be loved? Any negative, disrespectful people in your life? Listen love, if you don’t demand it & you let anything less than complete respect in your life-you are the cause of your problems! If you don’t know the boundaries, how is anyone else supposed to know what they are?? You-you, come first. Learn about you. Understand what you like, what you need, how you’re wired, what your values are. Then only except people, jobs, relationships that align with what works best with you. Disappointment always follows when we ignore our inner voice!! Find her. Get to know her. Love her. Respect her & be proud of her!!

I just love this saying. It happens. We get caught up in our own little world & forget to stop & look around. Are you ever thankful for rain? A hot shower? Your favorite blanket? Flowering trees? A wise elderly person? The innocence & brilliance in a toddler? Soo many wonders all around everyday... and I promise, the best ones, cost nothing to see!!

Whenever you’re offended or mad at a friend or spouse and feel like they’re just dead wrong and you’re right, consider there could be another way to see it. You see, your brain’s automatic response is to defend the ego. Your first reaction is to defend & prove yourself right based on previous thoughts or experiences from the past. Next time, take a minute, consider if you’ve repeatedly been in this same argument, facing the same issue... and that maybe, you need a new perspective. What if, you could be less reactive & more understanding? Is this particular issue worth losing a friendship over, or could you lose the battle to save the war? What if... you stopped for a second & considered that you could save the friendship by agreeing to disagree? What if you realized, no one is “out to get you” and you could stand to soften up a bit? What if... you just admitted you are wrong? Sit with it for a minute. Feel the anger. Feel the injustice. Feel all the feels... breathe & decide what will matter the most 10 years from now... being right or learning something & saving a relationship.

I love this! It just screams -boldness, confidence, strength. I mean if you gotta get out there & do the thing, might as well crush it right!!! I hope you slay the day today!!!! #unsplashphoto

Thanks for being here. Thanks for liking & sharing. Thanks for contributing. Thank you for being YOU!!

Life is messy! If you think about it, when you were a kid, it didn't matter if you got a little dirty. In fact, the messier the better. As we get older, we don't like messy so much. We think life should be...better, more organized, happier, less messy. If you remember, messy wasn't so bad. Messy was kinda fun. Messy was carefree....and it always cleaned up. Where, along the line, did we get the idea that our life should be perfect? Or fit into a certain box or that making a mistake was to be avoided?

I'm up for getting my hands a little dirty, how about you? I'm ready to let perfection go and enjoy myself a little more. Are you tired of trying to keep it all together yet? Me too.

I think trying to improve your life is important, don't get me wrong, but it is OK if it gets a little messy along the way. Perfection is unattainable, stressful, and not at all how we were created to be.

So take this as your sign to pause, take a deep breath, and cut yourself some slack. You are doing the best you can with what you have and you'll handle what comes up next too.

Not only can messy be fun, but sometimes, smack dab in the middle of a mess, new meanings, feelings & insights can reveal themselves that you would have never understood otherwise. #embracethemess

Can’t we all just get along? Root for one another? Look at someone else’s messup and say... Ive done that before too? We could be soo much more helpful to each other if we shared what was really going on. Instead we hide, pretend, put on a good face and often times no one knows what’s really going on inside. How can you improve, heal, get it out.. if you don’t share with anyone? That’s what friends are for.. and they should be friends that will accept you no matter what you say. The first step is be that kind of friend first. Reach out to a friend that is silent. Send cards. Let them know its ok to come over in their sweats. To be sad or mad. Hold space for your spouse or partner when life just stinks at the moment. If you give it, there is no guarantee you’ll receive it. If you don’t, you might be with the wrong people. But you have to be real in your relationships to get & give what is truly needed!! There are polite ways to express what you need without blame or anger. Try it!! If you need help in this area, follow Brene Brown & learn about vulnerability & courage!!

Great ideas here for adding a little flava to your water!! Whatever works to help get 1/2 of your body weight in each day! I personally love lemon & mint.. and sometimes a few raspberries too!! What are your favorites? If you don’t already, get yourself a large stainless steel water bottle to keep water fresh &cold all day. I fill mine 2-4 times a day and it still has ice in it. Yeti is a good brand but Ive found good ones at Target. Bubba is another good brand!! #drinkyowater

I am a huge foodie!! I love great food, paired with great wine & an even better dessert! I don’t eat out during the week much though... I save it for one great meal out on the weekend & I will splurge on vacation. What are your favorite foods? If you’re local to NC, where are the best restaurants. I want to meet my fellow foodies!!!🍷🌮🥑

My fam! 1 grown up kid & her little. (Not sure what kind of lip thing I got going on) but just trying to savor the moments. 3 generations living & learning from one another. They are my ❤️!

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