As a Tree Yoga & Movement for Kids, Charleston, SC Video March 27, 2015, 1:01am

Videos by As a Tree Yoga & Movement for Kids in Charleston. Enjoy yoga and kinesthetic learning through theme-based lessons, taught through literacy, crafts, songs, games, and more in a non-competitive environment.

Exercise grows brain cells!

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Alphabet T-Ball
This is what Action Based Learning looks like! I tutor 3 little boys. This little guy had just gotten a new T-ball set and his mom wanted us to go to the park for our session. For our activity, I showed Jeremy a giant letter. If he could correctly identify the letter and/or letter sound, he could hit the ball and run to first base (polyspots worked well for this). I continued showing him letters and for each one that he could correctly identify, he was allowed to run to the next base. If he missed a letter, he stayed on that base. We kept track of his "points" and tallied them at the end of the session. There were so many skills practied in this lesson. Visual tracking, locomotor movement, letter recognition, letter sounds, counting and object movement. I mean really, who has time for worksheets?

"All the leaves are falling down, orange, yellow, red and brown".

Exercise grows brain cells! #danceparty

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