Kacala Culinary Resources KCR

KCR Culinary and Hospitality advisement, Menu planning and costing, One on one or group cooking instruction, Intimate gatherings, catering to small groups

KCR is a diverse local company specializing in culinary development for the "Back of The House" Menu costing, layout and execution of products. Presentation of food, new or old school. Recipe development and standardization. Everything that you need to make the food operation successful. At our other venue we specialize in cooking classes on site or off, with topics that include basic knife skills and station set up for the home or professional kitchen., sautéing roasting, brazing, smoking and wood fired cookery, charcuterie, pasta and grain cookery, farm to table just to name a few. We will custom design any of our classes to your specific needs and requests. Wine tastings seminars. Table top settings, flower arrangements. Also featured is our catering services to small intimate groups, off site or at our facility. We also feature small dinner groups for "Girls Night Out" Happy Food , Happy Clients. Don't forget us for the holidays or that special event . My master baker specializes in Italian wedding and Christmas cookies that are to the moon and back with flavor and texture. The recipes have been handed down for grandmother to daughter to granddaughter Time Tested. If you have any questions or considerations please call at your convenience. BIO John Kacala, CEC, AAC, MCGC From Buffalo, New York to Charleston, South Carolina is not so far in miles as it is in years if you measure it by John Kacala time. Since learning to cook in high school, John has brought many years of experience and training to his job as Chef / Culinary Advisor/ Senior Executive Chef for SYSCO Food Services of Columbia, LLC. Most people do not keep the job they held in high school, but John learned that he had a love and a passion for cooking and kept at it. By his own account, he took a position as a dishwasher for a local country club to earn money. As other employees departed for one reason or another, John was asked to assist with food preparation, a fairly humble beginning for an award-winning master craftsman. John spent a total of ten years at the club working under the direction of French, Italian, German, Austrian and Hungarian trained chefs. John speaks appreciatively of the experience and the opportunity that first instilled in him his love for creative cooking. While working at the country club John also attended Emerson Vocational High School where he earned a degree in Quantity Foods Preparation. John continued to refine his skills at other local hotels and country clubs before joining the team at Quality Hotels and Resorts. His job with Quality took him to North Carolina, South Carolina, down the southeastern coast and back to Buffalo where he decided that he was not a warm weather person after all. John was with SYSCO for 10 years , where his talents did not get unnoticed. John speaks modestly about the many awards he has won, both for hot food and cold food displays. The list reads like the index of a book in categories such as team competition, signature recipe and mystery box competitions, which he explains simply – from a box of assorted ingredients, not seen beforehand, chefs create a dish for which they are judged. Sort of like a unique dinner out of leftovers, but at a very high level. This is the kind of achievement that has so far earned John numerous culinary awards and the list is growing. In 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997 John received the award of Chef Instructor of the Year, Johnson & Wales University. In 1994 he was voted the Most Distinguished Culinary Faculty Member, Johnson & Wales University. In 1995 he was voted the American Culinary Federation’s, Charleston SC. Chapters Educator of the Year. In 1996 he received the International Award of Excellence as one of the Best Chefs in America awarded by the International Restaurant and Hospitality Rating Bureau. In 1998 John was selected as a member of the International Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs. 2006 Presidents Medal of Honor 2014 American Culinary Federations Cutting Edge award, 2015 Distinguished Service Award American Academy of Chefs American Academy of Chefs., John has traveled to Norway, South Africa, Germany, Canada, and the Caribbean to cook and assist various charities and humane societies to raise funds to help the under privileged of the world. When it comes to culinary in the kitchens around the world or in education, John’s philosophy is simple. If you can’t walk the walk, don’t talk the talk. John holds an associate’s degree in Culinary Arts and a bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales University. He received his certification as an Executive Chef in 1982, inducted into the American Academy of Chefs the honor society of the American Culinary Federation 1999, Culinary Olympics Erfurt Germany 2004, 2008, 2012. In 2007 received Who’s Who in America, Lifetime Achievement Award, 2009 Presidents Medallion Life Time Achievement American Culinary Federation, Culinary advisor for Universal Studios Orland Florida with the opening of the Harry Potter attraction. 2010 Chef to Chef Educational programs Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. 2011 Appointed Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Chef Ambassador representing Sysco North America and South Carolina. Board of Directors: Charleston County Schools Culinary Program. (Wando & Garrett High School) Guest speaker and culinary judge at numerous ACF chapter meetings and events. Guest judge Chaine des Rotisseurs young commis culinary competition Member opening culinary team Universal Studios Florida Mentor to hundreds of young cooks and chefs throughout the world . Participated in numerous gala/ dinners for various charities, March of Dimes, Leukemia, and Cancer research just to name a few. Memberships in the following associations American Culinary Federation, American Academy Of Chefs Society World Association of Chefs Society Chef Rotisseur member Chaine des Rotisseur, National Restaurant Association International Association of Culinary Professionals Research & Development Chef Association Southern Food Ways Alliance South Carolina BBQ Association The Craft Guild Of Chefs John Kacala, CEC, AAC, MCGC So what does a chef do when not being a chef? John loves to cook at home for his wife Linda and their families but keeping it simple. His favorites are seafood, pasta and barbecue dishes. His other interests reflect the many facets of his personality. He enjoys gardening, concerts, and old cookbooks, restoring antiques, collecting art, and traveling whenever possible.

Mission: To ensure that each client receives prompt, professional, friendly educational services. To maintain a clean, comfortable and well maintained premises for our clients and staff. To provide culinary instruction and nutritional, well-prepared cooking sessions- using only quality ingredients. To ensure that all guests and staff are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. To thank each client for the opportunity to serve them. By maintaining these objectives they will allow us to contribute to the Charleston community that we so humbly serve.

Alumni picture today with my old Johnson & Wales family. Really miss seeing and working with these folks.

Making some fresh vegetable soup for this long cold week in Charleston SC..Love making great tasting fresh soup!

No music, no lights, no noise, just the sound of the fire and the ticking of the grandfather and pantry clocks. Priceless

[02/07/16]   No music,no lights, no noise, just the sound of the fire and the ticking of the grandfather and pantry clocks..Priceless.

A wonderful dish Cod Fish Veracruz. This turned out great. Will be serching for a local white flesh fish to sub for cod.

[01/30/16]   Daryl's House...Darly Hall and Aaron Neville.. Does not get better then this!

My daughter Melissa doing what she does best teaching and sharing her vast knowledge of our industry.

An old Chef friend of mine (Bill Nolan) recently posted a photo of these spice grinders. I have always trusted Bills judgement so I purchased two. Like Bill I have tried just about all the different grinders out there including the coffee types and have always been disappointed. NOT THIS TIME! These grinders are perfection! Different settings for fine course etc. I purchased mine at Amazon for $15.00 each. Info.KUHN RIKON SWISS DESIGN RATCHET GRINDER. I have also included a photo of all the different grinders that I have purchased that did not make the grade. Thank you again Bill!

Lunch with the family. Salmon wrapped in phyllo dough with duxcell. Lemon Myrtle Asaperagus.

It's Sunday at my our house!

[01/17/16]   A couple of dear friends of mine Victor and Patty, their daughter Vicky Smurro is competing in the Miss New York State pageant this evening. Asking for positive thoughts and if inclined a small prayer for good luck..


[01/15/16]   Turner Classic Movies answer to the debates here in Charleston. ..They are featuring the movie Gone With The Wind!

[01/14/16]   Our prayers go out to the family of Celine Dion for the loss of her husband Rene Angelil. May he rest in peace. Rene has been battling cancer for the past 3 years I HATE FU#king CANCER

Forgot the finished product. Another think that Chef was adamant about was the onions had to fit on a soup spoon. If not you had to remake the soup at your expense.

Well back in the day I was working with a dear friend of mine Steve Corio. Steve was one of these cooks that loved to hold up the ceiling that was falling down around him and with the other hand put out a 100 dinners! As time went on Steve developed his talent into his craft A true craftsmen by all means . We had met up with this Chef named Dennis Farrar o a disciple of Escoffier! Anyway Dennis was going to give use a lesson on how he made onion soup. Her goes: First you set up your work station what the $#!* ARE you waiting for said Dennis. Then peal the onions and current in half. ..Move your ass's the longer the onion sirs on the cutting board the more bitter it will taste. Now heat up a sauce pot over medium heat. When hot add beef f at (back in the day we had to render our beef fat to cook with x make roux etc) today I used bacon fat. Next he would scream at us to sweat the onions! I said sweat not saute! We would sweat them for a b good hour so we extracted the sugar and cooked the mm at the same time. Next he would "pink" the onions with a little tomato puree add bay leafs and the only stock that Dennis had in his kitchen was a brown chicken stock which was used extensively in many creations. We then cooked the soup at a,lazy boil for a good 1,2 hours reseasoned it and added sherry wine. That's it. But,God forbid you did not sweat the onions..you would be cussed up one side and down the other and many times slapped in the head. You only made a mistake once in those days, twice and you went out the door and know in the industry as worthless. RIP Chef Dennis you tough us our craft well and some fourth years later can remember every little point as if it was learned yesterday. Steve and Me will join you in the big kitchen in the s k y hopefully not to soon. Let's 30 years from now.

[01/12/16]   Have been very ill sense Christmas digestive system infection ,pinched siatic nerve, bercidous in shoulder, among many other things. I thought that I was going to join David B. sooner then later. Starting to come around to normal for whatever that is for me, anyway went for extensive lab work yesterday morning and just received a call from my doctor that everything is ok and I am doing fine. Thank you God! I am now sure that I have several people watching over me and CAN'T BE MORE THANKFUL FOR THAT. As the song goes amazing grace how sweet the sound,That Saved a wretch like me!

Making a big pot of greens,garlic and potato soup hoping this will aid in my recovery. Feeling bad.

LBK relaxing after a wonderful Christmas Day with family. . Everything in its place for course 1.2.and 3 all on one plate..
Children's chicken soup..Greens with Rose Vinaigrette. .Marinated Artichoke hearts on spoon.. Entree Roasted Game Hen Current Cram berry Sauce.. with black rice and KCR Vegetables ..Coconut cake and Italian Cookie Assortment..

Almost there with the yard.

[12/18/15]   Stopped at local restaurant/ bar for lunch today. The time was 12:20PM ..One person at the bar drinking beer. MO one else but the employees around gathering in a corner of the bar. I sat down and was approached by a wait person . Fave me a menu and took a beverage order with the usual would you like something to drink, never ask me that! Ask me of I would like to try the icextea, root beer sell me something. My reply was water with extra extra lemon (they just lost money on me with the lemons). Ordered the much hyped about burger with cheese,bacon,lettuce,tomato and extra onion slices and pickles, cooked medium with fries. Burger came out within 10 minutes on a breoish roll with butter on one side what seemed an attempt to toast it but failed (the cook must have been overwhelmed with the one burger order). The lettuce served for the burger was the brown rusty tops of a wilted leaf of Romaine lettuce,the red onion was three little strands of soggy limp onion that was not edable. Pickles came from somewhere that are the type you would get at a kids beach bar up north ,you know $3.00 a gallon. Fries ...they should have called them refries .. Anyway rhe so called Front of house manager came over as he approached he'd he was scratching his very unkempt beard lifting his food stained baseball cap. He asked me if everything was ok
.U just looked at him and sure you must have had a rough night. He proceeded to tell me the story of the night before. WTF..Now for the icing on the cake ..The burger with fries was $12.99. Beverage $2.99 add in the tax and gratuity $19.50 for crap. THIS EXPLAINS why no one was in the place. I could have gone to SNOB..

Getting the yard for Christmas more to see tomorrow . God Bless All.

[11/26/15]   Probably one of the most strangest Thanksgiving I had is way back in the early 80s While I was Chef at a small country club in Lockport New York.. It was Thanksgiving eve With my sous Chef Frank M. We closed the club at 9PM
and we're invited for a drink over at the Sheraton Hotel that was managed by our Friends Sandy S. And Gordon S. Anyway we stopped and one bottle of wine led to another
.We had a great dinner with great musical entertainment. Well if you know Chef and some restaurant people we over did it with the wine and congac. We ended up getting a room at 3:30Am ...We had to be back at the club at 6AM to get all the turkeys etc for roasting in the ovens. We did he there at the club but we had such terrible hangovers. Anyway pulled it all together and all that attended had a wonderful meal and time..Of course Frank ND me were tired and still dealing rough. Ask me why I am telling this story? I don't have a clue..The saying goes. ..If you are going rour with the lions in the evening. .You have to sore with Eagles in the morning. .Anyway Have A BLESSED and Peaceful Thanksgiving. .

[11/14/15]   It is so far beyond me ...We have so many great people in the world of all races ..religion s..etc. But all we ever hear about is the bad, horrifying, and the slaughtering of human life.

[11/14/15]   We here at KCR express our condolences to the victims and wish the injured a quick recovery in Paris.

Arugula and RADDICHO Feta. ...Pasta with fresh tomatoes Last night at KCR..Always the best from the Chefs

Lunch with the kids at KCR..Always the best from the Chefs

Dinner with the girls at KCR..Arugula Sliced Tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella dried sausage...Artichoke hearts...Braised short ribs of Beef over whipped cauliflower, Shaved turnips seasoned and fried..Always the best from the chefs..

[10/11/15]   Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian family and friends. ..

Just returned from the dock..10 lbs of local red Roe Shrimp So good and happy. ..Always the best from the Chefs...

The girls at Holy City Brewery. .
Great local beer and appetizers. .

I hope everyone is well? Check out some of my food and like my page site if you want. .

Sunday Shrimp Supper at KCR Kacala Culinary Resources ..Always The Best From The Chefs.

I think I am going here to educate myself more in the art and craftsmanship of cooking and understanding of people and the one thing that brings the world together in a peaceful gathering .

Last evening at KCR...

[09/14/15]   Monday evening....Back in the day being that both sides of my married life Family were in the restaurant business, Monday night was our Saturday night / Sunday dinner with the family. Most Monday nights we could be found at my Father in law Funzi Paolini's house. We would all show up at different times but by 5:30PM we were all there. Dad (Funzi) usually roasted a beef of some kind with the usual trimmings Salad , wine , bread and a vegetable,. Now mind you he had 4 daughters with looks that were nothing to sneeze at! so that added 4 boyfriends having dinner also! and Can't forget our Sister Sandy Williams. All in 13 to 14 people breaking bread together and loving every minute of it, and sometimes a bit of drama slipped in. My how things have changed all over the world. Anyway, I am writing this moment in time down to Honor this great man and his family that I would be nothing without them! I am listening to his favorite music, Big Band stuff! He knew every song that would come on, and usually had some wonderful off the wall story to go with it! I miss this man like no other. Dad I hope you are dancing to the music that I am playing, smiling down on us all! Love and miss you to the moon!

Kacala Culinary Resources KCR

Sunday Supper we did it up today like the old school...Steamed Clams. ..Tossed Greens with EVO Red wine vinegar. ..Pasta with Sunday Sauce..Mestballs...Italian Sausages with peppers , Onions...Red Wine .....Cannoli. ..Expresso. ..Happy Happy at Kacala Culinary Resources ...KCR.. Come and feel the love and passion..

Sunday Supper we did it up today like the old school...Steamed Clams. ..Tossed Greens with EVO Red wine vinegar. ..Pasta with Sunday Sauce..Mestballs...Italian Sausages with peppers , Onions...Red Wine .....Cannoli. ..Expresso. ..Happy Happy at Kacala Culinary Resources ...KCR.. Come and feel the love and passion..

Kacala Culinary Resources KCR

Was so blessed and happy to spend some time with family in Orlando at ACF Conference .All my love to Steve ...Anne ..and Christopher. ..Love you guys...DEE YOU soon

Was so blessed and happy to spend some time with family in Orlando at ACF Conference .All my love to Steve ...Anne ..and Christopher. ..Love you guys...DEE YOU soon

Tuesday AR KCR..Classic Summer Gazpacho Soup....Carpacaccio of Beef with Arugula Salad,Shaved Romano Cheese, White Truffle Oil...Kiawah Island Roe Shrimp With Fresh Pasta & Tomatoes

Tuesday Tbone Tribute. ...Grilled Tbone...Traditional Lettuce Wedge Steak House Style...Roasted Potato Salad..And Some Grape Juice..Always The Best From The Chefs.....I hope you in joy the pictures..

Carlos Santana

Just for a moment
May we bless instead of curse
May we heal instead of hurt
May we trust instead of doubt
May we bring peace instead of war
May we love instead of hate
May we be grateful instead of unsatisfied
May we claim instead of reject
May we use our light instead of fear
May we be in harmony instead of turmoil

Solo por un momento.
Que bendigamos en lugar de maldecir.
Que curemos en lugar de herir.
Que confiemos en lugar de dudar.
Que traigamos la paz en lugar de la guerra.
Que amemos en lugar de odiar.
Que estemos agradecidos en lugar de insatisfechos.
Que aceptemos en lugar de rechazar.
Que usemos la luz en lugar del miedo.
Que vivamos en armonía en lugar de agitados.

[08/30/15]   Inviting You All To Like My Page On Facebook ....KACALA CULINARY RESOURCES. Please give it a look and like if you are pleased

Last night at KCR Kacala Culinary Resources ..Olive Assortment. .Marinated Octopus salad...Wood fired pizza Margherita.

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