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Should You Use Night Mode to Reduce Blue Light?

Like to spend time scrolling on your phone before bed? Here are some tips from American Academy of Ophthalmology about the best settings for your eyes when reading your phone and tablet screens in the dark! Because blue light has been proven to affect the body’s circadian rhythm, our natural wake and sleep cycle, limiting screen time to one to two hours before bed and using night mode on electronic devic

Come check out the new MUSC Health Vision Center in downtown Charleston - we have tons of great designer frames and now accept EyeMed!

Open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Storm Eye Institute residents taking advantage of the beautiful new Belinda C. Barker Training Suite!

Save the Date for the Storm Eye Institute Fall Meeting & Alumni Reunion beginning September 6th, 2019!

Physician Spotlight: Emil Say, M.D.

Learn about the pediatric diseases and eye conditions our Emil Say, M.D. focuses on at Storm Eye Institute, and why he feels great support from MUSC for his patients.

MUSC Health

“Heroes are the ones who always manage to get it done, regardless of the hurdles they face.” MUSC Health CEO Dr. Patrick Cawley said as he spoke at the Charleston Regional Business Journal "Health Care Heroes" event earlier this month.

The best of the best, he called them. Join us in congratulating MUSC's 2018 Heroes!!

Jessica Bullington (Health Care Professional)
Laura Barlow (Nurse)
Joshua Lipschutz (Physician)
Sandy Bennett (Volunteer)
Reba (Therapy Animal)

Congratulations and thank you for your amazing work!

Let our team of expert physicians help you achieve your best vision with cataract surgery that uses today’s most advanced technology and state-of-the-art lens implants. With our help, you can reduce or even eliminate your dependence on glasses!

Physician Spotlight: Dr. Edward Wilson

Storm Eye Institute's Dr. Edward Wilson has a special philosophy for his pediatric patients and their parents: to communicate well and make sure parents are partners in the treatment plan.

MUSC Storm Eye Institute

Storm Eye Institute is honored to have been named in the top 12 of the Ophthalmology Times' annual Best Programs Survey!

It's about time again for our Charleston Slam Bridge Tournament! All levels of bridge players are welcome – we offer a sanctioned duplicate room and a party bridge room.

All proceeds from the tournament go towards a fellowship in pediatric Ophthalmology!

Register at OR call (843) 792-3040

We hope you have a safe and happy New Year's! Don’t forget to point your champagne bottles at the ceiling and away from any nearby eyeballs! #MUSC #StormEye #HappyNewYear

Physician Spotlight: George N. Magrath, M.D.

"Treat every patient like they're the only patient."

Learn more about Dr. Magrath's patient philosophy and his special area of interest, which includes being the only person in the state of South Carolina who treats cancer in and around the eyes.

Did you know that #vision screenings should start well before school age to catch any potential problems?

Storm Eye's Dr. Peterseim spoke with #MUSC Catalyst News to provide insight into how and why to get your kids eye exams early in life:

Top Tips for Choosing Safe Toys this Holiday

As you finish up your Christmas shopping, don't forget to think about whether the toy you are buying for the favorite child in your life is safe!

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has some tips to follow to make sure you are choosing safe toys this holiday season: No one chooses gifts with the intent to harm, but some popular children’s toys can cause serious injuries. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 252,000 toy-related injuries

Giving Tuesday - Making Miracles Happen

Together, we can make miracles happen. Miracles for children like Gus, who was born blind in one eye but can now see out of both eyes. Watch Gus’ journey through his mother’s eyes.

Your support allows us to continue helping kids like Gus! If you'd like to donate to the Storm Eye Institute for #GivingTuesday, visit

Did you know that MUSC Health gets less than 5% of its funding from the state? Your generosity helps us provide the best facilities, scientists, and technologies to our students and the best care and medical innovation to our patients.

Please consider supporting MUSC on Giving Tuesday! Together we can change what’s possible.

#givingtuesday #musc #changewhatspossible

Pediatric Vison Screening

Bobbi Conner recently sat down with Storm Eye Institute's Dr. Edward Wilson about #visionscreening for #infants starting at twelve months and throughout #childhood. Listen to the full interview to learn more. This week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Edward Wilson about vision screening for infants starting at twelve months and throughout childhood. Dr. Wilson is

What are you thankful for this year? The team at Storm Eye Institute is thankful for our patients, our community and our families! We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so happy for Gildardo and his improved eye sight, and grateful to our Dr. Cheeseman for providing his expertise along with the other organizations who donated their time and money! Our patients are what drive us each day and to be able to help them gives us great joy.

Student update! Remember the story we ran about Gildardo Lopez- Grenados?, a student at Port Royal Elementary School? Gildardo suffered from an eye condition known as Estropia, which made it difficult for him to be successful in the classroom and negatively affected his ability to catch a ball or ride a bike. PRES school nurse Debra Hughes contacted Dr. Edward Cheeseman at MUSC in Charleston who performed corrective surgery on Gildardo’s eyes free of charge. St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Port Royal and Pluff Mudd Coffee Co, together with other small businesses and community members, raised the remaining funds to cover the additional costs associate with the surgery. The students at Port Royal Elementary also held a fundraiser selling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. The combined efforts raised $12,000 for Gildardo’s successful surgery. He is now in the fourth grade and doing very well! Thanks to PRES principal Chavon Browne, Port Royal Lions Club, SK Signs & Designs, MUSC Health, and Dr. Edward Cheeseman. Their willingness and compassion has corrected Gildardo’s eye sight and he is forever grateful.

Obesity killed 3 in his family, but SC man who shed 100 pounds is breaking the mold

Our resilient patient Juan Aguayo is focusing on his health and striving to improve his life despite having limited eyesight | via The Post and Courier Juan Aguayo and his family's problems illustrate some of South Carolina's most persistent health disparities. In this state, it is undeniable that the toughest health problems — primarily obesity and

We are so proud to be part of MUSC Health, voted Best Hospital of 2018 for Charleston's Choice Awards!

Thank you to our amazing patients and the Charleston community for voting us the “Best Hospital” in The Post and Courier's 2018 Charleston’s Choice awards!

Award Lectures - ISER 2018 - Biennial Meeting of the International Society for Eye Research

Please help us congratulate our esteemed colleague Dr. Bärbel (Barb) Rohrer on beng awarded the Ernst H. Bárány prize!
This award is presented to a distinguished scientist who has made outstanding contributions in research that increases our understanding of ocular pharmacology.

We are so proud to have Dr. Rohrer as part of our Storm Eye Team! Krzysztof Palczewski laboratory made a historic contribution by solving the crystal structure of rhodopsin, which has been cited over 6,000 times. His laboratory employs classical biochemical methods, crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy, cellular cryo-electron tomography, and two-photon micros...

Children's Eye Health & Safety Tips

It's always a good time to evaluate your child's eye health. Storm Eye Institute's Dr. Ed Wilson shares some of his top tips for parents to help keep their kids' eyes safe and healthy.

Looking for more in-depth information? Check out the MUSC Health blog:

Are you Storm Eye Institute Alumni attending our Academy meeting in Chicago later this month? We cordially invite you to our Alumni Reception on October 28th hosted by Dr. Hawke Yoon - we hope to see you there!

MUSC - Details - UNIV - Marketing and Development Coordinator - Ophthalmology

The Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine is looking to hire a Marketing and Development Coordinator in the Ophthalmology Department.

To learn more and apply, visit our job listing: Page Description

Physician Spotlight: Jeffrey Blice, M.D.

PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT: Meet Jeffrey P. Blice, M.D., a specialist in vitreoretinal diseases at the Storm Eye Institute. He prides himself on spending extra time with his patients to answer all of their questions to ensure they get the best care possible!

Learn more about him in this exclusive video or on our website:

#ChangeWhatsPossible #MUSCHealth #StormEyeInstitute #PhysicianSpotlight

Seven Sight-Saving Habits for Older Adults to Help Maintain Independence

Did you know that diet and exercise can affect your #eyesight as you age?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology shares helpful tips for adults 65 and older to preserve their sight as part of #HealthyAging Month:

Research and New Treatment for Inherited Childhood Retinal Disease

For her SC Public Radio show "Health Focus," award winning broadcaster Bobbi Conner interviewed our own Dr. Mae Millicent Winfrey Peterseim to talk about her research and new treatment discoveries for a type of inherited childhood retinal disease.

Listen to their discussion and learn how Dr. Peterseim wants to extend this amazing new expertise to patients in South Carolina! This week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Mae Millicent Peterseim about research and new treatment for one type of inherited childhood retinal disease. Dr.

Storm Eye Institute | MUSC Health | Charleston SC

For more than 40 years, the MUSC Health Storm Eye Institute has been serving residents from across South Carolina, providing cutting-edge and compassionate eye care. At Storm Eye Institute, you receive all the latest treatments, including LASIK and cataracts surgery, from nationally recognized eye care experts.

Physician Spotlight: Lynn Janet Poole Perry, M.D., Ph.D.

PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT: Lynn Janet Poole Perry, M.D., Ph.D. talks about why she feels it's important to spend more time listening to her patients than the average ophthalmologist, and why she believes the Storm Eye Institute is an amazing place to get eyecare in South Carolina.

Learn more at

Eye Care

Are you concerned about your child's eye or vision health? The Storm Eye Institute offers the most comprehensive pediatric eye care services in the state.

Visit our website to learn more about how we can help! The Storm Eye Institute works closely with MUSC Children's Health to offer the most advanced treatments and technology for children..

Four Tips to Make Sure Kids’ Eyes and Vision Are ‘Grade A’ This School Year

August is Children's #EyeHealth & #EyeSafety Month, just in time for the start of a new Lowcountry academic year!

Explore the American Academy of Ophthalmology's 4 Tips to Ensure Your Kids' Vision is An "A+" for this school year: With back-to-school time around the corner, parents will be scrambling to buy new school supplies and clothes. As they tick off their long list of school to-dos

Storm Eye Institute | MUSC Health | Charleston SC

Live in Mount Pleasant or nearby? Don't forget about our convenient location on Midtown Avenue in the East Cooper Medical Pavilion.

Visit our website or give us a call to schedule your appointment! At Storm Eye Institute, you receive all the latest treatments, including LASIK and cataracts surgery, from nationally recognized eye care experts.

Physician Spotlight: Eric Berman, M.D.

PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT: Eric Berman, M.D. specializes in neuro-ophthalmology, a fairly rare subspeciality, that focuses on neurological issues that have affected the eyes. Learn how he diagnoses these cases and works to find the best treatment for Storm Eye Institute patients.

Learn more at

Sun Smart UV Safety Infographic

July is UV Safety Month! This infographic from the American Academy of Ophthalmology will teach you how to be SunSmart, and help make sure you and your family are wearing protective #eyewear as you enjoy the "balmy" Lowcountry summer! When it comes to practicing sun safety, Americans are getting smarter. But in some cases, we're still in the dark on UV exposure and how to avoid it. Remember to cover up with a hat, glasses and s

Happy Fourth of July from the Storm Eye Institute! We hope you have a safe and happy holiday - don't forget to protect your eyes while enjoying the festivities!

EyeSmart - American Academy of Ophthalmology

What to do and what NOT to do if your eyes are injured by fireworks. Learn more about treating eye injuries:

A Vision for South Carolina: Early detection of Diabetes Pilot Program | Mount Pleasant Magazine

Local ophthalmologists and one resident-in-training at the Storm Eye Institute are hoping to tackle the growing problem of adult on-set blindness caused by #diabetes.

Their new diabetic tele-screening program is aimed primarily at helping low income patients and those without insurance to detect diabetes earlier and prevent loss of eyesight from the disease. | via Mount Pleasant Magazine We’ve all heard alarming stories about diabetes and some of the worst-case scenarios that can result from this disease – amputations, kidney damage, nerve...

Physician Spotlight: Andrew Steven Eiseman, M.D.

PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT: Meet Andrew Steven Eiseman, M.D., the Chairman of our Department and Director of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Learn about how he brings his patient philosophy and experience to patients at the Storm Eye Institute.

Learn more here:

Cataracts | Storm Eye Institute | MUSC Health | Charleston SC

Did you know that June is Cataract Awareness Month? While getting older may mean #cataracts, there are solutions to fix the issue and help you live life with clearer vision!

The Storm Eye Institute offers a complete range of treatment options for those suffering with cataracts. Our cataract experts help restore normal vision with a range of treatments, including laser surgery and premium replacement lenses. We can also treat children.

Our Vision Journey with Gus by Guest Author Carrie Groleau – Children's Eye Foundation

The mom of one of our adorable pediatric eye care patients bravely shares what she went through with her son during his first 18 months.

We are honored to share this story from the Children's Eye Foundation, and hope that it makes other parents dealing with childhood vision issues know they are not alone in their journey! The Children’s Eye Foundation is honored to share the following story of Gus, an adorable, happy little guy. A very big thank you to his mom, Carrie Groleau for sharing with us! We hope that hearing others’ stories like his, parents who find themselves navigating a new world of childhood visi....

Physician Spotlight : Karolline Maia Rocha, M.D., Ph.D.

PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT: Karolline M. Rocha, M.D., Ph. D., is passionate about cataract, cornea, and refractive surgery,. Learn about her "patient care first" treatment philosophy and why she loves to work at the Storm Eye Institute.

Do you know if you are near or far-sighted? Check out this great information on nearsightedness from the National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP)

Did you know? Nearsightedness happens when the eye grows too long from front to back. People with nearsightedness can see well up close but have trouble seeing things in the distance.

Learn more:

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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Edward Wilson
Physician Spotlight: Emil Say, M.D.
Physician Spotlight: George N. Magrath, M.D.
Giving Tuesday - Making Miracles Happen
Children's Eye Health & Safety Tips
Physician Spotlight: Jeffrey Blice, M.D.
Physician Spotlight: Lynn Janet Poole Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
Physician Spotlight: Eric Berman, M.D.
Physician Spotlight: Andrew Steven Eiseman, M.D.
Physician Spotlight : Karolline Maia Rocha, M.D., Ph.D.
Physician Spotlight : James Hill, O.D., Director of Primary Care & Low Vision Services




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