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Defiance SC is devoted to helping you reach your performance goals. Defiance Strength and Conditioning is committed to delivering the most comprehensive programming and coaching available.

Specializing in remote programming for sport specific, strength sports, endurance racing, and competitive fitness, Defiance SC works tirelessly to develop athletes physically, mentally, and spiritually. This approach produces the most successful athletes in their respective sports. Defiance SC also works with individual athletes on-site. This process requires a meeting and interview as not all ath

Operating as usual 11/17/2014

Meat Market

For anyone interested in learning what it takes to compete and coach on the Grid, please take the time to check out Nathaniel Schrader and his new seminar series. Nate is an active starter for the Phoenix Rise and has been a 3x The CrossFit Games Competitor. You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right.


Alwyn Cosgrove

This is great advice from Alwyn Cosgrove! Prepare yourself for the success that you aspire to have

"If you want to be successful, you need to study success, not hate it or be envious of it. If you are envious, then you will distance yourself from success and make it that much harder to get there. Never be jealous. Never think someone is “lucky”. Luck is created by the prepared. Never think that someone is undeserving of the money they have. That only puts you one more step removed from the freedom you aspire to."
- James Altucher
(From the book 'Choose Yourself')

[10/16/14]   "Your goal is to keep your goal, your goal" Dan John

[10/15/14]   #BeAboutThatGRIND 10/02/2014

Your Thumbs, The Hook Grip, and Better Pull Up Shoulder Stability Part 1 | MobilityWOD

I recently had this debate with someone. I stress the importance of having an active shoulder constantly for not only my CrossfiT and Grid athletes, but my sport specific athletes as well. I have been teaching this method show in this video for several years and it is a proven technique.

BIG TAKEAWAY: Don't sacrifice stability and strength for feel! In this video: Kelly and Carl Paoli discuss hook grips, pull up technique and shoulder stability


American Weightlifting Federation

For anyone that is interested in competing in January, Team Defiance will be at the AWF Grand Open in Las Vegas January 16-18. We will begin a new 15 week program starting on Monday October 6. This program will lead up to the competition. Anyone interested in either remote or onsite training, or joining Team Defiance please contact us at [email protected] American Weightlifting Federation. A non-profit organization that provides annual memberships and competitions for the sport of weightlifting. 09/26/2014

Top 10 Tips To Race A Spartan Beast

I have been programming for an OCR team for over a year now. Due to their success I have been continually asked questions on the best ways to prep (physically, mentally, nutritionally, etc.). This article by Ben Greenfield does a great job touching on a lot of the techniques I use in team preparation which has led to a podium finish in the Spartan Race Series.

For more info on programming specifically for OCR racing and race preparation contact us at [email protected] Top 10 Tips To Race A Spartan Beast (Or Any Other Long, Hilly Running Event or Obstacle Race) 09/23/2014

Changing minds and busting plateaus - The Princeton Lecture: Libsyn Player

Take some time to go over to our friend Chris Moore's page and like it and then listen to his lecture that he gave at Princeton this past week for the NESS Conference. Chris Moore talks about how to get passed plateaus in work, training, and life. “Sometimes you feel like you’ve made a wrong turn, or that the current barriers and plateaus are just too high. But, they are not. Be patient…take a quick step back, brew some coffee, think it over, press on. There’s alw…

[09/23/14]   This is a testimonial from one of my hardest working athletes, Kayla Baranowski. She is the epitome of the dedicated athlete and lives the brand to the fullest. I am proud to have her as a part of the family! #PrepareForBattle

"Gaining strength is a lifelong journey in which there are many paths to take a long way. Personally, I chose to take this lifelong journey about two years ago. For the better part of year and half I took this journey alone. Sometimes when I thought I was headed the right direction, I would find a dead end and have to get turned around. Finally, I realized that making gains and getting stronger could not be done on my own and started looking for a coach.
Having someone to guide you down the right paths to continue to make gains and be successful is paramount. Finding a coach that will your support your goals and see your potential is hard to come by since the industry is filled with trainers willing to take your money without caring about an end result.
In January of 2014 I became a Defiance Strength and Conditioning athlete coached by Marshall Crown. Before Marshall even knew who I was he was cueing improvements as I was trying to set a personal record clean at 155 pounds. Frustrated as I was he came over to me to talk to me in depth about why I kept missing this lift. The following week under his coaching in a group class setting I lifted the weight with relative ease. I knew at that point in order to achieve my goals I would need Marshall’s knowledge and support on a more personalized level.
Over the course of just a couple of months I set personal records that I had been trying to obtain for over a year. Marshall not only provides superior programming to achieve the goals that I have for myself, he offers guidance so that I can be mentally strong as well. Overall I feel that I have made the right selection and am on the best path possible for my journey for strength by being a Defiance SC athlete.

At the start of training:
Squat: 260
Deadlift: 255
Strict Press: 95

Three months into training:
Squat: 295
Deadlift: 280
Strict Press: 100"

[09/23/14]   Defiance Strength uses assessments with all of our athletes to develop corrective exercise to reduce deficiencies in their motor patterns. A well balanced approach is most necessary for the improvement of the athlete. 09/23/2014

7 Steps to Better Technique Coaching

For those coaches who are coaching weightlifters, this is a wonderful article by Bob Takano. 7 steps to properly correct technique errors in the snatch, clean and jerk for Olympic weightlifting coaches

[09/18/14]   Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the launch of the brand new website. The new site will host a movement video library, new blog posts (focusing on training methodology, coaches education, and mental training), and new group training programs that will focus on a basic strength program, endurance racing program, and a competitive fitness program focusing on preparation for GRID league competition. Check back for content daily!





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