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The lag is killing you…

Do your own research after you learn how to critically think.

This is something you did not learn how to in school.

You were told what to think not how to do it.

Learn now.

Studies going back half a century found that those eating meat one or more days a week had significantly higher rates of diabetes, and the more frequently meat was eaten, the more frequent the disease. Even at the same weight, those eating plant-based diets had but a fraction of the diabetes rates.

By 2015, the clinical practice guidelines from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and the American College of Endocrinology explicitly endorsed a plant-based diet as their general recommendation for patients with diabetes. The American Diabetes Association is also now on board, listing it as one of the dietary patterns acceptable for the management of the condition. The Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA), however, has really taken the lead, not only accepting but recommending plant-based diets for disease management.

What’s more, the CDA has called on diabetes education centers in Canada to develop resources and provide counseling to address barriers people may have towards eating a plant-based diet, such as ignorance, the largest obstacle identified.

Indeed, nearly nine out of ten patients interviewed had never heard of using a plant-based diet to treat diabetes. Most of the staff were aware, but only about one in three were currently recommending a plant-based diet. One reason staff gave for not even mentioning it was they didn’t think their patients would actually do it, but survey results indicate that nearly two-thirds of the patients would be willing to give plant-based eating a try.

The PCRM Geico studies found that strictly plant-based diets were “well accepted with over 95 percent adherence rate,” presumably because people just felt so much better, experiencing increased energy, better digestion, better sleep, and satisfaction.

A second reason staff gave for not recommending plant-based diets was being unclear about the supporting scientific evidence. In fact, a plant-based diet beat out the conventional American Diabetes Association diet in a head-to-head randomized controlled clinical trial without restricting portions–no calorie- or carb-counting at all.

A review of all such studies found that people following plant-based diets have improved reductions in blood sugars, body weight, and cardiovascular risk factors, compared to people who include animal products in their diet.

Diabetes educators may just be behind the times. There is a lag from new scientific findings appearing in the literature, getting to the clinician, and finally being shared with the patient. That’s one of the reasons Dr. Greger started—to speed up the process!

Watch the following videos to learn more:
"Plant-Based Diets and Diabetes" at
"Plant-Based Diets Recognized by Diabetes Associations" at
"Plant-Based Diets for Diabetes" at




Yoga Wisdom For Life


PHYSICAL EMBODIMENT IS NOT PHYSICAL INTIMACY… Your personal power prescription is… RX “Get to the gym”. Those thighs aren’t going to release the bulk of your unprocessed fear and trauma opening and closing your legs for the pleasure of s*x without the pain of creating higher standards of self care and attention.


ME AND MY MIND TALKING… We need the body healthy to have the biochemistry for having a valid conversation with ourselves. The mind is our energy field. It interacts with the communal mind. That is something that really needs a lot of self awareness to not get tangled in. The loss of our sister circles has drastically reduced our ability to hook up into the divine feminine. We have been watching her and wondering like an outsider. We have been mimicking the mirrors that were meant to compliment us and used them to design a repackaging of us into what we are not instead of letting us mold into something we all could have been evolving together.Studying these energetic dynamics are what ta**ra is. It is way bigger than the superficial aspect of the sensuous physical ta**ras . These more advanced and professional women’s empowerment studies are the relational life studies I am sharing inside the Curvy Hustle Society for those that want to evolve. Get on the Founders list at www dot . **raoffthemat


NEW EPISODE … The Divorce Diaries.


WILL THERE BE UNHEALED RELATIONSHIP LOCKS AFTER LOCKDOWNS? Find out what a goddess, a physiotherapist and a Self love coach came up with.

On today's panel, I have the intersection of three holistic healers, two men and me, trying to reconnect with clients, family, and friends.  .ling08 From and are my guests for this dive into healing family, friends and service business relationships as we recalibrate boundaries and today’s norms.


Have you ever hired friends or family and been disappointed?



Photos from Aviva Romm, MD's post 08/06/2021

I officially want to live just like Aviva Romm, MD 😂

I best get to publishing.


WE ARE EVOLVING... Make your big leaps when the world calls for the need then recover, Otherwise It makes the most vital sense to commit always to the smallest and most consistent progress. It is that which will always matter.

How to Optimize Your Brain-Body Function & Health 07/27/2021

How to Optimize Your Brain-Body Function & Health

Interoception is nothing new to us yogis.

We have been understanding that we own a wonderful technology called the human body but are not only the human body for thousands of years.

How to Optimize Your Brain-Body Function & Health Dr. Huberman describes how the body's organs influence the function and health of our brain and how our brain controls our bodily organs.


YOU WILL LOSE THE WRONG ONES... I lost my best friends. Episode 18 of the Evolving Human Show drops July 25th. It will be explaining the journey most people are avoiding. You got this!




Looking to set up the stage for more yogic lifestyle and rehab leaders.

Mind Body Storytellers and Healers needing a career change!!!

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A perfect cycle of life where Gen X and older millennial women are seriously in the perfect intersection of self care movements, their legacy seeding years, post lots of education, embodying feminine ideals, nurturing empowered ideas and a huge understanding of the need for wise women that will hold the solutions for generational protection!!! ✅

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Missing my Mama Guru trainings?

Conventional obstetrics defines postpartum as the 6 weeks after birth. That’s wrong on so many levels. It ignores the phenomenal transition that happens in becoming a mother, one that takes more than 6 weeks.⁠

It also doesn’t take into account tissue may take longer to heal, whether perineal stitches or from a cesarean, or a yoni sore from a natural birth, fluctuating hormones, breastfeeding, the fact that many women don’t want to have s*x or go back to work yet. Because they’re still in a transitional state. Even if birth and breastfeeding go smoothly and ‘perfectly’ it’s still a major physical and psychic adjustment and a steep learning curve.⁠

In Natural Health After Birth (2002), I talk about the fourth trimester, a sacred time lasting closer to 6 months. In fact, I believe there should be no time limit as every experience, healing, and transformation is different. The extended postpartum period lasts as long as it takes for mama to feel like herself. Not her old self, because woven into the bones of birth is transformation - just like we don’t ‘bounce back’ to our pre-birth bodies, we can’t bounce back to our pre-birth selves. Instead, we are tasked with the challenge and opportunity of reinventing ourselves. Of finding a new self to settle into that feels right - a marriage of all the parts of you into a new whole, like when you lay your towel down in the sand and you have to scooch around until you find the place where the curves of your body can settle naturally into the grooves of the earth. That task, that journey, is postpartum.⁠

Physically, that may be a few months - but emotionally, mentally, spiritually, the metamorphosis of going from birth and motherhood - matrescence - is ongoing. My kids are grown and I continue to redefine and transform myself in relationship to my mom-self and my personal self roles!⁠

The gift we give to ourselves, and as women to each other, is to support however long it takes. Culturally with appropriate work leave, personally with bountiful love, encouragement. and empathy.⁠

Tell me, how long did you feel postpartum, or are you in the midst of it?⁠

📸: ⁠

How to Meditate With Chocolate 06/12/2021

How to Meditate With Chocolate

You’re welcome...

How to Meditate With Chocolate Chocolate meditation is one of the most enjoyable forms of mindfulness meditation you can experience. See how it can work for you.

Photos from Aviva Romm, MD's post 05/28/2021

Things the Patriarchy never considered when designing decades of health books...

Or did they??? 🤫🤔😲


Using Adrenaline to Learn Faster, Stay Calm & Counter Illness

Do you know yoga is a medical science?

Photos from Aviva Romm, MD's post 05/12/2021

Photos from Aviva Romm, MD's post

Membership Live Training 05/02/2021

Membership Live Training

Stop HOPING your customers come back!!!

If you are teaching yoga therapy classes or still making telehealth “cheaper”,

You need to turn that into a professional practice membership!

Most health businesses are still selling the “old way.”

We’re all familiar with it.

It’s where someone comes to your name on a referral list, maybe clicks an Ad to your sales page, or your website and then they give you a call

And then you do great work for a month or two and discharge and HOPE they come back.

If you are trained well in business you know you need a 360 degree customer experience to keep them in some sort of community.

You might email them, send them something in the mail, or target them with ads…

But you’re still HOPING they call again or refer someone.

What if you could be getting income from them even when they don’t need therapy?

Have something for them before they are ready for 1:1 or after they are independent?

That is where my memberships come in.

You can learn the exact steps to take from the “go-to expert” for memberships, my
Mentor on this Stu McLaren.

His Free Masterclass is tonight at 8pm EST.

Trust me—- Jump in and then decide if what you are doing is enough.

Membership Live Training Join me for this FREE Live training where I teach how to build thriving, low stress, recurring revenue businesses around what they already know, love, and do.


We are celebrating all the ways Shakti ( the feminine force ) evolves in this world for the next week.

Tell me
How is Shakti present in your world today?


Sad we needed this ...

Happy as heck they used yoga

If you are a yoga professionals you can professionally critique the article for use in your own practice in the comments.


7 holistic keys to improve your immunity | Dr. Ganesh Mohan


Do you believe you are not flexible enough for yoga?

Stiff minds are the only things not flexible enough for the practice.


You’re not too old and it’s not too late! Here I am 3 months away from my 65th birthday and I’m bringing all my badass energy into the room. I’m unbothered and unashamed.
I’m just here with my wisdom and peace ✌🏽
What are you here for?


Dr Lisa's Online Learning Center

Good morning health conscious ladies...

I’m the person to call when you are ready to jump from that safe but suffocating health career into a gorgeous, growing, joy filled medicine woman mission .

I have a 30
Day mentorship program I just openned back up for any woman in the healing arts who feels distressed.

You realize this pandemic is pushing forth a better professional.

You know your talents are undervalued by both your industry and your own procrastination to jump away from the safe comfort zones of a steady paycheck.

All the while your heart and mind are being driven into a bigger calling.

I get it.

I did the career pivot a couple of times and I know how to make it work for the right mindset.

And it works regardless of your current roles or career position.

This Jumpstart program is focused on

🎉Moving you from procrastination into understanding your new purpose

🎉Re claiming strengths

🎉Leveraging to minimize risks or vulnerabilities

🎉Repackaging your gifts into some well rooted and supportive lines of income and future options.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this stage with you!

Dr Lisa's Online Learning Center All coaching and course sales that offer immediate access to all materials are final with the excepting on Mind Body Brand Academy which has a 14 day refund policy that is activated the first day of the next live round after your purchase.


Dr Lisa's Online Learning Center

Want some help igniting your spark for wintertime momentum?

Dr Lisa's Online Learning Center *You are a woman between the ages of 35 and 45 and are feeling the desire to shift your career into more whole person wellness* You procrastinate and know you are limiting your potential to go off into your own business. *You have a desire to have flexibility in how you earn a living and spend your....


MAKE THE SHIFT🤩 You are responsible for your mindset. It is an inside job. Evolve your process and your beliefs. share from


Last call for serious yoga professionals.

Last few days before the beta price increases on Jan 15th to the founders price of just under $200 for 3 months.

Immediate access to my Fired Up: Online Brand Marketing 101 10 day Course for creating a fertile biz bliss foundation ($297 value)

2 months Yoga Therapy Business School for the price of 1- brand positioning, mindset, marketing, virtual office design, scalable systems and sales

A free business brand and growth coaching call and analysis to set up your systems and strategy based on current resources and budget

Mentorship for onboarding a HIPAA compliant EMR, client management email funnel system

Mentorship for e- commerce multiple lines of income

A Founding Membership locked in price of $47/mo after your trial ends*

Those continuing beyond the beta membership will gain access to my 30 day course creation challenge! ($397 value)

You begin weekly office hours for mentoring on all things brand strategy, virtual office growth and visioneering monthly training Jan 5th, 2020 ($600/mo value)

Monthly deliverables begin Monday Jan 11th, 2020 and then the 5th of the month thereafter.



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NEW EPISODE … The Divorce Diaries. #podcastsofinstagram #drlisa #evolvinghumans
WILL THERE BE UNHEALED RELATIONSHIP LOCKS AFTER LOCKDOWNS?  Find out what a goddess, a physiotherapist and a Self love c...
How Do You Do Capitalism with a Heart of Gold?
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TODAY’s YOGA SŪTRA STUDY ... Day 36/40 The observances
Sutra 2.55





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