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To share the happenings of Environmental Science at West Ashley High School in Charleston, South Carolina and around the world. In June 2021, this page will be deleted.

Thanks for all the memories!

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The People’s Environmental Law: The National Environmental Policy Act 03/14/2021

The People’s Environmental Law: The National Environmental Policy Act

The People’s Environmental Law: The National Environmental Policy Act What You Should Know The People’s Environmental Law: The National Environmental Policy Act Learn how the National Environmental Policy Act helps communities protect themselves from dangerous, rushed or poorly planned federal projects — and join us in standing up to defend it. What You Should Kno...

Hundreds of Kiawah households vow to avoid using rat poisons blamed for bobcat decline 03/13/2021

Hundreds of Kiawah households vow to avoid using rat poisons blamed for bobcat decline

Hundreds of Kiawah households vow to avoid using rat poisons blamed for bobcat decline More than 650 households and 30 pest control companies have pledged to not use rodent poisons that are blamed for killing bobcats on Kiawah Island.



“This latest ruling ensures that Lucky Minerals can’t harm clean water and native wildlife at the gateway into Yellowstone National Park under cover of a license that was never legally issued in the first place.” -Jenny Harbine, Earthjustice attorney https://ejus.tc/2K5QLPJ


Mountain Journal

Mountain Journal is a non-profit 501 (c)(3), public-interest news organization that explores vital issues affecting people and iconic wildlife, ecology and economy in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and larger American West.


Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network

Looking for an internship??

We’ve got you covered! We are looking for an intern to help with education, conservation, and fieldwork in the spring. This person needs to be available to dedicate about 20 hours a week to LMMN, be self-lead/motivated, and eager to learn. If this sounds like you, fill out this online application and email your CV and 2 references to [email protected] by January 15th. Anticipated start date: March 15th, 2021.

Online application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfwl2ODQFpKPKewHP7zf1TtH5QH70RMR-DGfx6NLiOcirjMnA/viewform?gxids=7628

postandcourier.com 12/15/2020

Charleston area lost more than 10,000 acres of tree cover since 1992, making floods worse

Exactly what I've been saying ...

postandcourier.com A new analysis for The Post and Courier’s Rising Waters project shows how the Charleston area’s unprecedented building boom has made us more vulnerable amid the accelerating forces of climate

postandcourier.com 12/14/2020

Charleston area lost more than 10,000 acres of tree cover since 1992, making floods worse

postandcourier.com A new analysis for The Post and Courier’s Rising Waters project shows how the Charleston area’s unprecedented building boom has made us more vulnerable amid the accelerating forces of climate



This river is flourishing as wildlife takes shelter on floating gardens made entirely of plastic trash collected from the water!



Who knew birds would be absolutely crushing it in the recycling game? If they can do it, so can you!

theguardian.com 11/18/2020

Trump officials rush plans to drill in Arctic refuge before Biden inauguration

theguardian.com Bureau of Land Management begins ‘call for nominations’ in Alaska refuge’s coastal plain region, considered some of the country’s last pristine wilderness


Jungle Jordan

Jungle Jordan is a zookeeper & content creator with a passion for wildlife education, conservation & exploring the outdoors.

nytimes.com 10/23/2020

The Trump Administration Is Reversing Nearly 100 Environmental Rules. Here’s the Full List.

Not good ...

nytimes.com The White House has dismantled major climate and environmental policies focused on clean air, water, wildlife and toxic chemicals. Here’s how it adds up.


Moms Clean Air Force

Huge swathes of the Arctic are turning black and scientists have finally discovered the reason why. Read more: https://bit.ly/3fSgBRb

via The Years Project


ecowatch.com 08/30/2020

EPA Has Granted More Than 3,000 Pollution Monitoring Exemptions to Oil and Gas Industry

ecowatch.com Environmental regulators across the country granted more than 3,000 requests from polluting oil and gas operations, government facilities, chemical plants, and other facilities to stop pollution monitoring and other procedures intended to protect human health and the environment, an expansive two-mo...



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earthjustice.org 08/24/2020

Lawsuit Aims to Block Drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Hope ...

earthjustice.org Environmental groups filed a lawsuit in federal court today challenging the Trump administration’s decision to allow oil and gas leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Bureau of Land Management’s plan for drilling in the Coastal Plain of the Arctic Refuge would cause irreparable dam...

energyconsumersofthecarolinas.org 08/21/2020

Something to Think About - UAE Nuclear Plant Starts Up - Energy Consumers of the Carolinas

energyconsumersofthecarolinas.org “The UAE, OPEC’s third-largest oil producer, started producing nuclear energy from a 1.4 GW nuclear reactor, becoming the first country in the Gulf to use such a source for power generation.” (Source) Pretty big news for an oil-rich country. Seems like something to think about. The new plant: ...


The PUNitentiary

earthjustice.org 08/17/2020

Restore the Endangered Species Act

earthjustice.org Despite overwhelming public support for the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the Trump administration is gutting the bedrock law in an effort to advance the interests of corporations and polluters. Fortunately, we have a chance to put a check on the administration and reinstate critical protections. Th...



It can be done ...

I Only Ate Food That I Grew Or Foraged For One Year

Thanks to Rob Greenfield. Find more of his videos at:

live5news.com 07/28/2020

Clemson warns South Carolinians about mystery seed mailings

Not good at all ...

live5news.com If you received packages of seeds you did not order, officials with The South Carolina Department of Agriculture and Clemson University’s Regulatory Services division are warning people to avoid opening or handling them.

returntonow.net 06/18/2020

Investigation Reveals Tyson Foods as #1 Culprit in Largest "Dead Zone" on Earth

returntonow.net Nearly 9000 square-miles of ocean along the Gulf Coast is uninhabitable by marine life. Loaded with agricultural toxins and devoid of oxygen, it’s the largest “dead zone” in US history, and last summer it got even bigger. We’ve known the cause of the ecological “dead zone” for decades .....

ecowatch.com 06/15/2020

Trans Mountain Pipeline Spills up to 50,000 Gallons of Oil on Indigenous Land in BC

ecowatch.com Canada's Trans Mountain pipeline spilled as many as 50,000 gallons of crude oil in Abbotsford, BC, reinforcing concerns about the safety of the pipeline's planned expansion. ​Chief Dalton Silver of the Sumas First Nation told CTV News that the spill occurred on his reserve on fields over an aquife...


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It’s our responsibility to share the earth. Agree?

cnn.com 06/11/2020

The 1,000th California condor has hatched in a victory for the species that nearly went extinct

cnn.com The California condor once tip-toed dangerously close to extinction, with only 22 left in the wild in 1982. Things are looking up.

usgs.gov 06/09/2020

Job Opportunity: NCASC "Scientific Programmer/Data Analyst (Fisheries)" Position

usgs.gov About Us: The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Climate Adaptation Science Center (NCASC) is a partner-oriented institution. NCASC manages a suite of eight regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers (CASCs). These centers and NCASC are designed to provide scientific support for natural and cul...

huffpost.com 06/08/2020

Scorning Extinction Crisis, Trump Opens East Coast Marine Monument To Commercial Fishing

huffpost.com The administration is using COVID-19 as cover to pursue a full-fledged assault on environmental protections.

ecowatch.com 06/07/2020

Trump Opens Marine Sanctuary to Commercial Fishing

ecowatch.com By Jake JohnsonIn a move that environmentalists warned could further imperil hundreds of endangered species and a protected habitat for the sake of profit, President Donald Trump on Friday signed a proclamation rolling back an Obama-era order and opening nearly 5,000 square miles off the coast of Ne...

ecowatch.com 06/05/2020

20,000 Ton Oil Spill in Russian Arctic Has 'Catastrophic Consequences' for Wildlife

State of emergency was declared ...

ecowatch.com Russian President Vladimir Putin declared an emergency after 20,000 tons of diesel fuel spilled into a river in the Arctic Circle. The accident is the second largest oil spill in terms of volume in modern Russian history. The oil spread around 7.5 miles from the fuel site, turning the Ambarnaya rive...

southernenvironment.org 05/26/2020

Decision to log forest ignores public input and science, threatens trout streams

southernenvironment.org Known as the “Buck project,” a Forest Service proposal includes logging nearly 800 acres—the biggest logging project in the Nantahala National Forest in a generation—despite overwhelming public opposition.

earthjustice.org 05/26/2020

Court Strikes Down Trump Administration’s Sage-grouse Directive, Canceling Hundreds of Oil and Gas Leases

earthjustice.org On Friday, the U.S. District Court in Montana struck down the basis for the Trump administration’s massive oil and gas leasing plans on more than a million acres of public lands in key habitat for sage-grouse, an iconic bird species of the Western United States.

ecowatch.com 05/24/2020

Antarctic Penguin P**p Emits Laughing Gas

ecowatch.com A colony of king penguins in Antarctica emit so much nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, in their p**p that researchers went a little "cuckoo," while studying them. The study looked at the effects of a king penguin colony's activity on soil greenhouse gas fluxes in South Georgia, an island just north of...


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Today’s youths are growing up in an uncertain world filled with crises, gardening can teach mean valuable lessons

reuters.com 05/24/2020

Cuba credits two drugs with slashing coronavirus death toll

reuters.com Communist-run Cuba said this week that use of two drugs produced by its biotech industry that reduce hyper-inflammation in seriously ill COVID-19 patients has sharply curbed its coronavirus-related death toll.

blog.humanesociety.org 05/24/2020

Breaking news: U.S. will allow cruel trophy hunting practices to kill hibernating bears and wolf pups on Alaska's federal lands · A Humane World

blog.humanesociety.org The Trump administration has just delivered a one-two punch to Alaska’s wildlife: it has announced that it will release a final National Park Service rule allowing some of the cruelest practices for killing black bears, wolves and other wildlife on national preserve lands in Alaska; . . .

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Richard and Jordan has met the challenge of repurposing plastic bottles for their class project ... outstanding job!




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