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The NGA Florida State Natural Championships with The Florida Pro

Photos from Break2Build's post 05/08/2021

While these aren’t the most attractive photos (🤣😂😅) THIS is what the last 48 hours of peak weak looks like. This is what proper water cycling and sodium management looks like. Pic on the left is from Friday morning fasted, pic on the right is from this morning fasted. TRUST your coach and yes, long distance coaching works too.

The day is finally here. @joseamendieta and I have been training hard for 18 weeks and here is where we land. Not QUITE ready yet because we still have some carbing up to do before showtime.

I want to thank each one of you for your incredible and unconditional support and all the love you have already shown me! This goes out to all of y’all who have been with me and watched since day one AND all my new friends on here who just started following my journeys.

I am NERVOUS and EXCITED and PROUD of what I am bringing today. This is, by far, my best physique to date and I am stoked to be up there amongst the pros. I still can’t believe I’m one of them!

So here’s to today 🥂 and memories and relationships and bodybuilding and most importantly... HARD DAMN WORK!

xo the quad queen 🖤

@ Baltimore, Maryland

Photos from Break2Build's post 03/20/2021

Please excuse my morning thug face. But hey, people, we are finally getting somewhere. 🔨🧱

@ Charleston, South Carolina

Timeline photos 03/18/2021

Limits only exist where you place them. Get to work.

xo quad queen 🖤

Photos from Break2Build's post 03/17/2021


Planning my shoots for this spring and summer! DM me to book so I can block off time for us if you’re a photographer, also DM me ALL of your creative ideas if any of you beautiful people have any! No idea is too creative 😱📸

@ South Carolina

Timeline photos 03/16/2021

I just wanted to show everyone my new dress. I felt kinda cute but I’ll probably delete this later. 🤷🏻‍♀️💎😅

Timeline photos 03/15/2021

‼️INFLUENCE: what is influence to you?⁉️

This photo was taken two days after I won my pro card. This is Billy. My first major influence in the fitness industry. I graduated from a residential rehab home on May 27, 2015. When I got let out, I had NO idea how hard real life would hit me after spending 15 months of being separated from the real world.

I got my first real job at a gym in Winchester Virginia as a front desk associate. A brand new town than when I left. Knew no one. No one knew me. I was freshly recovered. No clue how to take care of my body. I was terrified. Determined...but terrified. The only thing I knew how to do was play soccer and run. (Kinda funny bc if you know me you know I despise running now.)😂

Billy was one of the personal trainers at the gym I was working at. When I tell you he is the nicest person I have ever met, I genuinely mean that. Pretty sure he noticed me struggling in the gym so he offered me to work in with his workout so he could show me a couple movements. Those movements turned into full workouts which turned into full fledge workout buds.

Billy was my first influence. He was the first person who guided me to my love for this lifestyle. He was a major influence in my healing process. He helped keep me grounded. He helped me acclimate. He was the first person to name me “Ripped Rach.” 🤣 And he was the first person who told me I was going to win my pro card. At that point I hadn’t even competed once. But yet here we are.

Needless to say, this guy is incredibly special to me. Thank you Billy for pushing me to believe in me. Pushing me to believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. Pushing me to believe that I have way more potential than I ever thought possible. Showing me that limits only exist when you yourself create them.

I’ll be up north soon, see you for leg day. 🔥🖤🏆

Timeline photos 03/12/2021

🌸•//love her, but leave her wild\\•🌸

I’m proud to publicly announce that @russg_photography and I have partnered in a project we call “Learning Love Again.” We, as a team, set up photoshoots for people (men and women alike) who have a challenging time with self-love, self-respect and confidence in themselves (and I think all of us fall into that category to some extent.) Russ & I send you a survey and plan an entire photoshoot based off of your responses. As a team, we help you find out what you really want out of the shoot and make it an unforgettable experience leaving y’all feeling so special when you leave the studio.

Our end goal is to help you realize your worth and even in this crazy ass world of stress and anxiety you can still do things for yourself.

Mission: “Learning Love Again” has a completely different meaning because this is all about you. 🖤

DM me if you have any questions at all or are interested in challenging yourself to take this step of faith and, for once, choosing making yourself a priority. 💕

Timeline photos 03/11/2021

Summer wya...didn’t move from va—>sc for fake summers and 3 winters. ❄️

Timeline photos 03/09/2021

If your path demands that you walk through hell...walk through it like you own the place. 🔥🧨

Timeline photos 03/07/2021

You are either on my side, by my side...or in my f*cking way.🔥

xo quad queen 🖤


Photos from Break2Build's post 03/06/2021

SHEWWWWWEEE!!! 🤯 here’s my first 8-week transformation for y’all from current season. (And this was after a mini cheat meal last night. 😏🥳)

Left is January 9 when prep started. Right is today, March 6...8 weeks later.

Weight difference is 142.5lb-133.4lb. Less than 10lb!😱

Leave your questions on how I did it in the comments! 🤔 and send this post to all of your friends/family who have a weight loss goal so that I can help answer all of their questions! 👏🏼

@ Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Timeline photos 03/05/2021

Here’s to another year of growth. 🌱

xo quad queen 👑

Timeline photos 03/04/2021

Always looking for the next chance to push myself a little bit further. Big things coming. 🔥

Timeline photos 03/03/2021

Yes, I am in prep. No, I have not announced my show. Why? Because I’m focused af. I’m taking one day at a time and training as hard as I can. I will never step on stage without being 110% sure I gave it all I got. No distractions. Only hustle.

Where’s my prep fam at?

xo quad queen 🖤

Timeline photos 02/28/2021


Losing is never an option, you either win...or you f*cking grow.

Timeline photos 02/01/2021

Determination. Persistence. Passion. And forehead veins.💙

Shoes: @bangsshoes
Leggings: @fabletics
Crop tank: @ironuniversity
Sports bra: @vspink

Timeline photos 01/31/2021

Empath: (noun) sensitive soul; spiritual seeker; heroic healer; & world’s greatest friend. 🌊

We feel more. We experience the emotions that we bear from other humans. We genuinely feel the need to help in every situation. We don’t prioritize ourselves. We take on sadness, anger and every emotion in the book from other people. It can be a blessing or it can be a curse depending on how you react. And you DO have the power to choose your reaction. Remember that. ✨

@russg_photography truly captures exactly who you are. He captures the moments you genuinely let you true self shine through. As a fellow empath, he feels how you feel and reacts in a way to make you feel your worth, your beauty and your confidence with comfort ability and kindness; you’ll never doubt how the photos come out.

📸 Book your session by directly message @russg_photography or myself and we will get you on the schedule. And to answer your question...yes, you DO deserve it and you ARE worth it. 🖤

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