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Let a fitness nutrition specialist help you develop an optimal nutrition plan to reach your health, fitness, weight & performance goals. Save time, save $.

What you eat effects the way to look, feel and perform. Whatever your health and fitness goals, a great nutritional plan is key. Be sure you get the essential nutrients you require at home incorporating whole foods in their most natural form. We help you get the right balance of those essentials onto your plate with ease and flavor. Experience new ingredients & techniques to create simple, multi-c

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'Prediabetes' Raises Odds for Heart Attack, Stroke 05/06/2021

'Prediabetes' Raises Odds for Heart Attack, Stroke

Here is another reason not to ignore high blood glucose.
Join a National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) near you or virtually.
NDPP is proven to prevent or significantly postpone the onset of type 2 diabetes for those at risk.
1 in 3 people in the US have prediabetes. If you are one of them join a DPP & start making lifestyle changes today.
Find a DPP program in South Carolina here:

'Prediabetes' Raises Odds for Heart Attack, Stroke WEDNESDAY, May 5, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- Prediabetes -- where blood sugar levels are high, but not high enough for a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes -- is not something you should dismiss. It significantly increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and other serious heart problems, new research show....


Coming in October: Your free opportunity to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.
If you or someone in your family is at high risk for type 2 diabetes you will want to consider this opportunity to take the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) on line. DPP is proven to prevent or significantly delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. Join today.

[01/15/20]   Friends in Hollywood and St. Pauls parish. Your diabetes prevention program (DPP) launches this Saturday from 10-11am at Schroder Community Center. You get a DTTAC lifestyle change coach for a full year, the super CDC curriculum and materials and a support group of folks all working together to improve your health outcomes. Call 843-343-7556 for more information or to enroll. The program is FREE to residents.
See you there.


Prevent type 2 diabetes in 2020. The Diabetes Prevention Program is now launching in Hollywood, West Ashley and James Island, January / February. Check out locations and FAQ here.

[12/26/19]   Prevent Type 2 Diabetes, feel great, look great in 2020! Find out if you are at risk here and then check out the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) beginning in January & February: Hollywood, West Ashley and James Island. Everyone is welcome. Call 843-343-7556 for information or to register. 08/11/2019

Grilled Summer Vegetables With Tahini Dressing Recipe

So many veggies now, oh my.... Lets Grill em up. My guests LUV them. Start up the grill for a crowd-pleasing platter of vegetables from the garden or farm stand Take care to keep the fire medium-hot, so you can cook the vegetables without letting them become scorched or blackened A bit of char is nice, of course, but don’t try for perfect grill marks


Recipe: Edamame Guacamole

The HEAT IS ON. Cool, meal in a bowl... Edamame Guac ! Season as you wish but YES this is good.

Here's a spin on traditional guacamole, from the How Not to Die Cookbook. Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter and get the Evidence-Based Eati...


People You Know :60 | Type 2 Diabetes Prevention | Ad Council

Know your numbers! Screen, Test, Act Today (STAT)

Take the risk test - visit to learn where you stand. About: This new PSA campaign aims to raise awareness of prediabetes, a...


Brandi Carlile - The Mother (Official Video)

Today we celebrate all of you mothers and those with mothers, who are continually striving for the health and well-being of those in our loving care. Thank you for all you do.

The official music video for Brandi Carlile's 'The Mother' from the album "By The Way, I Forgive You" available now. C...


First Annual SC FITME fun run at Colonial Lake. Proceeds to fitness equipment for Memminger School as well as the Tri-County Diabetes Coalition. A perfect day... Thanks to the College of Charleston school of Health and Human Performance.


Talking and Cooking Fruits and Veggies with the fine folks in McClellanville and PCAP. aka Palmetto Community Action Partnership. All are loving up on the Tortilla Soup: black beans and VEGGIES.


Spring "Tune-ups" Moving is for everyone.

A study looking at group fitness showed that physical, mental, and emotional quality of life improves when participants exercise together. Here are some fun group fitness ideas:


Trident United Way

Quick. The last week to let your voice be heard for your community. Take the Health Needs Survey now... active until February 15th.

#HealthyTriCounty is conducting its 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment and YOUR OPINION MATTERS! Please spend 10 minutes to take this confidential survey to help inform the future of #HealthyTriCounty's work in the community. You can even win a $25 Target gift card! 01/27/2019

You Don't Have To Go No-Carb: Instead, Think Slow Carb

CHOOSE SLOW CARBS. Now here's what we're talking about.
Find the why, what, how, and recipes for sauces. Ditching carbs can lead to quick weight loss, but can you really stick with it? Here's the science on eating carbs smarter to keep you sated and healthy.


Dining by Traffic Light: Green Is for Go, Red Is for Stop |

Confused about "Eating Healthier"? Try the TRAFFIC LIGHT system to make the best food choices. Here is how.... to hit GO.

A video explaining my traffic light system for ranking the relative healthfulness of Green Light vs. Yellow Light vs. Red Light foods. 01/21/2019

Use Monday to Stay on the Right Track New routines can take some time to get going. If you’ve been trying to make your day more active, use this Monday to check in on your progress and to stay on track. Did you use January to make a new resolution? Consider Mondays instead! You


WELCOME our spring College of Charleston interns! You will see them working in health education and promotion of healthy environments for our residents.
~~I'm Kerrington Gorby (left) and I am from Myrtle Beach. I am a senior at the College of Charleston where I am majoring in Public Health and Minoring in Psychology. In the future I plan to go to nursing school where I hope to become a psych nurse. I am currently employed by The College as a Peer Academic Coach. With this position I am responsible for helping freshman and sophomore students adjust to college life, focusing on academics. In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach, spending time with my family and friends as well as working out.
~~My name is Lauren Robertson and I was born and raised in Charleston! I am a senior public health major at the college of Charleston. Throughout my studies at the college and from volunteering at the dream center clinic in North Charleston for the past year, I have learned that I am interested in health promotion and helping others engage in healthy activities. I am very excited for this opportunity and looking forward to this semester.


Meet us Tuesday (11/13) in Hollywood (SC) at the Schroder Community Center @ 5:30pm for a Sweet Talk: Discussion on the Type 2 diabetes epidemic and its effect. Learn your risk and a program to prevent the diagnosis. Free and fun ! 7224 SC-162 . Questions? call 843-343-7556.


Healthy Plate Cooking

Are you the 1 in 3 people (86,000) in the U.S. who have pre diabetes and are at risk for Type 2 diabetes?
Take the 1 minute test now.

If the answer is yes, than find the National Diabetes Prevention Program near you.
(Charleston and Dorchester Counties, SC)
ACCESSHEALTH Tri-County 843-743-2777

Are you at risk for T2 diabetes?
Watch this video and take the quiz to find out.

Did you know 12% of South Carolina's citizens are currently diagnosed with diabetes? Trends indicate the problem will only get worse without changes. Healthy Tri-County and Healthy Plate Cooking are committed to preventing this chronic health issue.…/south-…/2016/downloads


Are you at risk ? 1 in 3 people in the US have prediabetes and 90% do not know it. If you are the 1 in 3, then the Diabetes Prevention Program is for you. Pre diabetes is a condition that comes before diabetes. It means blood glucose (sugar) levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be called type 2 diabetes. Your doctor may have told you that having pre diabetes can negatively affect one’s health and, if not treated, may progress to type 2 diabetes. Take control and ask your doctor if you are on a path to Type 2 diabetes. Those of you at risk for diabetes (1 in 3 of you) can make lifestyle changes now that help to prevent or significantly postpone that diagnoses. Diabetes is a serious disease. Know your numbers and make the changes. The National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) has been shown to significantly reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes. The program is now offered in neighborhood settings across the country. See below where DPP begins this fall in Charleston & Dorchester Counties of SC. Call ACCESSHEALTH Tri-County for more information 843-743-2777. Make the choice to take control of your health today.
or at:


Take the Prediabetes Risk Test | Type 2 Diabetes Prevention | Ad Council

Now available. The National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) on Johns Island. Beginning May 30th, 3-4pm at Faith Lutheran Church, 3374 Maybank Highway. Are you at Risk? Come learn more on May 23, 3pm OR call to register: 843-343-7556. Take the Prediabetes Risk Test here:
16 weekly lifestyle change sessions + 6 monthly maintenance sessions.

Know where you stand. Visit and take the short online risk test now. You can also take the risk test through your phone or ...


GET UP! It's National Get Fit Don't Sit Day. Show us your desk dance.


Two Roads Professional Resources

Tomorrow is National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day – a great day to encourage employees and coworkers to break up the day by getting up every hour for a quick walk, stretch break or desk exercise.

Sitting at your desk all day long is bad for your health. That’s why it’s important to get up and move around throughout the day – it helps improve your overall cardiovascular health and reduce the risk for other diseases like diabetes. #GetFitDontSit #Fitness #HealthyLifestyle


American Diabetes Association

Get on up.... Where is "your" desk dance?

Happy National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day! Run, walk, bike, stretch—we’re on board with however you #GetFitDontSit!


Are you at high risk for Type 2 Diabetes or have prediabetes? Join us April 9th from 3-4pm on Seabrook Island, to learn more about this free year long program that teaches and coaches on how to make lasting changes that can reduce your risk by more than one half. The program begins April 25th so learn more at the kickoff or call 843-792-9644 for more information. 03/16/2018

National Nutrition Month 2018: ‘Go Further With Food’

This is a good month to start to be your best: Follow as we practice the basics of nutrition, add regular movement and you will be there for life! By Sylvia Blyth, RD, LD, CLC Nutrition Education Coordinator Division of WIC Services March is National Nutrition Month, a time to focus attention on the importance of making informed food choices … 11/07/2017

Recipe: The Only Pad Thai Recipe You’ll Ever Need

The google celebration of Pad Thai took us down this path this morning.Popular recipes for pad thai use cheap, plentiful rice noodles, and an assortment of vegetables that could be easily sourced from local farmers. Gastronomica notes that settlers from southern China likely brought some rudimentary version of the stir-fried rice noodle dish to the country a very long time ago. Plaek Pibulsonggram, Thailand’s prime minster from 1938 to 1944 and from 1948 to 1957, is largely credited with popularizing the dish and establishing the basic recipe that’s still commonly used today.
Fine tune yours with what is fresh locally. Enjoy. From Jet Tila’s new book ‘101 Asian Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die’ 11/07/2017

Celebrating Pad Thai

A time to get everyone cooking.... Celebrating Pad Thai! #GoogleDoodle


Striving to eliminate health inequity. Won't you join us?


Join us! ONE NIGHT ONLY! Garrett Davis’ new production Mama’s Girls 2: Sugar ain’t sweet! Saturday, April 29th, 5pm at Royal Baptist Church. The play focuses on five sisters who come together to take care of their youngest sibling who is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. A great story for any family affected by diabetes.
Diabetes affects many families in different ways. Mama’s Girls 2: Sugar ain’t sweet tells the story of how one family deals with the disease when one sister gets diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. For more information call (803) 799-4246, ext 3292 or by tickets at for only $10.


Join us on Saturday, April 29th at Royal Baptist Church in North Charleston for the ADA LIVE Empowered Diabetes Education Day. A FREE event featuring powerful workshops, speakers, health experts, free health screenings, door prizes, exhibitors, and much more. Be the change. Live empowered!

American Diabetes Association LIVE Empowered Diabetes Education Day: Learn more about preventing or better managing diabetes. FREE Diabetes Education Day, April 29th, 9am -4pm at Royal Baptist Church in North Charleston. Powerful workshops on nutrition, exercise, and a cooking demonstration. Be the change. Live empowered! Register today by calling (803) 799-4246, ext 3292


Thank you to Wadmalaw Community Center for having us for a focus group on Type 2 diabetes. We are very excited to start this program with you all and look forward to it and hope you're just as excited as we are to spread the word!

Thank you ladies for your Awesome Presentation Friday on _The Prevent 2 Program. an Educational Seminar on how we can prevent Type 2 Diabetes, by using this Program..This proven Program can help you make modest lifestyle changes and cut your risk of Diabetes2 by more than half...This program is a part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program, led by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)....Thanks to all Community members that came out and shared. Program scheduled start in May it will be a 16 week seminar (1 day per week).. Watch for updates.


Healthy Plate Cooking

Sound the ALERT is today Tuesday, March 28th
TODAY is the annual American Diabetes Alert day. American Diabetes Association Alert Day® encourages you to help sound the alarm about the prevalence of type 2 diabetes risk. Join us as we activate and share our Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test! An awareness that one is at risk for type 2 diabetes is the key to prevention! So please take a moment today to ask at least one person to take the test. Who knows, you could be helping to save someone’s life.

Are you at risk for T2 diabetes?
Watch this video and take the quiz to find out.

Did you know 12% of South Carolina's citizens are currently diagnosed with diabetes? Trends indicate the problem will only get worse without changes. Healthy Tri-County and Healthy Plate Cooking are committed to preventing this chronic health issue.…/south-…/2016/downloads


Session Zero this Friday! We are excited to start launching our National Diabetes Prevention Program in collaboration with the CDC's Program. We are hosting Session Zero, the intro to the series, this Friday at the community center on Wadmalaw Island, SC at 6 pm! It's going to be a short focus group and we are excited and hope you all can make it out to join in on learning how to prevent or turn around Type 2 diabetes! More info included on the brochures.


No filter needed on these bad boys! How yummy do these energy bites look?? These are a GREAT source of long lasting energy for health and high performance (and GREAT for just snacking). These are easy, no-bake bites with your favorite and endless choice of ingredients. Substitute any seeds or nuts and keep the sweeteners to a minimum. We hope you love these as much as we do! Give them a try
1 c. Dry oatmeal or homemade muesli
2/3 c. Toasted coconut flakes
1/2 c. peanut or almond butter
1/2 c. Ground flaxseed
Tiny bit of maple syrup/honey
1 tsp. Vanilla extract
1 tbsp. Chia/pumpkin/sesame/sunflower seeds
1/2 c. chocolate chips (optional)
Stir all together until well mixed. Cover and chill in fridge for half an hour. Roll into 1" thick balls. Store in airtight container for up to 1 week

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Are you at risk for T2?





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