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Don’t feel like training hard today? That’s ok, modify your workout. Feel like skipping the gym? That’s ok, go out for a long walk instead! A little something is better than nothing at all. Plus, you’ll more than likely feel better after you move a little!

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A little bit can go a long way. Focus on doing those little things consistently!


I am a huge advocate for consuming a higher protein breakfast. The reason being is because I think protein will help keep you fuller for a longer period of time, a higher protein will support muscle growth and/or muscle maintenance if you are in a fat/weight loss phase. And personally when I consume a breakfast that is higher in protein, I feel like I have less cravings later on at night. Just something for you all to think about if you do find yourself to be a late night snacker. In my opinion, aim to eat at least 20-40g of protein at breakfast. The range will depend on your current fitness goals and also your level of hunger.

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Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S)


Make it a priority.


The Hip Air Plane is great mobility exercise that’ll help improve both hip internal and external rotation. You can use this exercise either in your warm before lifting, or you could also do a few reps on each side between sets of your main lower body strength exercises.


A common flaw that I’ve noticed when people perform a sled push is their initial push off. Check out this video for what that flaw is. And if you’re one of those people that do this, listen and learn how to properly start your sled push.


Another long day at the office, but I still had to get some conditioning work in on the Air Dyne Bike.

8 Rounds
10 Sec Sprint
20 Sec Slow
Repeat 4x Through
Rest 2 min
Repeat for 3 Sets


The 85lb dumbbells we’re collecting some serious dust up until today. Jeremy came in hit a new PR on the Dumbbell Floor Press! He hit a top set of 85x6 reps. Next time we do these we will work our way up 8 reps with this weight.


Single Leg Kettlebell Passes are an excellent exercise if you’re looking to develop better stability in the ankle. Exercises that work on ankle stability and mobility are often overlooked by many people, but they are important because we use our ankles in almost every activity we do such as, walking, running, squatting, and lunging. Weak ankle mobility can also lead injuries in the knees, hips, and low back. So, giving this area a little more attention can go a long way.


Alright, officially uploaded my first ever YouTube video! Check it out, subscribe if you haven’t done so yet! I look forward to producing and sharing more content to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

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Timeline photos

Sometimes it can feel like progress is slow and the results aren't coming as quickly as expected. Just remember, as long as you are trying your best, you are succeeding! ❤️⁠

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Too much restriction can put halt on your progress. Be flexible, work with you got, focus on what you can control instead of what you cannot.


For all of you busy folks out there. Here is a simple meal prep that I did for today. Gathering and preparing all of this took me a total of 10 minutes. If you don’t have time to cook every single day, I’d highly recommend taking at least 5-10 minutes the night before to prepare foods for you eat the next day. This will really help you stay focused and keep yourself accountable to achieving your health and fitness goals!

Breakfast: Superfoods Smoothie
Snack: Handful of Mixed Nuts and Apple
Lunch: Mixed Greens Salad, Carrots, Bell Peppers Feta Cheese, Salmon, Oil and Balsamic Vinegar


Change is hard, but that’s ok.


Why the 80/20 rule is so effective.

I’m currently on vacation with my fiancé, which means I’ll probably have a few drinks, some desserts, and also a heavier meal at some point. Because of this, I decided to keep lunch on the lighter side. This is a “big ass salad” with roughly an 8oz piece of chicken on top. Sticking to whole minimally processed foods 80% of the time and then enjoying yourself the other 20% allows you to be flexible and allows you to stay sane especially if you are trying to lose weight and fat. Many of the people I’ve worked with have followed this 80/20 rule and have gotten great results. They were also able to sustain their results because they made this a lifestyle for them!


Challenge yourself.


Here’s a great chest opener stretch that you can do prior to your upperbody training. All you need is a set of weight plates (here I am using 5lbs) and a weight bench.

-Lay Flat on a bench and make sure your entire back is flat and your rib cage is tucked down.
-Let your arms slowly fall to your sides as if you’re about to perform a dumbbell fly and let gravity do the work. You should feel a good stretch across the front of your shoulders and chest. As your performing this exercise, make sure you’re taking a deep inhale through your nose, and a deep exhale through your mouth.
-Hold this position for 30-60sec


Go train.


Consistency, consistency, consistency!

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Weight fluctuations are ok when losing weight. As you can see from the results I’ve fluctuated up and down a few pounds every couple of weeks. This is because I simply allowed my self a few diet breaks to improve my mentality and to also better fuel my self for heavier training sessions. But after I went back to eating in a caloric deficit. I stayed with this plan consistently and as you can see it worked! I am now down 20+ pounds and I currently feel and look the best I have in a very long time. This all started back in January of this year and I hit my goal weight in July. So yes, it was a long process but I stayed consistent and did what worked best for me. And best of all, my weight hasn’t changed since, because I was able to make these habits a sustainable lifestyle.


Do your squats suck? Here’s a simple tip that’ll help clean up your mechanics so you can squat pain free as well as get stronger overall.

Timeline photos 11/08/2022

Timeline photos

Staying disciplined + building habits = LONG-TERM SUCCESS 🙌🏆️⁠

Initial motivation is great for fueling your day-to-day adherence, but when that fades, discipline can push you through your low days, so adherence remains on point!⁠

Go to the link in our bio to watch our video on how to keep adherence high and consistent 💪⁠

Photos from Ron Duppert Fitness's post 11/08/2022

You can overtrain or you can undertrain. Either way will end up hindering your results. By working with a professional, you’ll get someone that understands the fine line of where they can push you enough to help stimulate better progress.


I've just reached 100 followers! Thank you for continuing support. I could never have made it without each one of you. 💪🏻


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