Lowcountry Street Grocery: a Mobile Farmers' Market

A mobile farmers' market servicing all of Charleston, with the specific social mission of providing isolated "food deserts" with access to healthy, local produce, and nutritional education while concurrently stimulating our local economy.

Operating as usual


Things are going down. Like down down. Hooray, things!
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Photos from Lowcountry Street Grocery: a Mobile Farmers' Market's post 04/07/2021

RE: neat local food bus thing

We know. It’s been a long time. This past year has been, uh, really something. We lost good friends and gained new perspectives. We closed up shop and open the floodgates to @communitysupportedgrocery where we quickly realized how much more effective, convenient, and scalable delivery would be for the future of food equity, and local farm support. But that doesn’t mean we’re putting the bus to pasture, oh hell no.

We might be a touch biased but we think Nellbus is one of the most underrated vehicles in our community. Something very special happens when she pulls up and sets up shop. And if I can be real for a minute, we just straight miss it. We miss our community. We miss revving up that 1988 Ford B700. We miss setting out crates full of SC peaches in the misty early summer mornings. We miss doling out local produce and good times. We miss Byrnes, Russelldale, & Wagener. We miss Dorchester, Old Village, & Eastside. We miss the shrimp docks and the 45 minute journeys maxing out at 50 mph. Above all, we miss y’all. Things are finally looking up again and its just about time to bring her back.

Before we start be-bopping all over town, we’ll operate a little stationary for a bit, getting that groove back and settling into this new world. For now, we looking at:

—> West Ashley
—> Downtown (Neck Area)

Who has thoughts? Talk to us. Sway your local grocery ppl.

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To say that we miss driving our full-service 1988 grocery schoolie around town would be an understatement. We can’t wait to hit the road again and we can’t wait to see all y’all fam!
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To say that we miss driving our full-service 1988 grocery schoolie around town would be an understatement. We can’t wait to hit the road again and we can’t wait to see all y’all fam!
#lowcountrystreetgrocery #nellbus #supportlocalchs #schoolie #fordbus #b700 #grocerylife #charlestoneats #farmersmarkets #mobilebiz

Lowcountry Street Grocery: a Mobile Farmers' Market updated their phone number. 01/27/2021

Lowcountry Street Grocery: a Mobile Farmers' Market updated their phone number.

Lowcountry Street Grocery: a Mobile Farmers' Market updated their phone number.


Head on over to @communitysupportedgrocery when you ready to have spreads like this delivered to your dang house!

Head on over to @communitysupportedgrocery when you ready to have spreads like this delivered to your dang house!


Still slangin’ the best produce in town! Just doing it a little more eh, streamlined rn. If supporting local from the comforts of your own home appeals to you, hit up our sister biz doing the work! @communitysupportedgrocery


A dark cloud has broken. It’s time to heal. It’s time to mend our tattered, beloved flag. Thank you @joebiden @kamalaharris 🇺🇸🗽


Respect the process & never forget how you got there. This photo is from our #FundTheBus @kickstarter campaign kickoff at @chspourhouse in 2015. Thanks to our community we raised almost $50k from over 500 ppl to purchase and build out first bus (Nell) and take to the streets of Charleston.
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It’s always been a firm belief of mine to do the work rather than talk about it. Others can tout accomplishments, achievements, share the anecdotes and pictures that seem to prove or even scream at times, that good work is being done by golly! That’s all fine, it truly is. We could even use more of that right now. We just don’t buy into that mess because we don’t have to. In fact, we often choose to go out of our way to avoid the grandstanding because we’ve seen firsthand how that can create adverse effects and ultimately widen equity gaps. We’re not here to gain instagram followers, impress potential investors, seek local or national recognition, or cheese up for notoriety for our work. Understood, we’re also not reporting for grants and/or vying for sponsorships. We’re a community business. Point is we don’t like to boast because we are what we are and we’re doing what we set out to do so we don’t feel like we need to pimp out what we believe is right.

Now, with all of that said, (yes, yes, here it comes) I’m beginning to realize what a great disservice it would be to omit or, overlook the tireless, selfless, and quite honestly stunning dedication and hard work from our entire team. Perhaps indicated by the flow of thoughtful thank you notes. Since March, our radical little Radish Family has stayed the course, navigated adversity, pivoted and adapted, navigated more adversity, pivoted again, all to support food-insecure neighbors, local farmers, fishers, producers, small businesses, ergo Charleston. It’s been a long day and it’s now 7:30 pm. If you are a patient in our GroceryRx program with Fetter Healthcare, someone is working right now for you. If you’re receiving CSG deliveries (patiently), folks are on the road and behind the scenes right now, for you. Y’all ain’t owe us anything. You never will. This is what we do.
But for all of our radish family, past and present, anyone and everyone that’s worked so hard, for so long, for our community. You. You are a giant bright beacon of hope for everyone, especially me. You deserve everything. You know who you are. Thank you.

p.s. maybe keep the cards coming, b/c they mean the world.
p.p.s. couldn’t tag all!



Community Supported Grocery is showcasing Anson Mills this week, perfect time to drop this glossary of important terminology:



Covid19 has presented some very serious challenges to the local retail hustle. That’s why we pivoted entirely to our CSA home delivery situation @communitysupportedgrocery. Same concept, just uh, lots more wheels. Also, more direct service for food-insecure neighbors and more support for local farmers and producers. 🚗💨🍏🧅🥖🍅🌽🍑
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Actually it’s a delicious red onion, best eaten raw. In light of the national onion recall we got up with our buds at @limehouselocal to make sure everything we have in stock for @communitysupportedgrocery is safe. They were able to track onion distribution to certain Ca. growers and can validate that we’re all good! Reason 792 why small, local business is always superior. Even re: USA commodity produce. 💚👽🧅
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Turmeric & bread. We miss the bus moves. 😭


Anyone else growing tired of these sweet, crunchy lunchbox peppers? Au contraire mi amour, they literally don’t get old. Can’t speak for our sis @communitysupportedgrocery but word on the street is that spots are opening up again! This. Is. Your. Local. Chance. 📦🌶🥒🥬🍉🧀🥖
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@communitysupportedgrocery absolutely keeping things lit round here. 📷 by super talented @helenedujardin


The reigning champion of summer.
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whosonthemove.com 07/21/2020

Fetter Health Care Network receives $300,000 in grant funding from UnitedHealthcare toward GroceryRx program - Who's On The Move

Didn’t take long for our GroceryRx partnership with Fetter Health Care to gain the support and recognition it deserves! A huge shout out to Olivia and her amazing work! #FoodIsMedicine

whosonthemove.com Fetter Health Care Network (Fetter) announced that it received $300,000 in grant funding from UnitedHealthcare to benefit its GroceryRx program. Fetter is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), providing quality,…


Nellbus anchoring the old Bi-Lo for the Eastside. c.2019


Big news... we'll be expanding and delivering out to Summerville real soon! Drop your email below in the comments if you're in Summerville and want fresh veggies delivered to your door!

Where our Summerville Fam at?! Big news.. we'll be delivering in your area real soon! Comment your email below if you're in Summerville and wanting fresh veggies delivered to your door!
Lowcountry Street Grocery: a Mobile Farmers' Market


It’s better because it’s sourced better. This is our definition of “truckload.” @celeste_albers


A little reminder that our sis @communitysupportedgrocery is closed today and pushing final deliveries to Saturday in honor of Juneteenth. These baby heirlooms from @wabisabifarm should hold you over until then...DANG WE LOVE JUNE FAM!! 🍅
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Y’all know about this right? It’s probably time you did @voidbakingco


Hard to believe that we spent 1245 days in this quaint, cozy office. Seems like only yesterday when we outgrew our space at @localworks and moved into 109. Perhaps a benchmark of growth, perhaps a move of necessity, but we out. All we leave behind us is a crumbling pile of brick for flooding and our idea door. Not a distant move, just a slight upgrade down the hall into a bigger space. A space for more people and more crumbling brick piles. Hello 106.


Our ppl put together a pretty decent palette in June. 🤯 @communitysupportedgrocery
📷 @lee_deas @obviouslee


We strongly encourage you to follow your strategic-minded grassroots, non-corporate black leaders. Make sure to double check the meaning and suggestions of Blackout Tuesday before posting and tagging. 💚✊🏿


We’re only as good as the amazing folks we work with. We’re so grateful for pals like @feastandflora who share our passion for a more sustainable & resilient local food system. These bad boys and girls are 100% native and 100% show-stopping. They’re also back in stock and you can snag them all the time via @communitysupportedgrocery 🌎💐.
Sustainability goes far beyond food. Next time you consider a cheap box store bouquet ask yourself these questions:
Why are they so cheap?
How did they get here?
Who labored for them?
What chems were used?
How much energy went into this process?
Where does this purchase ultimately go? 🧐
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@communitysupportedgrocery still cranking out all the best of what we work locally! Still no immediate plans for ol’ Nellbus but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we can. If you haven’t signed up for @communitysupportedgrocery whatcha waitin for?? We’re pulling at least 50 folks a week from the standby list so your time WILL come. 🤙🏽🥬

venitaaspen.com 05/18/2020

Why I’m Choosing Community Supported Grocery Post Covid | Lowcountry Street Grocery — Venita Aspen

venitaaspen.com The silver lining to this pandemic is the push that has been created to support small businesses. Yea, we encouraged them all before, but I don’t think the support has ever been more robust. While hoping to join alongside others in support, I decided to choose an option that would be most benefici...


These spuds are for you. If you’re in on our @communitysupportedgrocery then the secret’s already out ——> it’s potato season. Did you know that there are over 4,000 varieties of potato? The majority of which are small and colorful. Pictured here are Red Pontiac and Desiree via @spadeandclover you’ll be seeing these again this week in bundles. 😎


This is what local food looks like. Come along for the ride!


Step right on up! Community Refresh debuted yesterday and the [pay what you can] CSG Staples bundles were a total hit! We sold $25 value bags for:
$10 w/ EBT
and a handful of pay it forward visits to help us keep things moving along. This is what it’s all about folks. If you’ve sponsored Staples bundles, thank you sincerely. We’ll be announcing next Saturday’s location early this week.
So much gratitude and kudos and everything else go out to our hard-working team that have literally forfeited their current lives to keep our community flush with fresh food and local farmers/producers with outlets and revenue streams. One day we’ll write a short book about this. Our parents prolly might read it but it’ll be there. If you want to spend some hours with us and our mission hit us up, you won’t regret it. 👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿


A local market’s interpretation of 🎄.


In addition to our expansion of @communitysupportedgrocery we’re proud to announce weekly (social distant) Community Refresh drops! Focusing on food-insecure neighbors, these cold truck bundle drops will be bring affordable, pay what you can fresh food options to folks that need it most. Preorder will be available, then first come, first serve. Rotating weekly locations, first up: ROMNEY URBAN GARDEN. Saturday 4/25 12-3 pm or until we sell out!
More details to come.
[p.s. if you’re on the CSG waiting list please first reserve these spots for community members and folks that need assistance]


The local grocery game is really where it’s as if you didn’t know. Our sista co. @communitysupportedgrocery has scaled to accept 450% more orders in the last three weeks and we’re currently working through a massive waitlist to get to more folks. If you’re on standby, thank you for your patience! Keep following along as we post extra opportunities and upcoming (social distant) pop-up neighborhood drops. 🍓🥖🥬

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Lambs Quarter from @ambrosefamilyfarm eats like a spinach and healths like none other. Widely considered a w**d and cult...





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