Koko FitClub of Charleston

Our integrated strength, cardio & nutritional programs deliver everything you need to succeed with weight loss, building strength, and being healthy.

Koko FitClub is a digital gym! Confused? Let us explain...

Koko is a different type of gym. Really. First of all, we offer a community of people, most of whom are just like you! Our friendly team members know your name. We talk with you and we listen to you. We help you make a plan for how you can start living a healthier and happier life from the very first day you come into our club. Koko is ab

kokocharleston.com 03/30/2018

Change Your Language, Change Your Life | Personal Fitness Coaching | KoKo FitClub

Koko Club Manager Allison shares a great perspective on mindset and how it affects our fitness success in our latest blog.


kokocharleston.com "I HAVE to workout today." "I'm starving." "I HATE doing cardio." "I don't want to go to the gym." Change your language, change your attitude, change your life.

greatist.com 03/22/2018

21 (Not-Boring) Chicken Breast Recipes Made for Meal Prep

One of the most common things trainers and coaches hear is that clients don't have time to meal prep, which often results in the consumption of less than healthy food choices. Get your protein prepped and never get bored with these 21 options.


greatist.com Winner, winner, chicken dinner (or lunch).

kokocharleston.com 03/16/2018

Overtraining is a thing? | Personal Fitness Coaching | KoKo FitClub

Are you overdoing it? Check out the latest blog!


kokocharleston.com More is not always better, as is the case with your workouts. Trainers and coaches often struggle with clients that believe that working out every day will get

bestofcharlestonsc.com 03/15/2018

10 of the Most Fun Outdoor Things to Do in Charleston, SC

Smartraining 2-3 times weekly, combined with 4-5 coached Koko cardio sessions will yield amazing strength and cardiovascular gains. But what about outside of Koko? Here in Charleston, we have the ideal environment for staying active outdoors. How many of these have you done?!

bestofcharlestonsc.com Before you plan a busy day this weekend of outdoor activities, check out our list of the top 10 most fun outdoor things to do in Charleston, SC!

eatsmartmovemoresc.org 03/13/2018

Eat Smart Move More South Carolina

CDC studies show that 66.9% of South Carolina residents are overweight! In addition, 31.5% of those are in the BMI range of 30 or over, indicating obesity. Here are some resources from the Eat Smart, Move More project to help us conquer this issue.


eatsmartmovemoresc.org Eat Smart, Move More South Carolina is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to positively impacting the health of all South Carolinians by promoting healthy eating and active living where we live, learn, work, pray and play. Eat Smart, Move More does this by partnering with community leader...

kokocharleston.com 03/09/2018

You are stronger than you think | Personal Fitness Coaching | KoKo FitClub

It's time to set some new goals before summer! See the latest blog post here.

kokocharleston.com The 41st Annual Cooper River Bridge Run is exactly one month away! Are you ready?! The website for registration and information for this traditionally epic even


#MyPlateMyWins for Snacks

Even small changes can have an impact on your nutritional intake...just start somewhere!!!


The USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion introduces the fifth in a collection of short animated videos showing how to make small, practical chang...


Go Tropical with Super Fruits

Fruits are delicious, but CDC statistics show that adults in South Carolina are not consuming enough. Here are some suggestions that make your mouth tingle!

eatright.org When you shop for fruit, do you usually fill your cart with the same standbys? If yes, your family could be missing out on tasty and nutritious tropical fruits.

deansomerset.com 03/03/2018

6 Reasons Your Morning Weight Jumps That Aren't Related to Fat Gain - DeanSomerset.com

If you weigh yourself every morning, there is a chance you get discouraged when the scale isn't showing the results of all of your hard work. But the scale isn't the only indicator of weight loss success. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't rely on the scale as your sole source for body composition changes, from the highly respected trainer Dean Somerset.


deansomerset.com Today’s guest post comes from Landon Poduran, owner of L2 Fitness in Edmonton, Alberta. If the L2 Fitness name sounds familiar, that’s because they were the host of the workshop and product I released at the end of 2017, The L2 Fitness Summit, with myself and Mike Israetel. He’s also a heck of...

blog.kokofitclub.com 01/29/2018

Living Your Strongest Life – 30 Second Stress Buster!

Koko Co-Founder Mary Obana gives tips on much needed stress relief for your Monday!

blog.kokofitclub.com Let’s face it, there are times in our life – and moments in our day – when we can feel the stress rising. It can be when you are feeling overwhelmed, you may be nervous about a presentation or proj…





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