Charleston Reiki & Well Be-ing Center

Charleston Reiki & Well Be-ing Center offers a variety of alternative healing modalities to people and pets all over the world.

Charleston Reiki & Well Be-ing Center offers a variety of alternative healing modalities to people and pets all over the world.

Christmas in June!!!
(or whatever holiday you feel like celebrating )

For the 1st 10 people who comment on this post AND follow the instructions below, you will receive two things:

A FREE 1-2 sentence message from your guides helping you with a general issue of your choosing

AND *HALF* off your choice of a 60-minute channeling of your spirit guide OR a past life regression!


1: Like this page if you haven't already!
2: Invite 3 friends to like this page
3: Comment below with the general area or question you would like guidance on from your spirit guide. Please also include a photo of yourself in your comment, as many profile pics are of other people or objects, plus the thumbnails are small.
4: Mention in your comment if you’d prefer the one hour channeling of your spirit guide or the past life regression so I can send you your ½ off coupon! I’ll need your email address, which you can include in the comment if you’d like OR you may email me at [email protected]

I will be completing these brief channelings over the next 48 hours, so please be patient! I’m excited to get started!!

A New Theory On Time Indicates Present And Future Exist Simultaneously

This topic comes up often in my channelings as well as past life regressions! The new theory suggests that time does not PASS and that everything is ever-present.The researchers indicates that time should be regarded as a dimension of spacetime, as relativity theory holds — so it does not pass by us in some way, because spacetime doesn’t.

Group Reiki! Who's interested in participating? While you're sleeping (depending on time zone) on Thursday night, I'll be doing a group Reiki transmission!

Use this link to sign up and once you've completed payment, your name will be added to the list. Not to worry, if you're in a time zone outside the US and might be actively going about your day when it's late here, Reiki might help you feel a bit calmer but won't interfere with whatever you need to be doing :). I'm so excited to start doing these!!

You do WHAT?!

Have you checked this out?

You do WHAT?!

Have you seen our latest news?

Reiki - What is it, Where does it come from, and more!

Commonly asked questions about Reiki!

This video introduces you to the concept of Reiki. Jenni is a Reiki Master / Teacher who has been practicing since 2002. Covered in the video are some of the...

About Channeling Series - YouTube

New Channeling series thus far... more to come!

About Channeling - Part Two

Second in the series! Please like if you enjoy this, and consider following my channel :)

Jenni explains a bit more about channeling, including how we interpret names. Please click the thumbs-up if you enjoy this video, and share comments below. A...

Another excited new Reiki I student tonight received her attunement and is well on her way to becoming a practitioner! She is still finding her way towards easing some of her more conservative family members into what she is doing, so chose to keep her name private for now - but will let me know once the cat is fully out of the proverbial bag, and hopefully once she has successfully completed her assessment and received her Level I certificate she will give me the go-ahead to post her name and perhaps photo here!

This bubbly young woman was wonderful. Very new to many of these concepts, but took to them like a fish to water. Just after receiving her attunement, I hopped onto the table and had her do a short session on me, and she was incredible! I have a feeling this one's going to do Reiki II in the not-so-distant future, and perhaps even go on to become a Reiki Master!

About Channeling - Part One

The first in a series about channeling and some common misunderstandings. I had technical issues which is why it ends somewhat abruptly, hoping to have that rectified for the next one :). If you enjoy, please click the "thumbs up" button, and feel free to comment! Thanks!

Jenni explains a bit about channeling and some of the most common misunderstandings and questions about it. More questions will be addressed in future "episo...

Antidepressants Cause Severe Withdrawal Symptoms: Hallucinations, Mania, and Anxiety, New Study Reveals

This is why I applaud the rare doctors who believe in using antidepressants as a temporary aid WHILE the patient is healing the cause of the depression (and/or anxiety) so that s/he doesn't have to be on them longer than necessary.

While I would never recommend that anyone go off of an antidepressant and always urge people to speak with their doctors if they are interested in doing so, I've worked with many clients who have, with their doctors' knowledge and support, slowly weaned off antidepressants and worked towards true healing.

These drugs are too frequently prescribed as a permanent, rather than a temporary, solution. There is ALWAYS an underlying cause to depression and anxiety. Yes, it is a chemical imbalance. But the body is designed to heal itself, so that chemical imbalance is the result of something deeper that needs to be found and explored.

If you're on an antidepressant and considering weaning off of it, please consult your physician. In the meanwhile, please let me know if you'd like to work on finding the root cause(s) and neutralizing them. It's not a quick fix, but feeling released from years, often decades of deeply held negative emotions (traumas) is the most wonderful feeling of freedom! A concerning new study published in the journal Addictive Behavior and titled, “A systematic review into the incidence, severity and duration of antidepressant...

First Reiki I class in the new place! Can't wait! Now, here's hoping the furniture arrangements work out also... it's a lot tighter in here, but I think I have a good plan!

Many people seem to misunderstand what a past life regression is. In short, it's using hypnosis to help YOU to remember your past lives. It's often confused with a past life reading, where someone else attempts to describe one or more of your past lives to you by accessing them psychically.

Past life regression means that YOU are recalling the experience, no differently than remembering something fun from your childhood that you may have forgotten. It's an incredible experience, and there is always something that is applicable to your current life to help guide you as we build on our past experiences.

It's been too long since my last blog post! This is a long, but very personal one - grab a cuppa and settle down to enjoy.

Big News!

Happy Valentine's Day! In case you missed the big news...

Big News!

Big News!

Past Life Regression Sessions Hypnosis in Charleston, SC

I'm excited to announce that I am now fully set up to do past life regressions by phone!

Despite having 6 years' experience doing these in person, I'm offering a HIGHLY discounted rate for my first session over the phone as a "guinea pig" while I get my bearings doing it this way.

I do other healing sessions such as EFT over the phone, so highly doubt there will be any issues. I've also been testing my new phone recording system with personal conversations to make sure it works okay, and so far it's great!

My normal rate is $195 for a PLR, which includes a short chat ahead of the appointment, a longer chat about family, relationships, and questions you may want answered, and then the actual hypnosis which runs roughly 2-3 hours total (occasionally a bit longer). I have not yet placed the phone sessions live on my website, but you can read all about the sessions I offer and my process here:

The FIRST person (US or Canada only because of phone charges, please) I work with this way receives the amazingly low price of only $85 - less than half price!!

The next THREE sessions will be at a still discounted rate of $125 - still far less than a typical session at more than 30% off!!

Anyone else who has a session prior to 2019 will pay $150 (almost 25% off!).

First come first serve. I only do one of these in a day, typically at 7pm EST (but can do a little later upon request). Right now, I have the following dates available:

Thursday, 11/15
Sunday, 11/18
Wednesday, 11/21
Thursday, 11/22 (Thanksgiving in the US, but some don't celebrate and it's celebrated at a different time in Canada)
Sunday, 11/25
Wednesday, 11/28
Thursday, 11/29
Friday, 11/30

I will add Dec dates as the remaining November dates are filled. Whoever wants to take this Thursday is guaranteed the $85 rate (if no one takes that date, that price will fall to the next available date and so on, it's basically for the first person I'll be doing a phone session with :) )

Thank you! Namaste~

What's happening in a couple of weeks?

What's happening in a couple of weeks?

Did you know that many house plants not only provide more oxygen to your air, but can also remove toxins from the air in your home? With over 25 plants in my studio, you're guaranteed to be breathing clean, fresh air during your session.

[12/03/17]   Don't get caught up in the busy-ness of the holidays. Meditate often.

A little tip? Try a free app called Insight Timer. It has thousands of guided meditations, which is the easiest way to start if you haven't meditated before or just need that extra push. It also has a timer with optional chimes to help you relax and indicate when your time's up. Best yet, it keeps track of when you meditate, and you can see how many people around the world are meditating when you are! Very cool, I've been using it daily about a year now and LOVE IT!

Public Speaking Fear, Anxiety, and Phobias

Give yourself a holiday gift - if fear of public speaking has put a damper on your holidays, career, or other aspect of your life, let's neutralize it!

Eliminate & Neutralize public speaking fears, anxieties, and phobias once and for all. Jenni is based in Charleston, SC but works with people all over the US...

Gift Certificates - Reiki, Past Life Regression, Channeling Spirit Guides, EFT

Please share, this is valid for everyone - not only my FB friends!

Now that "cyber Monday" is officially over, it's time for the real deals! Give the gift of healing and wellness to your loved ones this year rather than buying material things.

Past life regression (in person only): regularly $175, now just $125!

Distance channeling of your guide (1 hour): regularly $90, now just $80!

30 minute distance Reiki session - regularly $44, now just $40

Package of (6) 10-minute distance Reiki sessions, regularly $108, special rate $95 (may be used for a human or a pet!)

I'm happy to create a gift certificate for any other service as well - I will email a gift certificate for free, or can mail a physical certificate to anywhere in the US for a $5 additional fee. Here is a small selection of services, packages, and time lengths. Choose from the list below, or email Jenni to customize your gift certificate.

Essential Oil of the Month and More!

Essential Oil of the Month and More!

What are you doing this summer?

What are you doing this summer? What are you doing this summer?

Searching for calm? Needing a reprieve from pain or other physical issues? Maybe your pet needs this? Try Reiki!
I have a wide range of session lengths for humans and pets alike! Right now try a package of (4) 10 minute quick sessions, regularly $72 and on sale for just $60!

Mothers' Day Specials!

Mothers' Day Specials! Mothers' Day Specials!

Reiki Sessions, Workshops / Training, Channeling, and Past Life Regression in Charleston, SC

Mothers' Day Specials!
As a celebration of mothers everywhere, or women who aren't traditionally considered mothers but are helping to nurture a child, pet, or other loved one, we're offering a few amazing package specials! Great for a last minute gift or as a treat for yourself:

Package of (3) 10-minute distance Reiki sessions - regularly $54, now just $44!

Package of (3) 20-minute distance Reiki sessions - regularly $87, now just $74!

Package of (3) 30-minute distance Reiki sessions - regularly $132, now just $94!

Package of (3) EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions, app. 60 minutes each, over the phone for US and Canada - regularly $270, now just $224!

Reiki Sessions, Workshops / Training, Channeling, and Past Life Regression in Charleston, SC

Happy Valentine's Day to all! Today, I found myself pondering the question of intimacy. I come across one person after another in both my professional and personal life who is afraid to say what they really think, what they really feel. Even when they deeply care about someone, they are afraid to open up and reveal their true se...

Reiki Sessions, Workshops / Training, Channeling, and Past Life Regression in Charleston, SC

Finally, back to blogging! Do you, or someone you know, have challenges with trust, intimacy, or opening up? Anyone my generation or older is familiar with that phrase… from the Berlin Wall, to hearing the Pink Floyd song! But, don’t many of us have our own walls?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

In case you missed it! In case you missed it!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Awesome holiday specials! Awesome holiday specials!

♪♫♪ I'm in a ... channeling state of mind... ♪♫♪♫
So, on that note (pun intended!), I am offering FREE short channeled answers to basic questions for the first 10 people who write in! Post your questions here, please keep them simple as this will be on a limited time basis. Let's have fun!! ♪♫

Crystal Workshop! NEW!

Have you seen our latest news? Have you seen our latest news?

Got dandruff? Chemical shampoos aren't necessarily the best solution. Stay natural while eliminating the dryness and flakiness of your scalp. My anti-dandruff scalp oil contains healing Calendula-infused sunflower oil, rose hip oil, and essential oils of Rosemary, Lemon, Lavender, and Cedarwood. All of these ingredients help fight dandruff. Additionally, the Lavender and Cedarwood also help to promote hair thickness, while Rosemary helps to condition hair and add shine and luster.

Available in a trial 4-oz bottle or a full 16-oz bottle!

Crystal Workshop! NEW!

Crystal Workshop! NEW! Crystal Workshop! NEW!

[05/19/16]   Most people assume energy cords are all bad, negative. That they suck our energy. That they all need to be removed. While that is true of *some* cords, others are beneficial. Because as humans we feel so blocked much of the time from feeling truly connected to one another as we truly are, cords with our loved ones - so long as they are not abused - can actually be beneficial as they help us to reaffirm our connectedness that is always there but not always consciously obvious to us. These healthy cords can help us to understand how we are connected and to feel it more strongly - much like an umbilical cord keeps a baby physically nourished while in the womb, these healthy cords help keep our souls nourished while we are in human bodies. (channeled information from three guides)

Some people have asked me why Rose essential oil is so expensive. I knew it was expensive to make. But, I learned something exciting today that helps explain it better. For a 5ml bottle of Young Living Rose essential oil, it takes approximately 10,000 roses to make!!! That is a LOT of roses!!! With that in mind, I'm surprised the cost isn't a LOT higher!!! Puts things in perspective...

Research Reveals Nutrition Improves Mental Health Better Than Prescription Medication

This is absolutely true, but it is more than nutrition alone. This is the reason (or one of the reasons!) why taking vitamins and supplements are not the same as eating the whole foods. Why? Because there are naturally occurring chemical constituents in plants that our bodies also need to support a variety of functions. When we don't eat much plant matter in our diets, we lack the nutrition they provide AND these constituents. Not that it's at all a substitute for a good, healthy diet, but essential oils - pure oils! - which are the life-blood of the plants are always helpful in keeping the body in balance. Clinical psychologist, Julia Rucklidge, delivers an enlightening TED talk on the importance of nutrition and it’s role in mental health. Julia reminds us of a time...

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General information

Distance Reiki sessions start at only $18, and up depending upon time length. Reiki is transmitted to you while you sleep or relax in the comfort of your own home! Sessions can be booked online. Other sessions offered include past life regressions, EFT tapping, channeling a passed loved one or spirit guide, French Aromatics healing consultations, spiritual counseling, and coaching. Past Life Regressions are available IN-PERSON only (women) at my Ladson, SC studio for $165. Spiritual coaching, mentoring, and various workshops are available and sessions are tailored to the individual's needs. I treat everyone as an individual and never use "cookie cutter" philosophy. Reiki Training Workshops are available throughout the year, and each of the three levels receives certification in this ancient healing art. Beginner's level, Reiki I, takes places over two evenings and is $165 per person for group workshops. I always teach small, intimate groups to enhance learning and provide a comfortable atmosphere. Usually 3-5 people per workshop. Various personal care products are also available for sale on the website including handmade soaps, lotions, lip balm, sugar scrub, deodorant, and bath salts. All of these products are made with the purest essential oils and infused with Reiki as they are made.
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