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Named "Charleston's Best Martial Arts Program" by Lowcountry Parent magazine

Lesson 5 in our free public service video series “Earn Your Yellow Belt”

So glad so many of you are finding this a helpful respite from the stresses and anxieties of this new normal.

Three basic factors for mental strength:
1. Be Serious
2. Try Hard
3. Never Give Up

Peace and blessings for all!

[03/30/20]   White through Orange Belt Zoom class with Sempai Matilda in 30 minutes!

Hyperlink on Schedule e-mailed.

15 point day: Two 30-Minute Runs and 100 push-ups. Almost halfway to the 100 point goal.

Who else is doing the challenge? Post your pics!

[03/26/20]   5:00 All-Belt Zoom Class in 30...

(Check previous e-mails for link)

Lesson 4: High Block

“Earn Your Yellow Belt” Video Series, provided as a free service to help alleviate the boredom & stress of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the subsequent social distancing & self isolation.

Like our page, follow along and train hard!

[03/25/20]   Online class starting in 20 minutes. Use link in e-mail announcements sent to all dojo families!

Lesson 3 of our “Earn Your Yellow Belt” Free Karate Training Video Series

Today’s class centers on the proper way to show respect by bowing (so applicable in this world of COVID-19).

So happy to have 12 students in our first ever virtual class this evening.
Even after 16.5 years, there are still some firsts to be had at the dojo.

Next one is tomorrow night at 5:00PM. Hope to see some more faces on the screen!

Current Schedule: 5:00 to 5:45pm Monday through Thursday.


Lesson 2 (Earn A Yellow Belt Video Series)

Welcome back!
Here is Lesson 2: The Straight Punch

I hope everyone enjoyed Lesson 1 and has been practicing daily.

(Note: At no time during this training are you to hit anyone or anything with your punches and kicks. For now your practice of techniques is done by only striking the air with strong and proper form.)

Welcome to Lesson 1 of our “Earn Your Yellow Belt” video series! (This is a Free Public Service being offered during the COVID-19 Pandemic)

This lesson focuses on the proper way to make a fist, the “Pull Back” portion of our basic techniques and Straight Punching to Three Specific Targets. We also cover how to count to 10 in Japanese.

Watch the video and practice these techniques ofter. (10 sets of 10 each day is a good start).
One of our daily responsibilities is to “practice karate at least once a day, everyday”.

Be Serious. Try Hard. Never Give Up. But probably most important, HAVE FUN!

Sensei Glenn Raus

Earn Your Yellow Belt Video Series!

During this pandemic, why not learn the techniques required to earn your white belt and potentially your yellow belt with us.

Simply “Like” our page and check back often for a new video installment. Each video will highlight a basic technique required to earn your yellow belt. Practice these techniques daily! Do it as a family! Its fun and will make for a great escape from the boredom of quarantining and “social distancing”.

And when the pandemic is over, if you want to continue training, enroll at the DI or CF locations. We will only be charging $19 for your first month...and it comes with a FREE uniform.

Please share this post!

Lesson 1 will be posted on Saturday, March 21st.

I look forward to teaching you!

S. Glenn

[03/19/20]   Stayed tuned JKI DI & CF! We will be rolling out daily classes for you to do at your convenience in your home or back yard. (In pdf format)

We are also developing a series of “challenges” for you to complete and earn points. Collect enough points to win prizes and even attend a dojo pizza party when this COVID-19 Pandemic is past us.


In response to this afternoon’s announcement of new federal guidelines to limit all gatherings to 10 or less, Japan Karate Institute Daniel Island & Clements Ferry no longer feel it is a responsible action to attempt to hold outdoor classes and limited day camps. Our first priority is the well being of our community at large.
So, effective immediately, we will be suspending all classes, camps and programs until further notice.
Please know that we did not come to this decision easily or without many considerations. Your understanding in these trying times is greatly appreciated. We wanted to be here for you, but as our first precept states: Uphold the principles or propriety and courtesy...following these gathering guidelines is the proper and the kind thing to do.

S. Glenn

Updated COVID-19 Procedures (post 3/15/2020 Governor briefing)

[03/13/20]   Attention JKI Families:
JKI DI & CF are closely monitoring the ever changing landscape of this COVID-19 pandemic. We have been in communication with our sister JKI locations in Charleston to formulate plans for responsible continuation of our services during any potential school closings or municipal mandates.
Our first priority is to assist in the mitigation of the virus spreading.

Your understanding of the complexities that we and many other small businesses are currently facing is greatly appreciated.

At this time, there are no changes to our regular schedule, but please check back often for updates, as things can change quickly.


Sensei Glenn

PS: any donations of supplies necessary for basic human needs (ie: TP, soap, cleaning supplies) is greatly appreciated as well. We will not be able to consider holding any potential day camps without adequate supplies)

Our COVID-19 action plan is much like our regular cold/flu season action plan...staff and students highly encouraged to wash hands and avoid touching our own mouth, nose, eyes.
Our staff is disinfecting common surfaces like door handles, faucets and bathroom fixtures regularly with Clorox wipes.
We do ask that students refrain from attending classes and programs if they have exhibited any of the following with in the past 24 hours:
1. Fever (however slight)
2. Vomiting
3. Diarrhea

Please also err on the side of caution with any persistent coughs.

At this time, there are no plans to cancel or alter our class schedules.


We train for situations just like these. Stay alert and be serious, try hard and never give up! We can do this this, folks. Osu!!!

Congratulations to Mike Beaubien, Elizabeth Crandall, Sempai Mike McKeever and Kohai Søren Spina for successfully passing their examination and advancing to their next belt level in the American Pressure Point Self Defense System.

Robert Moran, Dale Coker

I won’t be offended if you head over to CF tonight at 6:00 to train with Shihan Dale tonight instead of attending my class on DI. As a matter of fact, I highly encourage you to do so. Per Sempai Michael, its an eight and a half minute drive from DI!

454 Deanna Lane, Suite C

Don’t forget, Shihan Dale Coker is teaching tonight’s 6:00 Family Class at Clements Ferry. All JKI students (except Little Ninjas) are welcome to attend, regardless of which is your home dojo!


Online Retail Store

JKI Hooded Sweatshirts now available (This Week Only)

N. Charleston dojo will facilitate getting them delivered to DI & CF dojo when they receive them.


mystudio.academy Easily browse and purchase merchandise from our shop.

As JKI continues to grow and expand, Shihan Dale Coker had the foresight to call together the leadership from West Ashley, James Island, North Charleston, Daniel Island and Clements Ferry for a weekend retreat.
The 1st Annual JKI Leadership Retreat was a great success, with plenty of fellowship and short & long term planning...”and we had Oreos!”
Special thanks to Sempai Brian Vaughn for the use of the Edisto Beach house...Seagull II.

Japan Karate Institute Clements Ferry

Some very kind words for Sempai Michael and Sempai Angus.

The JKI Way!

I just received this e-mail...

“Sensei Glenn,

I just want to let you know how much Sempai Michael and Sempai Angus mean to our family. My son has struggled with behavioral issues forever. He’s a good person but a total pain in the neck.
Many people have written him off after only meeting him for a short time. Sempai Michael and Sempai Angus did exactly the opposite. They continue to stick with him and we have seen him grow so much because of their patience and kind leadership. I couldn’t be more proud of my son and how far he’s come. He has self control, pride and he’s working on patience (but it’s coming)! Those two amazing young men have everything to do with that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am sure you are as proud of them as I am of my son.”

[02/15/20]   Today’s test is at

The Salvation Army
2135 Ashley River Road
Charleston, SC 29407


Bring a chair. Bleachers quit small

Our TASK Day Camp kids took a Valentine’s Day Pizza Lunch down to the local fire/police station. In return, they got a quick tour of the station house.

During this cold/flu season, a student SHOULD NOT attend karate class, After School Karate Program or testing if they have had any one of the following within 24 hours:
1. Vomiting
2. Fever (mild or otherwise)
3. Diarrhea

It is common sense and common courtesy.
The health of our staff and the other students is at stake, as well as our ability to remain operational.

Thank you!


WEATHER ALERT DAY: Severe thunderstorms possible in the Lowcountry Thursday afternoon and evening

Due to the forecasted severity of the approaching storms, both JKI DI and CF will be cancelling all classes this evening from 6PM on.
The safety or our staff and students is of utmost priority.

Both after school karate programs will operate until regular 6:00pm time.

And afternoon youth classes are still being held.

WEATHER ALERT DAY: Severe thunderstorms possible in the Lowcountry Thursday afternoon and evening
(Via WCBD News)

counton2.com CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – A Weather Alert Day is in place ahead of a line of strong to severe thunderstorms sweeping across the southeastern United States Thursday. “The stage is set for …

Daniel Island Summer Camps are 86% full. Only 33 slots remain. Check out our nine weekly sessions!


We are excite to welcome Mr. Josh Butler to our Transported After School Karate program.

Josh is a 2017 graduate of College of Charleston with a BA in Biology and minors in Environmental Science and Religious Studies.

He has some martial arts experience in Shotokan & Muay Thai.

He has two cats, a turtle, a bearded dragon, and a leopard gecko.

He also works at Charleston Outdoor Adventures as a kayak tour guide...and is the bassist for Cisco Kids


After School Karate - japankarateinstitute.com

Having only been open to the general public for two days, our camps are now 85% full! Session 8 has already SOLD OUT!

We still have 37 spaces left spread out over eight week-long sessions!

Need summer camp?s...REGISTER ASAP!!!

We’ll be sold out soon!


japankarateinstitute.com Our Transported After School Karate Program has been Daniel Island's best after school program since we started offering it in January of 2007. This 5-day a week program is designed to supply your chi

Now open to General Public

Monday we open our Karate Kids Summer Camp registration to the general public. With only four days remaining in the exclusive current student registration period, Daniel Island camps are 61% full and Clements Ferry are 20% full.

Don’t delay until we’re sold out, turn in your registrations soon!


In celebration, both the Daniel Island and Clements Ferry dojos will be closed on Monday!

Its that time of the year....remember to uphold the principles of propriety and courtesy.

[01/05/20]   Due to the Teachers Work Day school holiday tomorrow, we will only hold the 5:30 Family Class (Monday 1/6/2020).
3:45 & 4:30 classes resume Tuesday!

Congratulations to those who came out to kick in the New Year.
2020 karate techniques!
Happy New Year!!

Glenn Raus Music: ChicoSuave Productions

From Sensei Glenn, thank you for helping make JKIDI & CF two amazing dojos...may peace and joy abound in your life.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Thank you so much for listening in 2019.
May 2020 bring more music to your life!

JKI DI & CF will not be participating in Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday or any other made up “commercial shopping” day. But, starting on Monday you can purchase our $50 “Put A Gi Under The Tree” Gift Certificate.
Give the gift of Self Confidence, Strength and Fun this year.
So come in at your leisure to purchase our best discount of the year. No crowds, no fuss.
On Sale at both locations until 12/20/19.
(Some Restrictions Apply: Not applicable to TASK Program. For Newly Enrolling Students Only)

For the fun of it...Baby Sensei!
(Sensei Glenn, July 4, 1967 at older brother’s birthday party in N. Wildwood, NJ)

Looking to fill position immediately!

I often hear people say that karate doesn’t work and that kata is useless. I usually just nod my head and listen, all the while thinking to myself how utterly wrong they are. Karate was not designed to be used in a caged octagon with a referee and a set of rules. It was designed to be used in mortal combat in defense from attacking forces. The opening move of this video is illegal in MMA. Why? Because it is too devastating of a strike for a human to sustain. Notice that there is no telegraphing of movement, and the target is soft tissue. Also notice that these techniques are applied to multiple attackers. Ground fighting...or “ground-n-pound” as its referred to, is designed to be mano-a-mano...one in one. It doesn’t take into account the idea that the guy you are arm-barring or rear naked choke holding has a buddy teeing up the back of your head with a baseball bat.
Ultimately, though, the aim of karate is to awareness to avoid putting yourself in vulnerable situations and to avoid allowing your ego to escalate a situation into a violent confrontation. Respectable people don’t get in fights!

Two great seminars last night with Grandmaster Robert Moran!
If you missed them, he’s at West Ashley JKI this morning @ 10:00 and North Charleston JKI this afternoon @ 2:30.

Cultivate your spirit of effort. Exercise your civil right to have your voice heard. Vote!

A Halloween tradition at the dojo...

Both the Daniel Island and Clements Ferry dojos will be closing at 6:00PM on Thursday, October 31st so our students and staff may enjoy Halloween night!

Pressure Point Self Defense class...

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Lesson 2 (Earn A Yellow Belt Video Series)





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