Japan Karate Institute Daniel Island, Charleston, SC Video January 20, 2019, 9:02pm

Videos by Japan Karate Institute Daniel Island in Charleston. Named "Charleston's Best Martial Arts Program" by Lowcountry Parent magazine

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I often hear people say that karate doesn’t work and that kata is useless. I usually just nod my head and listen, all the while thinking to myself how utterly wrong they are. Karate was not designed to be used in a caged octagon with a referee and a set of rules. It was designed to be used in mortal combat in defense from attacking forces. The opening move of this video is illegal in MMA. Why? Because it is too devastating of a strike for a human to sustain. Notice that there is no telegraphing of movement, and the target is soft tissue. Also notice that these techniques are applied to multiple attackers. Ground fighting...or “ground-n-pound” as its referred to, is designed to be mano-a-mano...one in one. It doesn’t take into account the idea that the guy you are arm-barring or rear naked choke holding has a buddy teeing up the back of your head with a baseball bat. Ultimately, though, the aim of karate is to awareness to avoid putting yourself in vulnerable situations and to avoid allowing your ego to escalate a situation into a violent confrontation. Respectable people don’t get in fights! Osu!

A Halloween tradition at the dojo...

The aspect of JKI I am most proud of is how inclusive it is. Karate is truly for anyone who wants to learn. I have come to realize that it is not my job to place limitations on anyone. Here is Carson, age 12, Downs, with a pronounced stammer...leading warm-ups like its his job. So proud and impressed with this guy. It was on his initiative too.

Raising the Hunley...

Crank it up!

Fun exploring....

A little Sempai down time during camp. Working on hand/eye coordination.

Congratulations to all the Little Ninjas! Y’all absolutely rocked the test this morning! And a big thank you to the kohai & sempai instructors who helped run the test. JKI...teaching karate and molding leaders!

During our independent study Open Floor, Carson decided to lead some kindergartners through a punching drill!

Summer Camp registration for general public opens on Tuesday January 22nd at 3:00PM For availability and forms, visit: http://www.japankarateinstitute.com/summer-camps

These four really impressed me with their focus and intensity. They all really wanted to become red belts today, and it showed!

Some brown and red belt sparring from this mornings test.

Summer Camp @ Isle of Palms

The after school karate kids made a new friend today. Welcome to Dougie Ball. (Dougie is the two-year old Yorkipoo flying around chasing the ball)

Even after 15 years, this game is still #1 on the list with the kids. A karate twist on a classic! Sunny Day day camp!

JKIDI Instructor class with Island Aikido. Ukemi & break falls

Congratulations to all who passed their test today. Your kata looked great!

Shihan Dale teaching the JKIDI Instructor Corp

Hand speed drills

Shihan Dale seminar!

Hunley kids...

Happy Independence Day from JKIDI!

Girl Power!

This video is a perfect example of why we train in karate, "Not to conquer others, but to conquer the weakness within oneself." Carson is a wonderful young man with special needs who joined our After School Karate program several months ago. When conversing, he has a prominent stutter/stammer...but, as evident here, he's not going to let that slow him down. Equally impressive is the support he was given by his karate classmates. What an honor and joy it is to work with all these amazing kids. A big "Osu" to each and every one of them! Mary Watters, Terry Tallant Haas Parrish Devereux, Dan Brannan, Dawn Durante

Friday Funday Fanatics! Patrick Villegas, Rhett Carlin, Cathy Wylly Leeke, Allison McCurry Terry,

35 students working on One-Technique Called Sparring in the 4:00 Youth Class today!

Kumite Road Show. Charleston area JKIs converging on DI last night to spar.

Karate Day Camp kids working together to build an Obstacle Course.

Congratulations to all who passed their test this morning. Lots of nice sparring exhibited by all the belt levels. Osu!

After a great buddy day working on kata, a fun game of Ninja-Ninja-Turtle!

Girl Power compliments of Bella and her knuckle push-ups!

More agility drills!

Agility drills, karate style!

Intermediate/Advanced Youth Class working on shifting to avoid front snap kicks.

Beginner Youth Class working on Sui-Achi with Gyaku-Tsuki. Strong effort from each karate-ka!

The "Sit-up Blossom"...JKIDI/Pink Bus Ministries!

Fun for all crawling through the human tunnel. Great times with our friends at the Pink Bus Ministry!

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