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On a mission to help women eat with pleasure, love their bodies, and thrive at their natural weight. I work with women who adore good food but feel like it's running or ruining their lives.

They don't want to diet, count, restrict, or limit their social life. But they are tired of feeling less than their best and guilty, obsessed, or confused about what they eat. I help them keep the pleasure and drop the stressful thinking and extra weight, so they feel confident, light, and free - all without ending their love affair with food. You can pick up your free guide to get started at http

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As a health coach who wants women to love their bodies and nourish them in a way that’s right for them, I’m not big on showing weight loss selfies, but here I am — and this is because these photos are about way more than dropping pounds, they show what inflammation does to the body.

Take a look not only at the size but all of the puffiness...and read on about how this might help you.

It’s really difficult (but possible) to love your body when it doesn’t feel good.

I’m sharing because I have an even deeper understanding of how gut health relates to soooo much of feeling good.

People often start Plexus with Slim, thinking they’ll drop some weight — and often they do! In clinical studies people lost MORE weight taking Slim, Probio5, and Biocleanse than they did on Slim alone because gut health is often a very real root issue causing inflammation and puffiness all over your body.

This powerful combo is designed to kill candida, yeast, and fungus in the body which will heal your gut reduce inflammation which has a cascade of health benefits.

And, people who have added MetaBurn to that have seen even more significant results. I think this is because of how the adaptogens in MetaBurn help your body better adapt to stress which helps to lower cortisol (which helps to reduce belly fat because chronically high levels of cortisol forces your body to get REAL stubborn when it comes to that fat hanging on around the middle).

For those who have not wanted to address the gut health piece yet, Slim HC, MetaBurn, and Lean (or Block) have also led to SUPER significant results--major breakthroughs even.

Why? Because with these things you are taking something:

- that addresses inflammation to some degree
- that addresses chronically high levels of cortisol
- that addresses insulin resistance (CRITICAL piece in achieving and maintaining a healthy body composition)

Basically, Plexus helps your body deal more appropriately with the food you eat.

And even better when you choose to eat well and get moving. 😉 The good news is that these products actually lessen your desire for non-nourishing foods. I’ve heard that straight from the mouths of brand new customers who have been using one of these systems for just 1 week!!

#supportyoursystems #reduceinflammation #healyourgut

If you are toying with the idea of starting this, stop toying, and get STARTED. There is absolutely no reason to stay stuck when this might help!

Through tomorrow, I can extend a code that would save you the cost of membership (usually $39.95 once a year)

Also, here is some info that might be helpful for you when calorie reduction is not enough to help you get to a healthier body composition in the link below.


Do You Feel Good? -

[04/05/19]   “I got such major clarity around my work and the next steps forward for me”

“I did what you said, and my situation became so clear. It wasn’t what I expected but something totally different rose up to support me. You were spot on.”

I absolutely love hearing back from people I’ve done Akashic Records readings with — the major result is always clarity.

It’s not always obvious at the time but over the days and weeks, friends get clear on work or the nature of relationships or what the thing they need to be working on now is.

This work always stuns me — I never know what I’m going to say, sometimes it’s very confirming and other times it’s completely unexpected, and always it moves people forward. I still can’t believe it myself sometimes.


Most people I know have a voice in their head that says terrible things. I want to share with you a weird thing my brain does — and I think this is information that EVERYONE can use.

A friend of mine just posted about not being able to sleep the other night because her brain wouldn’t shut up about all the wrong people had done to her — anyone else??

Mine sometimes goes on about other people and other times about what a failure I am and how I’ve done nothing with my life.

Now, one thing you can do as I’ve been mentioning is avail yourself of various resources to manage your mind and undo this patterning. I’ve done a lot of that.

But, I discovered for myself a few years ago that in the middle of the night this crazy-making voice often happens on the occasions when I overeat or overdrink. I suffer through an hour or so of this BS at about 3 am, then I go back to sleep, and when I wake up I’m fine. Thankfully, I’ve changed my habits so it’s less often. It also happens to be my main PMS symptom — to get very sad about my relationship.

Lately this talk has been stirring up a lot during the day (especially about work) even at the same time I know my mental resiliency and skillfulness is improving.

So, even if we do work to manage our minds, it’s crystal clear to me from my own lived experience that some of what our brain spits out is determined by our biochemistry/hormonal balance at the time.

I returned to taking the probiotic pictured here a couple of weeks ago and within 3 days, all of the anxious and repetitive and damaging self-talk dialed down from a volume of 8 to almost 0.

All it is is 8 different strains of BACTERIA.

The gut-brain connection is real y’all.

Manage your gut, manage your mind.

I even woke up in the middle of the night grinning from ear to ear like a ridiculous fool about how awesome I think Scott is and how lucky I am to have him in my life. Which is the truth.

#motherslittlehelper #chillpill


Can You Hear Your Body Talk?🙉👂 -

There are sooo many rules out there about what you "should" eat, but the truth is there's no one right way. Here's what you do instead!

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Timing is Everything -

Spring has sprung and NOW is the time to nourish and support your body in the transition.


From my memories last year — worth the repost —

Give everyone (including yourself) the benefit of looking with soft and curious eyes —

"The person sitting there beside us is really a mystery... If we look with soft eyes, we will see that even one hair of that person is the entire cosmos. One hair on her head can be a door opening to the ultimate reality. One speck of dust can be the Kingdom of God, the Pure Land... We must be humble."

-Thich Nhat Hanh, Awakening of the Heart

I really think this is a beautiful gift to give yourself as well as others

— to be able to tap into the riches that dwell within you, that ARE in fact you

— to see yourself not with the sharp blade of perfectionism that speaks to you in the night about all the things you should have done differently...

— but with eyes of wonder filled with all you have done and overcome and borne and created — all of the love you have given, all of the uniqueness you are

— to know and feel and deeply experience that our world would be less without you

I love what Thich Nat Han says about this — we’ve been taught that to think well of ourselves is arrogant, but in fact it is the ultimate humbleness — to be able to see ourselves and others as we are

That’s exactly what this Write Yourself a Love Letter mini-workshop is all about, and I’d love to have with details in the comments below. We start tomorrow and you have life-time access to everything.

[02/21/19]   Coaching is MAGIC 🌟

Such a huge client win this week — for her to realize that she doesn’t even like or want a go-to food that is not so nourishing.

And I never had to say “don’t do that” and fire up that little girl temper tantrum.

Your body knows if you just slow down enough to listen.

Proud mama coach!!! 02/17/2019

Be Your Valentine - Laura Jarrait - Eat Well. Move Well. Live Well.

Have you ever been wrong about someone before?

In a good way?

And, if so, do you recognize it, speak it, let it change your opinion?

It happened to me AGAIN this morning.... 🙌

An expectation I had to be disappointed, did not come to pass. (Yes, I realize expecting to be disappointes is a bit F**ed up, but there ya have it, folks)

In fact, the opposite happened. What a pleasant surprise!

I can think of a few prominent times where that has happened...

It is soooo powerful to be able to say to myself, I was wrong.

I was wrong about that person. I was keeping them hostage to my bad opinion of them, and they proved me wrong.

What a delight. To give credit where credit is due, and allow myself and the other the joy and freedom of an upgraded opinion.

Truly, most of the time my esteem of others has changed, it’s because I’VE changed, not them.

The world will warn us to be cautious about people’s behavior, not expecting them to do differently. And I get it.

But we carry that energy around and it’s felt and magnetized whether anyone consciously knows it or not. So many studies show that we see what we expect to see.

I think this is the key — to give people energetic space to do better, to believe that they can, and at the same time to not believe that your happiness/well-being depends on them doing so.

And now another question for you —

Are you able to give YOURSELF the benefit of your own good opinion?

Do you know yourself, trust yourself, believe in yourself, love 💗 yourself enough to hold yourself in the highest esteem?

Can you imagine what it would feel like to do so?

How you would breathe more easily, sleep more restfully?

How you would rise to the occasion of life more?

How you would not disappoint or second-guess yourself?

How, even if you “failed”, it would be soooo much easier to dust yourself off and move on and up without being mired in an endless cycle of despair, self-flagellation, and regret?!

If you want to release yourself and others from your own poor opinion, then my upcoming Write Yourself a Love Letter Workshop is for you.

In it, you’ll get 7 days of live teaching and coaching (life-time access available) that will help you dig up the good and reframe the “bad”.

It will help you stop feeling despair over love you have not received, and it will foster compassion and tenderness towards yourself, and a real joy in being you.

We sart Thursday - the full details and registration are here:

For the price of a pedi, you can give yourself some love that sticks around!

P.S. — If you think it would be fun to do this with a friend, invite them along. I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t benefit from feeling better about themselves, do you? Be Your Own Best Valentine Yes! I know I'm in already! Earlier this week, I was in a networking meeting and talking about the skills I have and the many things I’ve done…I caught myself thinking, whoa! I’ve done and can do a lot! …and yet, if I’m honest, the thought that “I haven’t amo...


A Reflection and an Invitation!

Thank you all so much for all of the birthday love and well wishes. Last year I spent an epic time of my life in New Orleans. This year was much more low-key and also really, really beautiful.

Truly, one of the highlights of my day was to keep my own company and take the time to write that love letter to myself.

It was the best love letter I’ve ever received -- and I didn’t need anyone else to give it to me.

Between so many of you letting me know you were touched and inspired AND then reading many painful or ambivalent reactions to Valentine’s Day that came across my FB feed the following day, it got me thinking…

What if we ALL could write ourselves the best love letter we’ve ever received?? To know our own value and share it freely. To feel true joy at being us. That would be so radical

So I’m super inspired to take you through my process in a

7 Day Write Your Own 💌 Love Letter Workshop!!

I mean, if I’ve learned to overcome a lifetime of “not worthy” training, you can do it too!

You will get daily tools to dig up the good stuff and re-frame the “bad”. And live coaching by someone who is passionate about you seeing your greatness, me.

So many of us were taught not to “toot your own horn” or that to talk about our skills is arrogant or braggy.

We long for others to notice us and appreciate us and see our good qualities, yet we can’t or won’t see them for ourselves. In fact, we obsess over our flaws and allow them to keep us mired in self-doubt and misery.

We give and give and give to others and then feel secretly disappointed or even resentful when they don’t seem to appreciate us for it, or worse, don’t reciprocate.

We can’t shake the voice in our heads that keeps telling us that we should have done more by now or be prettier, or nicer, or stronger or anything else-er.

I understand. I’ve been there...and I’ve done that. And I’ve come a long painstaking way.

Here’s your chance to turn all of that on its head, to get super clear about just how amazing and loveable you are, and to be able to say it all proudly.

I know that putting pen to paper to write sweet nothings (or actually, sweet everythings) about yourself might feel really weird, or maybe I can’t wait to support you in this process.

In the workshop, you’ll get training on:

♥️ Naming what it is to be uniquely you

♥️ Gaining new perspective on the love you feel like you needed but haven’t gotten – perspective that allows you to move the F on and quit waiting around for someone else to give you what they can’t

♥️ How to appreciate and even embrace the things you currently think are “wrong” with you

♥️ Recognizing and giving yourself mad respect for your efforts and triumphs in life

♥️ Embracing confidence in who you are and what a gift you and your talents and passions are to this world

so that you wake up every morning feeling glad to be alive as you.

Self-Care and Self-Love are hot topics in many circles today, yet when I talk to people about it, I find that very few really know what it is to love themselves, to know the value of their presence, to feel truly, deeply glad to be them.

Instead we’re so desperate for others to love us, to fill the nagging void of “not good enough” for us.

And Valentine’s Day, a silly manufactured holiday, can bring it all to a very painful head.

You absorb the message that to have someone special love you is what makes you legitimate, worthy, and a complete human being.

You look around and assume that being in a couple means happiness….Uhm, hello? You know how many lonely married people there are? I’ve been there. I know.

You overlook all of the love that is available to you all the time.

BS. On. All. That.

One of the most important things you can ever do in life is to see your real situation clearly —

And when I say that, it’s not just your “bad” or “messy”, the things you could do better…

It’s your awesome — your skills, your passions, your quirks, your hard-fought victories.

It’s to be able to see and own fully all of the brightness you bring by being imperfectly perfectly you.

It’s to look on your “flaws” as part of your uniqueness, and see them with compassion, or better yet tenderness, or even better full on embrace. 🤗

It’s to quit wishing you had someone else’s hair, or work, or partner, or abs, or life!

It’s to quit thinking that if you just xyz then you’d be happy.

It’s to wake up every morning glad to be YOU!

THIS is what it means to Love Yourself. And it’s a game-changer.

It changes how you treat yourself and makes self-care a breeze.

It creates an independence that allows you to choose the best relationships (romantic and otherwise), ones that are CHOCK FULL of real, mutual love.

It fosters a deep appreciation of others. (Yes, it actually makes you less selfish, not more)

And it magnifies your contributions and value in the world as you learn to bring your whole self to it.

You will wake up every morning feeling the immense pleasure of being you. Promise.

We start the live training Thursday, Feb 21— so get on the Love Train with me so you can be your own Best Valentine by the end of the month.

Details and registration at

Please join me — you deserve to feel awesome about being you.


I Can See Clearly Now -


I Can See Clearly Now -


What do You Need? -

I've been talking to so many people these days who feel too busy to take the care that they want to for's my take on it! It doesn't take a lot necessarily, but it does take something.

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