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Good morning ☀️😍 #Monday

When you wake up too early on your day off 😹

Good morning ☀️🌞😍

Good morning 🌞😃♥️

Just some #humor 😜

#Rise and shine and remember
#Breakfast is always the best thing of any given day 😍🥞😋

Enjoy your every day ♥️
#Tomorrow is never promised ❗️

#always #be #you 😍

👋 we are here just to say hello❗️hope you all doing well 😘

When the only thing that’s holding you back is YOU❗️

Good morning ☀️😃🌞
Always start your day the right way ♥️

Drink from your favorite cup
Always use your best china, your best silverware
Always wear your best clothes
Prepare the meals you like the way you like
Take the time to do more of what makes you happy ♥️

Just like we care for our physical wellness and overall wellbeing, it is essential to take care of our mental health❗️

It all starts with feelings. For I have always buried mine at the bottom of a bottle or by stuffing my stomach with sponge cakes and meat pies❗️What a horrible picture ❗️

We must talk about our feelings and be honest regarding our emotions. This can actually help us stay in good mental health. Besides, expressing ourselves helps us deal with our troubles, tackle the issues and make better decisions.

Another thing that I have totally disregarded over the years is being active. I remember my twenties, young, strong, opinionated, proactive and ready to take on the world. I loved tennis and long walks in the forest. I loved dancing, never missed out on a chance to jump, party and be cheerful. So what happened to me⁉️ How did I get here⁉️

I stopped eating well, drank a lot, burnt bridges and never asked for help. Regardless of what the catalyzer was, today I am finally waking up to the truth. Finally, trying to rebuild myself and find happiness in life again.

My advice to you dear, never let yourself down. And no matter the reason, do not let anyone put you down. Never stop loving yourself. And never stop believing in you❗️ Be selfish, be resilient and do everything that makes you feel good. For there is no happiness in following others and succumbing to others needs, trusting that they want what is best for you. Meanwhile, it is only you who knows what is really best for you. Happiness can only be found when you surrender only to yourself sincerely and completely. ♥️

#wineglitter #mental_health #awareness #woke

#Old_sins_cast_long_shadows. Which means, we might not realize the #consequences of our #mistakes in #life. But in fact, they can have a #long_term #effect.

Actually, most people do not see the #repercussions of their #deeds. Many go about complaining without trying to understand why. And with no single thought to make up for what they have done or to reconcile with their own actions❗️

Personally, I am guilty of #gluttony and have been #guilty of the #original_sin. However, I am paying for my sins today and will be for many years to come.

What sins are you guilty of⁉️

Love the smell of flowers after morning coffee ♥️

Hey there 😻 What you been up to⁉️

May your #love_story never end ♥️💋

Once a cheater! Make it or Break it? - Run Run Run

Do you believe in #second #chances in #love⁉️
Do you think a #relationship, in which #treason is present, can be #saved⁉️ Or even #worth saving⁉️

👇👇👇 Cheating is an indicator of the absence of love. Besides, we all know thow he saying goes: once a cheater! In a nutshell, if they cheat on you, run!

Victory fireworks

Good morning 🌞😍

The best place to be is loved ♥️

Morning exercise is always therapeutic... 😅

Stay #positive 😻👌

Here it is, the sacred #temple in which the #soul #rests. ♥️😌

#positivity saves the day 🤗♥️

Season’s blessings ♥️♥️♥️

#Love yourself and #accept #yourself and you will start to notice those who love you and accept you the way you are, no changes, no pretense ☺️♥️

I understood one thing .... when you are hit, you just need to #hit back, just as #painful, and just as #harsh! 🥊 It is cynical but it’s simple physics: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So hit them back and hit them hard.

Stop thinking about why people do this! 🙄Looking for #excuses for their #unforgivable behavior. That’s not your job! Period 🛑

Yes, they say ... happy people do not hurt others ... probably they were #insulted, probably they were #misunderstand .... 🤷🏻‍♀️

But what the hell is the difference ⁉️ If you have been hurt, then you have to answer‼️ Time to throw a punch 🤜

And it’s enough to pity those who don’t pity you and crawling into your personal space, trying to bend you drop your principles and bend to an alien life for you ‼️stand up for yourself 💪 Stand up for your life 😌🍀


Good morning ☀️♥️

3 Things to Do to Survive a Crisis - Personal Finances and Business

Are we heading into yet another international crisis? You might be wondering, what is going to happen next and how to #protect #yourself, your #family and your #business. How to #survive a #crisis? #Surviving the #uncertainty and #thriving through it. How to survive a crisis? How to protect yourself, your family and your business. First, we need to realize that crisis is always a paradoxical time.

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One of my favorite hobbies is building websites. I actually do it well. And have teamed up with awesome professionals for bigger projects. So whether you are looking for a new web design or a refreshed web design for your new or existing business, I can help you get exactly what you need. Simply give me a call or book an appointment to discuss the details.

Live Life! Find Love! Grow Business!

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